Dearest Stepbrother Romance: Billionaire Standalone

BOOK: Dearest Stepbrother Romance: Billionaire Standalone
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Dearest Stepbrother Romance


Jasmine Love

My mother was getting married for the second time and I had no idea what my stepbrother was going to be like. She’d decided to marry after a short amount of time, so I’d never met the guy.

Little did I know how sexy he’d turn out to be when I met him at the wedding party. Brad was exactly my type of man, sexy, beautiful smile and utterly confident. 

I fell for him immediately and I got the feeling he felt the same way. But after the wedding party I lost all contact with him for weeks. Just when I thought I’d never see him again, my mother asked me to spend two weeks together as a family.

Two weeks of sharing the same house with Brad, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to get to know him better. Just when I was about to find out about Brad’s feelings, my crazy ex-boyfriend decided to make my life miserable again.

Would Brad ever feel the same way about me as I did about him?


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Copyright © 2015 by Jasmine Love



A nice young man with a brilliant mind, that’s how my mother had described Brad Owens, who was officially my stepbrother as of today. She’d married Dwain Owens, a successful businessman who’d apparently taught his ways to his son. I’d never seen Brad before this day because he was always busy and traveled a lot, at least that’s what my mother had always told me. Her description of Brad was slightly off though, she’d forgotten to tell me he was incredibly hot and sexy. If he hadn’t been my stepbrother, I would know who to go after at this wedding for sure. But that didn’t matter anymore, because it was official now.

I stood next to the table filled with the most delicious food, it looked as if it had cost a fortune. Given the amount of money Dwain had, it probably did. A waiter passed by and I grabbed a glass of champagne, my third. I emptied it in a few swallows only and looked around, there were so many people here I hadn’t seen in my entire life. Dwain’s family seemed to be at least ten times bigger than mine, of course that wasn’t so hard when I didn’t see most of my family anymore due to family fights and arguments.

The wedding ceremony was amazing and I loved to see my mother so happy, she deserved that. I’d seen Brad sitting a few seats away from, carefully watching the wedding with a deep focus, as if he was genuinely happy about it too. That was the first time and only time I’d actually seen him, a businessman was apparently hard to get hold of. I sighed and contemplated whether I should take another glass of champagne so the day would go by faster, this was just boring. I was happy for my mother and I wanted her to enjoy every minute of this special moment, but for me it was boring. The few family members from my side of the family had already left, I’d never been able to count on them. My mother had to get to know everyone of Dwain’s family and I was happy for her too, she’d finally have the big family she’d always dreamed of. For me however it wasn’t as fun, but I didn’t want to show that. This was her day and I would be damn happy for her no matter what.

In the corner of my eye I noticed someone walking my direction, aiming his eyes at me. I turned my head and looked over my shoulder, it was Brad. Finally I’d get to meet my stepbrother. The sexy, perfect and muscled man… But still my stepbrother.

“Hi,” he said to me and nodded, keeping his eyes aimed at mine.

“Hey,” I responded and turned my body toward him.

“So I guess we’re stepbrother and stepsister now then?” He grinned.

“I guess so.” I met his smile with one of my own.

“I sure wouldn’t have thought I’d get a hot stepsister, that’s for sure. My name is Brad by the way, in case you didn’t know yet. You’re Sarah, right?”

“Right,” I responded and tried to hide my blush but I couldn’t. “I knew your name, my mother has told me about you before. It’s weird that I haven’t seen you any sooner than this. I had to wait all the way until the wedding. And thank you for the compliment.” I smiled at him.

“I know, but I haven’t been around much lately, I travel a lot for my business. Besides, it’s not like they’ve waited a long time before getting married.” He laughed.

“That’s right, it’s crazy how fast they got married. But you know, if they feel good about it and are happy, then I’m happy too.” I nodded.

“I like that, that’s sweet.” He winked at me. “George!” he said in a raised voice and gestured one of the waiters to come to him.

“Here you go sir,” the waiter responded and held his platter next to Brad, offering drinks. Brad grabbed two glasses of champagne and handed me one of them, sliding one finger over my hand for a short moment. He aimed his eyes at me while doing it and for a moment it looked as if the world stood still. My heart beat faster and a warm feeling rushed through my body. What was that about? Why did I feel so weird right now?

“Thank you,” I said and took a sip of champagne. “I shouldn’t have too many more of these though, this is my forth already.” He knew the waiter’s name, he’d probably hired them before then.

