Death in Her Eyes (A Mac Everett Mystery Book 1)

Death in Her Eyes

A Mac Everett Mystery

© 2015, Nick Vellis

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Cover by Valdas Miskinis

Chapter 1

The weight of a thousand midnights bore down on ‘The City Beautiful’ making it pitch-black with a thing more sinister than night alone. Clouds, black as the devil’s soul, roiled and swirled obscuring the Orlando skyline. The storm raged on with sound and light, rain and wind, but no gale or even hurricane had the power to wash away the evil that stalked the streets tonight.

Jagged lasers of silver-grey stabbed at the earth and ominous claps of thunder answered its call as the deluge continued. Anxiety loomed dark in the sky. Swollen drops pounded the city, drowning it in a wall of water. Rain pounded the ground, danced on roofs then sluiced through the streets. The torrential downpour swept trash from the streets then swirled into bubbling gutters and overwhelmed storm drains. Orlando reeled under a hail of whirring noise and splashing bullets.

Under the tumult’s cloak, a black car slipped unnoticed down a deserted alley. With no lights and only an occasional muffled splash lost in the storm, the car was as good as invisible. The storm pelted the car as it slipped into a space behind a vacant condo, under cover of the storm. The driver killed the engine. Rain drummed like steel needles, but behind glass obscured by sheeting rain, only the dull red glow of the occupant’s cigarette and intermittent flashes of lightning betrayed a threatening presence, but no one was there to see it.

After three hours, the relentless deluge turned to a light drizzle, then finally petered out. Dense clouds that once had obliterated the moon overhead shredded as tarnished silvered skeins of mist writhed down the alley. The rain had passed and the world was deathly still. No calling birds or barking dogs, no passing cars, no sound at all, it was as though the whole world had taken cover. At the end of the alley, an anemic streetlight fought a losing battle with the gloom while a single moth flew endless circles in its slender shaft.

A dark-clad figure emerged into the ebony night, taking full advantage of the stillness. The shadow sprinted down the alley between towering rows of urban palisades, avoiding the deepest puddles. Stopping at a section of fence, the crouched apparition scanned from side to side, then grabbed the top of the fence and swung over it. The landing was awkward and the figure stumbled and fell with a groan. Once inside the enclosed patio, the silhouette limped to a vine-covered trellis, went up, and slipped onto a porch above the attached garage. Standing stock-still for a moment, the figure listened. Then, hearing no alarm, he crossed to a massive gas grill, pulled it away from the wall, and slipped behind it. The invader settled in to wait again, sliding under the cooker’s vinyl cover, ignoring the sweaty musty stench.


Cary Hunt’s alarm clock jangled him awake at 5:15 AM. He noticed the storm had finally blown over as he reached for the snooze button. He flopped back down and lay in the dark thinking of grim mistakes and useless apologies as the AC clicked on and a rush of cool air washed over him. He listened to the rhythm of his wife’s breathing, wishing things could be better between them. With a sigh, he turned to look at her. She lay covered with the sheet facing away from him, but even without seeing her face in the clock’s glow her sensuous beauty excited him. His fingertips hovered an inch over her back. He imagined the coolness of her skin, the firmness of her athletic body and the way she moved beneath him. Since they’d reconciled, they’d done it almost as often as when they were dating.

He moved closer to press his body gently against hers. She loved spooning next to him. Their still bodies fit together in a comfortable way and somehow that was what they needed after the tension of the last few months. He caressed her arm then slid his hand over, to cup her breast. She stirred.

Stephanie wanted to sleep, but the warm sensation of her husband’s hand on her boob roused her. She preferred to wake slowly, but Cary was always after her for more sex. She knew she had to keep him satisfied or he’d go looking again. It was a pleasant burden, but she wouldn’t do him again this morning. Her lover was coming. She sighed as she came wide-awake.

“Mmmmm, good morning - you were wonderful last night,” she said. She turned onto her back, but he held on to her breast. “I can never get enough of you.”

