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Chapter 21


Domenic takes a small step closer to me as I fumble to slip my key into the lock on my apartment door. My hands are shaking slightly. “Are you nervous?” His voice is low and gravely and causing the nerves in my stomach to coil into knots like a telephone cable.


He rests his hand on my hip to calm me, but that only makes me drop my keys onto the marble floor in the hallway. Domenic crouches to retrieve them before I can even move.


I step out of the way and he unlocks the door in one elegant motion before swinging it open and handing the keys back to me. I suck in a deep breath as I cross over the threshold and flick on the lights. I take heavy steps into the kitchen and grab a bottle of chardonnay from the wine rack on the counter.


As I’m reaching for a glass in the cupboard, I feel Domenic’s body press into mine from behind. I stand frozen with my hand suspended in mid-air. My breath hitches as he lightly grinds his rock-hard erection into my back and brushes his lips behind my ears. “I don’t want you to drink any more tonight…I need you to remember everything that I’m about to do to you.” I recognize this statement for the carnal threat that it is. And it makes me hot, hot, hot.


I spin around towards him and he takes my face into his hands. His lips pull mine into a slow and languorous dance. His tongue strokes mine in tender lashes. I feel heat swell between my thighs. My knees give way and Domenic scoops me up in the most utterly cliché fashion and carries me to my bedroom. His lips don’t leave mine until he sets me down at the foot of my bed.


My heart pounds wildly against my ribcage as he turns me to face the wall. He stands behind me, slowly gliding his tongue along the side of my neck. The warmth radiating from his body is like a force field encircling me and I feel heady from the fiercely masculine scent of his skin. A small moan escapes my mouth cracking through the silence in the room.


He runs his hands up my body and kneads my breasts through the fabric of my dress, pressing his fingers into my nipples. I gasp as a jolt of pleasure pulses through me. He moans into my cheek. It’s a low, rumbling, utterly masculine moan that makes me shiver with desire. He holds my waist firmly and walks me backward until he’s sitting on my bed and I’m standing between his thighs. He reaches up and I hear him pant softly as he gently tugs down the zipper at the back of my dress.


The dress slides off of my frame and tumbles to the floor. I’m left wearing nothing but my flimsy pink lace panty and bra set. I instinctively pull my arms to cover my aroused breasts.


And then, I feel Domenic’s tongue run across the small of my back.  And a primal groan rips through me. “Domenic!” One word. It rushes past my lips. He responds by grazing his teeth along my hip. I hiss out his name again.


He brings both of his warm palms to my thigh. His hands travel up and down my bare flesh slowly blazing a path across my skin. “You’re so fucking gorgeous,” he murmurs into my skin. He nibbles lightly at my waist as he unsnaps my bra before spinning me around and pulling me into his lap. I’m straddling him, looking down into his face, unable to formulate any word besides his name. “I’ve been wanting you for so long, Madison. Waiting for so long,” he whispers. I sigh as he pulls my face to his.


I kiss him feverishly, my desire completely unveiled. The inhibitions that had, mere moments ago, held me back have now completely evaporated. My fingers tug on his golden hair as he holds me tightly to his chest. My skin sizzles against his. I grind my throbbing core against his stiff cock. With one swift movement, he pulls the elastic from my chignon and my long, dark hair tumbles around my shoulders. I feel his cock twitch. “Uhhhh…you’re fucking gorgeous with your hair down,” he says tenderly as he looks up at me.


In response, I push him back on my plush comforter and kiss him hard. His desire is right at the surface. He’s making me feel so beautiful.


I press my breasts into his chest and my ass sticks up in the air. His hands grope at the warm flesh, squeezing my buttocks. With one firm tug, he tears my panties off of my body. His fingers brush over my wetness and he growls jaggedly. My brain goes foggy and my eyes roll back into my head as he slips a finger deep into me. I cry out like a wild animal.


He pulls his lips away from me. “Let me taste you, Madison…Sit on my face.”