“Your forth? I had no idea you were an alcoholic.” He shrugged.

“What? I’m not an alcoholic,” I said in a raised voice and shook my head.

“Relax.” He laughed and moved his hand on my shoulder. “I’m just kidding. You don’t look like that type of girl anyway.”

“Oh ok. I normally don’t drink that much, but this party has been just plain boring for me. I don’t know anyone of your family and the few members of my family have already left.” I met his smile with one of my own. What did he mean by that? That I wasn’t a fun type of girl?

“That’s okay, you’ll get to know them eventually. It’s normal, I don’t know anyone of your family either. It just happens to be so that my family paid for the wedding, which is normal to me. We’re wealthy enough so it wouldn’t be fair to ask your mother to pay for it,” he explained.

“I guess it’s normal indeed but that doesn’t take away it sucks right now.” I laughed.

“I see what you mean. It would’ve been fun if there was more to do around here. I even took the day off for this for crying out loud, my first day off in months.” He nodded.

“Wow, so you’re a workaholic then?” I raised an eyebrow and grinned.

“Nice one.” He gave me a smile. “I don’t see myself as a workaholic but rather as an achiever. I aspire to be as good of a businessman as my dad is and I should catch up with him in a few years time. Let’s drink on that, we’ve got nothing else to do anyway,” he said and touched his glass with mine, then emptied it in a few swallows. I did the same and emptied my fourth glass of the day. That was probably enough to last me for a while this day.

“Let’s go somewhere more quiet to talk, it’s loud around here. I’d like to get to know my stepsister.” He grinned. There was something about that grin. It looked friendly, yet seducing. But that couldn’t be, right? Why would he want to seduce his stepsister? Would I even deny him if he tried it? He was hot as hell. Shit. I blocked those thoughts out of my mind, I couldn’t think like that, it was wrong.

“Sure, but where to?” I asked him.

“Come, I know the perfect place,” he said and grabbed my hand, guiding me around the house to the other part of the garden. The wedding party was held outside for the first part and when it got dark it’d continue inside the house. Not that it could really be called a house, it was more like a castle.

His grip tightened, making sure I wouldn’t let go. He didn’t need to worry though, I wouldn’t want to let go, I loved his firm grip around my hand. The garden was filled with pathways, bushes, trees, flowers, and even a maze made of tall bushes at the outer side of it. Who came up with designing something like that? It must’ve caught a fortune.

“We’re going to the maze?” I asked him as we got closer and closer to it.

“Yep, it’s the most cozy place of the entire garden there,” he told me, turning his head, then looked in front of him again.

“We’re here.” He nodded. After completing the maze we arrived at the most beautiful place, it was surrounded by four walls of bushes and it was so quiet there. In one of the corners stood a couch with an arch of wood above it. The arch was completely decorated with yellow and red flowers. There was a little pond in the other corner with a small fountain in it.

“It’s beautiful here,” I told him, walking around the area to inspect everything around here.

“It sure is. I used to come here as a kid all the time.” He moved behind me as I stood watching the pond and the little fish in there. He placed his hands on my hips and moved his head next to mine and whispered. “It’s beautiful.”

Chills ran down my body, the good kind. I swallowed hard and my body filled with heat at the feeling of his touch. The words he spoke were meant to describe the place, but he gave me the impression they were aimed toward me. But that couldn’t be, could it?

I turned my head and gave him a smile but he didn’t move. I raised my head and looked him in the eyes, he stood just inches away from me. His shiny blue eyes stared at me, melting my heart. His soft lips seduced me, inviting me to touch them with my own. For a moment it felt as if I was dreaming. My eyes bulged open upon realization I’d held my hand on his chest the entire time. I bit my lower lip and blushed, pulling my hand away again.

“Let’s take a seat on the couch over there and talk. We still have to get to know each other.” There was that grin again.

“Uhu.” I nodded, not knowing what else to say. For some reason he didn’t mention anything about the situation, as if he didn’t mind I’d touched him for a short moment.

“So tell me Sarah, who are you? What’s your story?” He moved his arm around my shoulder as I sat next to him and looked at me.

“Well, I’m twenty-two years old and I’m a waitress right now. I’ve always wanted to become an actress but I never really got to that. I took some lessons here and there but it requires a lot of money to pay for the actual good coaches. So I just let it be for now and started a job as a waitress, trying to save enough money for a good coach who can hopefully take me to the next level,” I explained him.

“I had no idea you were a waitress. I saw you more as a teacher kind of girl.” He grinned. A teacher? What’s that supposed to mean? Was I really that boring?

