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Dancers in the Dark

Dancers in the Dark Club

Tango, Waltz, Swing (Bundled)

and The Last Dance


by Ava J. Smith




© 2014 Ava J. Smith

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.


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by Ava J. Smith

Dancers in the Dark Club: The Tango of Temptation




“NERVOUS?” JESS smiled at her.

Elena started to smile and wave it off but there was something about Jess that stopped her automatic responses and Elena said, “Well, a little.”

“It’s good to be a little nervous. It means you’re cautious.” She added later, “Aware of your situation.”

“Are you trying to scare me?”

Jess laughed. “I did just sound like I was, didn’t I?” She took Elena’s arm and pulled her closer in a friendly gesture that surprised Elena a little bit. “I think I get a bit candid sometimes, especially around people like you.”

“People like me?” Now Elena was surprised that she had started to grin. Jess was definitely good at her job if she was trying to put her at ease.

“Yeah. I don’t know why but with you, and this aunt I have, I just feel free to talk and speculate...” she gave Elena an exaggerated sideway look. “You people should come with a label or warning so I know not to blab in your presence.”

Elena laughed. “Maybe I like it when you blab.”

“Well, I do have to blab a little now. Come this way for a bit.”

The younger woman led Elena to a small, cosy room off the main hall. It was decorated in dark tones, plush and comfortable with big couches and cushions. Waving her to take a seat, Jess left her for a small bar on the corner, quickly pulling out glasses.

“Wine? Red or white?” At Elena’s look of hesitation, Jess grinned. “It’s already 7, you know.”

“Ah. It’s not that... “ Elena shook her head. “Anyway, sure. White.”

“So.” Jess handed Elena her glass and clinked it gently with her own. “You’re in for your intro coaching today. Any question, maybe?”

Elena took a sip. It was good, and warming.

“Nothing specific, I think. Just... maybe you can tell me what do you do during intro coaching?”

“Well, for starters, not everybody gets intro coaching. We have such sessions for clients like you, who have some reservations about getting up close and personal with strangers.”

Jess adopted a more serious tone now. “We would like to make it standard OP actually but as you know, right now we charge for such session and to make it SOP will not be sensible business wise... Anyway, we wish we could because some of the safety measures that we need to underline and emphasize are a lot more effectively conveyed during intro coach.”

“Are safety such a big concern?” Elena flustered. “I mean, of course it should be but with your establishment and its reputation, I should imagine it is not as big...?”

“True,” Jess gave her a quick grin. “Then again, you’d be surprised at how many people just forget some basic common sense. Some people are too polite to say No, some people think bad things could never happen to them. That kind of thing.”

Elena nodded slowly. “I think I know what you mean.”

Jess nodded in reply. “We are cautious and that is why we earn the reputation we have right now. Intro coaching, well part of it, will highlights the things you need to watch out for, and the things you can do to get out, should there be situations you are not comfortable with.”

“That sounds sensible.”

“Thanks,” Jess smiled. “The other part, well, it’s the fun part.”

Elena took another sip of her wine. “Do tell me more.”

Jess laughed. “You look like death. Seriously you seem more accepting when we talk about safety measures.”

“Do I?” Elena chuckled.

“Come on,” Jess tugged at Elena’s hand, her legs moved to tuck themselves under her lap. “Tell me what concerns you and we’ll see if we can work something out.”

Elena looked at the younger woman for a while before following suit, placing her legs underneath herself, sitting more comfortably on the cosy couch.

“Nothing big, I don’t think. It’s just... normal nervousness, I guess? About getting physically intimate with strangers and all that.”

Jess nodded again. “There is something comforting about anonymity in The Club but of course it is weird to be cuddling with complete strangers. Which is why we hope intro coaching will be a kind of gateway, in that you’ll be cuddling with a professional,” she grinned a little here. “Someone from the management, who will make sure that you are comfortable.”

“Someone from the management?”

“Yup. You have met Alex, I think?”

Elena took a sip from her glass again, hoping Jess did not catch the blush that rose up her cheeks. Yes, she had met Alex and Elena had not gotten over how readily her body reacted to his presence.

She thought it was rather unfortunate that her would be coach should prove to be a type she was particularly weak for, a lean and strong guy who was good looking in a quiet way. She had caught a quick flash on his blue eyes, a flash that Elena was quite familiar with and she thought she would not be able to trust herself around Alex.

Elena cleared her throat. “I think I have. I met several people when I first came and talked with Brandon.”

“Ah yes, Brandon said you came a bit early and met most of the staff.”

Elena thought she caught a speculative look on Jess’ eyes but then the younger woman continued, her voice light and easy. “You didn’t get to observe though, right? It was just before we’re open for sessions.”

“True.” Elena then asked, “Should I be observing?”

