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Authors: Lexi Cross

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Club Agony & Ecstasy Box Set

BOOK: Club Agony & Ecstasy Box Set
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Club Agony & Ecstasy Box Set

By Lexi Cross

Copyright 2013 by Lexi Cross. All rights reserved.

At Club Agony & Ecstasy anything goes. Explore your darkest erotic desire, your secret sexual needs. 

Power and control. Pain and pleasure. All are welcome and anything can happen. 

Five sexy stories of self-discovery and erotic excess.


He was watching, I could tell by the way he glanced at me whenever I pretended not to pay any attention. It’s hard to stand out among the crowd in the busy club, but my clear plastic dress seemed to be doing the trick. It fit like a second skin, squeezing my breasts out the top, hugging my ass. He gave me the once over, trying to see if I’d come with anyone else. Nice looking guy, dark hair; kind of preppy looking. Not my usual type, but he’d suit the purpose.

He looked like one of those guys that comes here hoping for an easy lay---you can spot them wandering around, gawking at the girls in skimpy costumes (or less, even) and looking like they have no idea where to go. The perfect kind of guys to play our little game with, they always took the bait.

I looked back at Daniel, watching me intently; it was the anniversary of our first year. I mean, we’d been dating a few years now, at least two as far as I could recall. But tonight was a year to the day that we’d entered into an arrangement of sorts---I became his property, willingly.

That was the day I count as the beginning of our relationship.

It wasn’t as demeaning as it sounds, he didn’t brand me with hot irons or force me to lick his boots; in fact quite the opposite. He loved showing me off; taking me out dressed in bizarre, revealing costumes, encouraging me to tease random men. Usually he’d let me decide who to flirt with, sometimes he would make it obvious to me, mentioning that someone was looking at me. He loved for me to ‘accidentally’ let my short skirts blow up, flashing my naked ass and bare pussy to anyone in range, or show my nipples through one of my sheer tops. I’m petite and small busted so I often go braless; coupled with a sheer top on a chilly day it’s a recipe for distraction.

To further complicate things, after I've achieved my goal, making some poor schmuck drool at the sight of a sudden flash of pussy, Daniel punishes me for my lewd display with a good, hard spanking or strapping. If I fail to attract the man’s attention, I’m expected to wear something more revealing the next time, or be more vulgar in my conduct, forcing the man to notice me.

A lose-lose situation it would seem, but for us it was perfect. He loved displaying me and I relished the attention, both from him and the strangers we relied on to craft our bizarre game. He enjoyed the control and I preferred it that way; free of the responsibilities of choice. We didn’t do it just anywhere, it was usually kept to the confines of a fetish club in a nearby city where we wouldn’t risk running into anyone we knew, hopefully.

Tonight had been no exception, and I had a feeling it would be the night he took it to the next level. I’d already put on a good show for him with three different guys, and this poor fellow would be the last for tonight. Daniel had mentioned wanting to watch me getting fucked by someone else, and being our anniversary of sorts, it wouldn’t surprise me if he chose one of these unsuspecting guys as my evening’s entertainment; an idea I’m certainly not opposed to. Most would think such behavior would put distance between two people, but for us it was the strange bond that cemented it.

I sauntered over to wear the guy was, ignoring him in favour of a glass of water from the bar. I didn’t drink much on these nights, too easy to do something regrettable. It was pretty hard not to notice my toned, petite figure underneath the layer of clear plastic, and he wasted no time coming over to check out the prey.

“Nice outfit, very hot,” he smiled, “I’m Eric.”

I flashed a grin and took his hand, clasping it between mine, close to my lips.

“Hello Eric, I’m Zoe---you having a good time tonight?”

“Absolutely, even better now!”

He looked mesmerized, and leaned closer to me. He was clean shaven, very cute and boyish looking. I could definitely have some fun with this guy.

“You like to dance?” I asked, hoping he would say no.

“Not much of a dancer, no. But I’m guessing you are, right?”

