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Authors: Virginia Wade

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Cum For Bigfoot 12

BOOK: Cum For Bigfoot 12
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Cum For Bigfoot 12



By Virginia Wade



Copyright © 2012 Virginia Wade

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Virginia Wade



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Chapter One




While the Bigfoots fought the unknown
attackers that had invaded our camp, Leslie and Zelda and I ran
back to the cave. I trembled with the horror of what I had just
witnessed, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Who the fuck were they?” asked Leslie. “What
did they want?”

“They didn’t look military to me,” said
Zelda. “Probably Bigfoot hunting crazies. I don’t think we got
anything to worry about now.”

“I’m checking on Wolfie. Omigod, did you see
Lendal? Porsche would be so proud.” Leslie headed out of the room,
while I pulled on a pair of socks.

“You sure you’re all right, Lena?” Zelda
looked concerned. “I’ve seen skirmishes before, but you probably
haven’t, have you?”

I shook my head. “Nope.”

“Try to set it aside, if you can.”

“I-I will. What will they do with those

“Bury them. They hide the eviden—”

“Wolfie’s gone!” Leslie ran into the room.
All color had drained from her face. “They fucking took my baby!
Those scum sucking bastards!” Tears fell down her cheeks. “I can’t
believe they took Wolfie!”

“Are you sure?” Zelda had her hands on her

“I put him down in the portable cot. He was
asleep.” She doubled over. “Oh my God. They took my baby!”

“Oh, man. Bubba’s gonna spit fire when he
finds out.” Zelda whistled through her teeth. “This ain’t gonna be

I pulled up a pair of pants. “I’m sure he’s
here, Leslie.”

“No, he’s fucking not!” She paced back and
forth. “I’m checking the front of the cave.”

“I’ll go with you.” Zelda glanced at me. “You
stay put. We don’t know how many of them are out there.”

I tossed a sweater over my head. “Okay.” They
ran from the cavern, leaving me in a dimly lit space. A lantern
stood on a crude wooden table. I sat in a rickety chair and stared
at the gray stone wall, my mind reeling with horror-filled images.
I had been in a hot spring with Pooky and Leonard, getting to know
the apes intimately, when we had been attacked on the path back to
the cave. The fierceness of the Sasquatches and their extraordinary
strength was something I had never seen before. I had been
kidnapped by Pooky; taken from my sister’s house, and now I found
myself in the middle of some kind of jungle war game. Who were
these people? What did Operation GrabBear mean?

Lenal bounded into the room. His face was
smeared with blood, and his brown eyes flashed with excitement. “Me
killed bad men!” he shouted.

My heart sank. Porsche would not be thrilled
that her son had committed murder, but the Sasquatches had been
provoked and attacked, forcing them to defend themselves. Pooky had
been shot with an arrow. This was self-defense, wasn’t it? “Are you
all right?”

“I wait here for my daddy.” He dunked a ladle
into a bucket of water and had a long drink. “I’m thirsty.” His
shoulders were smattered with snow, which was beginning to

Leslie and Zelda were in the tunnel. I could
hear them talking. “They’ve gone. Wolfie’s gone,” said Leslie.
Tears were in her eyes. “He’ll be hungry soon.” The pretty brunette
gazed at the floor unseeing. “I can’t believe this.”

Zelda put her arm around her shoulder. “It’ll
be all right, honey. As soon as the boys get back, they’ll go after
the fuckers who did this. They won’t get far. There’s a blizzard
coming. The wind’s already picking up.”

“That’s what this was about. They were at the
back of the mountain to create a distraction, so they could come in
the front and steal my baby.”

“I heard someone say something about
Operation GrabBear,” I said. “They were here for a reason.” The
doorway filled with a Sasquatch; it was Pooky, and he stumbled into
the room. “Omigod!” There was blood in his fur around the chest
area, and another arrow protruded from his back.

“Jesus Christ!” exclaimed Zelda. “You look
like a pin cushion, boy.”


“I gotta get the First-Aid stuff. These apes
are gonna need fixin’.”

I eyed the Sasquatch who had kidnapped me,
feeling concern for him. He swayed on his feet, his black eyes
glinting with pain. “Oh, poor Pooky,” I said. “You look awful.” I
reached out to touch him, and he trembled under my fingers.

“Let’s get you in the other room,” said
Zelda. “Someone needs to add wood to the fire.”

“I’ll do it.”

Leslie raked fingers through her hair. “Fuck
this! I’m so pissed! Where’s Bubba?”

“They’re taking care of the men,” said

“I’ll help you guys. I gotta do something or
I’m gonna burst with anger.”

After Pooky was situated and Zelda had pulled
the arrow out, he collapsed, losing consciousness. He lay on a pelt
by the fire with his mouth hanging open. Zelda poured antiseptic
over his wounds and sewed him up, but a worried furrow lined her
forehead. The blazing fire pit lit the cavern, casting shadows
against the walls. Lendal was sprawled out on his back, the little
ape enjoying the heat.