“A teacher? That’s not really a compliment.”

“It is if you look at it from my point of view.” He nodded.

“And what is your point of view exactly?”

“Teachers are hot. Well, not all of them, but it’s they tend to be people who like to be in control. On all levels. I’m just talking out of experience though, so I could still be wrong.” He smiled and shrugged.

“Let me get this straight? You like women who are in control then? That’s the reason why you like teachers?” I frowned, he didn’t exactly look like the kind of man who didn’t want to be in control himself.

“Not really. You see,” he started and moved closer to me, whispering into my ear. “Teachers are used to being in control. So when I sleep with them and totally dominate them, it makes me feel good. They aren’t used to it and all of them love it,” he said and then moved his head away again.

Jerk. That was the first thing that came into my mind. But another side of me found it sexy and tempting, dying to experience it. I favored that side, I’d never been dominated before. Now that I thought of it, my sex life had been pretty shitty so far.

“Why are you telling me this?” I asked him and looked him in the eyes. “I might be disgusted or repulsed by it, maybe I won’t even want to speak to  you again.” I shrugged.

“But you’re not.” He raised an eyebrow and gave me that grin again. “Why would you anyway? There’s nothing wrong with good sex.”

“But there is something wrong with sex between stepbrother and stepsister.”

“Who said anything about us having sex? I was talking about teachers.” He squinched his eyes and stared at me.

Shit. What had I done? He was right, he hadn’t said anything about the both of us, but I got a really strong impression he was.

“I know, I’m sorry. That was just plain wrong of me. It would be wrong on so many levels.” I aimed my eyes at the floor, embarrassed.

“Is it?” he asked me and moved his hand on my cheek, making me look at him again. He leaned forward and placed his lips against mine, causing a tingling sensation to run through my body all the way to my pussy.

“What are we doing?” I slightly yelled and pulled my head back. “We’re stepbrother and stepsister for crying out loud. We can’t do this.” I shook my head.

“Sure we can. Nobody needs to know about it.” He kissed me again and moved his hand on my boobs, slightly squeezing them. It was so inappropriate, yet it felt oh so good.

“Are you sure nobody can see us here?” I asked him as he kissed my neck, touching the skin with his soft lips.

“I’m sure,” he answered. “Hardly anyone here knows this place, let alone they’d walk so far to get here.”

I tilted my head back and enjoyed the sensation of his lips on my neck while he lowered his hand to my belly now, caressing it. His hand lay just above my pussy, almost touching it, still above my dress though. I moved my hand on his chest and lowered it too, wanting to tease him and caress his leg just next to his cock without touching it. But when I made my way down with my hand to his leg, I accidentally touched his hard cock already. It was bigger than I’d thought. Everything we were doing felt so wrong, yet I was drawn to him as if I needed to have him. I placed my hand on his cock, I felt it push against his zipper and rubbed it up and down.

Brad moved his hand along my leg and pulled up the lower side of my dress when he got to it, moving his hand underneath it. He moved away my hand off his cock and turned me a bit to the right, then pulled me on top of him. He lay against the side of the couch, his back still somewhat straight. I found myself almost between his legs, my back against him so he could touch me how he pleased. Brad was fully in control right now and I wanted it exactly like this. His hand slid up my leg and touched my pants, rubbing my pussy through them.

“You’re wet already,” he said.

“I know, it’s your fault. I can’t help it.” I blushed.

“That’s so fucking sexy. I can’t wait to touch your wet pussy.”

“I want it,” I said to him and spread my legs even more.

“Take of your panties,” he commanded me and I obeyed. With two fingers he slid between the lips of my pussy, stopping at my clit and rubbing it with a soft touch. Fuck that felt so good. My entire body was on fire and I couldn’t get enough of his touch. He slowly pushed two fingers inside of me which was easy because I was soaking wet by now. He pushed them deep inside of me and I couldn’t help but moan, I felt ecstatic. With his other hand he pulled down the top of my dress and pulled down my bra as well, so he could grab my boobs. Brad rubbed my nipples with the pad of his thumb and made circle movements around them. It caused them to stiffen and he pinched them when they did. The pinch had just enough force to not make it painful but still make it enjoyable. And it was way better than just enjoyable, it was fantastic. Every time he pinched it sent a vibration through my boobs. I gave myself to him completely, allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

BOOK: Dearest Stepbrother Romance: Billionaire Standalone
6.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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