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Doe and the Wolf (Furry United Coalition, #5)

BOOK: Doe and the Wolf (Furry United Coalition, #5)
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Doe and the Wolf


Eve Langlais

(Furry United Coalition, #5)

Copyright and Disclaimer

opyright © October 2013, Eve Langlais

Cover Art by Amanda Kelsey © October

Edited by Devin Govaere

Copy Edited by Amanda Pederick

Produced in Canada

Published by Eve Langlais

1606 Main Street, PO Box 151

Stittsville, Ontario, Canada, K2S1A3

ISBN: 978 – 1 – 927459 – 44 - 7

Doe and the Wolf
is a work of fiction and the characters, events and dialogue found within the story are of the author's imagination and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, either living or deceased, is completely coincidental.

No part of this book may be reproduced or shared in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including but not limited to digital copying, file sharing, audio recording, email and printing without permission in writing from the author.

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Doe and the Wolf

Copyright and Disclaimer



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Author Biography


hat happens when a predator falls for his prey?

Bounty hunting is the perfect job for a maverick wolf; flexible hours, decent pay, the thrill of the chase. But Everett never counted on a doe stopping him in his furry tracks.

Dawn was a prisoner of Mastermind and ended up experimented on, against her wishes. On the run from Furry United Coalition agents, she ends up in the arms—and bed—of a lupine bounty hunter. Instinct tells her to run when she gets a chance because everyone knows not to trust the big, bad wolf, but her heart begs her to stay.

When the result of genetics gone wrong rears its mutated head and threatens both of their lives, will they manage to survive and discover if a wolf deserves a happily ever after?

Looking for help in recovering a fugitive? The Lone Wolf Agency can help you. We specialize in huffing and puffing criminals back where they belong, behind bars.


ou’re firing me?” Damn. There went his plans to buy a bigger television.

“I’m sorry, Everett, but you’ve left us no choice. As of this moment, you are no longer a recognized agent of this bureau, and you need to relinquish your FUC badge.”

No, not his badge! That shiny emblem was the ultimate panty dropper. “But I solved the case!” Shouldn’t he be receiving a medal instead of the shaft? As usual, he unraveled the clues, caught his animal and, once he hit his favorite hotspot, would get the girl—for one night of naked, sweaty fun. Awooo!

“Solved it, yes, while putting dozens at risk of serious injury. You also destroyed public property and almost caused a media relations nightmare by allowing a human to spot you shifting. Not to mention, you displayed a gross disregard for the orders you were given asking you to stand down and wait for backup.” His boss held up fingers as she ticked off the problems with his methods. She held up quite a few.

“Waiting would have meant them getting away.” And if there was something Everett hated, it was watching criminals slip through his paws.
I also love the chase, the more mayhem the merrier.
But he didn’t think mentioning that would help his case.

“Better we catch them later than suffer the consequences of your maverick actions.” Kloe, head of the FUC department in this city, shut his folder and leaned back in her chair with a heavy sigh. “I don’t disagree this decision sucks. Just so you know, I tried to get the council to place you on administrative leave. You’re a good agent. A bit rash and perhaps less than delicate in your dealings, but you get results. Unfortunately, given your history,” she eyed his thick file with a pointed stare, “they felt it best for the shifter community at large that you no longer be involved as an active agent of the FUC office.”

“This is bullshit.” Also, possibly fallout from the girl he’d recently dumped whose daddy held a lofty position high up in the ASS chain. Not one of his brightest decisions. His da always did say, “Don’t poach where you shit.” Of course, his father meant it literally, but the analogy still fit.

“I am sorry, Everett. With your skills, though, you should have no problem picking up some work as a security guard or something.”

“A security guard!” His voice hit a high pitch of incredulity that made him pop a few whiskers in agitation. “You’re talking to a former marine.”

“Key word being former. As I recall, you got discharged for being unable to obey orders.”

“I did survival skills training at Quantico.”

“Before they kicked you out for not listening to the instructors. Are you starting to see a pattern?”

Yeah. He did. He needed to stop working with people who thought the law and criminals should abide by a strict set of rules. How many thugs would have slipped away had he followed protocols to the T? How many more victims would there be today if he stood around waiting, while some soft-bellied idiot in a suit twiddled his thumbs in an office waiting for the paperwork to come through?
That’s not how I work.
Which in turn led to him being out of a job. Again.

Grumbling, he slid his FUC badge across the scarred desktop. He’d miss the symbol, not just because of the paycheck and benefits, but because he’d truly enjoyed working for FUC. The Furry United Coalition made him feel he was doing something to help his fellow shifters. It gave him a sense of purpose.

Where else would he find a job that would pay him to let loose the hunter inside him?

The slaps of commiseration from his fellow agents did nothing to dispel his gloom and neither did the several drafts of beer he downed at a local bar. He didn’t drink for long, not at five bucks a glass. Grabbing a case of beer, he headed for home where he could marinate in the injustice of his dismissal.

He still had a hard time wrapping his head around it. After all he’d done and achieved. How could they toss him out like that? Sure, he could have perhaps tempered his actions and not engaged the weasel until he’d cleared the propane station. Just like he could have taken a look around before shifting. In his defense, the homeless man in his cardboard box of a home who’d seen him morph wasn’t the most reliable of eye-witness accounts. But no one listened. FUC screwed him over, without lube and without a care.

