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Strip for Me - Exhibitionism Training

'Male Seeks Female: devout sensualist seeks apprentice desiring introduction and direction leading to transcendent wantonness. Succumb to a level of pleasure you never thought imaginable.'

Samantha thought she must have been crazy to reply to the advertisement on the dating site, but too long had she felt alone, unloved, unwanted. She desired to be adored. She was far from a catwalk model and hid from the limelight, but as she lounged around her home alone wearing sexy lingerie she fantasized about coming alive and becoming sexy. When she hears the mysterious stranger's reply, she realizes she is all his. Her trainer was going to teach her how to expose herself to the world.

Note: This novella focuses on a woman who has always been too shy to explore her sexuality, and the man who helps her to discover herself through exhibitionism. While this does entail nude scenes and sexual contact, bear in mind that penetrative sex may not be what her trainer has in mind for her at this early stage in her training.


The Vampire’s Lover

Maybe it's time. Abby is being pressured by her long-term boyfriend to lose her virginity, but just as she decides to give in he drops a bombshell that leaves her life in tatters. Angry and confused she rushes out into the night. Too late to realize she's in the wrong part of town - the place where darkness lives. Finding herself surrounded by a group of bloodsucking vampires she is sure to die, until she is rescued by a mysterious vampire that is not like the rest. Abby is about to be introduced to a world she has only realized exists, a world of eternal love and wild, erotic sex. Warning: This vampire novella contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature. Reader discretion is advised.


Demon Possession I - Séance

Dominique is a pretty college student, a devoted catholic, a virgin. She had never even heard of BDSM, sado-masochism, domination, or submission and had certainly never let her boyfriend go too far in their sexual antics - until now. Her dirty best friend Tammy has coerced her into attending a séance, something her and her body now sorely regrets. As the séance turns into a group orgy and a lust demon is summoned, she gets her first taste of depraved, sordid, wicked sex. The demon wants her - but not just her body, it wants her mind, her purity, wants her to willingly follow it down into the depths of sinful lust and submit to it. Dominique is going to be under its power completely. But could it
be that she just might like it?


Cougars Like ‘em Young

Marion is a newly divorced cougar back on the prowl. Graham is her 18-year old virgin neighbor - young, hot, lacking in experience - but evidently willing to learn. So what is a girl to do? When Marion decides to go sunbathing with only a skimpy outfit that barely hides her ample bosom and wakes to find Graham standing over her with lust in his eyes, she realizes she might just get into his young pants after all. This 5500-word novella contains graphic depictions of oral, vaginal, and anal sex between a younger man and an older, experienced woman. Reader discretion is advised.


Cougars Like it Dirty

Steven loves big, sexy, voluptuous women. Too bad he's stuck in a loveless marriage with a skinny wife who looks to be cheating on him. Then a chance encounter with a gorgeous plus size stunner sets his world on fire. She's a sassy, sexy, curvy, full-bodied vixen who doesn't yet realize the intense power she has over a man's loins. Together they open the door to crazy, unbridled passion and wild, erotic, uninhibited sex. Stephen is about to be taken on the ride of his life. This 10,000 word plus size erotic romance novella contains a steamy BBW romance, strong language, and hot, explicit sexual content between a big man and the curvy woman who drives him wild and captures his heart.

Cougars Like it

Just one hour until her son gets home. She's got just one hour alone with his young, willing, 19-year old stud of a best friend, fresh from a jog that's left his lithe body hot, sweaty, and ready. One hour to make him take her, make him have her body any way he chooses. He wants her, she can see; his bulge growing as she works her sensual cougar magic on the young man, making him want to take her. And she's going to let him. Warning: This 4000-word erotic short story contains explicit sex between an older woman and a younger man, oral sex, vaginal intercourse, and anal sex.


Cougars Like it Hard (from the boss)

$20,000 to get naked in front of her boss. It was a simple proposition for newly divorced Leah, who with mounting bills and a long-held secret desire for him, wasn't going to turn down easily. When the deal quickly escalates from nakedness, to touching, to full on ravishing sex, she finds that banging the boss has many fringe benefits - in and out of the office. Warning: This erotic novella contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature between two consenting adults - office sex, oral sex, pool sex, - and a chance for two people to start again.

A Note from the Author

Hi, I’m Kayleen Knight, I’d just like to say thank you so much for reading. I do hope you enjoyed reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Please also consider leaving a review online, or contacting me on Twitter or Facebook with your comments or suggestions. I would love to hear what you enjoyed about the book and what you’d love to see in the next one!


Yours always,

Kayleen Knight

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