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Doing Logan

Rhian Cahill


Logan has been in love with Meredith for as long as he can remember. Seeing her with another had been its own brand of torture, but now that she’s free, nothing can stop him from claiming what is rightfully his.

The magnetism of Logan has never been lost on Meredith, but crossing the line between friend and lover scares her, even after dumping her
ex. When Logan kisses her, an attraction like she’s never known ignites, sweeping her into an affair she can’t walk away from.

As Logan fights to win her heart, Meredith wages a battle of her own. Is she willing to admit her interest stretches way beyond merely doing Logan?


An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication




Doing Logan


ISBN 9781419930942


Doing Logan Copyright © 2010 Rhian Cahill


Edited by Grace Bradley

Cover art by Syneca


Electronic book publication November 2010


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Doing Logan

Rhian Cahill



To the girls at Heat Wave, you never fail to brighten my day.






The author acknowledges not all first husbands are
and not all second wives are airheads.


Chapter One


Logan Foster was a man of action. If he wanted something, he went after it. Simple. Except for one thing. Meredith
. Where she was concerned, his courage disappeared completely. For over twenty years she’d had him tied in knots and unable to be his usual assertive self. He’d be putty in her hands if she ever decided to touch him. His cock throbbed, he’d grown hard from the moment she arrived and the thought of her hands wrapped around his length had him aching with need.

Watching her from across the room, Logan couldn’t help but feel pride in the way she held her head high. He’d been pissed off at their host when he’d discovered the man had invited Dirk and his new trophy wife to the party. He doubted Meredith had known and when their hostess had dragged her husband off to a corner for a little private discussion, Logan could only conclude that he’d also neglected to tell his wife the weasel was coming. He wasn’t sure who he wanted to punch more. Their host or Dirk for putting Meredith in such a difficult position.

The man had barely waited for the ink to dry on their divorce and now he was parading the new Mrs.
under the nose of the one he’d spent years betraying. Logan could kick himself for never telling Meredith what he knew about Dirk’s indiscretions. His only excuse was the fact he’d known it would hurt her and the last thing he ever wanted to inflict on Meredith was pain. He’d been a coward. The thought that she might shoot the messenger had stopped him from doing what was right by the woman he’d been in love with for most of his life.

He sighed. Nothing else, no one else, had the power to bring him to his knees like Meredith. They’d grown up together. He’d even been the idiot to introduce her to her ex-husband. And hadn’t he rued that day for most of his adult life. Why Logan had never tried to cross the line of friend to lover with Meredith in their long history was beyond him. The woman just scrambled his brains.

She stood talking to their hostess, the two of them smiling and laughing as though there was nothing wrong with Dirk and Barbie being here. Logan had to hand it to her, she had every right to be angry and upset but instead she acted like she didn’t know they existed. If he wasn’t mistaken, Meredith’s lack of reaction was beginning to get up the new Mrs.

Sure enough, Barbie made her way over to where Meredith stood. He quickly glanced at Dirk to see the other man wearing an amused smirk. Logan had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach and before he thought about it, he headed toward Meredith. In seconds he was by her side but he need not have rushed, she had it all under control.

“I don’t know why you have to be such a bitch. I won Dirk and there’s nothing you can do about it so leave us alone.” Barbie’s shrill voice was a little too loud.

“I’m not sure why you think you won. Dirk isn’t a prize catch. In fact, I think he’s on par with the ones fishermen throw back.” Meredith turned to face him, a genuine smile on her lips unlike the fake one she’d just had plastered to her face. “Logan.”

She enveloped him in a hug, her scent and warmth surrounding him. He couldn’t help it, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body flush against his. The erection confined in his pants pulsed at the contact of her soft curves to his hard muscles. He breathed in deep and the smell of her filled his lungs—teased his senses. They held on a little too long, but Logan couldn’t bring himself to care what others might think.

