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Dangerous Lust: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 3

by Eliza Stout

Published by Eliza Stout

Copyright 2013 Eliza Stout. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This book contains material protected
under International and Federal Copyright Laws and Treaties. Any unauthorized reprint
or use of this material is prohibited. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted
in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording,
or by any information storage and retrieval system without express written permission
from the author.


This is a work of fiction. The characters, incidents, and dialogues in this book are
of the author’s imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to
actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.


Dangerous Lust: My Mafioso Boyfriend, Part 3

The past few weeks had turned out to be everything I hoped they would have been. Everything
was going perfectly with Tony. The few weird things that had happened during the first
few days of our relationship had for the most part proven to be nothing more than
a handful of unfortunate flukes – call it a rocky start, if you want to. The important
thing, however, was that after those first few days they had never returned and I
chalked them up to bad luck.

This was the first week in which I wouldn’t have to drag my sorry ass into that miserable
job I had been working for the last few years. Tony had offered to pay for my rent
and provide for any other living expenses that I might have, so that I could finally
quit my job. I suppose he did this so that he could have a more ready access to me,
because, as I soon found out, he liked to come over the majority of the time in the
middle of the day. I thought this was strange, but then again, he did hold a demanding
position with Capitol Waste Disposal Services, one that required him to be available
at all times, and that frequently left him with nothing to do during the day. Besides,
not having to go back to that horrible job was nice. Lacie was terribly jealous.

I stretched my arms out until they touched the wall behind my pillow and yawned melodramatically.
I rolled over onto my left side so that I could see the digital clock on my nightstand.
It was 11:03 A.M. and I had nowhere to be. Such a wonderful feeling. I heard the covers
rustling behind me and felt a large hand slide itself around my waste. That wasn’t
such a bad feeling either.

“Mmm. Good morning,” Tony whispered, still half asleep. His hand traveled up my bare
torso until it was fondling my breast. It stayed there still and firm, and filled
me with a warm, safe, and cozy feeling. I smiled and closed my eyes. I squirmed at
the waist, scooting back until my behind was resting comfortably in the warm nook
of his crotch.

“When am I going to get to see your place, Tony?” I asked lazily, my eyes still closed.

He took a while to respond and I figured he must have fallen back asleep, but eventually
he stirred and mumbled, “You don’t want to see my place, baby. It’s a piece of shit.
I’d have to clean it.”

“I don’t mind. I could even clean it for you. It’s not like I have much to do any
more anyway.”

This time he really didn’t respond. He just started pressing himself against my ass.
His hand that was cupping my breast began to softly squeeze, to knead it like a small
mound of dough. His pelvis would press firmly against my ass, and then very slowly
he would draw it back as if he were finished and wanted to go back to sleep, and then
slowly I would feel the pressure of it begin to increase, squashing our bodies together
at the waist. When he would draw closer I would flex my hips and push my ass in the
opposite direction, against his crotch, rubbing them even more forcefully together.
Beneath the blankets it was becoming warm and humid as we slowly gyrated against each
other, enjoying the smooth friction of each other’s naked skin. This was a slow process,
perhaps more subconscious than purposeful, as we were both still not fully awake.
The longer this went on though, the hornier I became. Each time I pressed my naked
ass against his warm groin I could feel his member growing. It started off soft and
fleshy, and I had to focus on the sensation of it softly smushing against my backside
to be able to make definite note of it, but now its presence unmistakable. It was
warm and hard, and he was pressing it more forcefully now against my cheeks, desperately
almost, it seemed. I could feel it like the handle of a flashlight pressing into me,
and I could feel his warm breath on the back of neck, his hands holding me tightly
at the breasts.

Finally, I reached down beneath my legs, my hand sliding past my increasingly moist
vagina, and grabbed hold of the stiffened meat that was pressing against me. I twisted
my hips and lifted my ass forward for a second so that I could readjust his cock,
and then I brought them back down, pressing my ass cheeks against his pelvis, nestling
myself back into the warm spoon of his loins. This time, however, his hard cock parted
my pussy lips, sliding easily inside of me. We were joined together like a key and
its matching lock. Well, a thick meaty key and its respectively warm and slippery

The pace continued much like it had when we were just snuggling up against each other,
very slow and sensual. We had taken so long to just built up to this point, however,
that my vagina was practically oozing. He had no trouble slowly sliding his cock deep
inside and then slowly sliding it out again, only to bring it forward again, pressing
his pelvis against the soft pad of my ass and holding it deep inside of me for a long
moment. This was driving me insane. It was sex, but at the same time it kind of wasn’t
quite sex. I could feel my juices slowly leaking down the inside of my leg, warm and

As his cock held its place inside of my womb, like a thickness that just seemed to
leave me feeling as though I was filled up – a sensation that pulsated as he slowly
drew his cock out and then slowly pressed it back in deeper to the hilt – his hand
let go of my breast and snaked its way down across my pubes, the thick stub of his
finger tips lightly brushing against my soaked vagina. He spread the lips with his
fingers and then slowly began to rub at my clit. I squirmed with pleasure as he began
to do this, my lips quivering and silently mouthing little broken tremulous murmurs,
too soft to hear except for the warmth wispy breath that carried them out of my mouth.
My hips tensed, I pressed my ass against his groin, trying to burying his cock as
deep as it would go, wanting to feel it all the way in my stomach, as the waves of
pleasure from his rapid short little manipulations of my clit began to radiate outward.
Finally I spasmed, my legs twisted and kicked, I pressed even harder into his stiff
cock, my back arched and I howled desirously as the orgasm shuttered through me like
the rippling shockwave of an earthquake. I moaned loudly and writhed and squirmed
as he held me tight against his pelvis and began pumping away now, hard and fast like
some kind of wild animal. This just set the orgasm off even more, aftershocks rippling
through me and causing me to twist and moan and claw at the sheets, halfway pulling
them free from where they were tucked under the mattress. He pumped away desperately
at me, as if he were on a mission. Then, just as I sensed he might be beginning to
tense up and deliver his load deep inside of me, I heard a loud crash in the living

He slipped his cock out of me quickly, rolling deftly to the other side of the bed
and snatching his pants off the carpet.

