Damon (The Protectors Series) Book #1

BOOK: Damon (The Protectors Series) Book #1



Copyright 2011 Teresa Gabelman

All rights reserved. The right of Teresa Gabelman to be identified as the author of this work has been

asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. This is a work of fiction and any

resemblance between the characters and persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Gabelman, Teresa (2011-11-28). THE PROTECTORS ‘DAMON’.

Kindle Edition.

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I would like to thank everyone who has helped me on my journey to fulfill my dream. So to, in no

specific order, Ron, Cody, Emma aka Gran, Kelly, Marlene and Beth thank you for putting up with

me. You will never know exactly what you have done for me. I cannot put into words the gratitude I

have for each and every one of you for helping me along this road....my journey....my dream. Thank


Chapter 1

Nicole Callahan’s piece of crap on wheels slid sideways into the wet parking lot, the muffler clanged

loudly as she slammed her brakes to stop in front of the old warehouse. Man, she hated to be late and

because her face got in the way of someone’s fist she was really running late.

Peering into the review mirror she groaned. Her eye was already turning a lovely shade of black. Oh

well, it wasn’t the first black eye she’d ever had and it probably won't be the last. Grabbing her bag out

of the backseat, she climbed out and trotted toward the door. Glancing around the parking lot quickly,

it looked like she was the last to arrive. With a deep breath she pushed open the door. “Well, this

should be a freakin hoot.”

“Good God Callahan, what happened to your face?” Mitchell Reed yelled as she blew into the room.

“I could ask you the same thing boss” Throwing her bag down she felt everyone’s eyes on her.

“Stop being a smart ass and tell me what happened?” Mitchell stomped toward her. He was a huge man

with a permanent scowl as if he was ready to bite your head off any second. Most of the time, in her

case, he was ready to do just that.

Grabbing her sweats and t-shirt out of her bag she headed toward what looked like a bathroom. “My

routine check wasn’t so routine. It seems Mr. Mullins has an addiction that his new foster child is

supplying. I caught him in the act of draining the poor kid. He didn't appreciate the interruption.”

“Son of a bitch.” Mitch cursed then turned toward the workout area. “What the hell are you stopping

for? Get your asses’ moving.” he yelled sending everyone stumbling over each other.

Nicole came out of the bathroom in sweats and a t-shirt, her long blonde hair pulled into a messy

ponytail. “Can you explain again why we’re here?” Nicole tossed her clothes on her bag as she passed

it, stopping in front of Mitch.

“Ah...have you seen your face?” Mitch’s hands tightened into fists, his scowl fierce. “This is getting

more and more dangerous. I can't have you guys out there without training.”

“Yeah, I know.” Nicole agreed, looking around hating again that she was late. Everyone else was

running laps. Her eyes landed on three guys standing in the middle of the running group. “Who are


“They, for the next couple of months, are your instructors.”

“Dang, could they be any bigger?” They were huge. The tallest of the group turned to glare at her,

looking highly annoyed. “They make you look like a midget.”

“Yeah, well, guess you better get your ass out there Callahan.” Mitch shoved her toward the group of

runners. “Looks like they don’t like anyone being late.”

Nicole stumbled into the group and took off jogging. “About time you got here Callahan. You think

you’re special or something?” Chad Evans, better known as jackass, complained as he huffed past her.

“I know I am.” Nicole snapped, then added under her breath. “Jerk.”

Nicole caught up with Pam Braxton, who she usually partnered up with on cases. “What happened to

you?” Pam huffed, sweat sliding down her face.

“Got caught with my hands down.” Nicole grimaced. Running was making her eye throb. “Is this all

I’ve missed so far?”

“Yeah.” Wiping sweat off her face with her shirt, Pam kept pace then nodded toward the three men in

the middle of the mats. “They just came out and said to start running. God, I think I’m going to die.

How in the hell is this going to help with our jobs? I'm not going to be doing any job if I’m dead.”

Nicole chuckled as she glanced at the three men. Mitch stood with them talking. She looked away

when they all turned to glare at her.

“Okay, everybody stop and take a knee.” Mitch’s booming voice echoed off the warehouse walls.

“Take a knee? What the hell is he talking about…take a knee?” Pam moaned as they headed toward the

men. “If the SOB doesn’t let me sit on my well cushioned butt I'm going to flop over right here on this

mat and die. I didn’t see him running. Did you?”

Nicole grinned. Pam was a trip. They became fast friends the day they met. Nicole knelt on the mat

helping Pam down. Where Nicole was short and curvy Pam was tall and stick thin.

There were eight employees who worked for Mitch in the Special Family Services Department of

Clermont County. Special meaning they worked with vampire and human children. Nicole and Pam

were the only women and it had been an uphill battle for both of them. Most of the men, along with

Mitch, had accepted them, but Chad and his little followers of merry jackasses did everything in their

power to make the ladies lives in the department a living hell. It was just the eight of them standing

between innocent children in the county and the ones who would use them for greed. No one else

wanted the job. In all honesty it was too dangerous for most and the small paycheck every two weeks

didn't inspire new employees.

