Determined Kisses (Love in Sandy Beach Book 4) (4 page)

BOOK: Determined Kisses (Love in Sandy Beach Book 4)
Chapter 7


We can stop at any time.
His words meant so much to her. Even more because she could see the evidence of his desire for her. He was kneeling next to her hips, and she reached out a hand and touched his stomach, just above his waistband.

Hazel didn’t have second thoughts. Not at all. Not when he’d first kissed her, and definitely not now when he was kneeling next to her, his arousal jumping out of his eyes and his pants, devouring her with his eyes, and still gentleman enough to offer her to stop at any moment. What man would do that?

His first kiss had dispersed any thoughts or doubts. The look of want in his eyes made this insanely sexy man even more attractive.

When he’d swooped her up into his arms, she’d felt so cared for. Safe. Wanted. The feeling was addictive to someone who’d starved herself for this kind of human interaction for more than two years.

She let her eyes drop lower and gasped at the bulge straining against the zipper of his jeans. She let her fingers drift lower, raising her eyes and watching him carefully as she stroked him with a butterfly caress.

He shivered and she watched his eyes darken in response.
He wants me. Badly!

She could do this, yes, she could. She wanted this. With all her heart. One night of pleasure before she’d go back to her life full of problems. One night where she took all she could get from him. And by the intense way he looked at her she’d get a lot more than she’d bargained for.

“I don’t want to stop,” she whispered to him, brushing her fingertips up and down the crotch of his jeans.

He grasped her hand and held it tightly against him. His hips pressed forward while he placed another impassioned kiss on her lips and then slowly kissed down her neckline. His kisses sent tingles through her body, and for once she was determined to forget all her sorrows about her mom, money, everything. And enjoy.

She could go back to her real life again tomorrow.

Their eyes locked and she murmured, “Just one night. No strings. No obligations.” She was telling him, but also reminding herself. One night of pleasure. One night to forget the worries that plagued her. One night to give herself the motivation to keep pressing on with getting her life together.

The desperation of earlier was gone, replaced by an urgency to join her body – and for a brief moment, her soul – with another human being. This man who not only stirred her lust, but also touched something deep inside of her as no other had done.

He pulled her leggings off and then slowly began unbuttoning her blouse, splaying it wide when he was finished. A deep growl escaped his throat as he looked at her exposed skin. “My god, you are so beautiful.”

His words traveled down her skin like honey and his seductive gaze begged her to hand herself over to him, letting him do all the naughty things to her he might have in mind. It was exhilarating.

When he used his fingers to map from her collarbone down her breastbone, the temperature in the room spiked. She let go a breath she hadn’t known she was holding when he stopped the path of his big hand to press at the juncture of her bra.

It was a black lacy confection that pressed her plump breasts up and together, as if in offering to him. He needed no further invitation and dropped his head, tracing the path his fingers had just taken with his tongue. When he pushed the lace cups beneath her breasts and latched onto her right nipple, she moaned and arched into his mouth.

He alternated between suckling and biting at her nipple, rolling the other one between his fingers. Her breasts were so sensitive, and this man had her on the verge of coming in no time at all, without even touching her below the waist.

When he dropped his head and kissed his way down her stomach, she released a heady moan.

“Ethan, please…”

“Shush. I know what you need. Put your legs on my shoulders,” he whispered to her.

Hazel felt his hungry glance on her as he shoved his hand inside her lace panties. He dipped his finger into her wet heat and used his other hand to trace circles along her inner thighs. She quivered and squirmed beneath him as he inserted another finger into her and used his thumb to rub over her swollen clit.  Her core was wide open and exposed to his ravishing hands and eyes.

“Come for me, darling. Come for me now.”

She opened her eyes and soaked him in as she gave in to her release, crying out loud, as her body pulsed and tightened around his fingers. He brought her down slowly, releasing her legs from his shoulders and capturing her mouth in a breathless kiss.

