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Thoroughly Darren read articles about his
relationship with Tamzin, the baby with Alana and what-not. He digested the
fact that Tamzin knew all and Darren felt a bit relieved. He tried contacting
her, Tamzin refused to answer Darren’s text messages or voicemails. Darren
reached his publicist who insisted that the scandal was ruining Darren’s
reputation as fast bonfire flames.

‘Darren there are rumours flying about
London. Some I can control, some I can’t. You’ve sunken to a new low. You’re
drinking excessively. Everyone thinks you need a stint at the Priory.’
publicist warned.

after that call, Darren’s manager of the Tottenham Heat rang. He ripped into

‘You need to take your lumps like a real
bloke! Sort it out! Go to Gran Canarias for a bit of holiday and come back when
you are ready to be a man about it.’
His manager shouted down the phone.

declined on taking a private jet to Gran Canarias. He had better things to do,
like sorting out his debt with William. As much as he wanted to run away from
it all, Darren knew it was better to deal with it.

his appetite diminishing, Darren turned the pages of the paper. He didn’t want
to read about his problems. He wanted to read about someone else’s problems. His
eyes rested on Guy’s and Amanda’s headline. At first he was amused by it.
Boy do the papers get it wrong.
laughed. Then he saw her face, it was the baker for his wedding. It was Grace.
I’m not going to let a woman ruin Guy’s
career like I allowed Tamzin to do
, Darren vowed silently.



uy nibbled on Grace’s earlobe as he pumped
his cock in and out of Grace’s dripping wet pussy in rhythmic motion. He held
her under her arms, his hands cupping her head to push it to the side so he can
lick her neck. The wet sand pressed down into her body and the ocean sprayed
against them. A massive wave barrelled down on their bodies.

awoke with a jolt. Her heart was pounding madly and she was nearing orgasm, but
was quickly disappointed when Guy didn’t materialise. Grace picked up the
television remote to turn off the telly. She’d fallen asleep on the couch
From Here to Eternity
. Grace
glanced at the clock.
It’s not even
midnight and it’s still Friday.
Grace thought sourly. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow as it was her date
with Guy.

Guy promised he called her whilst he was filming his advert in Scotland.

can you hear me?” Guy asked. It was windy in the Scottish highlands. A storm
was blowing through making mobile reception terrible. It was unseasonably cool,
damp and stormy.

Grace replied.

a tent pitched for protecting equipment, Guy shivered from the cold, damp wind
blowing. Crew ran about gathering all the supplies to head back into town.

pick you up at 6.30 on Saturday. I’ve got a wonderful evening planned for us.
I’m looking forward to seeing you.” Guy shouted down his mobile. He jogged in
place to keep warm.

looking forward to it.” Grace said loudly. After Grace spoke to Guy at the
bakery, she’s desperate to spend her time with him. She knew Guy meant well and
was genuinely concerned for her. Most of all Grace wanted to rekindle what they
once had.
Maybe it’ll be even better than
Grace hoped.

can’t wait to see you Grace. I miss you terribly. I wish you’re here with me.”
Guy said. His tone glum. Grace knew his words spoke the truth. Grace held back
before she answered.

miss you too.” Grace whispered.

the connection was lost. He didn’t hear a word. Guy wasn’t able to ring back as
there wasn’t reception on his iPhone. Crew packed up their equipment into
transit vans and hightailed into town to find a bed and breakfast for the

they settled in the B & B, Guy was told the landlines were out of order due
to flooding. There was still no reception on his mobile. Frustrated, Guy went
to bed. The next morning skies cleared and Guy received a concern text from
Grace. Guy quickly replied that he was okay and he was going to complete the
advert today.

returned to hot steamy London the following day. In a string of unfortunate
events, he came down with a cold and fever. The miserable spring-like
conditions of Scotland made Guy ill. He wound up losing his voice and texting
Grace to tell her all. Guy swore he’d be fine for dinner the following Saturday
as long as he had a few days to recover.

understood completely. When Delicious reopened for business she delivered a
thermos of warm chicken soup, hot buttery rolls and freshly squeezed orange
juice to Guy’s flat. Guy told Grace not to do it, but she couldn’t resist as he
was helpless. She promised not to deliver the goods herself as Guy told Grace
he didn’t want her to get sick.