With a final squeeze, she let go and stepped back. The emotions swirling in her brown eyes made his breath catch and his heart skip a beat. All too quickly she blinked and the look was gone but he could swear he’d seen arousal mixed with fear and determination. Logan also saw the fine tremor in her smile as she turned back to their hostess. In a protective instinct he couldn’t curb, he placed his hand on her lower back.

“No one told me you two were an item.”

The angry words came from Logan’s left. Although Meredith didn’t visibly move, he felt her spine stiffen beneath his fingers as he turned to find Dirk had joined them.

“I’m not sure that it’s any of your business, Dirk,” Logan said through gritted teeth.

As usual, the man proved to be the ass he was and ignored the warning in Logan’s voice.

“Of course it’s my business. She’s my wife.”

The gasp from Barbie had heads turning all around them. At first Logan thought Meredith was going to cry, but then he realized she was trying very hard not to laugh. He was more than glad she saw the funny side of it because he would have had to punch Dirk if he’d brought her to tears in front of everyone. Before anyone else uttered a word Barbie’s hand connected with Dirk’s cheek and as all conversation stopped the slap echoed off the walls, followed by the click-clack of stiletto heels on tile as Barbie stormed from the room.

“I do believe there’s a piece of paper and a second wife who might argue that statement, Dirk.” Their hostess’s voice rang with censure. “That would be the wife who just stormed out of here. I think you better go find her and take her home.”

The rest of Dirk’s face turned as red as the handprint gracing one cheek. Dirk aimed his angry gaze at Meredith. “This isn’t over.” He spun on his heel and followed Barbie’s path.

A cloak of silence fell heavy over the room, all waited to see what would happen next. Logan wasn’t surprised when Meredith began to apologize.

“Joan, I’m so sorry to bring my dirty laundry—”

“Don’t you dare, Meredith. The dirty laundry was never yours and everyone knows it.” She threw a daggered look over at her husband. “If it wasn’t for certain people without the balls to say no, Dirk never would have been here so it’s me who owes you the apology.”

“No one but Dirk needs to say sorry and that rodent wouldn’t know a true apology if it was a monkey crawling up his ass,” Logan murmured.

Meredith’s gaze darted to Logan’s, a smile curling the corner of her sexy mouth. His gut tightened and once again he placed his hand on her lower back to offer his support. He was pleased when she leaned against him.

“Joan, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll go. I’m suddenly not in the mood to socialize. Can I use your phone to call a cab?” Meredith asked.

“I’ll take you home.” The words were out of Logan’s mouth before he’d thought them.

Meredith looked at him. “Are you sure? I hate to drag you away from the party.”

“No it’s fine. I’m sure Joan would prefer to know you got home safe than have me here.” He turned to the other woman.

“Yes, Meredith. Let Logan drive you home.”

“We’re set then.” Logan didn’t give Meredith time to argue. He cupped her elbow and urged her toward the front door, thankful her purse was over her shoulder and they didn’t have to collect it.

They weaved their way through the quiet crowd. He could imagine what the topic of conversation would be when they left together but he couldn’t bring himself to care. For the first time in twenty years he was taking action. Before the night was over Meredith would know he wanted her and planned to have her.

* * * * *

Meredith couldn’t believe they talked about the weather. She was trying to get up the courage to ask Logan inside for coffee and all that came out was “nice weather we’ve been having”. If it wouldn’t make her look more of a twit she’d slap herself upside the head. The closer they got to her house the more tense she became. It didn’t help that the man oozed sex. From the way he moved to the way he smelled, Logan Foster projected dark forbidden pleasure.

Over the years she’d found him attractive but ever since her world had turned upside down her body had gone on
whenever he was near. Meredith had never experienced this type of arousal before. Not even in the early days of her and Dirk’s relationship did she have this intense need burning through her. She licked her lips and fidgeted in her seat, squeezing her thighs together to ease her throbbing clit.

A groan drew her gaze to Logan. His fingers curled around the steering wheel in a death grip that bleached his knuckles white. The muscles and veins in his arms bulged and tension vibrated along his biceps until it reached his rigid shoulders. He was staring at her. His nostrils flared and he sucked in a deep breath.