I swear – I feel a dam break loose between my legs and come gushing out of me when he says those words. He nudges my ass until my slick pussy is hovering over his face. He lifts his head off of the bed and his mouth tugs gently on my aching folds.


“Dom-en-ic,” I hiss coarsely.


His palms stroke my sensitive breasts as he eats his way through my core. My muscles clamp down each time his eager tongue strokes into me. I fall forward onto the bed and bite hard into my bottom lip to suppress the screams building in my chest. His long fingers glide down my torso and an instant later, they’re plunging in and out of me while his tongue rolls over my desperately throbbing clit again and again. He moans long and hard into my pussy. “I could eat your cunt forever, Madison.”


I gasp at his crude comment as a hot wave crashes through me. A body-long chill follows, pitching me into the grips of an overpowering climax. “Dom-en-ic! Yes!” I thrust my hips into his tongue for long moments until I’m satisfied that I’ve taken every last ounce of pleasure that my body can handle.


I fall to my side on the mattress, my body limp as I pant softly. My erratic heartbeat begins to calm. “That was awesome,” I murmur into the sheets.


Domenic’s rough laugh roars through the air. “I was just getting warmed up,” he announces as his lips skim the back of my thighs.


I scoot over to where he’s laying and run my tongue along his bottom lip. I feel a rush of heat between my thighs when I taste myself on his mouth. “Fuck me…” I purr into his mouth.


At that command, he sits up and begins to unbutton his oxford shirt. I climb into his lap and push his hands away. I take over the mission to undress him, darting my tongue across his jawline, down his neck, along his collarbone as I peel his shirt away from his sculpted chest. His slight tug on my hair sends sensations coursing down my spine.


His growls are rough and deep like that of an animal who’s been provoked, an animal moments away from breaking free and ravaging me mercilessly. My anticipation inches towards a fever pitch. I unbuckle his pants and he slides his boxers down to his ankles. His beautiful, thick cock bobs in his lap and my tongue impulsively rushes out to wet my lips. I’m more than ready to taste it, to savor the tang of his cum on my tongue. But he quickly pulls an extra-large condom from the pocket of his pants and rolls it over his cock. “Lay on your back, Madison.”


I oblige, eager to feel him in me. I spread my legs impulsively. He crawls up my body, stealing my perked nipple into his mouth. I sigh into my pillow pulling on his soft curls. His lips find mine again and he drags my tongue into a dance that leaves my head hazy. Totally lost in his kiss, the first thrust of his dick through my core makes me cry out as pleasure shocks my system. “Domenic…yes.” Propping his body up on his forearms, his cock lunges into me over and over, stretching through my tight walls. His mouth seals over mine, absorbing the feral sounds struggling to escape my lips. My pussy trembles and clenches violently around him. “Domenic…please…yes…Domenic.”


He’s panting. “Shit – You’re gonna make me come…too soon. Too soon.”


He pulls out of me and flips me on to my stomach. I rise to my knees but bury my face into the pillows. His lips blaze a fiery trail down my spine. I can almost feel the neurons in my brain misfiring. He nibbles on my butt cheeks and then I feel his soft tongue slide across my slit again as he spreads my legs even wider, taking full access to my body. The pillows absorb my wild cries as his tongue darts in and out of my quivering hole. I’m ridiculously aroused. He pinches both of my nipples, tugging on them softly as he pulls against my folds with his juicy lips. I see stars as a powerful orgasm charges through me.


“Dom-en-ic!” I pant his name staccato and he holds my hips in place as I grind my pussy into his fervent tongue. My body thrashes as the last waves of the orgasm wash over me.


As soon as I’ve stopped writhing, Domenic’s cock spears into me again. He steadies my hips with his firm grip and pounds into me with sensual ferocity. It only takes a few strokes before he grunts into the air and his body seizes up. I clamp my pussy hard around him and his knees go weak. He groans low as he comes hard. “Madisoooonnnnn…”


He collapses onto his side with a soft thud, panting for air. He pulls me close and I press my damp skin in to his. “That was so good,” I purr clenching the sheets to my chest.