Guy recovered, Grace focused on the reopening of the business. Since it was in
the papers that Guy visited the shop, a new influx of customers began to
arrive. They were the ones who wanted to spot the celebrity and Delicious
touted as the place to be seen. All sorts of celebrities drifted in. Some faces
are familiar to Grace as she saw them at the wedding, but there were many that weren’t
so familiar. WAG’s, footballers, actors and actresses alike came to drink
cappuccinos, eat treats and order luxurious catering from the store. They’d
find spots outside or nearest to the windows to be seen as they tweet on their
android mobiles.

Tourists and paparazzi maintained distance as
they took pictures. On occasion some would approach their favourite celeb for
an autograph, but it wasn’t near hysteria that Guy’s prior visit produced.

a span of a few days business quadrupled. Grace began to discuss with Mark the
possibility of opening a second shop. It excited the staff and Grace.
Guy Rowling re-entering my life wasn’t as
bad as I thought it would be. I just wish my aunts thought the same way.

felt twinges of guilt. Cat and Corrie called Grace following their lunch with
Ms. Penny.

‘I hope you’re not giving him another
chance! After all he did.
’ Cat snapped.

tried to convince them it wasn’t what they thought, but it didn’t work. Cat was
even more upset at the fact that Grace lied. Grace explained it was Cat’s
unreasonable reaction forced her to lie. She apologised, but Cat didn’t listen.
Cat told Grace that they would speak on another day when things ‘settled’.

ease Grace from work, the aunts, and Saturdays’ date, Alistair took the
opportunity of taking Grace shopping at Harvey Nichols. They scoured the racks
until Alistair set his sights on a gorgeous black asymmetrical Lanvin wrap
dress. The dress was paired with gold Michael Kors open-toe booties and Ios
Sellani gold and black fringe earrings. Alistair insisted Guy was going to take
Grace somewhere very posh so she must look divine. Grace was satisfied with
goodies. She couldn’t wait to go on the date.

collected her plate which rested on a side table.
Just another night to go and soon I’ll be alone with Guy.
padded across her lounge into the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, Grace
froze. Grace dropped her plate, forcing it to shatter on the wooden floor. The
garden door was wide open. Grace knew she locked it as she’d been out all day.
There’s no way I left it open! I know I
closed it.
She hadn’t opened the garden door since the day before
yesterday. Grace went to the door to inspect it. Clearly the lock been picked
and she hadn’t heard a thing as the telly was on loud and Grace fallen asleep.

ran back to the lounge to fetch her Blackberry to dial 999.

weeks! Sixteen bloody weeks for a divorce!
” Tamzin shrieked on top of
lungs, pacing back and forth in her solicitor’s office.

was Friday afternoon and if Tamzin could show anger she would’ve, but her
recent visit to Harley Street for Botox injections deterred her from making
facial expressions. It was this occasion that sparked an unexpected visit to
the solicitors. Tamzin’s appointment with her plastic surgeon ended. She went
to the receptionist to make her payment only for Tamzin to learn her credit
cards declined.

receptionist took pity on Tamzin by not announcing her demise to the other patients
waiting in area. The receptionist told Tamzin to call someone else as payment
is due at the time of service.
Daddy came to my rescue.
Tamzin marched to her solicitors’ office, Cuthbert
and Withers, demanding to speed up the process for divorce.

isn’t much we can do, Mrs. Dowling. Sixteen weeks is the norm and we must abide
by it. You’re lucky, others have to wait two years for a divorce.” Barrister
Cuthbert said sternly. “By the way how do you intend to pay us?” he added

threw a fireball of a glare his way. If she’d spit venom Tamzin would have done
it. She knew exactly what her solicitor was getting at. It was in
Rumour Mill
that Tamzin might have to
file for bankruptcy due to being married to a useless pariah.
There’s no money.
All of Darren’s money
was tied in assets. The only person Tamzin relied on is Daddy, but William told
her that she must sink her claws into Guy.