“I’m glad I woke up with you beside me,” Cary whispered. “Thanks for last night. How about…”

“You’re welcome. I enjoyed it a little bit too,” Stephanie teased, as she put a finger to his lips to silence him. “As for a repeat performance you’re the one who scheduled a flight at the crack of dawn. I wish you didn’t have to go at all, but to leave so early... Why it’s not civilized,” she stretched and yawned. “Did you hear that storm?”

“Yeah it woke me once or twice, but I went right back to sleep. You wore me out.” He kissed her neck. “I wish I didn’t have to go, but my first meeting in Salt Lake is at two. That’s Mountain Time. The flight leaves at eight fifteen.”

“At least the storm has blown over,” she said. “I was worried you might be delayed. You better get going.”

Cary nuzzled and kissed her then cupped both her naked breasts, one in each hand, just the way she liked. She groaned and rolled toward him. Cary kissed her lips hard, pressing, and moving against her. Their tongues met and her breath quickened.

“I have to have you,” he growled. He slid closer; gently pushing her onto her back then slid on top of her and pressed his knees between her thighs. Her legs parted unbidden and she raised her head to lean into his kiss. Suddenly she was completely alert as she remembered what was at stake.

“Do we have time,” she pleaded innocently. “Your flight … what time…?”

Cary cut her words short engulfing her mouth with hot kisses. She resisted for an instant, and then let her passion carry her away. Her eyes closed as his insistent tongue pushed into her mouth. She loved the way he tasted and that special smell that told her it was
her man

“Damn it Cary,” she protested, putting a hand on his chest, “we don’t have time for this,” she said as she playfully pushed him away. “You have to get going.”

“There’s plenty of time,” he murmured as he kissed his way down her neck. “About 100 million couples have sex every day. That means around 65,000 couples are doing it right now. Let’s join in!” He gently licked her nipple and was about to suck it into his mouth when she blocked his way with her hand.

“Where do you come up with this stuff,” she laughed. “If we aren’t going to have time, please stop.” There was finality in her tone and Cary knew not to press his luck.

“O…K,” he said deflated. Cary flopped off of his hot wife. A quickie would be fine for him, but Stephanie enjoyed long slow sessions in bed.
She demanded long slow sessions in bed. That’s why I went looking for…never mind
, he thought.

“I want you baby, but not this way, not in a hurry. I love you. I want to savor you. Last night will hold me until you get home. You know I can never get enough,” she said. She wanted to reassure him, but she also wanted him to get going. She had a date, and that’s who she really wanted. “We can play together on the phone while you’re gone too.”

“OK. Sorry I have to leave so early.” He rolled over onto his back, but kept his hand on her breast. “I’ll Skype you every night,” Cary replied.

“Oh good, I’ll have plenty to show you,” Stephanie replied with a giggle, “That’s a lot of fun.” She curled up next to him and gave him a long smoldering kiss. “Now get out of here before I change my mind and let you jump my bones,” she said, pushing him away.

There was a playful streak in her, but Cary could never tell if it was fun-loving or manipulation. He bridled at the thought of her letting him do anything. She was a controlling woman, spoiled and hard. Maybe that’s why he’d looked elsewhere for love… that and the fact she kept a lover of her own, but that was over now, or so she claimed. When the storm woke him in the night, he thought about what she’d do while he was gone. Would she go back to her lover, whoever he was? He’d continued to dwell on it, no matter how hard he tried to put it out of his mind.
No time to think about it now
, he thought. He rolled out of bed and headed for the shower.

Stephanie dozed, but shook herself awake when she heard the shower stop a few minutes later. She didn’t want to get up, but she had to get ready. She slipped out of bed with a smile as she thought about the big morning ahead of her. Stephanie pulled her long dark hair into a loose ponytail and checked it in the mirror as she headed for the bathroom.
I still look good
, she thought. She examined her figure and smiled. She had well-defined abs, back, legs, and arms. Her waist was slim and her breasts were high and firm. She relished sitting by the country club’s pool showing off her body. She pretended not to hear the jealous women complain or notice the admiring men, but their attention made her smile. The hours she spent in the gym, on the treadmill and the tennis courts were paying off. Some women wanted augmented boobs and backsides, but Stephanie felt she had just the right amount of curve. She had the look of a slimmed down Serena Williams, rather than a sugary enhanced Kim K.
Yep, still looking good,
she thought.

