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Doctor's Orders

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Doctor’s Orders

By: Elena M. Reyes


“A pair of lips so innocent and sweet should never utter such nasty words.”

His tone held an edge of authority that made my body quiver. Direct and to the point, what he expected both thrilled and scared me. And yet, as he stood over me, towering over my much smaller frame, desire overrode all my senses. I wanted him to take his pleasure and leave me a wanting heap at his feet.

To let me make his wildest fantasies a reality.

Could I be his dirty little girl and still keep that edge of purity that drove him wild?

Copyright 2016© Elena M. Reyes


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


This work is copyrighted. All rights are reserved. Apart from any use as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced, copied, scanned, stored in a retrieval system, recorded or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without prior written permission of the author.


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Publication Date: August 29

Genre: FICTION/Romance/Erotica

Copyright © 2016 Elena M. Reyes

All rights reserved.


This book is for my Marked Girl’s:

You brighten my day and always make me laugh. Help me when I’m feeling low or need inspiration. Thank you for being the most amazing readers; I love you.


Doctor’s Orders…


“This is bullshit,” I protested, feet digging into the linoleum floor. “Just stop for a second and let me explain.” My old Converse sneakers streaked across the surface, followed closely by an annoying squeal that reverberated throughout the all-too-silent E.R. The sole nurse at the entrance looked up from her perch—spared me no more than a single glance before turning her attention back toward the screen in front of her. “All I ask is for five minutes.”

Another yank and the cop walking me in stumbled a bit. “Cut it out,” he spat out from between clenched teeth, his hard brown eyes daring me to make another uncooperative move. His hand on my arm tightened, finger nails dug in, and I winced at the force he used to push me forward.


“Officer Anderson, I ask that you reconsider.” Taking in a deep breath, I let it out slowly before turning to look up at him from beneath my long lashes. “This isn’t necessary and you know it. I’m fine.”

“Didn’t know you’d acquired a medical license within the last hour,” he replied, using the same saccharine sweetness I’d put into my tone. “I must have a genius on my hands tonight.”

“Didn’t know I’d been arrested by a Broadway reject,” I sneered back, glare in place which did nothing to deter his next move. With a flick of his wrist, my arm had been twisted into an uncomfortable position. Caused me to place some weight on my injured foot and I bit my lip hard—fought to keep in the cry of pain that wanted to be released.

“How fast you flip the script, kid.” How the fuck was I still a kid at twenty? “One minute the shy and sweet, doe eyed blonde, to a bitter shrew the next.” His hot breath met the back of my neck and I shuddered. The man was getting far too much enjoyment out of my misery.

“How exactly am I a shrew, Officer?” The malice in my tone couldn’t be hidden and he seemed taken a back for a second. A second where I saw past his ridiculous
“I’m saving you”
narcissism and the hero complex he donned.

“Walk.” Instead of acknowledging my question, he pushed me a few steps forward and paused in front of the hospitals reception desk. Arms still handcuffed, he turned me around and kept his eyes on mine while speaking to the nurse. “Need someone to examine my detainee.”

“I’m fine, dammit.” At my interjection, his nails dug in deeper and I winced. “Let me go.”

Thunderous eyes narrowed and the horrible mustache over his lip twitched. “Are you?” he snapped back, tired of my never ending sass and defiance—dared me to deny that I wasn’t in any kind of pain, more so than the one he was causing. “Because from what I saw and the position you landed in, I’d say you were hurt. More than hurt, but too stubbornly proud to admit or accept the help you’re being offered.”

“What happened to my legal right to deny medical attention?”

“You lost that the moment I arrested you, Nora.” Turning my body away from his, he undid my handcuffs and took a few steps back. His low chuckle met my ears and I tensed. Anger spiking, while I brought my hands up and rubbed at the slight red skin where they’d been. “You’re under my care and as such, I will not take any chances. By. The. Book.”

Celebrating my twenty-first birthday in the hospital was not high up on my list of priorities.

