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“Yeah your teammates count too.” She smiles.

We stay holding each other for a while. I’m glad to hold her in my arms again.

“Are you okay baby?” I kiss her head.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine after a while. It was just a shock seeing him, that’s all.” I kiss her forehead.

“Now, let’s discuss the fact you never told me about the letter you got. Why didn’t you tell me baby?” I’m actually pissed about that. She pushes away from me. She looks up at me and I still can see the lingering fear in her eyes. I want to kill the motherfucker.

“I didn’t want you to worry. I didn’t want you to be involved, and I know what he’s like Nathan. I felt every single punishment he gave me. I bled, I fucking cried when he killed Smithy, but I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of any more of my tears. I don’t need to imagine what he will do to you, because I fucking lived it.” She has tears falling down her face. I walk up to her and wrap her in my arms and hold her against me.

“Babe, we’re in this together, you need to let me know what’s happening in your life, good or bad, I won’t look at you with pity. I’ll only look at you with love and respect.” She cries softly in my arms, I pick her up and bring her to my office. I sit in my chair, and she sits on my lap. I just hold her in my arms soothing her. She’s terrified for everyone but herself.

“You feeling okay babe?” She nods. She has colour back in her cheeks now.

“I’m going to get some work done. Do you need anything?” she smiles at me. She turns her head up and kisses me, hops off my lap and walks for the door.

“Cool, no I don’t need anything. I’m going out and I’ll be bringing Skye with me.” What?

“I’m sorry, you’re bringing who where?” She looks at me like I’ve lost my damn mind.

“Listen here you sexist bastard, you said my team mates count, so since Skye is a team mate, I’m bringing her, and nice try I have an appointment that does not concern you and your big nose.” Then she stomps off. Damn what the hell just happened? She is constantly making me feel like I need to be admitted into a nut house.

“Don’t worry about it, woman do that to you. She will drive you crazy; be grateful that you got the good kind of crazy.” Sam says with a smile. I’ve just told them what the fuck just happened. I feel as though I’m going crazy trying to keep up with her damn mood swings.

“The other type of crazy, well you get a restraining order and a dose of the clap. It isn’t a pretty break up.” The rest of us are laughing as he looks on horrified.

“Was the restraining order against you or her?” Oscar asks.

“Her obviously, the woman was mental, she chained herself to my bed, not in the way I would like either. This woman chained herself with those police issued handcuffs saying if she couldn’t have me no one else could.”

We are all laughing again.

“Ok I got to know who gave who the clap?” He shakes his head.

“That is still a mystery.”

And again we’re all laughing, Seeing Soph who is such a strong woman so vulnerable hurts and I know the others felt that hurt too.

I hate that she’s gone, I worry about her.

“Come on, we got this fucker to find, before he finds Soph.” We all head off to work, knowing that if we don’t find him soon, the next attack he has could seriously injure someone, or worse.


Chapter Twenty-Four


Do you know what it’s like seeing your sister being frozen in fear? Do you have any idea what it does to you? It’s fucking torture, watching her but not able to help her. I promised her on her very first day of Kindergarten I wouldn’t let anyone hurt her; I failed with that fucker, who has tortured her. I won’t allow this fucking bitch to hurt her further.

I stole the address of this fucking bitch from Dwayne’s desk. I knock on the door; she answers looking shocked. I used to think she was beautiful now all I see is hatred. I hate her for hurting me and my brother, but the one thing I hate her the most for, is trying to get to Sophia. I haven’t seen this bitch since I walked in on her and Luke.


I’ve had a shit day, not being able to stop that crazy ass stalker breaking into Donavan’s apartment, is on me. I was lead in this case. Tamara Donavan is a model who had been getting weird mail for months. Her management called P.I.G.S in and I was put in charge. I knew the fucker would escalate. I knew the next step would be stalking and then try and get to Tamara. We walked in on him in her bedroom, he proceeded to try and hurt Tamara. Luckily enough my instincts took over and I got him to the floor and held him as we waited for the cops.

I know no one was injured but I still feel as though I should have caught this fucker a while ago. I’m just walking upstairs to my apartment I share with Luke my brother. I want to go in, have a shower then call Alex and loose myself inside of her. I walk in the door and my world stops.

There on the couch is my brother, head thrown back in ecstasy, while my girlfriend is deep throating him. She’s playing with her pussy as she sucks him off. She enjoys giving head, she is fucking amazing at it.