intend to pay you as soon as divorce is settled.” Tamzin answered coolly.

in dire financial straits, Mrs. Dowling. You should consider bankruptcy. This
morning it was reported that the bank intends on foreclosing on your manor.”
Barrister Cuthbert said. He plucked a piece of imaginary lint from his grey
Anderson and Sheppard suit. “I wouldn’t be surprised if your Kensington town
home is next. You should visit your accountant.”

looked as though she’d blow like a smoke stack. Instead she forced herself to
remain cool and collective. Once the meeting was over with and no resolution,
Tamzin got into a black cab. In the cab she called Guy’s agent to schedule a
date. Instead his agent told her that she needed to connect through to Guy’s
personal assistant or visit him at his office.

Guy has a personal assistant and an office?
What’s this world coming to?
Tamzin gave the cab driver the address to
Guy’s office. It was located in the administration building a few blocks away
from the London Lion stadium.

sauntered through the glass doors of Guy’s office. Behind a sleek white desk
sat a young, spotty man who didn’t blink when Tamzin walked in.

I help you?” asked the chap.

I’m looking for Guy Rowling. Tell him his favourite glamour girl, Tam, is here
to see him.” Tamzin mewled.

wasn’t impressed. He continued to focus on his work on his iMac.

isn’t here, but I will relay the message to him that you came for a visit.”
Gary replied.

you give me his address?” Tamzin asked hotly.

Gary snapped.

would love to set up a date with him and I need direct contact with Guy.”
Tamzin crowed.

I’ll pass the message on. Please leave I’ve got work to do.” Gary sternly
replied. Guy made it clear to Gary that he would lose his job if he uttered a
single word regarding whereabouts or personal information to anyone especially

snapped back and straightened herself. Tamzin seething stormed from Guy’s
office. She wanted Guy’s schedule and home address. Tamzin realised her way to
Guy was through Darren.

By the time Tamzin
arrived home, she searched the house for Darren. He wasn’t around. Tamzin found
a note in the kitchen from Darren. It stated that Darren left on holiday to
think things through. Tamzin crushed the note in her palm.

Tamzin called
Darren’s mobile only to discover he had it disconnected. In anger Tamzin threw
her iPhone on the floor and kicked it. After a few minutes of panicking, Tamzin
picked up the phone and dialled William.
needs to be put down like the no good racehorse! And maybe Daddy can get rid of
that bloody baker too. I’m sure she’ll be good on the sex trade market!
thought wickedly.

“Alistair! Thank god you’re here!” Grace
cried. Alistair walked into her flat.

happened now?” Alistair asked.

saw two police officers investigating the broken garden door in Grace’s
Grace explained how the flat
was broken into whilst she slept on the couch. The telly frightened the
intruder away. Alistair hugged her tightly.

the police continued to question Grace and search the property, the night wore
on. Finally the officers’ concluded the break-in must’ve been done by yobs
(youth offending boys) local to the area, looking to burglarise a flat.

didn’t ease Grace’s fear. Since Trevor hit her, Grace was already on edge and
now this added to her fears. Alistair advised her to stay in his flat until he
got the locksmith out to change the locks.
As she slept in the guest bedroom, Grace contemplated on texting Guy.
She knew he’d come rescue her. Guy would whisk her to a hotel, but Grace
thought better of it.
Tomorrow is another
day and will be a better day. This is all just a bad coincidence.

Saturday morning Darren stood hidden behind
the trees on his estate. From afar Darren watched bailiffs’ entering his home
to repossess tangible assets for outstanding debt. Tamzin stood in the
driveway, crying. Her father held her in his arms.

BOOK: Delicious (A Rumour Mill Novel)
13.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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