She grasped his shoulders and pulled him against her, pressing her hips against the hard bulge in his jeans. She searched for the zipper of his jeans and opened it, stroking the steel-hard shaft beneath. A groan slipped from his throat as he rolled from the couch and tore off his pants and shirt. She gasped at her first glimpse of his manhood. It stood erect and tall against his stomach, and she licked her bottom lip, only to hear him growl low in his throat.

He took off her panties before he fished a condom from his wallet and sheathed himself. Hunger to feel him inside her rampaged through her body as he fitted himself to her opening. When he paused, she tensed.

“Don’t stop. Not now.”
Not ever.

“Hazel, look at me,” he whispered, dropping little kisses all over her face.

She did as he requested, meeting his intense gaze as he pushed inside her. “Oohh.”

He stopped again, worry showing in his eyes, “Did I hurt you, darling?”

“No. You feel so good.” She hadn’t had sex in such a long time, she almost hadn’t remembered how it felt to have a man inside her. And he was big and hard as steel.

“You feel good, darling. So tight. And wet.” He held himself still in her for a moment until he could see nothing but pleasure in her face and then began to move. His mouth claimed hers in another mind-numbing kiss. A needy moan escaped her as the building sensations crashed through her body.

She arched into his next forward movement, digging her nails into his back as she threw her head back and gave herself over to another mind-blowing orgasm. A thousand sensations rushed through her as she felt his own intense release and then heard him call out her name.

The abyss of pleasure was so intense her vision faded for a moment. As she came back to the present with a ragged breath, she felt his arms wrap around her as he levered his body weight to her side. “God, you’re gorgeous!”

Hazel smiled in response, her eyes closed to better savor the aftershocks that flowed through her body. She was floating in a sea of sensation, and so tired...

She kept her eyes closed as she drifted away. Content for the moment. Safe. Warm. Satisfied. A small smile flitted over her lips at that last observation. More than satisfied.

She moaned her pleasure and allowed her consciousness to fade away.

Chapter 8


Ethan lay on the couch with a racing heart, his pulse beating furiously inside his chest and his breath ragged as his body came down from the peak of pleasure.

Never before had he felt so much. It wasn’t just the physical experience with Hazel that had been beyond amazing. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something about her that spoke to him on a deeper level. As if their souls had made love a few minutes ago, and not just their bodies.

She was the one woman he’d waited for his entire life. He never knew he was missing something – someone – but with her in his arms, he felt complete. Her body relaxed into sleep in his arms, and he observed her sweet face and her gorgeous ebony black hair.

A soft smile crossed her lips, making her look much younger – worry-free and at peace. But the smile was followed by a furrowing of her brow and pain in her face.

He caressed her cheeks and murmured, “Everything will be alright, darling. Sleep now…” She must have heard him in her sleep, because her face visibly relaxed and she rolled over to snuggle tighter against him.

Ethan freed himself from her embrace to leave the couch, which earned him a murmur of protest, but as soon as he picked up her languid body in his arms, she slung her arms around him. He kissed her forehead when she tensed and whispered to her. “Easy. I’ve got you.”

She fit so perfectly in his arms and was light as a feather. He could carry her around all day, pressing her soft curves against his body. He’d never imagined carrying a woman in his arms could be so fulfilling.

In his bedroom he laid her down on the sheets, admiring her gorgeous body as he stood back up. Firm breasts. Flat stomach; maybe too flat, but nothing good food and some rest wouldn’t take care of.

Her impossibly long legs seemed to go forever, which made no sense considering she was a foot shorter than he was.  Amid his contemplation of Sleeping Beauty in front of him, he became aware of her shiver as the heat from their union faded from her skin, and he pulled the comforter up and over her body.

Then he crawled under the blanket to her and scooped her from behind, her back pressed tightly against his chest, his manhood nestling in the vee of her legs. He pushed one of his hands beneath the pillow to cradle their heads, his free hand wrapped just beneath her breasts.