Jess shrugged. “You can do so during intro coach, if you want. You get 2 hours for an intro session. What we strongly suggest is going through the rules and what your rights are, what you shouldn’t feel pressured to do etcetera.

“Other than that what you do during intro coaching session is up to you and your coach. You can snuggle and get comfortable, test our various couch and lounge chairs, you can go on more tour around the facilities, you can have a drink and chat... all up to you.”

Elena nodded slowly. “Can you... can you tell me more about the sessions? I know about session One ...and the rest but,” she smiled nervously and blushed when Jess grinned at her. “It’s only word of mouth, you know how it is. I’d rather hear the official version.”

“Sure.” Jess placed her drink down on the table and started ticking off her fingers. “Session One is restricted to snuggling, period. Ten minutes, no touching of sexual nature and all clothes stay put. It is what we primary sells, as you know. All other sessions are regulated strictly and only introduced to paying clients.”

Elena nodded again, gulping more of her wine.

“Session Two is when you are really comfortable with a partner or partners. Yes,” Jess winked. “That happens, we don’t judge. Once session One is over, you can either continue to another lounge for another or choose a private room for session Two.

“We give more time for session Two, as it is ...shall we say, more intimate.” Jess grinned, “I’ll refrain from embarrassing you but it is understood by all parties that session Two includes foreplay and less clothes. No genitals though and everyone must have a minimum of 2 clothing items on their person.”

Elena cleared her throat. “All right. And then...”

“And then session Three. Just like session One, you can leave and go back for another round, either session One or Two. If you choose to continue, you go to yet another private room, it is adjacent to your session Two room and lockable. And then your partner or partners can follow suit.”

“Why another change of room?”

“To ensure you are not coerced into session Three,” Jess replied simply.

“Oh. Good then.”

“Just so we’re clear,” Jess gave her a frank look. “Session Three is where all bets are off, you are free to do whatever you want with the other client or clients.”

Elena gave another nod and finished her drink.

“So. Shall we go find Alex now?”

Emboldened by the warmth of the fresh gulp of wine, Elena said, “Sure.” Standing up, she looked around for her purse and started a little when Jess spoke. “Oh, here he is. Hey Alex, you’re ready?”

Elena turned around and tried an easy smile, telling herself she had been imagining her strong attraction toward the young man.

Well, she was wrong. Her heart beat picked up a little the moment their eyes met. Alex smiled and took her hand in his, squeezing gently. He was wearing a blue shirt that picked up the color of his eyes, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. Elena sighed to herself as she got a glimpse of his strong forearms.

“What would you like us to do first, Elena?”

Elena cursed inwardly. His voice was exactly the way she remembered, mild and yet steady; all the politeness and innocence betrayed by the quick look he gave her when she least expected it. She was wearing a soft, modestly fitting sweater and yet suddenly she felt much too aware of how much her breasts were pushing against the fabric.

Oh Christ, Elena. Staff of this place is sure to be a tad flirtatious to keep the clients relaxed and feeling welcome. Stop making a fool of yourself.

“Um, maybe another tour to take a look at the lounges?”


“I’ll leave you guys to it, then,” Jess patted her lightly on the shoulder, giving Elena a smile.

“She’ll be in good hands,” Alex told her, his arm easily went around Elena’s waist.

Elena told herself she was nuts to be affected by the warmth of his body and then it occurred to her that it was what she was supposed to do anyway, getting herself to get used to being physically close to a stranger.

He turned his head toward her, bending down a little since they had about 8” difference in height.

“Ready?” he asked, giving her the full blast of his warm smile and Elena thought,
Damn, this is going to be difficult




"RULES?" ELENA echoed what he said.

He murmured a confirmation. She could feel him cuddling closer to her and her body moved on its own, settling on her back, her head nestled on the crook of his arm and shoulder.

They were in a room that Alex told her usually reserved for a session Two, not too large but comfortable with a low type of wide couch that served pretty well as a place to lounge. The lights were low and placed discreetly behind open panels, lending an intimate feel to the room. Elena felt it an advantage that she didn’t have to see Alex, she was flustered enough that they were lying down so close to each other, alone in a darkened room.

"I suppose Brandon and Jess had gone over them with you?"

Lazily, Elena nodded, smiling as it felt like she was caressing his chest with her cheek. Her eyes were still closed so it caught her a little by surprise when a warm hand started caressing her hair, gently tracing the curve of her jaw and down her neck...

"How detailed?"

Elena felt a shiver at his lowered voice. "I don't know... Jess told me the 10 minutes rule and the all clothes stay on thing. There are more?"

His fingers fanned out slowly on her upper chest before sliding back up her neck, his thumb caressing her jaw and Elena thought she might be imagining her face being lifted up.

