City Limits: A Biker Erotic Romance

BOOK: City Limits: A Biker Erotic Romance
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This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons--living or dead--is entirely coincidental.

City Limits copyright @ 2014 by Miriam Becker. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.



Sasha Green was tired of living for Friday; tired of wishing her life away. Every Monday began her work week. She was up at 6:00 am and at her desk by 8:00. She’d spend the next 4 hours crunching numbers and dealing with annoying customers and co-workers. At noon,
she would eat a bland, boring lunch at her desk before returning to the mind-numbing monotony of her mediocre job with its mediocre pay.

Sasha was also a good girl. She went where she was directed and did what she was told. She paid her bills on time, her taxes were filed without errors, and she made sure to have her physical and dental check up every year. She did everything she was supposed to and while she was doing it, the days, weeks, and years slipped by her. Afraid to step out of her comfort zone, she instead watched her life flow by her like a river rushing toward the sea.

In less than an hour she’d be 30 years old, and what did she have to show for it—some really healthy houseplants and a 401k? She’d had dreams once and now, sitting at her desk in her boring office at her boring job, she wondered what ever happened to them.

She was brought out of these musings by the dawning awareness of her officemate Kendra Abbott standing beside her desk desperately trying to get her attention. “Hey! Earth to Sasha!” She asked loudly as she waved her hand in front of Sasha’s face.

“What?” Sasha blinked and looked up at her co-worker. “Sorry. Uh, just spaced out there.” She cleared her throat and asked again, “What?”

“C’mon. It’s five o’clock and I’m taking you out for a birthday drink.” Kendra was holding Sasha’s jacket with a determined look on her pretty face. “No way you’re going home tonight to sit alone in your apartment and wonder where the years went.” She had heard the sob story of Sasha’s do-nothing life more than once.

Sighing, the birthday girl shut down her computer, gathered her belongings and followed Kendra out to the parking lot. As Sasha turned toward her car, Kendra grabbed her arm and said, “I’ll drive. It’s not far and I can drop you at your car afterwards.”

“Do me a favor,” Kendra said abruptly as she drove the short distance to the bar. “When we get there, don’t judge. I met a pretty nice guy here a couple of weeks ago.” She smiled. “He’s the one who suggested we come out tonight.”

“Yeah. Okay.” Sasha knew how the younger girl liked to conduct her love affairs. They burned hot and were usually very short-lived, so this “pretty nice guy” must be something special if she was seeing him again. But then, Kendra had a wild side and their definition of “nice guy” might be somewhat different.

When they pulled into the lot and Sasha saw the row of motorcycles lined up neatly outside the entrance, she had a mild panic attack. What was Kendra getting her into?

“A biker bar? You can’t be serious.” Concern was evident on Sasha’s face. “I don’t think I can go in there.”

“You said you wouldn’t judge!” She accused as she pulled her phone out of her purse and sent a quick text. “Besides, it’s a private club, really. Eddie, the guy I told you about, is getting us in tonight.”

Sasha still hesitated. This was out of her comfort zone and she most emphatically did not like to be out of her comfort zone!

“Ugh!” Kendra made a noise of disgust, then said, “Just get out of the car!”

This is what she had been daydreaming about, wasn’t it—about doing something different, maybe even exciting. “Okay! Okay!” She finally agreed, “I’m getting out of the car. My birthday is in your hands!”

Kendra’s smile was huge. “You won’t regret it!”

The door opened as if on cue when they reached it and a dark-haired man, at least a foot taller than Sasha’s 5’3”, stood back to let them file past him. “Thank you,” she said out of polite habit.

“Any time, Princess.”

His voice was deep and sensual and she turned to look back at him quickly, taking in his roguish good looks and a startling pair of silver eyes. He was long and lean with well-muscled arms that were evident even under the open flannel shirt he wore. The tight, black t-shirt layered under it only accentuated his athletic build.

He moved closer to her and she caught the alluring scent of leather and something earthier. Sasha found herself wondering what it would be like to bury her nose in the warmth of his neck and inhale his masculine scent. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips.