“Jesus people.” Mitch shook his head in disgust. “Breathe in through the nose out through the mouth. I

can’t hear myself think with all that huffing you wimps are doing.”

Nicole cocked her eyebrow at that. Her breathing was just fine since she ran a minimum of five miles a


“Yeah, I know Callahan. You’re the shit when it comes to running.” Mitch stepped to the side, slightly

away from the three men standing behind him.

“Suck up.” Chad whispered behind her. Acting like she was fixing her shirt she flipped him the bird.

Mitch ignored them. “Okay, here it is guys. Ever since the vampire race decided to let us know they

were and have been a part of our everyday life, we've been knee deep in funky shit. It’s no secret that

vampire blood, better known on the streets as Crimson Rush, has hit the Social Service Departments

all across the country hard. Human and vampire kids are being sent out to homes and it’s our job to

make sure the homes we send them to are safe. Humans want to adopt vampire kids and vampires

want to adopt human kids. Pretty screwed up if you ask me, but who the hell am I to say what’s right

or wrong. Most of these types of adoptions are legit, but the ones that aren’t is what we're dealing with

right now. As you know, some human adopters are using the vampire kids as their very own drug

dealer harvesting their blood and the vampires are turning the human kids to sell for money. It’s a

cluster fuck of a mess. Your jobs have become more dangerous than a year ago. Just take a look at

Callahan’s face. You may not have had a seriously dangerous situation yet, but it’s coming. That's why

I have decided to call in the experts to train you how to better protect yourself while doing your job.”

Everyone’s focus went to the three men. Now that her gaze wouldn’t draw attention since everyone

was staring, Nicole was instantly aware of how perfect and gorgeous these men were. They all wore

the same black workout sweats with black tank tops. Talk about muscles and hard bods. Glancing up,

her gaze locked on golden eyes glaring deeply into her baby blues. Shivering, she turned her attention

back to Mitch, doing her best to keep her focus glued to her boss.

“Before I turn you over to these guys, I want to let you know that this is mandatory. Five nights a

week, weekends, and whenever they want you for as long as they want you. Before you open your

mouth Callahan, we will work out the details of emergencies like you had tonight as they come up.”

Mitch glared at her.

Where was all the glaring coming from? “Didn’t say a word boss.”

“Maybe not out loud, but I know what’s in that head of yours before it makes it to your big mouth.”

Mitch grumbled loudly.

“Impressive.” Nicole murmured to Pam. “Scary, but impressive.” Pam chuckled.

Mitch glared for another few seconds at the women before continuing. “These men have taken time

out of their busy schedules to help make you guys safe, so I expect nothing but respect for each of

them. This is Duncan Roark, Jared Kincaid and Damon DeMaster's. They belong to the Vampire

Council, the group of warriors we have been hearing about in the news.”

Nicole heard the buzzing of her coworkers behind her as her eyes shot up to the one named Damon. If

you haven’t heard of the Vampire Council Warriors then you have either been living under a rock or

dead. One year ago, almost to the day, as the vampires made known they were not only in the movies

but living among the human race, the VC Warriors were keeping the peace between the two races

along with the human Special Forces. Turning humans without special council approval and also

consent from the human was a warrant for death which was carried out by these special warriors.

The blonde vampire, Duncan, stepped up beside Mitch. “We have been working closely with Mitch to

see exactly where we can help you carry out your jobs. As we cannot be everywhere, and have many

rogue vampires running rampant, the children of the two races have fallen between the cracks. The

reason the Council has approved us working with you is because they believe that what you do is just

as important as what we do.” Duncan nodded toward the other two. “We are here to instruct you on

how to protect yourselves and will be pairing up with some of you on your jobs to see exactly what

you are dealing with. The goal is to prepare you for anything that comes your way.”

“Who exactly is pairing up with who?” Pam raised her hand, then snapped it back down,

embarrassment coloring her cheeks. “Me and Nicole have the heaviest case load, but some of the

others have more dangerous areas.”

Mitch stepped in on this question. “Even though they have more dangerous areas, that doesn’t really

have anything to do with who is breaking the law and using these children. We are going to pair Jared

and Damon with you and Callahan since you two have the most cases. Duncan is up in the air right

now. The Council has said that if we need more help it will be offered to us, but we are to start out

with these guys. Now to get us started, Callahan, why don’t you tell us exactly what happened tonight

and we can go from there.”

Nicole started flicking her thumb nail nervously, an old habit. She hated being in the spotlight. “Ah,

well, I did my follow up call this afternoon and talked to Mr. Mullins. He sounded nervous, talking

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