“The hell was that?” he said, panting. He had one leg into his pants when the door
to the bedroom burst open and police officers began to spill into the room, guns drawn
and aimed at the both of us. Tony threw his hands up immediately, his stiff cock pointing
towards the ceiling in apparent surrender as well. They had let us get our clothes
on, at least, before handcuffing us and placing us on our knees in the living room.
Two officers stood watch over us, their guns trained on us the entire time, while
the rest of the police tore the place apart.

“Hey! Be careful with that!” I yelled out in protest as one of the police officers
was digging rather haphazardly through a cabinet where I kept old photo albums. He
pretended as though he didn’t hear me. They tore through just about everything. They
ended up dragging out all of the stacks of hundred dollar bills that Tony had stashed
away all over the apartment, and were taking lots of other things that he had given
me over the last few weeks as gifts, saying that they were stolen. The pearl necklace,
a fur coat, some designer handbags, the big screen television. I was incredulous.
“Those aren’t stolen!” I protested. “They were gifts!”

“Didn’t say you stole ‘em, sweetheart,” the apparent leader of the sting said dismissively
without so much as glancing at me. I looked at Tony, who just kind of shrugged his
shoulders as best he could with his hands being handcuffed behind his back. Unbelievable,
I thought. Lacie was going to love this.

By the time the police were finished, my apartment was thoroughly ransacked. They
had collected all of the money hidden away in every nook and cranny, and had taken
away pretty much every single gift that Tony had given me since I had met him. All
of it. I started to cry at one point when I realized that there was no way I was going
to survive in jail. I don’t know what happened. The panic just overwhelmed me, I suppose,
and when that happened the tears began to flow. I didn’t go to jail, though. I just
had to endure the mild pain of handcuffs jutting into my wrists for an hour, but afterwards,
after they had loaded up all the stolen contraband and hauled Tony away, I was left
alone to try and clean up the complete mess that the police had turned my apartment




Early that evening I received a phone call from Tony. I wasn’t expecting to hear from
him that soon.

“Hello?” I said as I swiped my finger over the green Answer button on the phone and
held it up to my face.

“Hey, babe, it’s me.”

“How are you calling me right now? Are you still in jail?”

“No, no. I wasn’t there for long. Don’t worry about that. My lawyer is already working
on it.”

“I don’t know if I want to be talking to you right now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I think you’ve been lying to me this whole time.”

I was pretty upset, truth be told, and not nearly as much with him as I was with myself.
I could clearly see the naivety that was driving me along in my decision making these
last few weeks. It was totally obvious that there was something fishy going on, but
I let myself get swept up in everything. His looks and his charms, the money and gifts
and the fabulous dinners and people treating me like I was important. I let myself
get sucked into all of that nonsense and when the red flags were presented right in
front of me in plain daylight, I chose to ignore them. I didn’t
to believe them, so I didn’t. It was hard to be mad at Tony. He was dishonest with
me, I could see that, but at least I knew why he had to be. Besides, just thinking
about his face began to cloud up any negative feelings I could direct towards him.
No, it was hard to be angry with him, but very easy to be angry with myself. “Are
you even a vice president?” I followed up.

“In a manner of speaking… yes. Look, I can’t talk to you about this over the phone.
But we do need to talk. I owe that much to you.”

I stood there, holding the phone to my face, but I didn’t say a word. I wondered if
he could hear the light sound of my breathing on the other end of the line.

“Babe, you there?”

“…Yes. I’m here.”

“Let’s get together and talk.”

“Okay. I don’t want you over here though. Somewhere public.”

“That’s fine. Meet me at Tirelli’s Gelateria on 4
. You know where that is?”

“I do,” I said, and hung up the phone before he could respond. That felt good.

I threw a random assortment of clothes on, just enough to make myself look halfway
presentable in public, and then headed outside.




When I arrived at the gelato place, Tony was already there, sitting at one of the
outside tables underneath a large umbrella. He was dressed in a well fitting, well
pressed and very expensive looking suit as he always was, although his hair was a
bit disheveled. I pulled up a seat opposite of him and sat down, placing my hands
neatly in my lap.

“So.” I said, waiting for him to say something.

“Alright, so…”

And then he came clean about everything. He told me was a higher up in the mob, with
a significant amount of pull. He didn’t name names or specifics or anything like that,
but he made it clear that the money came from somewhat less than legal means. He assured
me that he never hurt anyone that didn’t deserve it. Never anybody that wasn’t involved
in the sorts of things he was involved in. He also told me that it was nothing to
worry about. The incident that morning was unfortunate, but ultimately would come
to nothing. He had access to some very good lawyers who always saw fit to take care
of any problems like that.

BOOK: dangerous_lust part_3
6.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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