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“What?”  Julian looked down, and saw he still held the arm of the woman who had crashed into him, his red mist of rage, suddenly clearing.
He looked at the woman and his hand holding on to her arm, in surprise.

“I’m sorry lady.  Are you all right?”  His voice and demeanour suddenly changing.
He stepped back and put his hands up in the air to show he was backing off.  She was sobbing in fright, but nodded back, then looked at the cars and cried again.

“My husband will kill me.”

“Driving like that lady, you won’t give him the chance.” Julian said wryly.  He looked at the side of his passenger door, all crunched up and mangled.
The window was broken and glass had shattered everywhere.


The woman who had brought him to his senses came over and put her arm around the sobbing woman.

“Do you need help Ma’am? Are you ok?” The woman nodded her head. “Ok, then let’s sort this mess out, so that everyone can carry on with their business.”  She called the police, so that they would both be able to claim from their insurance companies, she kept them both calm and basically took charge of everything.  Julian was quite astounded by her performance.  Before she left she gave him a business card, with her own mobile number on it, in case he needed any further assistance.  She got into her Mercedes sports convertible and drove off.  He was left looking at her card and rubbing the back of his neck. 


Later, when all the hassle of the car accident had been dealt with, and he had sorted a hire car for himself whilst the car was in the garage for repairs, he called her.

“Listen, Lady.
I don’t know how to say your name, but I wanted to thank you for your help today and apologise for my anger.
I’m not normally like that.”

“My name is Venia…pronounced Vin-nee-Ah.”

“Ok, Vin-nee-Ah,” he repeated slowly. “Thank you.”  She laughed at the end of the phone, laughed at the fact he had taken the pronunciation of her name literally.
People often did.
It was a Danish name, and it had troubled everyone that had to say it.
She had grown up with the nickname of ‘vein-ier’ at school and also ‘twenty denier’ had been another popular
name given
by the bullies.  Over the years, she had gotten used to it being mispronounced, but no one had said it this way and it actually made her laugh at her own name.
He sounded so sweet when he said it.

“No problem at all.
It just looked as though you needed some intermediary.”

“What I actually needed then, was a drink!
After the day I had had.
I just couldn’t believe it.”

“Yes, she was in the wrong.
I saw the whole thing, but accidents
happen, and I doubt a drink would have helped at all.
It never does.”

“May I ask you out for a coffee?”

“A coffee?”  She laughed in surprise.

“Yes, you said a drink wouldn’t help.
I thought a coffee would be the next best thing.”

“Well, errrm.”  Venia didn’t know what to say. 

“Please?  I am having a
bad day and you could help change that.” He sounded so down, and yet sincere.

“Ok, then. Just the one. I don’t want to be up all night.”  He laughed at her reply.

I’ll meet you at 6pm in the coffee shop on the corner by Bert’s.”  In a way, even Julian didn’t know why he wanted to see her again.
He wasn’t in the mood to meet another woman.
He decided to shrug off Sophie’s public humiliation of his abilities and thought, if he were seen there by her, with another woman, then she would regret her decision and maybe, just maybe, come back to him. 


He wanted to make it look as though he didn’t care. He wasn’t a man to use a woman, but if she wanted to play, then he would up the ante.  He was only meeting her for a coffee, after all.




Chapter Eighteen - Venia



At 6pm sharp, Julian walked into the coffee shop.
He looked around for Venia, she wasn’t there yet and so he got himself a coffee.
He also looked for Sophie, and her friends. Her friends were there, but she wasn’t.
He didn’t want to go over and ask them outright where she was, like some spurned lover.
So he nodded at them and went to sit down in the corner and wait for Venia to arrive.


She arrived a few minutes later, and breezed in as though she owned the place.  The staff jumped to attention and delivered her coffee to the table without her asking.

“Wow, how do you get special service here?  You own the place or something?” 

“Actually yes I do.”  She said softly.
He almost dropped his cup.

“Ah.” He felt silly.

“How would you have known? I bought this place about ten years ago, I used to be behind the counter, when it first started, and when it became more successful, I opened a few more and went behind the scenes.”

Julian was impressed.
This explained her expensive clothes.
Her coffee shop was a well-known national brand.
He whistled through his teeth.
He had been coming to this coffee shop for years and had never once thought about who owned it. He thought it was some big corporation in New York, or something.

“I’m impressed.”

“No, don’t be. I was just lucky that’s all. I’m a local girl at heart.”  She smiled, and he saw her beautifully manicured teeth.
He knew teeth weren’t manicured, but if they were, hers would be them.
Everything about her was different to the local women. She was anything but.
She had the gloss of a big city brought to a small town.
That polish that local girls never got, because they were up to their armpits in diapers from babies, or taking part in local drama.
Not that there was anything wrong with that, but she would stand out wherever she went and he felt slightly uncomfortable with her. He instantly regretted inviting her out. 


