Dalton (Mistress & Master of Restraint)

BOOK: Dalton (Mistress & Master of Restraint)


Copyright ©2012 Erica Chilson

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Revised Edition: November 2012


***Note to Readers***
Make sure you’ve read the Revi
sed Editions of Restraint, Unleashed, and Dexter.

The story is drastically different during Dexter and Dalton from their first editions. You can download the revised editions for free from B&N & Amazon if you purchased the first edition.


Mistress & Master of Restraint
story of Restraint began with Katya Waters. We followed her journey of self-discovery as she merged the mysteries of her past with her twisted present. Join the characters of Restraint as they tell the story from their points of view. The following book delves into the mind of the
Dalton, Master of Restraint.

Follow Dalton
’s journey
as he uses a secret identity to infiltrate Restraint and locate the
leaking information to
Adelaide Whittenhower. He
struggles with his painful past
. H
is behavior of creatin
g havoc among the membership is
a bitter pill for the masochist to swallow. Will Adelaide welcome him into the fold before the members of Restraint banish him?

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Mistress and Master of Restraint
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My parents for their support as my life shattered around me. They allowed me to the pick up the pieces and put myself back together again in the warmth of their unconditional love. No words could express the depths of my gratitude. Thank you both for allowing me to chase my dream of bringing my imagination into reality.
Thanks to my lovely sister for her contribution of the cover art.


My Wicked Readers, I want to thank you for enriching my daily life. You bring entertainment, joy, and a ton of laughs. I want to thank all of my betas! Kris, Amber, Sass, and Cassie, I couldn’t do this without all of your help. You keep me sane when the muse is in overdrive. Thanks for all the advice and a shoulder to
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Master of Restraint



“Students, I know you’re all worked up right now. Since everyone was so attentive this evening
excused to play in the dungeon. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, boys and girls,” Dexter says jovially.
I gather my things and try to exit the room before anyone looks at me. I hate play in the dungeon time. I enjoy my training because it feels like home. I even like the sound of Marcus and Dexter’s voices as they explain the dynamics of our lifestyle. It’s comforting. What I hate is the pressure to perform that the dungeon demands. It confuses me that anyone would want to play with me. After all, I act like the biggest asshole on the planet, yet I still attract ladies. I’m starting to regret playing the asshole. Maybe I should have gone with the nice guy friend approach. Nah- nice guy is way out of my comfort zone. I think that an asshole creates pheromones that are impossible for a woman to resist.

“Dalton,” K
ristal brazenly drawls my name proving my thought.

I look to the ground silently praying that she is a figment on my imagination. I can’t do this tonight. It’s too much for me to take.
“Will you play with me tonight? I don’t me
an a scene. I just want to fuck,

she mouths the words as if she’s giving a verbal blowjob.

I nod because I can do nothing else. Bile rises in my throat as the word fuck is repeated in my mind
in her sultry voice. I start to shake. I doubt I can get through it this time.

A firm grip clutches my shoulder and I relax.

“Kristal, may I join you two this eve
ning,” Whitt asks politely. He’
s always polite, especially now as he massages the shame from my shoulder.

Kristal’s brown eyes widen and her lips form a large O. Whitt snickers at her expression.
My muscles clench in revulsion
as I envision those full, pouty lips begging for oral sex.

“Yes, p
lease. I loved last time.” She’
s practically panting. Her eyes are dilated and her skin is flushed crimson. I see tiny beads of sweat form above her upper lip.

I don’t know why Kristal targeted me when she has Whitt as a Master and my friend, Alex as her boyfriend
Why me?

My body quakes as I remember the last time I was with Kristal. Whitt joined us that time as well.
I remember the terror as she begged to suck my cock. Whitt saved me by allowing me to fuck her while she sucked him. Her cunt was less personal than her mouth. I nearly vomit as I remember what her pussy felt like as it contracted on my dick. Oh God, what if he wants to fuck her this time? I can’t allow her to take my dick in her mouth. I start to panic. My breathing becomes labored.
I think of my Master and try to calm myself. I repeat my mantra:
This is for your Master. You are not a whore. Do not disappoint your Master.

I stare at the floor and school my breathing. My terror must be apparent because Whitt begins massaging both shoulders at the same time.

“Have you ever taken two men at once, Kristal?” Whitt asks with a smile.
“I’m pretty sure you haven’t,” he teases.
“No,” she replies excitedly.
“I tried it once before. Don’t tell Dexter it was with his wif
e,” he whispers conspiratorially. “Cortez and I shared her. It’
s an experience that you’ll never forget. What do you say Kristal?”
I notice that he doesn’t ask me my opinion. I’d like to bitch, but this means her
welcoming mouth is off the table.
“Fuck ye
s,” she practically yells. She’
a tiny spitfire. I’m sure she’
s exactly what the pr
etty boy loves in a woman. She’s his complete opposite. She’
s also the most difficult submissive a
t Restraint. Hell, I think she’
s more dominant than Dalton Thompson- not me- my alter ego.

I can see her appeal. She’
s gorgeous with her caramel skin and dark features. I just can’t see her as sexual. My
rises again at the thought.

I’ve heard stories that she used to be even wilder than she is now. Everyone says she was a sex addict. I witnessed her punishment at the hands of Queen
and e
ver since that night she’s only been with Alex and Whitt, and for some unknown reason, me.

“I want to pound that tight pussy of yours if it’s okay with Dalton.”
voice is filled with
My eyes lift when my name is spoken, until this moment I’ve been ignored. I don’t know why I have to be involved at all.
Maybe they get sick of screwing each other and need someone to make it more thrilling or maybe Whitt’s trying to humiliate me.
“Are you okay with anal sex?” He asks me. My cock starts to fill with blood for the first time
on its own
in almost three years. His voice paired with the word anal is devastating.

I lick my suddenly dry lips a few times to moisten them. “Yes,” I mumble.
He smiles at me. “Have you done it before? Anal?” I shake my head yes. “DP?”

“Yes,” I lick my lips again.

“Good,” his eyes twinkle with mirth. He’
s different than usual. He’s always picking
and joking around, but now he’
s more commanding as well. I feel like a moth to flame.
His voice is lulling me to do whatever he wants.

The group files out the door. I drag my feet
trying to avoid
the inevitable.
The firm grip is back, but this time on the back of my neck steering me- pushing me. He will not allow me to avoid the dungeon. I fantasize about breaking
from the herd and running to the closed end of the hall where the hidden entrance to the
upper floors is located:
the nexus to nirvana- my apartment. I want
to be
in my own space where I can finally breathe deeply. My apartment is the only place in this fucking town where I am Font.

blink out of my reverie when I ‘
m tugged to a stop. I cringe when I see that we are in the middle of the dungeon. I bristle at being on display. No one here has seen an inch of my covered body, not even the cock I fuck them with.

My eyes seek Alex. The tall man is sitting on the sofa talking to Queen. I silently beg him with my eyes for help. He knows all of my secrets. He knows why this is a bad idea. His ruby-red lips smirk at me and he shakes his head slightly causing his hair to swing.
No, you’re on your own.

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