“Are you seriously not going to let me go?” Exasperated, I made to take a step toward him. Brown eyes narrowed, he glared into my blue ones. Made me pause and instead, I had to settle for a hand on my hip. “It wasn’t that big of a deal...just an end of semester thing.”

“You call vandalizing the school nothing? What were you—”

“It wasn’t the entire school, just the art department.” At my interruption his nostrils flared and this time, I took a step back. “Our teacher expected this, its tradition with all the kids taking his course.”

“Then why run?” he challenged. His radio went off then and a fast round of codes were spewed from the operator. Anderson didn’t pay it a lick of attention. “Why take off when you saw me. Why jump the fence, and in doing so, fuck up your ankle? A simple explanation would’ve taken care of everything.” The nurse behind us gasped at his choice of words, but remained silent. “No answer?”

“I want to go home.” I was being petulant, but at this point I didn’t give a damn. I was tired, hungry, and in pain. If he were really arresting me I’d be in a holding cell somewhere. Fuck this
“I want to get through to you”
crap. “Bandage me up and send me off. My insurance will handle the bill.”

“Shut up and sit down, Nora. I’ve had enough!” Officer Grumpy grabbed me by the elbow then, the harshness of his pull caused me to stumble, and I let out a sharp yelp of pain.

“Son of a bitch!” Pushing his hand away, I hobbled over to an uncomfortable looking chair, and sat down. Reaching down, I undid my shoe laces and kicked off my shoe. The thud from the rubber hitting linoleum was loud inside the quiet room.

“Do you believe me now? It’s sprained,” Anderson commented dryly, a smug expression on his face. The man could be considered handsome for an older man if it weren’t for the asshole-like tendencies.

“You ass—”

“I’ll page the on-call attending.” Nurse—whatever her name was—jumped in before I could punch the moron. When had she walked around her prestigious desk and toward us? Not that she came to my aid or anything. Not once had she looked at my injured foot, no, her eyes were set on his.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” She blushed at his term of endearment while I sat there mouth agape. Were they kidding me with this shit? My ankle was five different shades of ugly and they’re flirting?

Tonight just kept getting weirder or worse, depending on how you looked at it.

Clearing my throat, I raised a brow. “Are you two done?”

Instead of acknowledging my question, the nurse smiled. Not the sweet one she’d just had for the good officer a minute ago. No, this one made me a bit uncomfortable.

As if I were part of a joke I wasn’t aware of.

Turning around, she added an extra sway to her hips while walking around the admittance desk. His eyes stayed on her back the entire way and I rolled my eyes. I was almost tempted to ask them if I should leave. It would work out in my favor to be honest.

Picking up the phone next to her computer, she spoke into it. Hushed whispers carried over to where I sat, but I couldn’t make out a single word.

Enough of this shit.
“Sign me out.”

“No.” Anderson met my hard stare with one of his own and both arms crossed over his chest. Puffed it out in a move made to intimidate me; it didn’t work.


“Not another word.”

“I will not be silenced.”

“Nora, I’m not the fucking enemy.” My eyes snapped to his and tried to burn him alive. Yet, what I found confused me a bit. Gone was the anger of a minute ago. Officer Anderson looked as if he were contemplating the right words to say. “This is the third time in two months I’ve picked you up from somewhere you shouldn’t have been.”

“There’s a huge difference between shouldn’t have and committing a crime.”

“Fair enough, but tonight you were an active participant.”

A snort escaped me at his counter reply. “Who called it in? The janitor?” Small nod in response and a hand wave, which I took as a sign to carry on. “Professor Penton encourages our creativity. He pushes his groups each semester to outdo the last—as I said earlier,
That janitor hasn’t been at the school long enough to know and called something in that was and is harmless.”

“So why run?”

“Because you wouldn’t understand or listen.”

“Fair enough.”

“Is that all you can say?”

“No.” At my glare, he smiled. “Cool it, kid. We’re here because you decided to run. Not on me.”

“Am I still under arrest?” Had to be asked, his flip-flopping emotions were giving me whiplash.