“Alex, what the fuck? I can’t believe this shit. I can’t believe my girlfriend is fucking sucking my brother off, how fucking long has this been going on for?” I see the confusion on Luke’s face, then the realization of what is going on. Then I see the narrowing of his eyes. Something shifts in his expression, and I know that this wasn’t a one- time thing. Luke is in pain.

“I can’t fucking believe this. How could you two? You know what? I don’t care. Get your shit Alex, get the fuck out of my house. You two want to fuck, that is fine but don’t fucking do it where I live. Now you had better be gone before I get out of the shower.”

She’s gone when I enter the living room. Luke is sitting on the sofa, and the bastard has the fucking nerve to look gutted. No he doesn’t get to act like the victim. I’m not the one to fucking mess with my brother’s woman.


“Hello Alex, it’s been a while” I say with no emotion. I can’t let this bitch get to me.

“Scott, what are you doing here? How did you know where I lived?” I don’t answer I push past her and into her house.

“Okay, this is going to be quick. I know exactly who you are. Stay the fuck away from Sophia. I mean it Alex, if you don’t, you will have a fucking army after you, and I don’t just mean Soph. I mean her and her team, me and mine as well as the NYPD and the D.A. do you get what I’m saying?” She looks shocked, even when I found out about her and Luke I never spoke to her like this.

“Scott, I want to know my sister.” I laugh.

“No you don’t. See here’s the thing, if you wanted to get to know your sister you wouldn’t have done what you did to Luke and me. Now I’ll say this once more, stay the fuck away from Sophia, do I make myself clear? If not, I’ll make your life a fucking living nightmare.” She looks scared, good.

“Scott, you have it all wrong. What happened between us, it shouldn’t stop me seeing my sister.” She is actually pleading with me.

“I know you tried to set up Sophia to be kidnapped; I know you want to ruin her life. That is never going to happen.” I found all the information Nathan and Dwayne had found. I sat and read it, then I walked into work to see my sister frozen with fear. Seeing her like that, it brought me back to her having a severe nightmare the night mom died.


I was lying on my bed throwing a baseball up and catching it. I had been doing it for hours, I couldn’t sleep. I agreed with Soph, being alone was better. I understand her. Being around people when you’re sad makes you look weak. I hate being perceived as weak. I was bullied in middle school. I hear Sophia crying, I jump out of my bed and hear.

“NO, Mama, I promise I’ll be good. Mama that hurts. I’m sorry Mama.” Then I hear her scream, it’s loud and terrifying. I rush into her bedroom and see her lying on her bed crying. She’s writhing in pain; she looks like she’s trying to escape.

“Mama, please Mama. I’ll be really good; I won’t talk anymore.” She flinches in her sleep. I can’t move from where I’m standing. I hate seeing her in pain. Sophia has never spoken about her time before coming to live here.

“Mama, I’m really sorry. Please stop hurting me. Mama I’m bleeding, please stop hurting me.” I feel sick. I finally get my feet to move.

“Sophia, wake up. It’s just a dream, please wake up.” She shoots up and looks around; she relaxes when she sees it’s me.

“Scott are you okay?” she asks me, looking worried.

“Yes, why wouldn’t I be?” she looks at me like I’m crazy.

“Scott you’re crying.” I wipe my face feeling the wetness. Her nightmare was so bad that I don’t know how she survived.

“You had a nightmare. It was bad Soph.” She nods; she turns her head away from me.

“I’m sorry I woke you Scott. You can go back to sleep now.” I laugh.

“Soph, I wasn’t asleep, and I doubt I’ll be able to after that. I’ll go and let you sleep.” She starts shaking her head.

“I won’t be able to sleep after that. You can stay in here if you want.” I nod and sit down on her floor; she lays down on the bed and reaches down to take my hand.

“Thank you Scott. I really appreciate that you’re checking up on me” I chuckle at her.

“Soph, you’re my sister, I’ll always make sure you’re safe and okay.” She smiles and lays back down. We’re silent for a while. I look at Soph and I realize she has fallen asleep whilst still holding my hand. I fall asleep not long after. That is how dad found us the next morning, her lying in bed, her arm hanging out, me lying on the floor holding her hand. She told me the next day that me being their kept the nightmares away.


That is what I’m doing here, I may not be able to find that fucking torturing bastard, but I can find this fucking bitch. I’ll make sure she stays the fuck out of Soph’s life.

“Oh, and don’t even think about appealing your mother’s case, it isn’t going to work. It’s time for you to leave New York. You have 48 hours.” She is shaking as I leave. Well hopefully what I have said sinks in and she takes my advice and gets the fuck out of New York.

“Scott I don’t know where all this is coming from, you’ve got the wrong information, I would never hurt my sister.” I actually laugh at her pathetic attempt to act innocent.