Perfect. Not that I minded a dancing partner, I just figured my plan would work better this way.

I shrugged, and pushed him into the chair; swaying my hips to the heavy bass. It was the easiest way to get a reaction from a guy, and in turn from Daniel; he loved watching me dance; seeing me grinding seductively over another man did something to him that neither of us could explain, not that it mattered to us.

“Wow, you can really move,” Eric grabbed my hips, pulling me onto his lap, “you must, uh...really like this kinda thing.”

“I sure do, darling,” I said, pressing my plastic wrapped tits up against him, “and I hope you will enjoy it too...”

He was already enjoying it.

I could feel his cock stiffening, digging into the backs of my thighs. His hands were working up my sides, reaching for my breasts, perfectly imprisoned in the tight clear dress. I kept up the beat, grinding against him in the darkened corner of the room; hoping Daniel had a clear view.

Right on cue, my cell phone went off, signalling Daniel wanted me to meet him.

Room 8, 10 mins...don’t be late.

I stood up, much to the dismay of the lovely Eric; who looked just as disappointed as I’d hoped he would.

“Hey! Where are you going?”

He had quite the bulge in his nicely pressed dress pants, but made no attempt to hide it.

“I gotta go, it’s my friend---we agreed to meet up if she texted me,” I lied, hoping he wouldn’t make too much fuss, “I’ll try to come back in a bit if you’re gonna be here awhile?”

“Yeah, I...uh, I’ll be here for a bit.”

He looked hopeful, maybe too hopeful. It didn’t matter now, he’d played his part and it was time to meet up with Daniel. It didn’t surprise me he’d booked a room upstairs, especially if he was planning to involve someone else. Most of them were lavishly appointed with anything from beds to bondage racks, and he could even make use of the club’s video equipment.

I made my way through the busy party, up two floors to the private rooms. There was nobody up there that I could see, not unusual early in the night when a party was going on. It was only 10pm, and most people stayed on the main floor to dance and watch the shows until at least midnight, sometimes longer at big events.

I found the room, but it didn’t look like Daniel had arrived yet; the door was unlocked but still closed and none of the lights were on. Fumbling to find the lightswitch, I was starting to wonder if he’d given me the right room number.

The overhead light flickered and I could make out Daniel, sitting across the room in one of the large chairs. It took me a minute to realize he wasn’t alone, and I began to understand what his plans for the evening were, when I recognised the four men I had been teasing earlier, as he watched me so carefully.

“What are you guys all doing here?” I asked nervously, already pretty sure of the answer.

Daniel had a devious smile on his face, and I knew I was in for a wild night. I’d never thought he would go this far; one man perhaps but four?

“Come here,” He motioned for me to come closer, and I could feel the intense stares of the other men watching me as I walked towards him. “What a little harlot you’ve been tonight, throwing yourself at all these men...I think you are in desperate need of a lesson in what can happen if you tease.”

As soon as I was close enough he stood up, grabbing me and covering my lips with his in a rough kiss; his hands pressed firmly against my back. I could feel him going for my dress zipper, peeling the transparent plastic from my sweaty skin.

He let go and pushed me back a little, naked except for my heels in a room full of virtual strangers. He looked different somehow, more sinister; and I could only imagine the lengths to which he must have gone to plan this.

“Well guys, I think this little whore has had enough teasing for tonight, and I think it’s time she started doing some pleasing, no?”

They seemed to agree, and with that blessing my darling picked me up over his shoulder and carried me to a large table, obviously designed with this kind of purpose in mind.

“On your knees, my little minx; time for you to show what you can do; I wanna see you take a load of cum from every one of these guys, at least once; can you do that for me?”

He wasn’t really asking, he’d already decided what this night would entail.

Dazed, I nodded and reached towards him, wanting him to be the first one to touch me. He stepped back though, and held his hand up towards me; shaking his head.

“Now that hardly seems fair, after what you’ve done to these poor guys...once you’ve satisfied their demands---if you can of course--- I’ll decide if you are deserving of more.”

