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Dark Universe & Forbidden Love

BOOK: Dark Universe & Forbidden Love
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Universe and Forbidden Love


Hao Yang






©2015 by Hao Yang

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The book is a work of
fiction. All names, characters, locations and invents are products of the author’s
imagination. Any resemblance to actual incidents, persons or locations is
entirely coincidental. No part of the book can be used or distributed or
reproduced in any manner (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or
otherwise) without the prior written permission of the author.


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In the
universe, there is no god.

Lunar Fleet Commander, Lieutenant General Michael R. Stonan.

Chapter 1


The morning light hit on the
surface of red planet Latianium and temperature spiked up to 120 degree celsius
within several minutes. Hiding 4000 meters below the surface, Mark Marton and
his coworkers just finished their 14 hour night shift. They were heading to the
living zone which was 2000 meters higher than the mining site. The clunking
elevator stumbled like an old man, shaking left and right. In the elevator,
everybody sat on the dusty floor, most of them asleep. Mark was in his forties,
six feet tall, a large build with a thin face and short hair. He leaned his
head against the elevator wall, fixing his big blue eyes at the clock. He knew
exactly how long it would take to get to the living zone. He just hoped the
elevator didn’t break down in the middle. In other days, he wouldn’t care,
because sleeping in the elevator was even better than sleeping in the coffin
like dorm. But today he wanted to catch the early flight to see his son.

The elevator arrived and the blaring screech waked up everyone. Mark dashed out
of the elevator right after the door opened. Morning shift workers had left and
the hallway was almost empty with only a few guys hanging around. They turned
their heads as Mark rushed by.

climbing two stories, Mark arrived at his room which he shared with nine other
guys. In the room, each of them had a sleeping tube the size of a big coffin.
The tubes were packed in two rows facing the door. On the door side, there was
one bathroom which only had one toilet and one shower.

Rick said as Mark darted into the room.

Mark said quickly. He opened his tube door on the second row and threw his tool
box in it.

take your tool box in the coffin? Man, you just love your job, don’t you?” Rick
said as he stood next to Mark and tried to peek what was inside.

Man. You don’t work today?” Mark chuckled.

They cut my days.” Rick sighed.

here. It’s getting worse, isn’t it?” Mark said tiredly as he climbed into his

shook his head and went to the bathroom. Mark closed the door, covered the
small window on the door, opened the tool box and took out his wrenches. He
quickly removed a small piece of metal at the handle and poured out tiny black
stones from each wrench.

Glycan likes this kind of thing? What do they use them for?” Mark murmured to
himself as he collected all black stones. He quickly put them in his backpack,
climbed out of his tube and headed to the shuttle stop. Twenty minutes later he
stepped into the shuttle. Then it left for the main transportation station
cycling around Latianium on the geosynchronous orbit.

Mark had
been working on the mine site for two years. Every month, he went to see his
two sons. The transportation station he was now heading to was the only one in
this small planetary system to provide inter-galaxy travelling. It was shared
by first and second class species, but they have their own areas. Human was one
of the second class species. 

arriving at the station, Mark hurried to the trash compartment at the bottom of
the station. He looked around cautiously and then entered into the compartment.
It was a big room the size of a basketball field, trashes piled in each corner.

“Just on
time.” A cold voice struck Mark from his left.

always.” Mark said in Glycanese as he turned to a Glycan emerging from the
shadow. Glycan was one of the first class species.

handed over the black stones as the Glycan gave him two crystals.

“Can you
get more?” The Glycan said.

“I am
not sure. I will try.” Mark said easily.

time next month?

Bye.” Marked said and left for the passenger area for the second class species.

transport vessel started to leave the station. Mark leaned to the window,
looking down the red planet. He recalled the rumor about the origin of the red
color. The planet was not always red. During the Second Universe War (UWII), in
the battle of Latinanium, one of the most famous and cruelest battles, four
million lives vanished and three fourths of them were Humans. Shortly after the
battle, the planet started to change its appearance. It was said that the
planet cried with bloody tears which turned her into red. Mark let out a sigh
and then closed his eyes. He wanted to get some sleep before arriving at
Guardian Fleet training center. He didn’t want his son to see him like this.

Chapter 2


Right after UWII, the winning
parties erected the United Galaxies (UG) to replace the useless Universe Union.
The administration system consisted of two councils. The senior council had
nine species and junior council had 25 species. Because of the enormous
advantages nine species had in the military, economy, finance, sciences and
technologies, they were widely accepted as the first class species. The 25
species in junior council were considered as second class species and they
couldn’t voice on any decision in UG, even though some second class species
like Human fought side by side with nine species in UWII.

ensure the order in the universe, UG founded Guardian Fleet as the armed force.
It was commanded by operation committee whose nine generals were selected by
senior council, one general from each species. The operation committee was
under direct supervision of senior council. Guardian Fleet consisted of combat
division and exploration division. Combat division had 28 battle groups, each
of them having about 20 combat vessels. Exploration division had 30 space
vessels. The second class species provided the supplies and covered operation
expenses of Guardian Fleet.