“You’re forgetting I actually know you Alex. I don’t have the wrong information; you see I have all the details of your planned abduction of Soph from my father house. I got all my information from you. I hacked into your e-mails, I broke into your house. I know everything you planned to do to my sister.” Okay I may not have been the one to find this out but this bitch doesn’t need to know that.

“Fine, that fucking bitch shouldn’t have everything. What about me? I was left to the mercy of Sarah Anderson. I had to deal with all the abuse. I had to deal with all the men and their groping. I had to deal with the drugs and the drinking. I had to deal with everything. Why did Sophia get a fucking escape? No one helped me. So yes I hate her. Yes, she deserves everything I had planned. I will get her back one way or another. You’re not meant to leave family, but she did. I hate her. I fucking hate that bitch. That’s all you and Luke talked about, how fucking amazing your little sister was. I had to hold my tongue every time you spoke about her. Why? Why should she get everything?” This bitch is delusional.

“Sophia didn’t escape any abuse at the hands of fucking Sarah Anderson. She was abused from a young age. You want to know the difference between you and Sophia? The difference is that no matter what happened, Sophia would have opened her arms and world to you. She would have been there for you. But Now? Now she will never know about you. I’m not joking Alex. You go near Sophia; I will kill you.” She is shaking hard and tears are streaming down her face. Good. I hope to fuck she heeds my words. I will not hesitate; I will kill anyone who tries to harm my sister.

I get into my car and drive until I hit a rest stop. I pull in and breathe. I have never spoken to a woman the way I spoke to Alex. I don’t regret it; she needed to be told to go. I hope to god she’s gone.

I go to the gym and work off some of the pent up anger I have. I feel like I could snap someone’s neck. I’ve never killed anyone, but I know I have it in me to. There is only one person in this world I would kill for, that is the little girl who stood behind dad’s legs when she saw two little boys because she was so scared. I know Soph has grown up and become a strong woman, but I’ll never forget the scared little girl she was.


Chapter Twenty-Five


Once I left Nathan’s office, I take Skye and we walk. I need to fill her in on some things.

“Okay, first things first are you okay?” She looks at me like I have ten heads.

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” I laugh,

“Well we all know I’m not. Usually I’m better at hiding it than I have been. But I will be. I have to be if we’re going to nail this fucker. So honestly are you okay?” She looks at me.

“No I’m not, I hate him, I hate that he killed Smithy, I hate that he tortured you and made us watch, but now, after we all start to heal, he comes back to fuck with you some more. No I’m not okay, I’m pissed.” Damn, I forget how much spunk and sass this girl has.

“Good, being pissed is going to help, we can’t go into this looking for revenge, it won’t happen.” She nods in understanding.

“We’re going to Winter’s house, I’ve been staying with her the past week, she’s a fucking mess, she has only ever told me and the police since the night it happened. I told her that I may have a bodyguard for a while. I knew either Sarge, dad, Scott or Nathan was going to make me, so she agreed as long as it was you. What I’m about to tell you only I know, it was the reason I was crying the day of the bomb.” She looks worried. She met Winter on our last break and she didn’t really like her much.

“Winter was raped about eighteen months ago. I don’t know all the details and I’m sure you don’t want to know, all I do know is, she ended up walking home from the bar and was pushed into an alley. She was beaten and raped. She went to the cops, but they haven’t any clue who they are looking for. I want to find the fucking animal and kill him.” I hurt for my best friend. I’m so angry, I want to kill someone. I can’t imagine what Winter is feeling or even going through. She is my main priority right now.

Once we arrive at her house, she’s asleep; we spoke a lot over the past week, neither of us sleeping as our nightmares keep us awake, Winter finds solace in a bottle of vodka. I’ve been searching for the best place for winter too, so she can talk to someone, know that she isn’t the only person going through this. She needs to talk to someone, otherwise she’s going to drown, and I feel helpless. Skye and I do intensive research on the best places for Winter too go. We both agree to see if she will go to the rape crisis centre first, they can help and tell her the best thing to do for herself.

When Winter wakes, I make her something to eat, and then clean up; she’s sitting in the living room.

“Wints, hon, can we talk?” She has a scared look in her eyes.

“Ok.” I walk over and sit beside her.

“So, remember the conversation we had the other day, about looking into you talking to someone who has been through something similar?” She nods her head, but she is scared, she’s wringing her hands together.

“Wint, honey, I’ll be with you every step of the way, nothing is going to hurt you again, not while I’m here. I spoke to a lovely woman at the crisis centre, she told me that anytime you’re ready, so is she. She is ready for you to tell her, she wants to help, only when you’re ready though.” She looks so frightened; I don’t know how to help her.