Cary was almost finished shaving as she slipped behind him. She giggled as she gave her husband a kiss on the neck, getting shaving cream on her own face, and then slipped into the shower.

“How about some shower sex?” he said.

“Do you think of anything other than getting laid?” She asked in mock annoyance. His renewed attentions proved she had won the battle over his mistress, but it was getting annoying.

“Sometimes, but not often, are you complaining?”

She opened the shower door, poked her head out, and said, “Not on your worst day. I love you.”

They both laughed.

”You have anything planned while I’m gone?" Cary asked as he patted his face dry. “I’m gone ten days this trip, remember.”

He stepped into the bedroom to begin dressing.

“No big plans,” she replied. “I’m playing tennis a couple times and I’ve scheduled a lesson or two. I’m sure I’ll go to lunch with the girls a few times too. We have tickets for some play at the Winter Park Playhouse next week. I don’t recall the show.”

“You don’t care much for theater, do you?”

“No not really, but Sharon got the tickets. I’ll go. It’ll be fun to hang with the girls. Oh and there’s a new Chinese exhibition opening at the Orlando Museum of Art. The girls and I are going Thursday evening for the opening and the cocktail reception.”

“Sorry I’ll have to miss that,” Cary said. “I enjoy drinking the guild’s booze.”

“I’ll tell you all about it,” she replied. “If you can Skype me, I’ll show you my dress and let you watch me take it off,” she said as she stepped out of the shower.

Cary rushed back into the bathroom and smacked her bare wet bottom. She yelped with pleasure.

“Jerk,” she said with a broad smile as Cary returned to the bedroom to finish knotting his tie. Before he headed downstairs, he turned off the security alarm from the pad in the bedroom.

Stephanie dried herself with a thick bath sheet then wrapped another towel around her wet hair. She slipped into a silk robe and trotted off to the kitchen right behind her husband.

Stephanie ran her critical eye slowly over Cary as he spooned his cereal. He wasn’t male model gorgeous, but he was handsome, a fact other women frequently appreciated. He had a touch of George Clooney with those expressive eyebrows and chiseled facial features. His body was taut and firm with broad strong shoulders and a v-shaped torso. Perhaps his best feature though, was his deep luminous green eyes. Those eyes could melt her, most of the time. She’d had to fight to get him back and now she was satisfied. She’d won.

Cary finished his corn flakes, stood and took three steps to the counter where Stephanie waited. He ‘accidently’ bumped into her as he put his bowl in the sink. “Excuse me, ma’am,” he said as he nuzzled Stephanie’s neck. She giggled and pushed him away then turned to kiss him. “I’ll call you when I get to Salt Lake,” Cary said. His arms slipped around her waist and she put her head against his chest.

“Cary, I’m sorry,” she began as her brow furrowed. “This is the first time you’ve been out of town since…”

Cary put his finger to her lips to silence her.

“It’s OK. We both made mistakes,” he said smiling and gazing into her eyes. “We’ve fixed things and everything is OK now.” Remember how much we love each other and it’ll be alright.”

She closed her eyes as her fingertips glided along the contours of his cheek and jaw, then down his neck. “I was a fool for so long. Deceiving you…I don’t know what I was thinking. I love you so much,” she said.
And your family’s money
, she thought.
Damn prenup.

“I love you too,” he replied as his arms encircled her in a good-bye embrace. “Everything’s OK. We’re all right now. What’s happened before is forgotten and forgiven.” He kissed her on the forehead and said, “I’d better get going.”

“Be careful. Come back to me safe.” She always said that when he traveled, a ritual she inherited from her mother.

“I always do.” Cary smiled, kissed her cheek, and left through the door to the garage. Stephanie poured herself a bowl of cereal, some coffee, and smiled when she heard the garage door close.
I thought he’d never leave
, she thought. Stephanie lingered over breakfast, finished, and rinsed her bowl and cup, leaving them in the sink. As she headed back upstairs she began to hum
(Drop Dead) Beautiful
by Brittany Spears, her hips bouncing to the song’s staccato rhythm.

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