"Not exactly. Just to expand — no touch or act of sexual nature and yes, all clothes stays on."

"Right," Elena said, sinking lower into the comfortable bedding, enjoying Alex's warmth. His hands were still caressing her, gently massaging when he found her upper arm or shoulder.

"Some of the clients are known to be naughty so we are instructed to ensure that new ones know what's on and what's not."

Elena opened her eyes. Alex must have lowered the lighting to a minimum because now she could only make his silhouette even though they were practically in each other's arms.


He gave a short chuckle. "Yeah. Some people like to try and push the envelope a little bit. Setting is pretty intimate so some people let their minds, and hands, wander."

"Ah, I see."

"Remember that you can get up and leave, or just change partner if you're not up to it. We strongly suggest you leave them anyway, some people in session One do not necessarily want to continue to session Two — and they should get what they want, which is a snuggle and just that."

"Of course."

"I hope I haven't scared you though. The guests who are like that are mostly playful, the let's see if I could get away with this kind of goofs."

"Yeah, I think I know the type."

He was silent for a while. "Do you now?"

There was something in his voice that made Elena held her breath for a split second. They were intimately tangled in a bed, in a darkened room and yet her revelation and his subsequent question somehow changed the atmosphere.

"I do, a little."

"Well, then I suppose you know what to watch for and how to handle stuff."

Elena murmured something noncommittal. His hand was still stroking her arm when he spoke up again.

"Should I test you then?"

Her heart beat picked up but Elena told herself to stop being stupid. Alex was a professional, he was going through the rules with her.

"Ah, sure."

He didn't reply and continued stroking her arm. Elena tried to keep her breathing normal as he pulled her closer, his chest pressing warmly to hers.

"Should I do what I just did?"


"Are they in compliance with our rules?"


She then felt a hand on the side of her head, gentle fingers caressing her hair.

"Should I do that?"

"Yes..." she caught a breath when Alex moved closer, his chest weighing down on her. His hand slid down her arm again, catching her hand and squeezing it.

Elena waited as he slid his fingers between hers, entwining them together.

"Is that all right? Still within the rules?"


She drew a quick breath when he pulled both hands up and pressed his lips to her fingers.

"Should I do that?"

"I... ah, I don't know."

He pressed another kiss and then opened her palm, his lips soft and wet against her that Elena bit down a moan.

"Should I do what I just did?"


"What about this?" he whispered, his lips closing on the tip of her finger, slowly suckling it in.

Elena gasped, biting her lip when he suckled more deeply, the tip of his tongue teasing her. "Alex..."

"Yes or no?"


"Good." He let go of her hand, placing it gently back on her side. Elena tried to control her breathing when he pulled her back to him, his hands felt so big on her, funny she didn't really notice that before...

"We try to discourage any lips or mouth contact in session One. Things could spiral out of control very fast once a mouth is involved.

"As I'm sure you are aware of," he added. "Sorry, sometimes I read through the rules in my head."

"Right," Elena said weakly, mortified that her voice was shaky. She thought she had done pretty well up to a point. It was useless to tell herself she didn't have a small crush on Alex, who was really good looking if not spectacularly so; lean and strong as she could personally attest right now.

Elena bit her lip when he snuggled closer, his hard thigh pressing against her. She thought she had done well not to make a fool of herself when told Alex would be her intro coach but now she felt like she was not entirely sure she was prepared for this.

"How are you feeling? Is everything all right so far?" Alex asked. "Do you want a break?"

"Ah, no. It's all right."

"Good," he said. "Now, did Brandon let you observe when you first came around?"

"Not really," Elena hesitated. "I was given a tour to see a number of lounges and a private room but none were occupied... unless that was not what you mean by observing?"

"Well, you can usually observe session One in progress," he said. "I guess you were here a bit early that no sessions were taking place. If you had observed you would have seen that session One is fully monitored by management.

"We have two people per lounge, that's two per twenty guests. The lights will be low, just like this," he made a vague motion toward the wall. "Observers don't really see what is happening but they are there to be on hand should any guest want to leave and his or her partner decided otherwise."

"I see." Elena hoped she had absorbed fully what he was saying because truth be told she was paying more attention to his body, how it felt so close against her. How her own body was unusually warm and sensitive... his hand was softly caressing her hip and Elena found herself much too aware of how warm and heavy it felt on her.

Said hand slid up a little higher and found her naked stomach. Elena gasped.

Keeping his hand where it was, Alex asked, "Should I be doing this?"


He pulled his hand away, a smile in his voice, "Be on alert. We want you to enjoy the snuggle but remember the rules."

"Of course," Elena responded, almost moaning when he pulled her closer still, their bodies flushed against each other, moving in the dark, slow and constant.