“Winter, I don’t know how to help you; You’ve got to talk to me hon.”

“I don’t want you to know how dirty I am. I feel dirty all the time, I don’t know how to get clean, and I feel his hands on me constantly. I remember absolutely everything about the attack; I know every word he said to me. I hear it constantly, every time I close my eyes, I replay it over and over again. You want to help me, I know you do, but I don’t know how to help myself.” With that she walks out of the room, I burst into tears and Skye comes over and hugs me.

“She needs help; she needs to learn that she isn’t dirty.” I agree with Skye.

“How are we going to get her to go see the woman?” She gets up and follows where Winter left. I’m sitting watching a cop show, when both Skye and Winter appear. Before I can speak Winter does.

“Ok, we’re going to see the woman at the crisis centre. You’re going to come into the building with me, but not in the room unless I need you to.” She gets up and walks towards the front door.

“Come on, before I bottle it.” We follow her out.

“Do you want to walk or drive?” I ask. I don’t have my car and neither does Skye, we’ll be taking hers if she wants to drive.

“I need to walk; it will help me calm down.”

We all walk to the crisis centre, and walk in. She starts shaking so I walk up to her and wrap her up in my arms.

“Wints, if you’re not ready, we can walk straight back out of here and try another day. I’m so fucking proud of you coming this far already.” She has tears in her eyes.

“I love you, so much Soph, but I need to do this, and I’m so lucky that you’re here with me.” I smile at her.

“Every step of the way. Now are you ready?” She nods and takes my hand.

“You want me in there with you, or do you want to do it privately?” she takes a deep breath and stands taller, she lets go of my hand.

“I’m going to do it on my own, I need to be strong.” I cry, I can’t help it, I promised myself I wouldn’t.

“You’re so strong already, I’m so proud of you. I’ll be right here when you’re finished, take your time. I’ve nowhere else to be.” She gives me a bright smile and walks up to the woman waiting, they shake hands and she leads Winter into another room. My heart breaks, I want to be with her, I want to hold her hand and protect her. I don’t want her hurting anymore, but I know she needs this. I take a seat; Skye sits beside me.

“She’s going to be okay, and you know that. That girl is amazing, she will get through this, and you just have to be there for her.” I nod, she’s right, Winter is strong and amazing, and she will get through this. I send Nathan a message. I need to take my mind off of it; I need to be silly for a bit. We have a lot to talk about, but I missed him so fucking much this week. I know that we do belong together but he needs to stop with the lies and the secrets.


Me: What are you wearing?

Nathan: My suit, what about you?

Me: Nothing, I’m wearing absolutely nothing.

Nathan: Where are you?

Me: Somewhere

Nathan: Why are you messing with me? Baby I haven’t seen you in a week. I haven’t had your pussy in a week. Don’t test me right this moment, I’m close to the edge, now where are you?

Me: Okay you need to take a chill pill, I’m with Winter and Skye, and I’ll be home later on. Are you staying at my house?

Nathan: Yes, it’s ours by the way.

Me: In your dreams. I’ll talk to you later on; we have a lot to talk about.

Nathan: Yeah baby, we do. Everything OK?

Me: I’m fine, the baby is fine.

Nathan: That doesn’t answer my question though.

Me: Nathan, I’ve got to go, I’ll call you when I’m about to head home OK. Love you. X

Nathan: Love you too, be safe.


I look up from the message and see the door that Winter went through open. The woman comes out. I sit up straighter and she walks over to me.

“Please could you come in with me?” I get up and walk into the room. My heart sinks. Winter is sitting in the corner, her knees to her chest, her arms wrapped around her knees, she’s rocking back and forth crying. I walk over to her, kneeling down so I’m at her height.

“Winter, Honey, can you hear me? It’s Sophia, you’re safe sweetie.” She turns her head to me, her eyes so full of fear.

“No, I’m not safe, I know who it was. I have to leave; he could come back for me again.” I look at the other woman in the room.

“Hi I’m Amanda, and we spoke on the phone. We were talking about her attack, asking her if she recognized anything about him, she closed her eyes, then she started shaking. She said she recognized his scar. Then she went to the corner, and I came and got you.” I scoot closer to Winter.

“Sweetie, look at me.” She does

“Right here, right now, you’re safe, no one is going to hurt you. Now please tell me what has got you so scared.”

She swallows hard; the sound seems really loud in the silence of the room.

