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Daddy's Boy

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Daddy’s Boy


The Risk Series #2


Samantha Grady



Copyright © 2013 Samantha Grady

All Right Reserved




This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations or events are entirely coincidental.


To my beautiful nephew’s for showing me just how special a child’s love can be. Aunt Sammy loves you boys.

And to my beloved Angel, there will never be enough words to explain how much I miss you.


Chapter 1



Present Day…


This was a mistake, not a little one, a fucking big one. I should never have got on my bike and come here. It was dark out and I was in black leathers from my motorcycle boots, to my black leather jacket. Even my helmet was black, there was no way she would see me, but I could see her and what I saw almost brought me to my knees. Rachel and a man I did not know were standing in the living room and the man was rocking my crying boy. My lungs fought for air as a fist with a steel grip squeezed my heart. The fist got tighter as the man pulled Rachel into his body, dropping his head to kiss her cheek.

Unable to handle another minute I started the bike and sped away recklessly, wishing there was some way I could go back in time and change everything that made me the man watching from the outside.


One year and three months earlier...


The New Year’s party last week was so big Club Risk made the papers as the hottest club in Denver. Judging by the look of the dance floor everyone in the Denver area had come to check it out. Vinnie would be thrilled.

I caught Jonah yelling at the bouncers manning the front door. Hopefully Jonah was telling them not to let anyone else in, as the club was looking packed to capacity or Jonah was just being his normal moody self. He never said the words out loud, but I knew my brother was miserable.

We were all miserable, Vinnie liked us that way.

Moving to the bar I shook my head not liking how many people were waiting for drinks. Nothing pissed me off more at a club than having to wait for-freaking-ever to get a damn drink. Before Vinnie put Jonah and me in charge of the club, we both worked the bar, once we turned twenty-one of course. Absolutely hilarious considering how my drug lord father chose to break the rules when it came to selling drugs but not underage servers. I couldn’t do anything about how many people had packed themselves inside the club, but I could at least help shorten the bar line.

Pulling my key card out I went through the staff only door, dropping my suit jacket off in the staff room before going behind the bar, which was only accessible through another locked door. Necessary, but annoying when trying to leave or get to the bar in a hurry.

Rolling up my sleeves I washed my hands then started serving drinks.

I was on my sixth order and just about to take another when a stunning blonde caught my attention.

Strutting down the bar I all but pushed Rush out of my way to get to the girl faster. Straight blonde hair so light it was almost white covered bare shoulders, hazel eyes stood out on creamy skin, and full pink lips literally called to me, pulling me like a magnet.

Stopping in front of her I could not stop my eyes from taking in the beauty that was this girl.

And damn if her top half didn’t have my pants uncomfortably tight.

“You going to get me a drink or just stare at me?” The blonde snapped as my greedy eyes continued to take in her stunning face.

Smirking at the growl I could hear coming from the girl I slowed my roaming eyes making her wait until I was done looking. She didn’t know it, but nothing turned me on more than pushing a woman with attitude.

When my dark blue eyes were finally looking at her hazel ones my mind was made up, I was ending my night with her in my bed.

“I’ll get you a drink on one condition.” I said seductively giving her the look that had gotten me anything and everything since I was fifteen.

Sighing she shook her head and leaned into the bar, which brought her face so close I could feel her breath on my lips and smell the honey scent coming off her skin. “Fine. I’m bored. I’ll play, what’s your condition hotshot?”

Chuckling I licked my lips liking the girls sass. “I get you your drink, but you have it with me.”

“What if I don’t want to have a drink with you?”

“Then you have to wait for Rush to finish at the other end of the bar.” Looking over at Rush I winced at how many people were waiting for his attention then looked back at the girl. “Think hard gorgeous there are a lot of people between Rush and you.”

Her hazel eyes darted to Rush then back to me. “Ice, vodka, lime. You have until I finish my drink then I’m going back to the dance floor and you can find some other girl to bother.”

Poor girl had no idea who she was messing with.

“Don’t move.” I said smiling as I pushed away from the bar and went about making her drink.

With her drink in my hand I left the bar area, grabbed my suit jacket and walked out of the staff room to go find the sassy girl.

I found her right away as her back was just as stunning as the front and the legs. My God the legs went on for miles, they would look absolutely perfect wrapped around my waist.

Putting my hand to her lower back she gave a surprised gasp as her head whipped around.

“Let’s have that drink gorgeous.” I said handing her the drink.

Looking down at the drink in my hands she laughed out loud taking the glass from me. “Smart man.” She yelled over the music still laughing.

Chuckling I took her elbow and walked her to an empty table beside the dance floor.

“No, not smart man smartass.” She shouted before taking a sip of her drink.

Laughing because damn, this chick was cute, I lifted my hand for her to shake. “Denny Garcia.”

“Rachel Owen.” She said taking my hand.

Squeezing her hand I helped her on to the bar stool before taking a seat across from her.

“Garcia as in Garcia owner of Club Risk?”

“Will that help my chances with you?”

Rachel ducked her head to hide the smile but not before I saw it. “What makes you think you have a chance at all?”

Damn did I like this girl.

Instead of answering her question I asked my own, “you know what I do, so tell me Rachel what is it you do?”

“I’m a manager at a coffee shop.”

“I like coffee, which one?”

Blushing Rachel shook her head, “Cup’s Up. Stupid name I know.”

“That’s a ridiculous name,” I agreed with a smile. “But some very good coffee.”

Wide hazel eyes stared at me, “you’ve been there before?”

I’d been there a handful of times with Mason the coffee freak, how I’d missed Rachel was a head scratcher. No way would I walk by this woman without trying her on.

“What brings you to Club Risk?”

“I came with my brother and his girlfriend.” She said pointing her thumb over her shoulder towards the dance floor.