At the
early stage of Guardian Fleet, all officers, enlists and other personnel were
drafted directly from different species. Because different species had their
own training and ranking system, simply mixing officers resulted in a very
inefficient command-chain flow along with other problems in communication,
combat efficiency, coordination and cooperation. To resolve those issues, nine
species established Guardian Fleet training center. They selected candidates
from different species at the age of 18 to enroll in the training programs. It
would take four years for candidates to finish all programs. By the time they
graduated, they not only knew how to work together but also had respect and
trust for each other. For the past 84 years, the training center had produced
thousands of officers for Guardian Fleet.

Marton was a trainee in class of 84. He was one of the five humans selected
from 900 to enroll in the program. Before being admitted to Guardian Fleet
training center, he spent three years in Human preselection institution which
was located at Human colonial outpost. Two months after his eighteenth
birthday, he and other four humans travelled to Eva-1, one of the four moons of
planet Evena. Eva-1 not only served as the Guardian Fleet headquarter but also
hosted the training center and hangars for two thirds of its combat vessels.

was the 63rd day since Jason arrived at the training center. He woke up a
little early. He had a weird dream about his mother who never came home after a
trip to visit Glycan’s mother planet Sylareon. He was trying to recall the
dream but the fuzzy images kept fading away. Finally he gave up and got off the

you are early.” Lucis said as he took a quick look at his watch.

“We have
a meeting today.” Jason said while putting on his grey uniform.

meat? What meat?” Erikon shouted as he suddenly jumped out of the bed. 

and Lucis both laughed loudly.

three shared one dorm in the second class species living quarter. Jason and
Erikon King had been friends since they were in Human preselection institution.
They both have dark blonde hair, blue eyes and heart-shaped faces, but Jason
was taller and Erikon was a little on the heavy side. Based on Erikon’s
explanation, he was still carrying some holiday weight. Lucis William came from
the same institution. But they didn’t know each other before they left for the
training center. Because he had very pale skin and sharp eyes, Jason and Erikon
called him vampire.

the three headed to the dining zone for second class species. In the training
center, just like other places in the Guardian Fleet, first and second class
species were completely segregated in every aspect of life. Second class
species didn’t even have the chance to see first class species.

though the dining zone were packed like a sardine can, the lines moved quickly
and everything was in order. After about 20 minutes, the three got their food
and found a table in the corner.

thing again, huh?” Erikon said while stirring the soup.

“I miss
the days when we were in the institution.” Jason said as he sat down.

been two months. They really have no variety at all.” Lucis said and took a sip
of water.

know, it might depend on the season, say, we are currently in late spring or
early summer. After another month, we will see.” Erikon said excitedly.

“I won’t
hold breath for that. Here we are just the second class. Nobody cares what we
eat.” Jason said coldly.

know,” Erikon leaned forward and lowered his voice, “We should go to the first
class dining place and get something.”

mean steal?” Lucis whispered.

food is not.” Erikon said confidently.

“How is
everything, Ladies?”

this, the three turned their heads simultaneously. It was Jonanson, a Human trainee
one year senior than them. He pulled a chair and sat down. The three
acknowledged him.

“We were
talking about the food, wondering whether it will stay like this forever.”
Jason said.

forever, only for four years.” Jonanson said in a joking tone.

about those first class?” Erikon asked.

for them, each specie has their own dining area. I never go to any of them.”
Jonanson said carelessly and noticed that the three were looking at him with
glistening eyes.

don’t think stuff like this and don’t compare. It won’t do any good.” Jonanson
said seriously.


The three nodded.

guys are getting used to the new time system?” Jonanson asked.

“Man, I
am OK with 25 hours a day and eight days per week. But 14 months a year? This
is not any species’ time.” Jason said unhappily.

“You are
right. Those first species had a fight for it. Estian got 25 hours. Oireitan
got eight days and Glycan got 14 months.” Jonanson said

“We also
have to speak Glycanese.” Lucis whined.

have to be a language anyway.” Jonanson said and then stood up. He saw Quinolin
waving at him. He motioned him to come over, but Quinolin just stood there.

there seems to be something. I gotta go.” Jonanson said hastily.

“What is
wrong with this Quinolin anyway? The other day I said hi to him. He asked me to
salute him.” Jason said in a hard voice.

he is just strict. He is two years senior than your guys. After two years, you
will receive your rank. By the way, prepare for the game! If you are the
champion, you will fight the first species.” Jonanson said easily and left the

BOOK: Dark Universe & Forbidden Love
2.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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