“When Amanda told me was there anything I recognized, I closed my eyes and thought back to the attack. His shirt was ripped; I saw the scar on his chest. It was definitely him; I’ve seen that scar so many times before. Why Soph, why would he do it to me?” I want to cry.

“Honey, who did it to you? Tell me sweetie, please.” She looks so fucking scared; I want to kill this bastard so she doesn’t have that look in her eyes anymore.

“No, I can’t he might hurt you. No I have to go.” She gets up and leaves the room. I’m left speechless.

“Amanda, what do I do?” I have to know; she can’t stay like this.

“You give her what she needs; she needs to get away from here. Hold on a second. I have these group retreats, let me call my friend and see if they have one coming up.” She leaves me in the room by myself and I cry. I cry for the pain my best friend is going through, I cry because some fucking coward has put so much fear into such a beautiful person. I cry for the pain she has endured. I grab a tissue, when I hear the door open. Amanda walks back into the room.

“Ok my friend Katherine has these weekend retreats; they are to help women who have suffered sexual violence. She runs SOAR Spa, send Winter there, and if she still feels like she needs to get away, sunshine helps.” With that she hands me a pamphlet, and I leave the room. I’m shocked to find Winter still here.

“Come on let’s get you home.” We walk back to Winter’s when I bring up the retreats.

“Winter, I know you want to get away, I have an idea, it may help you. There are these retreats that are run by SOAR SPA, they do weekend retreats for woman who have suffered sexual violence. I have a pamphlet here if you want to look?” she takes it and stops on the sidewalk and looks over it. She hands it back to me and starts walking again.

“What do you both think? I want your honest opinions.” Skye is the first to speak up.

“I think this is a great thing, and I think if you were to go, it could really help you. But it is your decision.” I nod, whole heartedly agreeing with her.

“Yeah it is your decision. I want you to not to be afraid anymore, and as much as it pains me, if it means you moving to a different country to feel safe, then Wints, that is what you have to do, but can you try the retreat?” She nods her head. Fear still evident in her eyes.

“I want to go, but I don’t want you to be disappointed if it doesn’t help. Okay?” I nod. Knowing I’m lying, I will be disappointed, but Winter comes first. “It’s Thursday today; do you want to go next weekend? I’ll ring them and organize it?” she shakes her head.

“No I want to go this weekend. Please Soph?” We make it to her house; we walk in the door.

“I’ll call now and I’ll let you know.”

I have the phone to my ear, listening to the ringing “Hello?” thank god someone answered.

“Hello, is this SOAR SPA?” I hear the proudness in her voice.

“Yes, it is, my name is Katherine, how may I help you?” That’s who Amanda says was her friend.

“Hi Katherine, I’m Sophia, Amanda gave me the pamphlet with your name on it. My friend Winter needs your help.” I can hear her rustling papers.

“Yes she said you may be calling, does she want to come on the weekend retreat?”

“Yes please.” More rustling.

“How is next weekend?” I sigh, I was hoping this wouldn’t happen.

“Katherine, any chance you could let her be a part of the on this weekend?”

“This weekend?” she asks in shock.

“Yes, this weekend. Look my friend really needs your help. I’m so worried about her, can you please help her?” She is quiet for a moment, and then I hear more rustling.

“It will be a tight squeeze but if she can make it to Maui by Saturday she can be a part of this retreat she will also need to find somewhere to stay.” I smile in relief. Finally, something I can tell Winter that isn’t bad news.

“Perfect, I’ll have everything sorted. Thank you so much, please look after her.” I hear the smile in her voice.

“I will. I’ll see Winter soon. Bye Sophia.” And she hangs up.

I head straight for the living room and use Winter’s laptop. I search hotels or cabins or rentals for Winter to stay this weekend. I find a hotel for her to stay in, it’s in a central location. Next I look for the flights.

“Winter do you want to go today or tomorrow?” She answers immediately.

“Today, I’m going to start packing. Where am I going?” I hide my smile. She’s going to freak out.

“Maui” I say as she’s heading towards her bedroom.

“Shut the front door. Are you serious?” She sounds excited about something which makes my smile.

“Yep I’m being serious; in three hours you’re heading to Maui. Get your swimsuit ready.”

“Ekkk. Oh my god, what am I going to pack, Soph, suitcase?” I laugh.

“Come on Skye, let’s go help her pack.”

We take her car to JFK airport. I walk her up to the check in desk and wait as she checks in. I look to Skye, and she too is fighting back the tears. Winter checks in and walks over to us. She hugs Skye and then walks over to me.

BOOK: Deadly Hunt (Deadly #1)
3.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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