“Is that why you’re bored?” I asked remembering she had said she was bored before I got her a drink.

“Yeah, I should have never come with just them. They ditched me the second we got here.” Rachel said shyly looking at me through her thick eyelashes.

Good Lord that was a sexy look. It was far past time to go. I couldn’t wait another second to get my hands all over her body.

“I’m kind of glad you’re bored.”

“Why’s that?”

“It won’t be a hardship for you to leave with me right now.”

Rachel’s delicate fingers gripped the table so tight her fingers were turning white. “Where are you going to take me, Denny Garcia?”

Standing up I took Rachel’s hand pulling her from the bar stool, when both her feet were on the ground I framed her small face between my big hands. Leaning my face into hers I brought our bodies so close I could feel the wild beat of her heart. “My house.” I whispered as her eyes dropped shut and my lips met hers in a first kiss so sublime I knew there would never be another first kiss quite like it. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and right then I knew that this body was not made for a fast hook up.

Whoa! Who the fuck was this person in my head, I hadn’t even taken the girl to bed yet, and already I was thinking about keeping her around. Denny Garcia did not do the sticking around thing. Hell chicks were lucky if they’d get a second roll around in my bed. I wanted a good time, a hot messy lay, and an understanding that she would be gone before the afterglow of my orgasm wore off.  All that might make me an asshole, but it was the way it had to be, I didn’t know how to be any other way. I was a drug runner with an asshole for a father. Being an asshole was in my blood.

Pushing all thoughts away I focused on one thing, and one thing only, just how fucking good Rachel was going to feel around me.

The walk to the town house I shared with Jonah and Mason usually only took five minutes, but as Rachel and I couldn’t seem to keep our hands off each other, it made the walk take longer. Just when I thought I was going to do something wildly shameful and horrifying for anyone passing by, the house came into view. Thank fuck for that. Pulling my mouth off Rachel’s neck I grabbed her hand and ran for it.

Once inside with the front door closed or actually it could still be open, I didn’t care. Nothing mattered right now except getting Rachel out of her clothes.

Clothes finally started to come off in a tangled mess of arms, legs and lips that only parted when necessary.

Stumbling up the stairs almost naked, I picked Rachel up helping her wrap those unbelievable legs around my waist then pushed her up against my bedroom door as I captured her lips in a bruising kiss. Running my hand down her soft naked chest I soaked in just how right it felt to touch her skin.

With my other hand, I opened the door sending us both flying into the room and crashing on to the bed.

Rachel’s face was flush; her breathing was coming fast and sweat glistened on her skin. Grinding my hips into her, a low sexy moan left her mouth putting an end to any more foreplay.

Without another thought I ripped her sexy lace panties off, the fabric tearing easily. She gave a startled gasp, but like me she was too far-gone in a lust filled daze to care that I’d just ruined them.

Her mouth found my nipple, her skilled tongue wrapping around my nipple ring and sucking it into her hot mouth. Sweet God that felt fucking phenomenal.

“Piercings and tattoos aren’t normally my thing.” She whispered, her lips moving to take my other nipple.

“No?” I managed to choke out as her teeth bit the sliver ring and pulled.

“No, but I’m willing to make an exception for yours.”

“That’s good,” I said flipping her on to her back, “because I have a couple that might surprise you.”

“Tattoo or piercing?” She asked pushing my boxers down my legs.

“Both.” I said as her eyes caught on to what I was talking about.

“Oh shit is that a piercing?” She gasped eyes going wide.

Oh yeah I was going to have fun corrupting this woman.

Done talking I sealed our lips and worked my fingers down her body looking for every spot that made her scream.

When Rachel was finally hanging on to the edge, I sank into her in one hard thrust that had us both screaming. 

Nothing had ever felt so good.

Pulling out I thrust back in bringing our bodies as close as they were ever going to get. Oh yeah I was going to break all kinds of rules just to have this woman over and over again.

Finding a fast and hard rhythm I watched as Rachel lost control.

Never in my life had I seen anything as wild as Rachel, from the noises she was making, to the teeth and nails biting into my skin, she was out of control and fuck did I love it.

I wanted it to last forever, but Rachel’s climax was my undoing, her body tightened around me to the point of pain pulling me into the most mind-blowing orgasm I’d ever had.





Sunlight shined through my closed eyelids waking me from my sleep, within seconds the night’s events flew through my mind causing a smile to spread across my face. Reaching my hand out I searched for my beautiful Rachel finding nothing but cold empty sheets.

Sitting up I looked around my room finding all trace of Rachel gone. Pain spiked in my heart making me mad that I would even care that she had taken off. This was the way I liked it. So why the fuck was I feeling used?

Now hating the smell of honey on my sheets I jumped out of bed and stripped the bedding.

Fuck her, and fuck this mood.

Taking a scolding hot shower I washed her off my skin and told myself to move on.


Chapter 2



Present Day…


Lucca was fast asleep in my arms, so I moved carefully to the front door not wanting to wake him and start his crying fit up again. Ryan mouthed goodbye and kissed me on the cheek. Locking the door I moved up the stairs at a snails pace so afraid I would wake my baby boy. For the last month Lucca had been having random horrible crying fits, not stopping till he heard Denny’s voice. From the moment I woke up to an empty hospital room a couple of hours after Lucca was born and realized what Denny had missed out on, I knew I didn’t want Lucca to miss out too. So I started playing an old voice mail message from Denny. I told myself it was all for Lucca so he would know his dad’s voice, but a little part of me also wanted to do it for Denny too. For the last month that message was played numerous times a day, just to calm Lucca down. Only six months old and already my baby boy missed Denny almost as much as I did.

BOOK: Daddy's Boy
12.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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