He stared at her lips for a moment, then cleared his throat and said, “Why don’t I buy you a beer.” He propelled her gently toward a table where Kendra sat staring in confused wonder.

“Uh, yes. Please.” She met Kendra’s eyes, shrugging helplessly.

“What is wrong with you?” Kendra asked, trying not to laugh. “You look like a deer caught in headlights!”

“I have no idea. I just...I don’t know.” Sasha struggled for a second to find the right words. Finding none, she changed the subject. “Which one is Eddie?”

“He’s at the bar with Kieran.” Kendra inclined her head in their direction.

Sasha looked over to see a blond man with an open, jovial face laughing as he clapped a hand on Kieran’s shoulder. “Kieran.” She whispered to herself, enjoying the way his name rolled off her tongue. She could imagine saying his name a thousand different ways for a thousand different reasons and sat up a little straighter when he and Eddie joined them at the table. His earthy scent wafted her way once again, making her feel a little dizzy.

Kieran leaned by casually in his chair and looked at her; really looked at her. His intensity was a little unsettling and heat flashed through her as she watched his eyes slide over her body, making her feel almost naked under his gaze.

“So,” he began, “What do you do, um…” He paused with raised eyebrows, waiting for her to fill the silence with her name.

“Oh! Sasha,” She finally provided, glancing at Kendra to find her grinning at her discomfort.

“Sasha.” He repeated slowly. The sound of his deep voice caressing her name sent a delicious shiver up her spine. “What do you do, Sasha?”

“Oh, it’s boring,” she replied, finding her voice a little easier this time. “I’m an accountant.”

“Why do you do it, if it’s boring?”

“Well, there’s always a need for accountants, and the pay is good.” She sounded defensive and she didn’t like it. Why should she justify herself to this guy. Who was he to her?

“Calm down, Princess. I was just asking.” He turned to Eddie and stage-whispered, “Look at that Eddie, girl’s got a spine!”

Kendra jumped in to defend her friend. “Don’t give her a hard time, it’s her birthday.” She looked down at her watch and continued, “In—whoa, 5 minutes!”

Eddie stood up and held a hand out to Kendra, “Let’s go get shots!”

Sasha watched them go, looking mildly panicked, “Uh, I don’t really do shots.” Her eyes lifted to meet Kieran’s, only to find them filled with laughter.

“You have to learn to live Princess.” He leaned close to her once again, filling her personal space with the sheer size of him. His scent wrapped itself around her and she felt something she had never felt before in the presence of a man, not even the one past lover she could claim. Electricity surged through her body at the closeness and she had a wild urge to lift her lips as an invitation. To what, she didn’t know—a kiss? More? He sent her senses reeling just by pushing into her personal space and she was finding it difficult to think straight.

Once again, she unconsciously licked her lips and Kieran leaned in even closer, bathing her in the heat he radiated. She wanted nothing more than to move toward him and allow herself to be enveloped by that heat; to melt into him. The club and its patrons faded into the background as the universe collapsed around them and they became the only two people that existed.

The cruel and rapid re-expansion of their all-too-briefly shared universe was prompted by a tray of drinks plunked noisily down on the table. Sasha looked over at Kendra as though through a fog and blinked rapidly to clear her vision. Looking back at Kieran, she saw her own confusion momentarily reflected on his face.

Kendra passed out the shots and a fresh beer for everyone before looking at her watch again. “Okay, less than a minute now.” After a minute of silence she began a soft countdown. “Five, four, three, two, one! Happy Birthday!” They toasted Sasha and downed their shots.

The shot hit the back of Sasha’s throat like a ball of fire and she had to struggle to keep it down. This was so far removed from her normal behavior that she honestly couldn’t remember the last time she’d done a shot. On her 21st birthday? Maybe? “What was that stuff?” she rasped when she could finally breathe again.

“Snakebite. Whiskey and lime juice.” Eddie laughed. “It’ll wake you up, that’s for sure!”

Sasha managed a laugh and took another shot to loosen up. The four of them ate, drank, and really just had a good time until Kendra announced that she should be going and Eddie should be going with her. “So, if you want that ride to your car…” Kendra raised her eyebrows and left the thought unfinished.