She could feel his hand run down the length of her denim clad thigh, drawing a sharp breath when he pulled her leg up, astride his hip.

"If you're strictly here for session One, jeans or other kinds of pants are a good choice," he said, his hand continued caressing her thigh. "Shenanigans would be more difficult when your partner is in pants."

That made her smile a little. "Do you have shenanigans in mind?" she asked, hoping to make things light, at least for her, who kept finding herself short of breath.


Elena found herself frozen at the reply. He could very well be joking back at her but with his strong hands so intimately holding on to her, Elena's mind started slipping and skidding down a wild slippery path.

Warm lips pressed themselves on her neck, soft and lingering. Elena took a breath, unsure if she was imagining things. Then he started tasting, his mouth moving against her sensitive skin, leaving her moaning.

"Should I be doing this...?"

Elena opened her mouth to answer but only more moans escaped, soft and barely audible as wet lips found her ear, nibbling slowly as he pressed closer to her, his hands squeezing her to his chest.

"Elena, am I breaking any rules?" he whispered. The tip of his tongue was slowly lining the curve of her earlobe, a strong hand pressing her wrist to the bed. Elena took a breath, shuddering when she realized his chest was weighing her down, warm and solid on top of her.


"Aren't you going to stop me?" he asked softly, his lips now making a slow, wet trail down her jaw. She could feel his hand relaxing its grip on her wrist, mortified that she actually felt disappointed.

"Is this... is this something another guest might try?"

His mouth was locked on her neck then and she actually felt his murmur of confirmation instead of hearing it.

Elena closed her eyes when she heard herself asking him the question. "What — what other things they might try?"

He was silent for a while and then he said, "Something like this..."

In the dark, his mouth quickly found hers, tasting and indulging himself with her softness. He moved closer, putting himself fully on top of her now as his lips continued claiming hers, suckling until Elena felt her lower lip started to throb.

His hands were back to her wrists, pressing them down the bed as he slid his frame closer and heavier against her. Elena gasped and a tongue slid inside her mouth, slowly tangling against hers. A thrill started to run down her body and Elena moaned as she felt herself leaking slowly between her legs.

Alex pulled away from the kiss, his breathing warm and harsh on her face. "That, is something a guest should not do."

He was still on top of her and Elena bit her lip at the thought that he might pull away soon.

"Can you show me ...another example?" she whispered.

There was silence and then he said, "I can."

Elena closed her eyes when his lips captured hers again, pressing deep and wet. The tip of his tongue lined up the opening of her mouth and she willingly opened up, only to moan softly when he went back to nibbling, teasing her throbbing lip.

With his mouth ravenous on her lips, Elena wondered if she was jeopardizing his job, actually enticing this young man to touch her when they were only supposed to go over the rules of the club.

The teasing soon grew into desperate suckling and Elena moaned again as the throbbing inched close to painful.

"Ah. Sorry..."

She could feel him struggling to stay still on top of her but soon his mouth was back on her, finding the sensitive spot on her neck, hungry and needy. Elena arched her back, relishing the feel of him, the weight of his warm body as lustful mouth stubbornly locked itself against her skin.

She caught her breath when deft hands pushed her sweater up and bit her lip quickly as indecent fingers slid under her bra and feasted. His hands were big and fit so nicely Elena couldn't stop herself from arching herself deeper into his clutches.

Alex groaned, his movement turned erratic, fast and aggressive, before he abruptly stopped.

"I shouldn't be doing this," he said quietly, his lips back to her neck. Elena closed her eyes, staying still as his thumb caressed the peaks of her breast, turning them oh so hard.

She gave a piteous moan when he pinched her slightly, her body bucked under him. Her thigh grazed against his erection and she whimpered, his name escaped her soft lips.

"That is against the rules, too," he said, his voice low and intimate in her ear, his breath ragged. Elena wanted to tell him she didn't care but he was starting to rub himself against her and she lay there willingly, relishing all the hardness.

"Can you tell me why?" she breathed.

A tongue went slowly down her neck and then she heard his reply. "Definitely against all the rules in session One... but even in session Two, this is a big no no," he told her, even as his hips were still busy moving against hers.

"A no no...?" She was just echoing what he was saying at this point, lost in the pleasure of being under his weight, his touch, the feel of his hardness all over her.

"No genitals in session Two," he said, pressing even closer to her, his hands pushing her bra aside. "And a minimum of two clothing items."

He dipped his head and sucked her nipple, greedy fingers having their fill of her softness. Elena found her hands deep in his hair, silently begging and hoping he would not stop soon.

When he came up for air, she asked, "A minimum of two clothing items?"

"Mmm," he said, his lips finding hers again, nibbling gently at her lower lip as his hands pushed her sweater up. Elena lifted her arms, blushing at her own boldness while Alex stripped her of the garment.

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