Sophie hadn’t turned up and her friends were glowering at him.  Whispering and shooting daggers at him again.
He didn’t know why they would have a problem with him.  Not after what Devia told him Sophie had said.  If anything, he would have expected them to laugh, giggle and point, but they didn’t.
He tried to ignore them.


Venia was looking at him intently, and he started to think of ways to leave.  He was used to being in charge, an alpha male in his own kingdom.  And yet, here she was, an alpha female, the same as him.  She was looking at him, as though he were going to be her next meal.
She smiled at him again, and he rushed to make his excuses. There was something vaguely familiar about her, and yet, something that made him feel uncomfortable, uneasy in her presence.
He couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Oh dear,” She said as she laughed. “Have I frightened you off?”

“Hell no,” he responded, suddenly feeling foolish. “Anything but.”  He picked up the keys to his car and his mobile. “I just have to go, that’s all.”

“I can be somewhat intense. I forget I have this effect on men sometimes.  Come with me,” she said, suddenly standing up. He did and followed her through the back of the coffee shop and outside into the car park.  Her car was parked
She opened her car door and gestured for him to get in. “Trust me.” Without knowing why, he opened the car door and got in the passenger side.


It had been years since a woman had driven him anywhere.
Crystal always wanted him to drive when they were together.
It was like an unspoken rule that went with the remote control, the emptying of the rubbish, the mowing of the lawn and the control of the BBQ. All were men’s domain,
He sat in her passenger seat and fidgeted uncomfortably. She pulled the car out on to the road and put her foot down, letting the car speed away.
She weaved in and out of the slow moving traffic, overtaking everyone that got in her way.
She was a very confident driver.  He wasn’t confident in her, not knowing her, but she was.  She ignored his attempts to brake using the invisible passenger brake pedal.
He wasn’t the first to do it, and she was sure he wouldn’t be the last. She liked to get them riled up, get their adrenaline going.
It released their testosterone and by the time she got them back to hers, they were desperate to take control again, to take her.  Just as she liked it, rough, raw and wild.  She had seen his temper, had seen how he had momentarily lost and then regained control and she knew he had a controlled passion.
A passion that could drive her wild in bed.
She had loved the way he had held onto the woman’s arm after the accident, stared her down, his green eyes bright with anger, his body tight and muscular.
She had wanted to be held like that.
Held in his strong hands, to look up at him and see the look in his eyes.
She wanted to feel his power. She had almost wet herself with desire.
Seeing him in that raw uncontrolled state, she had wanted him.
She knew at that moment, he was dangerous.
Dangerous to her heart, and yet she had walked towards him, knowing that he would consume her. Knowing that, meant that she wanted to consume him first.  Before he realised the power he already had over her.
She was going to take him.
She didn’t care if he were married or not.
She only wanted his body.  Not his mind, not his wife, not his kids, not his life. Just him.
She just wanted to use him for a few hours.


She drove up the hill to her house, along her long upward winding driveway.  It was perched on the side of the hill behind some tall trees.
From the road, you wouldn’t even know it was there.
It was built in the style of a large log cabin, with large windows that went from floor to ceiling under the roof eaves.
A long balcony wrapped around the entire building, a porch with a swing that looked beyond the trees, to the sea.  It was probably the most beautiful house Julian had been to.
He didn’t even know it existed before now, before today, and yet he had been in the area for years.  He thought he knew the area well.
He got out the car, and followed her in.  His eyes automatically fell to her shapely, swaying backside as she walked in front of him. She saw his eyes traveling her body in the reflection of the window and smiled to herself in pleasure.

She opened the door and let him in.
Throwing her car keys down on the long table inside the door, she walked through the house.
Julian walked in behind her.
He looked at the massive, tall ceilings that went right up into the eves of the roof.
There was a massive landing with more tall windows.
From where he was standing, to the left, there was a open plan living room that had big windows facing towards the sea, a massive fireplace against the wall, ahead was a corridor leading to the kitchen and to the right was a sweeping staircase leading to upstairs.

“Go into the living room,” she said, kicking off her high heels and walking through to the kitchen. “Would you like a beer or wine?
Or something else?”

“Whatever.” He was in awe.  He walked into the living room.  Everything was expensive here.
The furnishings looked as though they were straight from a magazine.
He thought of his simple home.  Crystal would have loved this place.
He wished she could see it.