Leave it to Daniel to add another cruel twist to his plan; he knew it would be the one thing I would want the most, to have him included in the evenings sordid events. He was making sure that tonight was as much about entertainment as it was a show of power from him. A reaction from me is what he wanted and I was determined not to give it to him.

I kicked off my heels; the last piece of clothing I wore, and looked at Dan, trying not to show how nervous I was at this idea. Intrigued and excited as well, but my heart was definitely pounding for a multitude of reasons.

The guys were undressing and my head was starting to spin---that fluttery feeling when you’re teetering on the edge of your senses. In the dim light of the room and without the days garments it seemed almost surreal how similar they all looked.

The first guy I’d approached earlier tonight was now the first to approach me, his dark eyes fixated on me, taking in what he’d all but missed out on before. He hadn’t told me his name when we met, and didn’t seem too interested in giving it now; his hands suddenly on the back of my head, running through my long black hair. He was getting hard already, and I could see his cock stretching and thickening as he brought it closer to my lips.

“So, we meet up again after all,” he said with a mischievous smile, “I guess I’ll have to make it worthwhile this time.”

“I hope you do,” I teased, “This doesn’t happen too often.”

He wasn’t wasting his chance this time, his hands already on me; running up my waistline to my my breasts, finally free of their plastic wrapping.

“So I hear you’re quite the little slut, your man here says you’ve been a bad girl, and it’s time you learned a lesson about being such a cocktease.”

“He likes his girls bad, but I wouldn’t mind a lesson anyway,” I replied, knowing Daniel would enjoy my comment. It was the truth; no point trying to hide it from people we’d never see again.

“I bet he does, gorgeous...I’d also wager you’re a good little cocksucker though, aren’t you?”

He didn’t give me a chance to reply before stuffing my mouth with his shaft; I could feel it expanding, stretching my lips as he pushed it to the back of my throat. I knew Daniel was watching, enjoying the moment he’d waited so long to see, his true love naked on a table, sucking the dick of a meaningless stranger.

My legs were being held from behind, and I realized Daniel was strapping my ankles into the attached straps, securing me to the table for his twisted amusement. I could see the rest of the men in the room, closer now; ready to play their parts in our deviant game.

Daniel stood in front of me, holding up a black cloth; it took me a moment to realize what it was, and I jerked my head back to protest.

“No, please; Daniel...I want to be able to see you,” I pleaded, “no blindfold!”

“Just for now---I want you to forget I’m here.”

I was reluctant, but it didn’t matter now; he had me on my knees, tied to the large padded table and there was no way I was going to use my free hands to untie it and risk having him bind them too. I felt him pull the blindfold tight around my head, blackening out the room and obscuring the room of strangers from my view.

As soon as it was on, I felt the same cock in my mouth; it was rock hard now and I could taste his juices oozing out as he rubbed it on my lips. The blindfold was already amplifying my senses; and the taste was so raw, so different from Daniel. In the time we’ve been together I’ve never been with anyone else; yet tonight he’ll see me with no less than four others. A slow heat was building in my exposed pussy and spreading out to envelop my body, as I started to realize our wildest fantasy was becoming a reality.

“Ohhh, shit baby…you really know how to suck a dick; let’s see what you can do with two,”

I could hear one of them coming closer to me, and felt a slippery cock slide into my right hand, leaving a trail of stickiness all over my fingers. A delicious sensation came over me, feeling the wetness in my hand, the velvety cock tip already working itself into a frenzy in my palm. I squeezed the slick tip, feeling him stiffen up in response.

He was longer and thinner than the guy in my mouth and I wrapped my hand around his length. It was already rock hard and dripping all over me; I couldn’t resist the urge to put my fingers to my lips and taste his juices, shoving my fingers into my mouth alongside the first guy’s thick pole, still hammering away at my face.

BOOK: Club Agony & Ecstasy Box Set
11.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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