“You are and your parents have already been informed.”


“About sums it up.”


Doctor’s Orders…



We’d been sitting in those god awful chairs for two hours now.

Two very long fucking hours.

For those unending minutes the sole occupants of the room where Officer pain in my ass, the flirty nurse, and me. No one to routinely check my vitals or at the very least, wrap my ankle and keep it elevated. To be decent enough to place some ice atop.

No paperwork had been started as far as my knowledge.

Not a damn thing has happened from the moment he told me I was screwed.

For craps sake, the only source of entertainment I had was the small, TV mounted on the wall opposite from my chair. Where a cable news network regurgitated the same story over…and over…and over once again. Topic of conversation: who would win this upcoming election?

They played a skilled game of who was worse. Two parties, multiple panels of “experts”, and one constipated looking anchor whom played each side against the other. Where the fuck was this doctor?

To be blunt and honest, this shit was getting old and very quick.

My ankle was swollen, bruised, and most likely sprained.

My pussy, well that son of a bitch was throbbing and not in a good way.

I’d been caught earlier tonight “vandalizing” the school. Our prank had been set for weeks. A group of five—Mr. Penton’s top students—were going to paint every surface of his room with chalk board paint. From his desk, to student chairs and even the small pens placed in an old coffee cup on his desk.

We were a quarter of the way through when the boys in blue showed up. Sirens on full blast and guns had been drawn while asking us to drop to the ground. Stupidity would find that instead of following orders, we ran.

In different directions, we took off and my downfall was being stuck with the one girl that couldn’t jump a fence if her life depended on it.

Everything had been going great: the doors had been unlocked, supplies brought in, and manpower accounted for when they showed up. She followed me to the fences near the gym with a frightened expression. Had managed to place her foot at perfect level to haul herself over, when the klutz of epic proportions, fell.

Right before I jumped.

With one leg thrown over the fences rail, I reached out and managed to catch her before Anderson did. Problem with that monumental fail of a plan: in pulling and pushing her over the fence, I slipped. Landed hard over the metal structure.

Pussy to pole and it hurt.

Who said only boys feel pain down there?

It was when I felt the first shot of pain that I cursed and she escaped. Put me right in the way of Officer Do-Gooder. He reached out for me and pulled me down not having noticed the predicament I was in. Fighting to stay somewhat on the structure, I pushed his hands away.

Two hard pulls from him and we both tumbled to the ground. Him on his back, while I landed on my ass, and one foot at an odd angle.

Screams of indignation followed by anger and embarrassment broke free from me; I took the downfall for everyone in the group. And now, three hours later, I sit inside the quiet ER at Baptist Memorial with no end in sight to this heinous night.

A night where I was supposed to be out by the beaches at this point celebrating my twenty first birthday. Under the stars; with copious amounts of booze and friends beside me. An in and out operation that was screwed up by a nosy janitor that shouldn’t have been anywhere near that side of campus.

Instead, I’m stuck and in pain.

Fuck my life?

“Who were the other kids with you tonight?” Anderson spoke then breaking me out of my thoughts. “Need full names—”

At that, I let out a sharp laugh. “Not going to happen.”

“Nora, I’m not playing games here.” Turning in his seat, he looked down at me. “Names. All of them.”

“No.” Defiant, I crossed my arms over my chest and matched his glare. “We did nothing wrong to begin with.”

“I swear...”

“Hell and no.”

“You’d seriously rather go to jail and take the fall for everyone?” His incredulous reaction made me laugh. I wasn’t going to rat out my friends, especially when this case would go nowhere. A prank, one that was expected from our teacher so to speak, wasn’t going to get me prosecuted by the University.

“This angle you’re trying to work…” I held up my hands and made an exaggerated “quote sign” “…isn’t going to get you anywhere. Again, we did nothing fuckin wrong!”