She feels so good in my arms. Is this how true love feels? How can this happen so fast?
He closed his eyes, inhaled the fragrance of her shampoo mixed with the smell of sex, and drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later, he woke up to the sound of a woman screaming and sobbing uncontrollably. He jerked awake, jostling the woman in his arms. It took him a moment to remember what had happened. Hazel.

He rolled her to her back, and saw tears were streaming down her face, her body shaking with the force of her sobbing, but she wasn’t awake.

She was caught in a nightmare, and he debated the wisdom of waking her up, but stroking a hand down her head and the side of her face seemed to do the trick. The sobbing stopped and she turned her face into his palm.

“Shush, it’s going to be okay. Everything will be alright, darling.”

Over the next few minutes, her shudders stopped and she started to breath nice and even once again. When he was sure she was back to a peaceful sleep, he left the bed and retrieved a warm washcloth. He wiped her face down, finger-combing her hair back from her temples.

He tossed the washcloth into the corner and crawled back into bed. He pulled her toward him, moving her so that she was draped across his body. He held her close, his breath moving the hair above her ear.

He closed his eyes, rubbing his hands up and down her back as she slept. His mind was racing with all of the reasons she could be so scared or worried that she couldn’t even escape in her sleep. It wasn’t right that a woman so beautiful should be dealing with…
What was she dealing with?

He kissed her head. “Time to deal with that in the morning. Sleep now. I’ve got you.”




Hazel felt the warmth of sunlight on her face, and she scrunched her eyes up, hoping it would go away. When she relaxed them again, the light was still there.

She kept her eyes closed and took stock of her situation. She felt a heavy weight – against her right side? No. Against her back. There was a body pressed against her back.

Suddenly, the events of the night before came rushing back to her.

She smiled and relaxed her body into his. He’d been a wonderful lover, passionate and tender at the same time. It had been the most awesome night of her life. Not that she had many experiences to compare to.

He’d definitely known how to put his gorgeous body to good use.  And  she’d never before felt so cherished by a man. With everything he’d done, he’d put her pleasure before his. And pleasure he had given. Just from thinking back, all her girlie parts started begging for a repetition.

At the thought of her girlie parts she realized she was still completely naked and she wasn’t on the couch anymore. She cracked her eyes open and  mentally groaned.
I’m in his bed.

Her heart squeezed at the sweetness of his actions. He’d carried her over when she fell asleep. But at the same time she felt her cheeks burning.
I fell asleep on him. Oh, my.

And she’d broken every rule she’d set for herself. She’d not only had fantastic, mind-blowing sex with Ethan – no, she’d spent the night with him. In his bed. In his arms.
How could I do something so foolish? It’s not enough that my life is a complete mess, I had to go and add to the mix?

Hazel had a mess of a life to get back to, and being distracted by the most hunky male she’d ever met was a luxury she couldn’t allow herself.

But while her mind was urging her to sip from the bed and disappear before he woke up, her body had different plans. The feel of his strong body behind her had her pressing her hips back, searching for his hardness.

She was thinking with her hormones instead of her brain, and her hormones wanted to feel him…
Right here.

She wiggled her ass against his front until she felt his formidable erection pressing into her.

“Hmm.“  A sleepy groan left his throat, but while he still was asleep, apparently some of his body parts had a life of their own. His big hand was slung possessively across her waist. Oh, how she loved his possessiveness.

She wiggled some more against him and blew little kisses on his fingers. Then she took his hand into hers and moved it up to her mouth. The temptation was too strong. To hell with being careful or reasonable. Her tongue licked its way from the tip to the root of each of his thick fingers. The same fingers that had brought her so much pleasure last night. She shivered at the memory of the intense climax he’d given her.

When she sucked at the thumb, the hand suddenly moved out of the reach of her mouth and boldly cupped her breast, searching for – and finding – her beaded nipple and rolling it between two fingers. She gasped.