Sasha noticed that as the night had worn on, Kieran’s chair had migrated closer to hers. His arm had somehow balanced itself on the back of her chair. She liked it and she had no desire to leave the strange yet familiar warmth anytime soon.

“I’ll make sure she gets home. Don’t worry,” Kieran said with a mischievous grin.

“I’ll just bet you will,” Kendra shot back. She looked at Sasha again, “Up to you Sasha.”

It took only a split second of indecision to agree with Kieran. “You can go. I’ll be fine.” A surge of excitement swept through her. She had never been this reckless in her life. She barely knew this man but she knew she wanted to spend the night with him.

“You’re sure?” When Sasha nodded her assent, Kendra added, “Call me tomorrow, okay?”

“Yep, promise.” She watched them leave and wondered if maybe, just maybe, she had made a mistake. Doubts crept up in her mind and she knew a moment of fear. What was it about Kieran that encouraged such carelessness in her?

“So, Princess,” Kieran began, leaning in close to her again, his words warm in her ear. “You’re fate is in my hands now, isn’t it?” He drew back and looked at her, “This is a leap for you isn’t it?” Sasha swallowed hard and nodded, looking up into those silvery gray eyes fairly glittering in the dim light, taking on an otherworldly quality. They held her soft blue eyes as he asked, “Are you ready to jump?”

She nodded and followed him across the parking lot to his motorcycle. It wasn’t until then it dawned on her that she was in a rather short skirt. She just might be flashing to whole town on the back of this motorcycle. She laughed aloud at this thought, gaining a quizzical look from her companion. “I was just wondering how I was going to ride that—” She pointed at the bike he was standing beside. “—in this,” she finished, indicating her dress.

He laughed as he swung his leg up over the motorcycle and hooked his arm out so she could use it for leverage. “Giddy Up Princess.” Grasping his arm, she tried to imitate his smooth motion and wound up nearly falling on her ass. He managed to hold onto her and help her onto the back of the bike saying, “You’re not driving tonight. Just tell me where you live.”

After a split second of hesitation, she gave him the address and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. He moved her hands and laced her fingers through the belt loops on his pants instructing her not to let go. Scooting closer to nestle against his bottom, she rested her head on his back and enjoyed the feel of leather beneath her cheek. The sensual scent of the leather, coupled with the fact that every time they hit a bump her fingers would brush soft skin and hard muscle, was making the short ride seem to take an eternity.

Finally, the motorcycle roared into the driveway of the ramshackle farmhouse Sasha inherited from her grandmother a year ago. She punched in the code for the garage door so he could pull the bike inside.

“Do you want something to drink?” Sasha asked as they reached the kitchen.

“No.” He followed her into the kitchen and watched her patiently as she got a glass of water. The moment she put the glass in the sink he turned her toward him and lifted her onto the small kitchen table. His hands spanned her waist as he leaned into her, pressing his body into hers. Their eyes met for a fleeting moment before his lips descended upon her in a hard, forceful kiss.

Startled by his sudden movement, Sasha momentarily pushed against him. He fisted his hand in her hair and pulled her head back, exposing the tender flesh of her neck. His lips blazed a fiery hot trail to her ear. He whispered, “You want me to stop, Princess?” He kissed her neck again, lighting an inferno within her so bright she could barely think straight. “Well, Princess?”

Heat rapidly spread throughout her body and gathered at her core as Kieran’s hands nudged her legs apart and settled between them. “No,” she gasped, “please don’t stop.” His hands slid around to her back, finding her zipper and lowering it slowly before moving back up to unhook her bra. In one swift motion, he pulled both down and off as one, exposing her breasts to his hungry eyes.

Sasha tugged his shirt up and enjoyed the play of hard muscles under soft skin as he obliged her by pulling it off over his head. His lips met hers once again as his hands slipped under her skirt and she lifted her bottom up so he could slide her panties down and off her legs. Taking a step back, he made quick work of his jeans and boxers and pulled her roughly to him.

BOOK: City Limits: A Biker Erotic Romance
13.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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