He turned around to look out of the big windows and saw the sun setting on the horizon. It was breathtaking.  He closed his eyes for a moment to memorise the scene


“Here.” She said.
He jumped, suddenly hearing her voice right behind him.
He hadn’t heard her come back in.
He looked down and saw her stockinged feet. She could walk anywhere and not be heard.  He took the wine from her and looked at it wishing, for an instant it was beer. “Would you have preferred beer?”  She said immediately. “I have beer.”  She took the glass from him and went and grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge. “Sorry, I don’t get much company up here.” She lied. “I have forgotten men prefer beer.”  She returned a few moments later, with a beer that she had just taken the cap off. “I take it you don’t want a glass?” She smiled. 

He smiled back, and drank straight from the bottle.

“Great view.”  He said between gulps. 

She looked to the sunset.  The hues of its light reflecting on her skin and hair, her shiny dark, raven black hair, gleaming in the yellow, red glow.
He saw why he felt threatened by her.
She was independent, sexy, attractive, and confident and she didn’t need a man in her life.
He had always liked to be needed.
She called her own shots, but she excited him too. 
Here was a woman who needed a good rider.
She was like a strong horse, but every horse needs a rider, and in her case, she needed a stronger man than most.
He hoped he would be up to the job.
He knew that she didn’t just pick up guys and take them back to her home.
A woman, like her, didn’t need to.
Men would be falling all over themselves to get in between her legs.


She was watching him.  Watching him suss her out, look around her home.
She already knew of him, from being in the area. She had a yacht down by the marina and had seen him come and go many times.
He had never seen her, she was sure of that.
She knew about his wife and kids dying in a car crash.
She knew of him.
She had watched him on his boat, his hair tousled in the wind, his torso naked under the sun, his muscles rippling as he worked on his rigging.
He didn’t know her, and she liked it that way.

“Come.” She took the beer from his hands and took him through to the back of the house, through the dining room and then round, back to the front again.  To the other side of the large fireplace in her living room.
There was a sunken Jacuzzi, with a view through tall wide windows, overlooking the sea.
The walls of the room a blend of wood and carved stone. On the side table, was a pile of thick fluffy towels and a bottle of chilled champagne with two glasses.
  Was she expecting him? 
She pressed a button and the Jacuzzi fired up, its bubbles starting to jump and bounce.
She started to undo her skirt dress, her belt first, and then she undid her buttons, starting at the top, until she had worked her way down to the last one.
She let the dress slip from her body and fall to the floor.  She stood there, glorious in her sheer lingerie.
Her figure was film star worthy and Julian tried not to think of Sophia Loren or Raquel Welsh when they were younger, but she had a body to match, if not beat them. She was all woman. She opened the champagne and he just watched her. It was as though he were in a daze. She poured two glasses, walked towards him and handed it to him.

“To us.”  She clinked her glass with his and sipped from her glass, she watched him over the rim, and smiled when she lowered it.  He was transfixed and she loved his ‘caught in the headlights’ stare.
She put her glass down and undid her front-clasping bra.
She threw it off. Bending down she pulled her panties to her knees and let them, fall down. She stepped out of them and put them on the chair.  “Would you like to join me?”

“Hell yes.” He said, his voice thick with mounting desire.

“Then you will need to undress.” She smiled.
He looked down, suddenly realising he hadn’t moved.  She sidled up to him and took his belt in her hands.
She knelt down and used her teeth to undo it. Julian could feel his erection already throbbing in his jeans. He was having the oddest day.
Sophie leaving without a word, a car crash and now this amazing woman was on her knees undoing his jeans with her mouth, and he was holding a glass of champagne.
It was surreal.
He wasn’t sure that he wasn’t dreaming.
He had no time to think of Sophie. Why should he care about her?
No, he would show her, he didn’t need her.
He could do this.


The next thing he knew, she had his cock out and was giving him a blowjob.  She certainly knew exactly what she was doing.  It was as though she already knew every inch of him already.  His gentle point, his personal trigger points.  He put his glass down and pushed his hips forward as he entwined his fingers into her thick hair.
If this were going to happen, he was going to give it all he got.
He would show that bitch, Sophie, what she was missing.
He didn’t need her.
He didn’t need love.
She was a young thing and she didn’t know anything.
Not when he had a real woman like this attached to his erection.
A moment later, all thought of Sophie had gone and Julian felt an animal lust he hadn’t felt for years. A lust he had lost, or forgotten, when he got married.
Love was one thing, but this woman brought out animal instincts he didn’t know he had.
She made him feel hunger.
An animal
sexual hunger; he was suddenly ravenous for her.
She made him feel like a god in her mouth, and he was going to show her the true meaning of a man.
He was going to meet her kiss for kiss, thrust for thrust and caress for caress.
This woman was probably the one woman he had wanted all his life, but didn’t know existed.
He was going to consume her.

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