“I’m going out,” said Leslie. “Those fuckers
who attacked us might have a satellite phone or something. They
have to have some kind of identification on them. I gotta know who
they are before the apes bury them.”

“I’ll go with you.”

She nodded. “Let’s go.”

We bundled up in jackets, hats, and mittens,
leaving the cave by the back entrance. The path was quickly
becoming snow-packed, the wind howling through the pines. There was
movement up ahead; the image of a Sasquatch was in our line of
sight. My sister, Porsche, had been living with the creatures for
years, and she had a child with them, who was surprisingly
adorable. I’d known about the apes for a long time, but, up until
two days ago, I hadn’t seen them in the flesh. My sister was with
her new husband, Mike, and their baby, Daisy, at their house in
Rhododendron. We had just celebrated Christmas before I had been
kidnapped, and now I was trapped in the mountains with a blizzard
on the way.

“It was like they didn’t care about us,” I

“What?” Leslie was several feet ahead of

“They were shooting, and they didn’t care
what they hit. They could’ve killed me or you or Zelda.”

“Yeah, I know, the fuckers. They got
everything they deserved.”

Leonard appeared with Archie and Kat. They
had all been wounded, because there was blood caked to their fur.
“Go to the cave,” growled Leonard. Troubled eyes fell on me. “You
go to safety.”

“Where’s Bubba?” asked Leslie. “They took
Wolfie! They stole my baby!” Reacting to the news, the apes began
to growl, the sound deep and ferocious. Only the howl of the wind
was louder. “Where are the men? Are there any alive still? I need
to know who they are. You guys haven’t buried them all, have

Kat’s son, Archie waved at us. “I show you,”
he rasped. “Come with me.”

Leonard didn’t seem pleased that I would be
going with them. He grabbed my arm. “You stay.”

The possessive nature of the request had me
shivering with a multitude of confusing feelings. I had only just
begun to get to know him, but being Pooky’s hostage, I hadn’t had
the freedom to explore it further. There was something forbiddingly
intriguing about this ape. “I’m going with her.” I tugged on my
arm, but he held me firm.

“I’ll take you then.”

“Are you okay? You’re bleeding.”

“I be fine,” he muttered through a wheezy

Kat returned to the cave, while we trudged
into the forest, leaving the path. There were grunts up ahead, and,
as we drew nearer, Tate and Bubba were in the middle of the
gruesome task of burying the bodies of our attackers. They had dug
out a substantial hole, which was an extraordinary feat,
considering how frozen the ground was. Both apes were covered in
dirt and bleeding in various places. Bubba tossed a darkly garbed
man into a deep pit, and, sensing us, he spun around growling. His
teeth were bloodstained. I recoiled, stepping into Leonard. His arm
went around me.

“Whhooaarrrr…” the leader of the apes

“Bubba!” cried Leslie. “They took Wolfie!
They took our baby!”

As the shock of her statement dawned on his
face, he began to shake with anger. His eyes bulged from his head,
and his breath came out in puffs of steam. “Ggggrrroooaaarrrr…”

Leonard spoke in a language I did not
understand, with grunts and hand gestures. He was trying to calm
him down. I glanced into the pit, seeing six or more men, dressed
in black pants, jackets, gloves, and masks. The body of another had
yet to be deposited. I bent to examine him, feeling in his pockets.
I retrieved an item that looked slightly bigger than a cell

Leslie was by my side. “That’s a satellite
phone. Oh, thank God. I hope the damn thing works. We gotta call
Dr. Haynes and Mike. They need to know what happened.”

“Who are they?” I continued to search the
man, digging through every pocket I could find. I pulled his mask
off, revealing a face covered in blood. His skull had been crushed.
I recoiled, falling on my butt, trying to get away from the
gruesome image.

As the apes argued, Leslie withdrew a small
white card from an inner pocket of his jacket. “Got something.”
Being dark, it was difficult to read, so she shoved it in her
pants. “I’m freezing. Let’s get back to the cave.”

Bubba stomped angrily, flinging the body into
the pit. “Last one,” he said gruffly. “We bury now.”

Tate began to throw dirt; he stood with his
feet apart, his hands like shovels, the earth flying between his
knees. Bubba and Leonard joined him, and they made quick work,
displacing a fair amount of ground to hide the evidence. The storm
would cover the area in a thick blanket of snow, and, by spring,
the ground would look as if it had never been disturbed.

Leslie and I made our way through the forest,
leaving them to their business, but the conditions were rapidly
worsening. I could hardly see two feet before me; the snow was
nearly blinding. We managed to find the path, but at least five
inches of white powder had fallen already. Zelda was waiting for us
when we returned.

“I got tea on, guys. Help me make some food.
The apes are starving.”

I shivered, having been chilled all the way
to the bone. “What can I do?”

“Let’s heat up soup and make campfire

BOOK: Cum For Bigfoot 12
11.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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