The gorgeous man behind her nuzzled her neck and whispered into her ear, “You don’t think you’ll get away with that, do you?”

She moaned as he pinched her nipple harder, and arched back into him, pressing her back against his deliciously hard pecs and abs. “You’re awake.”

He chuckled. “Not even a dead saint could sleep through your luscious ass pressing against him first thing in the morning.”

She couldn’t help but smile. “Good. I thought I’d just get up right now.”

He levered himself backwards, rolling her towards him and then lifting her until she was sitting astride him. “You’re up now, darling.”

“I love the way you call me darling”, she said, while he grabbed her thighs and slid her forward until her wet heat met the head of his cock.

Sitting naked on top of him was the most exhilarating feeling. Arousal didn’t even come close to describing it. Looking down at the fire in his hungry eyes lit up flames across her body, and the twitching of his hard shaft beneath her opening did the rest to send all her principles flying overboard.
Just one last time.

This still belonged to the one night, right? And she could enjoy him one more time. Couldn’t she?

She didn’t know what little devil rode her when she put his hands on her waist. His big hands could almost span her there. Then she let her long hair fall down in front to cover her breasts from his sight. She looked down at the same patch of chest hair that had her pulse racing when she’d first seen it. Now in the light of the day it turned her on like hell and she had to run her hands through it.

“You’re driving me crazy, Hazel.” He groaned.

She bit her lip. He didn’t have to know she was almost dying with desire to feel him inside her again. Having his huge shaft inside her had made her feel complete. Like she’d finally found her other half.

But of course that was nonsense. You didn’t fall in love with someone in mere hours. Or did you?

His hands had left her waist and were running down her hips, cupping her ass. She squirmed beneath his touch and gasped when his hands moved to her front. His thumbs grazed the sensitive skin just above her bikini line. She had to hold her breath as goosebumps of pleasure spread across her entire body. She feared she’d explode if he didn’t stop right now.

But his thumb continued his journey down to the spot she knew would send her over the edge. Her body trembled in anticipation, and when he pulled her down to take her in a punishing kiss, his thumb caught in place between their bodies, she came apart in his arms. His free hand cupped her ass while her whole world shattered around her, and she was begging, arching, gasping, pleading with him for more.

When the last shudders of lust left her body, he smoothed his hand across her back.


After a few moments Ethan looked into Hazel’s sweet face, her blue eyes featuring a look of satisfaction and mischief.

She braced her hands upon his chest and rubbed her slick and swollen core against his shaft. The sensations rolling through his body were nothing short of ecstatic, and he had a hard time concentrating.

“Condom. Nightstand,” he growled and Hazel moved to fetch one, the sense of loss when her body left his hitting him like a punch in the stomach.

She quickly sheathed him and, gazing into his eyes, lowered herself onto his hardness.
Oh my god.
He said, “You’re so ready for me, darling. So wet.”

Her grasped her hips, moving her up and down his length. “You feel so good,” he added.

“And you complete me in a way I never knew was possible,” she said, before she pushed herself back and leaned backwards on his thighs. The new position caused him to slide even further into her, and the sight of her beautiful naked body riding him and the sound of her ragged breathing propelled him fast toward the edge.

He could feel the beginning of another cataclysmic orgasm racing towards her when her inner muscles squeezed around him.

“Ohhhh, that’s good.” His hands reached up and cupped her breasts, teasing and torturing her tight nipples. Each time he squeezed her nipples and rolled them between his fingers, he could sense her inner muscles tightening around him.

Her head tipped back with a loud cry as her climax claimed her, and he gave in to his own intense release. He continued to caress her as their bodies shuddered together, keeping the sensations going for much longer.

When she was gasping for breath, he pulled her into his chest, and she hung there, completely spent, dragging in one breath after another. They were still intimately joined, but he felt so complete, he couldn’t make himself lift her off him.

This feeling was unique. He whispered into her ear, “I feel as if I’ve found my missing half. You know, the piece who completes me in every aspect.”





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