“Tell that to the judge tomorrow morning,” he snapped, got up from his chair and whirled around to face me. Then he pointed his chubby finger in my face as if to give extra emphasis to his point. “Being stubborn will land you in more trouble than it’s worth. Don’t be an idiot, Nora. Fucking work with me here.”

hard to understand?” And in a move that made me completely idiotic, I stood up and put weight on my injured foot. Pain, blinding pain, seared up my leg and shocked my lower back. My chest heaved with the giant intake of air I took, trying like hell to not scream at the all-consuming agony I was in. “Son of a motherfucking whore!” At my outburst, both the nurse and Anderson came forward in a rush to help. He reached out a hand first being the closest, but I batted it away. “Don’t touch me,” I grit out from between clenched teeth. “Back off.”

“Enough.” A strong masculine voice resounded throughout the room. Loud enough that all heads turned his way, lips shut. Nothing could be heard except for my loud breathing.


Dark haired.

Fucking mouthwatering.

Dressed in blue scrubs and a stethoscope placed around his neck he surveyed the room. From the  two nurses now near the front desk, to Officer Anderson, and then me. They lingered on my face. Hazel eyes which seemed shocked for a fraction of a second before an annoyed look took over.

“Dr. Reed, we were just—” His eyes snapped back to the flirty nurse and narrowed a fraction. As if he were upset at being pulled away, yet that made no sense.

“Making a scene in the middle of the ER.” Not a question.

“No. I…we…no,” she spoke.

A snort escaped me then and all eyes fell to me. “What?” It came out shakier than I would’ve liked, but having his attention unnerved me. Made me nervous yet giddy all at once. Also made no goddamned sense.

“Behave,” came from beside me. The good officer pulled me back toward the chair I’d vacated. Once again, his brute idiocy had me fumbling and I hurt my ankle, the metal leg of the chair bumping into the swollen area.

“Fuck.” One word to describe the amount of both pain and anger I felt. If it wouldn’t guarantee me a trip down to the county motel, I would’ve punched the asshole for manhandling me.

“I’m sorry—” Before Anderson could finish, Dr. Reed had my arm in his grasp and had pulled me toward him. Lost within the discomfort I felt, I never noticed him walking closer. Didn’t feel the delicious body heat he exuded until I was almost nestled against his chest.

His hold was firm yet gentle as he spoke to the others in the room. “Why hasn’t she been placed in a bed and off her feet?” There was a tinge of anger in his voice; the edge of authority made my body quiver. Something that wasn’t lost on him. “Answer me.”

“She was refusing medical treatment?” The nurse posed it as a question, yet while the other two looked unsure, my doctor seemed pissed. Felt the small ripple of ire in the way his fingers dug in the slightest of bit.

“Is that so?” Brow arched, he stared me down in challenge. Of what? I had no clue as I was lost inside those hypnotic eyes. Honey colored and beautiful, they held me prisoner.

“I’ll attest to that,” Officer Anderson interrupted, effectively bringing me back to the present. Took a moment for the words I’d just heard to make sense, but when they did my earlier anger resurfaced. Forget the pain in my foot or the fact that every time I move my pussy cries out for mercy.

“How dare you fucking lie like that?” At my scream they both took a step back. “Begging to be bandaged and let go and being ignored are two very different things.” Twisting out of his hold, I managed to hop two steps before I was pulled back against a solid chest. “Lying for her won’t score you a date, prick.”

Didn’t care if he took me downtown at this point, don’t use me.

“A pair of lips so innocent and sweet should never utter such nasty words.” A tuft of warm air caressed the area beneath my ear and I froze. “Behave, sweetheart.” A warning, one that broke through the spell of anger I was under. It was in the way he spoke those words; direct and to the point.

He both thrilled and scared me, my body reacting to him in ways that I’d yet to make sense of. And yet, as he stood over me—towering over my much smaller frame—desire overrode all senses and I leaned into him. Melted against his well-defined chest and took his scent into my lungs.

ntimidation mixed with want took over slim body, caused my body shiver and panties to dampen.

I was screwed.

BOOK: Doctor's Orders
6.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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