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BOOK: Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrates Teachers
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Ellen Johnston-Hale
, teacher/published author/poet/performer/creator of “Poetry Alive,” nationally distributed by the Agency for Instructional Television TV series in which she and students act out poems from her first two books,
So What Happened to You?
We Don't Do Nothin' in Here,
has written nine books, published articles in national magazines, and has keynoted, performed and led workshops in twenty-four states, spreading the word that poetry is alive and flourishing and the reading and writing thereof leads to powerful writing in any and every form. She believes in making the ordinary extraordinary. Please contact her at:
[email protected].

Maria D. Laso
, writing coach and editor-for-hire, is the founder-publisher of
a literary 'zine for girls ages seven to seventeen. Contact her
([email protected])
or the magazine
([email protected])
for information.

Christine Pisera Naman
is a writer and stay-at-home mom. She lives in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, with her husband and three children. Her first book,
Faces of Hope: Babies
Born on 9/11,
was published in 2002. Contact her at
[email protected].

Linda Paterson
received her bachelor of arts from Cortland and her master in education from Buffalo State University. An American living in Canada, she has taught second grade in Niagara Falls, New York, for the past thirty-four years. Upon her retirement this year, Linda plans to write stories and poems for children. Please reach her at:
[email protected].

Kay Conner Pliszka
has won numerous school and community awards for her work with at-risk students. Now retired from teaching, she is a freelance writer and motivational speaker. Kay also helps educators plan and facilitate self-esteem workshops and retreats. For information on these services, write to 1283 Weaton Ct.,The Villages, FL 32162 or e-mail:
[email protected].

Kristin Spengler Zerbe
teaches English at John Dickinson High in Wilmington, Delaware, and was the school's 2001 Teacher of the Year. She received her bachelor of arts, magna cum laude, in English education and music from Lycoming College in 1992. She lives in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Eric.

Stan K. Sujka
, is a physician, speaker and writer. He is a widely published freelance writer who has appeared numerous times on “The American Health Network”television series. His articles have been featured in
The Orlando Sentinel, Central Florida
Physicians' Magazine,
as well as multiple medical journals. His works are also included in
Wisdom of the Ages,
a 2003 publication of Thornton Publishing. Dr. Sujka can be reached at:
[email protected].

Sandra Herrin Swindall
currently teaches third grade and resides in Montevallo, Alabama, with her husband, Alan, and daughters, Jessica and Sara Beth. In addition to teaching, Sandra enjoys gardening, Native-American culture, painting, reading and exploring side roads. She can be reached at
[email protected].


The First Day of School
Snow Angels.
Reprinted by permission of Christine Pisera Naman. ©2000 Christine Pisera Naman.

A Teacher's Lament.
Reprinted by permission of Linda Paterson. ©1995 Linda Paterson.

Precious Gift of Language.
Reprinted by permission of Stan K. Sujka. ©2001 Stan K. Sujka.

Journal Power.
Reprinted by permission of Julia Graff. ©2001 Julia Graff.

Second-Grade Math.
Reprinted by permission of Sara Henderson. ©2001 Sara Henderson.

Reprinted by permission of Ellen Johnston-Hale. ©1982 Ellen Johnston-Hale.

Un-Thanked People.
Reprinted by permission of Steve Goodier. ©1999 Steve Goodier.

Student Teacher.
Reprinted by permission of Michael Ashton. ©2000 Michael Ashton.

Clarissa's Space.
Reprinted by permission of Sandra H. Swindall. ©1998 Sandra H. Swindall.

Tommy Was Real.
Reprinted by permission of R. Lynn Baker. ©2001 R. Lynn Baker.

Lilies of the Valley.
Reprinted by permission of Kay Conner Pliszka. ©2002 Kay Conner Pliszka.

The Principal Is Their Pal.
Reprinted by permission of Maria D. Laso. ©2001 Maria D. Laso.

Mrs. Keeling's Class.
Reprinted by permission of Dixie Frantz. ©1998 Dixie Frantz.

Petals of Thanks.
Reprinted by permission of Kristin Spengler Zerbe. ©1997 Kristin Spengler Zerbe.

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All photographs ©2003 Sharon J. Wohlmuth

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BOOK: Chicken Soup for the Soul Celebrates Teachers
10.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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