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Authors: Aiden James,Michelle Wright

Curse of Stigmata (The Judas Reflections)

BOOK: Curse of Stigmata (The Judas Reflections)
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"Aiden James is a master storyteller... Out-freaking-standing-excellent!"
~ Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews, for
Plague of Coins

"We are watching a master at work."
~ J.R. Rain, Bestselling Author of the
Vampire for Hire

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From now on, let no one cause me trouble,
for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus.
Galatians 6:17


wise man once told me when I found myself in a personal mire, “From crisis comes opportunity.” It seemed impossible to believe I’d find it in the bowels of hell, aboard the ship Vestibule, which rocked violently from side to side as the weather deteriorated. I felt nausea rising from the pit of my stomach. Having already lost control a few times, causing me to run to the closest side of the ship to vomit was especially embarrassing. Since I perceived weakness as an unwanted liability for an immortal, I did everything I could to be strong.

Captain Van de Velde, of Dutch nationality and burly in stature, claimed he was a direct descendant of Nordic Vikings who took no prisoners when it came to seasickness. He followed suit, convinced it to be a personal attack on his abilities as a Captain, never mind the weather. In the ten days I’d endured the perilous journey, I watched two able-bodied seamen receive six lashes apiece for vomiting.

Not a pleasant sight, yet I remained ambivalent as to what happens with a paying passenger such as myself, if I unexpectedly lost control of my stomach contents. All I wanted to do was get from A to B with no stops in-between. Crossing an ocean in such conditions was frightening, and naively, not anticipated.

“How much longer do I have to endure the endless waves throwing us around like rag dolls? Above or below deck it’s all the same. I’m tired of it, Judas. I want to disembark!”

The voice of Isabella rang in my ears, a reminder of her overbearing, annoying personality. Apart from her prowess in bed, she held little attractiveness for me. Physically, she was stunning. Her dark Spanish complexion and sultry eyes a magnet of appeal. For the rest, I had the misfortune of being on the end of her fiery Latin temperament too many times.

“If you want to know when we’ll be in calmer seas, I suggest you ask the Captain. I’m no expert, so do not try to make me one.”

I hoped, in vain, she would leave me be. When I embarked in the port of Santander, I intended to deliver her straight into the bosom of her family without my presence. Her irksome habit of calling me ‘Judas’, knowing I go under the name of Emmanuel, was infuriating. Certain she did it with deliberation; it provided another justified reason to leave her to journey on to mama and papa in their palatial country palace.

“You are nothing more than a selfish, boring man who brings me no pleasure. I am not happy, I cry endless tears, yet you ignore me, your heart is frozen!”

Unprepared for a grand altercation on deck, I snubbed her continued tirade and made my way below deck to the cabin, and peace and quiet. But I was not afforded the luxury. Isabella followed in hot pursuit.

“I have been dragged through Italy and Sardinia, not to mention Egypt and the Sudan looking for those stupid coins. I have been rained on, parched from thirst in deserts and covered in dust from cities of filth. For what? For nothing… You failed to find anything. A fruitless search.”

“I don’t recall breaking your arm to make you follow me. You chose to come along. Now you think it fair game to attack without provocation an innocent man who is doing what he has to do, searching for something important. Holland was tolerable, I thought. Or was that also a hardship?”

BOOK: Curse of Stigmata (The Judas Reflections)
5.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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