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Deadly Desire

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Nominated for the
Romantic Times
2007 Reviewers' Choice Award for Career Achievement in Urban Fantasy

“Keri Arthur's imagination and energy infuse every thing she writes with zest.”

—Charlaine Harris

“Keri Arthur skillfully mixes her suspenseful plot with heady romance in her thoroughly enjoyable alternate-reality Melbourne. Sexy vampires, randy werewolves, and unabashed, unapologetic, joyful sex—you've gotta love it. Smart, sexy, and well-conceived.”

—Kim Harrison

“A deliciously sexy adventure through a supernatural underworld that pulls you in and won't let go. Keri Arthur knows how to thrill! Buckle up and get ready for a wild, cool ride!”

—Shana Abé

“Arthur never fails to deliver, keeping the fires stoked, the cliffs high, and the emotions dancing on a razor's edge in this edgy, hormone-filled mystery …
. Full Moon Rising
is a shocking and sensual read, so keep the ice handy.”


“Keri Arthur is one of the best supernatural romance writers in the world.”

—Harriet Klausner

“Strong, smart and capable, Riley will remind many of Anita Blake, Laurell K. Hamilton's kick-ass vampire hunter. … Fans of Anita Blake and Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse vampire series will be rewarded.”

Publishers Weekly

“Fun and feisty …. [An] effective crossbreeding of romance and urban fantasy that should please fans of either genre.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Vampires and werewolves and hybrids …. oh my! With a butt-kicking heroine and some oh-so-yummy men, Keri Arthur …. has put her own unique spin on things, and the results are a sensual and energized fantasy brimming with plenty of romance.”

“Sexy and exhilarating with characters that revel in their sexuality …. Provocative and edgy with enough heat to scorch the paper it's written on. It's a pleasure to see that within a genre that is getting crowded with uninspired and repetitive stories it is still possible for this author to create a unique and very strong heroine.”

A Romance Review

“Unbridled lust and kick-ass action are the hallmarks of this first novel in a brand-new paranormal series. … ‘Sizzling’ is the only word to describe this heated, action-filled, suspenseful romantic drama. …
Full Moon Rising
sets a high bar for what is now a much-anticipated new series.”

“Keri Arthur has done a wonderful job with
Full Moon Rising.
It's a great story that's suspenseful, has hot were wolves, sexy vampires, a huge amount of butt-kickin', and no-holds-barred sex. If you like a twist to your paranormal romance, you'll love this book.”

“Grade A, desert island keeper …. I wanted to read this book in one sitting, and was terribly offended that the real world intruded on my reading time! …. Inevitable comparisons can be made to the Anita Blake, Kim Harrison, and Kelley Armstrong books, but I think Ms. Arthur has a clear voice of her own and her characters speak for themselves. … I am hooked!”

“Full Moon Rising
is a sinfully erotic tale filled with hearpounding suspense…Move over, Anne Rice, Keri Arthur is here to stay!”

Finalist for the 2008 Fantasm Award for Best Werewolf Romance

“Strong world-building, vivid personalities and the distinctive cultures of each of the various paranormal strains combine for a rich narrative, and Arthur's descriptive prose adds texture and menace.”

Publishers Weekly

“The second book in this paranormal guardian series is just as phenomenal as the first. … I am addicted!!”

“Riley Jenson returns with a vengeance in Keri Arthur's
Kissing Sin. …
The sex is hot and intense, but it doesn't detract at all from this fast-paced story.”

Romance Reviews Today

“Arthur is a marvelously creative author, and has built a solid world for her characters to reside in. Fast-paced and filled with deliciously sexy characters, readers will find
Kissing Sin
a fantastic urban fantasy with a hot serving of romance that continues to sizzle long after the last page is read.”

“Kissing Sin
will captivate readers from page one with its kick-ass heroine's struggle to do what's right without losing herself. Riley's sensuous nature and her lack of inhibitions will tantalize readers and make them sympathize with her
…. Keri Arthur's unique characters and the imaginative world she's created will make this series one that readers won't want to miss.”

A Romance Review

“Riley Jenson is kick-ass …. genuinely tough and strong, but still vulnerable enough to make her interesting. … The secondary characters and creatures are rich and diverse. The plots are involved, the action dramatic. Arthur is not derivative of early [Laurell K.] Hamilton—far from it—but the intensity of her writing and the complexity of her heroine and her stories is reminiscent.”

“This paranormal romance series gets better and better with each new book …. an exciting adventure that delivers all you need for a fabulous read—sexy shape-shifters, hot vampires, wild uncontrollable sex and the slightest hint of a love that's meant to be forever.”

“Tempting Evil
is an amazingly awesome book that completely blew me away. Ms. Arthur's world-building skills are absolutely second to none. Her take on the legends of vampires and werewolves is utterly unique and mind bending. Riley and the men who inhabit her world fascinate me totally. I did not want this stupendously superb story to end and I cannot wait to see what happens to Riley Jenson next. I simply must have more, please, as soon as humanly possible. Five cups.”

“If you like your erotic scenes hot, fast, and frequent, your heroine sassy, sexy, and tough, and your stories packed with hard-hitting action in a vividly realized fantasy world, then
Tempting Evil
and its companion novels could be just what you're looking for.”

Finalist for the 2008 Fantasm Award for Best Urban Fantasy Romance

“Dangerous Games
is by far one of the best books I have ever read The story line is so exciting I did not realize I was literally sitting on the edge of my chair seat. … If you are a lover of all things paranormal, read this extremely magnificent book as soon as you possibly can. Five cups.”

“This series is phenomenal!
Dangerous Games
is an incredibly original and devastatingly sexy story. It keeps you spellbound and mesmerized on every page. Absolutely perfect!!”

“Keri Arthur's captivating supernatural world and her wonderful characters always deliver a story that is worth reading. As always I am greatly looking forward to reading the next installment in this great series. Keri Arthur is sure to win a faithful and strong following to her Riley Jenson series.”

A Romance Review

“There's never a lull in the action and danger that surrounds Riley's life
…. Ms. Arthur is positively one of the best urban-fantasy authors in print today. The characters have been well-drawn from the start and the mysteries just keep getting better. A creative, sexy and adventure-filled world that readers will just love escaping to.”

“Four stars! This may be the fifth book of the series, but new readers will not find themselves totally lost. … A compelling story that held my attention well.”

“Arthur's storytelling is getting better and better with each book.
Embraced by Darkness
has suspense, interesting concepts, terrific main and secondary characters, well-developed story arcs, and the world-building is highly entertaining. … I think this series is worth the time and emotional investment to read.”

“Once again, Keri Arthur has created a perfect, exciting and thrilling read with intensity that kept me vigilantly turning each page, hoping it would never end.”

“Arthur's fifth guardian novel is just as fabulous as the first. Her expertise at depicting the interaction between characters like a smart-mouthed clerk and a bossy werewolf insures breathless excitement on every page. Fast-paced and attention-grabbing,
Embraced by Darkness
is a must read and a necessary possession. Five cups.”

BOOK: Deadly Desire
2.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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