Unemployed with no skills other than that of a cop and ex soldier, what could he do? His severance package would only last so long. The idea of returning to a mundane job lacking the excitement and thrill of detective work didn’t appeal. And it wasn’t as if he could use his FUC credentials to get himself hired by the human authorities. Besides, did he really want to work under some pencil pushing human?

Flipping on his television, he sulked in his La-Z-Boy chair, channel surfing until he came across an action show involving some dude with a mullet wearing sunglasses chasing someone down a dirty alley. It took him a few minutes to realize he wasn’t watching fiction but a reality show called
Dog, The Bounty Hunter

Does this guy actually get paid to chase and take into custody bail jumpers?
He straightened in his seat, his interest piqued. When the show ended, Everett hopped on to his laptop and did some Google searching. Not only were bounty hunters—who also went by the lofty title of fugitive recovery agents—paid to go after bad guys who tried to evade punishment, they did so without many of the restrictions he’d faced in an office environment. The icing on the cake, though? Dog got to wear cool freaking clothes and keep his hair as long as he liked.

I could do that job
. Of course, he didn’t have an awesome mullet like that Dog fellow, but he did have a wicked pair of sideburns to rival that movie fellow, Wolverine. He also looked great in a pair of leather pants—not the real thing because he didn’t believe in using animal products as clothing unless he’d hunted and skinned it himself.

Goodbye and good riddance to FUC. Hello, Lone Wolf Agency. Huffing and puffing criminals back where they belonged, behind bars.

Chapter One

ears later...

With a mighty leap, Everett cleared the hood of the car in hot pursuit of his target. The bail jumper might have youth and agility on his side, but Everett was a pro, and a champion jumper. Those agility training classes, where he’d played the part of dog, had really paid off when it came to honing his skills. It was getting his shots at the vet so he could sign up for classes that sucked. No one, not even a paid doc for animals, should
put fingers, gloved or not, in the places this one dared. She was lucky she didn’t lose her digits for the affront. As for the friend who played the part of his owner? After Tom finished trying to kill himself via laughter, he almost died until he swore he’d never reveal the indignity.

So it was with confidence and grace, Everett’s wolf, wearing a collar and tags to promote his guise of trained service dog, tangled himself in the legs of the fleeing criminal and tripped him. The runner hit the ground and Everett pounced on his chest. A low growl and bared teeth sufficed to keep the male from moving as he blubbered, “Nice doggy. Don’t eat me.” As if he’d ruin his palate on scum.

Tom, his handler, arrived panting, partially hunched over, a hand on his hip to brace himself. “Everett, I swear to god, I am going to kill you one day, if you don’t manage to kill me first.” No, the extra large fries Tom kept ordering for lunch would. As his best friend, Everett was just doing his part to keep Tom in shape.

He lolled his tongue and winked, since talking in front of the human would probably get him in trouble.

Tom grimaced. “Don’t you give me that face. I am too old for this.”

“Yeah, and if you know what’s good for you, gramps, you’ll let me go,” the thug lying underneath Everett threatened.

A lifted lip and a rumbling snarl shut him up. Everett trotted off to the side as Tom zip tied their bounty’s hands together and marched him back to their SUV.

Another successful hunt by the LWA, short for the Lone Wolf Agency. They didn’t have their own television show yet, but all the cop shops knew, if someone slipped their bail, who to call for help. Awooo!

After they’d gotten their perp booked and the paperwork filled out to receive their check, they headed back to their office, also known as his garage. Downtown space came at a monthly premium and, given they spent as little time as possible in an office, proved neither worth it nor necessary. So long as they had a filing cabinet and a computer, they could call anywhere their office, even his cluttered garage. If it was good enough for the IRS, then it was good enough for LWA. Not to mention a short commute in the morning.

Only once the metal roll down door had hummed shut, did Everett morph from his wolf into himself. As he grabbed his pants from the pile he’d left behind, Tom continued to grumble.

“Why must they always run? Would it be so hard for them to just stand still and hold out their hands?”

“But then how would we get our exercise?”

A dirty look from his partner made Everett chuckle.

Tom continued to complain. “I’m a sloth. Our idea of exercise involves climbing a tree to find a good branch to nap on.”

“You’re no fun.”

“And you’re insane.”

“It’s why we work well together,” Everett replied with a toothy grin.

Tom shook his head. “Why me?”

Why indeed? Unlike Everett, Tom played well with others. He went to work on time. Did his job and never rocked any boats, yet when Everett had called his old friend and told him he was contemplating starting his own business as a bounty hunter, Tom quit his job as an accountant and declared himself his sidekick.

It had worked out better than expected. Given Everett’s wolf side was best for tracking fugitives, they came up with a clever plan. When they caught a suspect’s scent or ferretted out a location, Everett shifted into his wolf either in the garage or if in the field, behind the dark tinted glass of their company truck. He acted as Tom’s canine helper, albeit a really big one. Tom got perverse pleasure out of introducing him as his oversized, king-sized German shepherd. Those who knew their breeds questioned the designation, but for the most part, humans accepted the explanation, and no one made a big deal, so long as Everett didn’t maul—too badly—the suspects he took down.

BOOK: Doe and the Wolf (Furry United Coalition, #5)
10.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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