Convincing Emily [Wolff Pack 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

BOOK: Convincing Emily [Wolff Pack 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Wolff Pack 2

Convincing Emily

Emily Barre is a polar bear shifter living with her clan in Alaska. She’s been dreaming about her happily ever after since she was a cub...a big, strong male bear. Unfortunately, none of the men in her clan fit the bill.

Cole and Charlie Ward are in Alaska on a mission for their Alpha, Gabe Wolff. They both are caught off guard by an enticing scent…their mate. They want her immediately, but Emily runs.

Can a skittish bear fall for two wolves? Can Emily get over her past?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Shape-shifter, Vampires/Werewolves

47,043 words



Wolff Pack 2






Alicia White










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I want to thank all the readers who’ve followed me on this journey. This book is for you!

I’ve been trying to find a way to bridge the Novikov Clan and Wolff Pack series together and this book does that. Emily made a couple appearances. She was in a brief “relationship” with Lucas and Evan Novikov in
Katie’s Mates
and then befriended Emma in
Claiming Emma
. I hope you enjoy her story. Thank you.


Wolff Pack 2



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Chapter 1


Being a bear shifter wasn’t the easiest thing for a woman. The ability to shift into a giant, four-hundred-pound polar bear was amazing at times, but gaining that much weight in a matter of minutes wasn’t the most flattering ability a female could have. Emily Barre loved her clan with her entire being, but there were often times when she felt something was missing, like she didn’t quite belong. She’d already passed her thirtieth birthday and still remained single. She’d had her share of lovers in the past, other men in her clan, but they eventually left. Mates were sacred among their kind, and all shifters longed for that person or persons who would complete them.

Emily huffed out a breath and blew her hair from her eyes. She picked up her cleaning rag and resumed wiping the counter of Mack’s Bar and Grill. As far as jobs went, it wasn’t so bad. She’d gotten to know most of the regulars who frequented the place. Some of them were friendly with a smile always in place, while others sat quietly and nursed their drink in private. Everyone had a story, some good and some bad.

Emily was lonely, and even when surrounded by a room full of people, she felt alone. It was past time she found her destiny and settled down. She wanted to have cubs, to feel connected in a way she never had before. Her heart felt heavy in her chest as she looked around. Would she need to leave her home in order to find what she was looking for, or was there someone here she’d overlooked? She glanced up and stared blankly at the ceiling, wondering what fate had in store for her.

She blinked a few times. It seemed like just yesterday Evan Novikov was walking her home through the snow. She had been dating the twins for a while until their mate, Katie, showed up. She had no harsh feelings toward the woman. Mates were sacred. That damn mantra played through her mind repeatedly, and Emily let it comfort her like a warm blanket. Just once though, it would be nice if she was someone’s mate. She yearned to be a priority. If she ever found him or them, she vowed to never let go.

The phone rang, startling her from her wistful thoughts. Emily took a deep breath and snatched it up. “Mack’s.”

“Emily…we need the clan. It’s an emergency, Emma’s been taken by a wolf.” Takoda Youngblood panted, sounding frantic, and Emily froze, fear choking her. Poor Emma, she was a human the Youngblood brothers had recently claimed and marked. How could a mere human defend themselves against a wolf? “Emily!”

“I’m on it.” Heart in her throat, she hung up the phone. Without thought, she raised two fingers to her mouth and pierced the room with an ear-splitting whistle. The ruckus in the bar stopped and all eyes turned toward her. “Clan emergency…Emma’s been taken by a
” She sneered, and en masse her clan jumped to their feet and began stripping down.

The noise became almost deafening with chairs scraping back and the growling and snarling echoing through the bar. This was one great thing about being a shifter. Clans always stuck together. They would all march into the forest as one and take back what was theirs. If you messed with one, you dealt with them all. An arm reached out and stopped Emily as she started to strip down, preparing for battle.

“Not so fast, little sister. You stay here. I don’t think all of us are needed.”

“Damn it, Tommy. I’m not a child.” She pulled away, hating the way he always babied her in front of the rest of the clan. Most of them thought she was useless. This time, she would show them she could fight alongside them, that she was an equal.

“It’s Thomas,” he scolded, “and I think you should stay behind. It’s one wolf. I’m pretty sure we can handle it.” He pulled his T-shirt off and patted her on the head.

Before she could respond, the bar cleared out and she was left standing there, alone. Emily ground her teeth, wanting to scream. She hated being left behind. Tightening her fists, she stomped out of the bar and watched as her other clan mates stripped and headed into the forest. She wouldn’t be left behind, not again. Emily took off her clothes quickly, shivering from the cold before she let her bear rise to the surface and shift.


* * * *


Cole Ward made his way through the cold, dense forest. He hated being this far away from his home and pack, but following his Alpha’s orders came first. Looking to his right, he spotted his brother, Charlie, paralleling his every move. They hunted well together, always had, and Cole was glad his brother and fellow sentry was with him on this trip. They were in bear territory, and even though the bear Alpha, Adam Novikov, had given permission, Cole felt uneasy.

This trip was a mission to get their fellow pack mate David out of trouble before a war erupted between the bears and wolves. He didn’t know the whole story, only that David’s mate had been killed by one of these bears and David was out for revenge. He could understand the feeling. Losing a mate was something a shifter never got over. Fate chose the perfect match, and when death came for one, the other followed. Maybe this was David’s way of following his mate and getting revenge at the same time.

Cole eased to a stop and sniffed the air. They were close. He could smell David, a human, and several bears moving in around them. He needed to reach him quickly and hopefully prevent more deaths. Cole moved off in the direction of the scent. He refrained from running, and instead kept a steady pace. The last thing he wanted was to be mistaken for an enemy. He was in bear territory and needed to proceed with caution. He wasn’t looking for a fight, nor would he run from one if confronted. Gabe Wolff, their Alpha, had ordered them to show respect, get in and out, and that’s exactly what Cole planned to do.

“I’m being kinder than you were to my mate.” David’s voice rang out, sounding determined. “She won’t feel a thing, but you will. You’ll know what it’s like to watch your mate die before your very eyes, to hold her as she takes her final breath. It’s better than you deserve.”

Cole tensed.
They were too late. He felt his fur prickle along his back.

“Nothing to say…” His voice taunted the bears, and Cole shot forward, running through the trees and dodging large boulders.
Damn it, David
. Power surged through him as adrenaline hit his heart. He was almost to the clearing, barely able to make out the voices over the growl erupting from his own throat.

“You don’t want to do this. As we speak, wolves and bears are moving in. This will start a war between your pack and my clan.” Finally there was a voice of reason.

It didn’t matter that it was from a bear. Their voices were getting closer, and Cole slowed his run. He didn’t want to startle David into doing something irrational, and he damn sure didn’t want the bears to mistake his intentions of trying to help for a trap or an attack. It was one thing to risk his own life, but he had Charlie with him and that was unacceptable in his book.

BOOK: Convincing Emily [Wolff Pack 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
4.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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