He whispers into my shoulder blade. “It was fucking awesome, Maddie.”

Chapter 22


I’ve been in a state of constant arousal since the night Domenic first fucked me senseless. Before the night Domenic took complete possession of my body, I had never suspected that my body could withstand so many devastatingly pleasurable, back-to-back orgasms. It seems like I’ve spent the better part of July pinned down beneath his rock-solid body, screaming out his name. I’ve been his willing captive night after night taking pleasure from his tongue and his hands and his cock.


We’ve even snuck off from work and rented a hotel room over lunch on several occasions over the past few weeks just so we could take each other over the moon in the middle of the day. Any time an opportunity presents itself, I find myself under him.


And tonight definitely looks like an opportunity.


Frankie and I have plans to hang out at his place tonight, but knowing that he has rehearsal for his upcoming Broadway play until 8:30, Domenic and I took the opportunity to go at it in Domenic’s bed.


He’s on top of me, eyes closed, lost in his rhythm, when I hear a ruckus in the other room.


“Do you hear that?” I pant.


He squints down at me. “What? No.” He doesn’t break his stride. “Fuck – You’re so fucking tight, Maddie.”


“Somebody’s here,” I say breathlessly.


“No – It’s nothing.” He tries to swallow my protests with a wet, stirring kiss.


I press my palms into his shoulders and push him softly. “No – Frankie’s home. Get off.”

Domenic groans loudly as he rolls off of me. As I scramble to pull on my skirt, he glances over at the digital clock on his dressing table. “It’s only 7:47. Frankie won’t be here till at least 9:00.”


Just then, I hear Frankie’s deep baritone version of
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
carry through the apartment.


“Shit!” I curse softly under my breath as I tug my sweater over my head.


Domenic props himself up on his elbow and stares at me as I scurry around the room, retrieving my belongings. He looks slightly amused. “Maddie – relax. It’s just Frankie. What’s he gonna do?”


I roll my eyes at him. “You know how Frankie is.” Melodramatic. Overemotional. Histrionic.


“Whatever. Just forget it,” Domenic grunts, disappointed, as he slides the condom off and tosses it into the trashcan next to his bed.


I grab my purse and heels then ease the bedroom door open and tiptoe across the hall. I glance down the corridor and see Frankie mixing himself a cocktail at the bar in the living room. The bathroom door creaks loudly as I push through it. I see Frankie spin around just as I slam the door shut.




I wince and turn on the faucet. I don’t know why. I guess I just want to escape Frankie. I sit on the toilet and bury my face in my hands.
Shit. Fuck. Damn it.

“Madison.” He’s standing right outside of the door. My stomach churns and I stick to my decision to pretend I can’t hear him.


The door flies open.


I shriek. “Frankie! Get out!”


He stands his ground, solid in the doorway with his arms folded tightly across his chest. “Madison, did you just walk out of my brother’s bedroom?


I nod coyly, a grin itching at the corners of my lips.


Did you fuck my brother?
” Frankie screeches, his eyes like big, blue saucers.


I can’t answer. I’m blushing. That’s a dead giveaway.


“Ugh, Madison! That’s-so-weird-that’s-so-weird-that’s-so-weird…You’re practically my sister…and he’s
my brother…and you two just fucked…ugh…that’s-so-weird. I need to see my therapist like right now.”


The laugh escapes my lips. “Stop being melodramatic, Frankie…”


He pauses for a moment and pouts like a kindergartener who didn’t get his way.


“Fran-kie…” I say in a singsong voice as I reach for him.


He recoils. “Eww! Don’t touch me, you little skank!” He’s beet red.


But I can’t suppress the giggle that escapes my lips.


Something strange flashes across Frankie’s face before he eventually breaks out into giggles as well.


“Ugh! Madison…I always knew you were a little slut…” he announces, “That’s why I love you.” He turns on his heel and walks out of the bathroom.




BOOK: Dirty Neighbor (The Dirty Suburbs)
6.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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