“We’re here,” he ground out through his clenched jaw.

She hadn’t noticed the car stop, never mind that they’d arrived at her house. Logan’s gaze held hers captive and in the toffee brown depths she saw desire so great her insides shivered. No man had ever looked at her in quite that way and the nerve endings already sparking blazed to life. Heat rushed over her skin and she found it hard to catch her breath. Her mouth was dry and her tongue refused to form the words she longed to say.

Meredith knew it was now or never and she really didn’t want it to be the latter. Taking a deep breath, she licked her lips and mentally crossed her fingers.

“Would you like to come in for coffee?” A rush of air left her chest and she sagged back against her seat.

He didn’t answer—didn’t move—and Meredith feared she’d just made a complete fool of herself. Embarrassment bloomed and flooded her cheeks with warmth. She reached for the door handle, ready to bolt inside and hide until he drove away, but a hand on her arm stopped her before she could pop the latch.

“Look at me, Meredith.” His voice was scratchy, like gravel under boots.

His hand tugged her arm until she turned to face him. What she saw in his eyes sent her pulse racing and heat flaring in her belly.

“If I come in there, it won’t be for coffee. I’m too old for games so I’ll tell it to you straight. I want you. I’ve always wanted you.” He leaned closer. “And if I come in for coffee I’ll have you.”

Hot breath fanned over her lips and Meredith couldn’t stop her tongue from slipping out to taste it. Logan made a strangled sound before his lips touched hers—a feather-like brush of flesh on flesh. He jerked back and let go of her arm. His pupils were so dilated there was no trace of their creamy brown color. She sat frozen in place, hypnotized by the look of want in his eyes.

With jerky movements, she yanked on the door handle and pushed it open, her gaze still locked with his. She swung her legs out of the low sports car until her sandals hit the ground. Not once did she look away. Feet firmly planted on the curb she stared at him for what seemed like hours but could only be seconds.

Meredith turned and pushed herself out of the seat. The black car so low to the ground she had to bend almost double to peer back inside.

“So, are you coming?”

Logan’s nostrils flared as he sucked in a breath. Naked lust burned in his eyes and she was pleased he hadn’t missed her blatant double
. Straightening, she stepped back and closed the door. Unable to wait and see what he would do, Meredith headed up her front walk. The rumble of the engine behind her died and her heart skipped a beat before powering back at double speed. Gulping hard, she made her way to the door, one hand frantically searching for her keys in the bottom of her purse.

She fumbled the key in the lock as Logan joined her on the porch. The lock clicked and the door swung inward. They were a step apart as they passed the threshold. Meredith pulled the key free and tossed the key ring and her purse on the small entry table. With one hand on the door she turned and closed it.


There was no time to wonder what Logan was apologizing for. Her back hit the wall and his mouth slanted over hers. This kiss was nothing like the one in the car. Hot lashes of his tongue had her opening to him. He swept inside, touching, tasting, devouring. Wet velvet ribbons unfurled inside her and rolled out until every inch of her melted against his hard body. With lips, tongue and teeth he ate at her. Consumed her in a fiery lip-lock that incinerated all memory of previous kisses.

Her fingers curled over his shoulders, nails digging in as she held on for the ride of her life. His hands weren’t idle either. With a skill that terrified and thrilled her in equal measure, Logan undid the buttons on her blouse, each one popping free with ease under his masterful fingers. Would he play her so easily? He sucked her tongue into his mouth at the same time his fingers found one pebbled nipple and tugged. Sharp darts of pleasure filled her. Each zeroing in on sensitive nerves and exploding into a need that clawed at her.

He pushed his hips into hers and ground his erection against her mound. Moisture filled her panties—slick and hot, it coated her pussy. She hooked one leg around his thigh and tilted her pelvis, dragged her clit along his length. Her hips bucked in desperation as her orgasm approached with frightening speed.

Logan tore his mouth from hers. Panting for breath, her head fell back to rest on the wall behind her. He continued to tug at her nipple—when he’d pulled her breast from her bra cup she didn’t know. She’d never been this close to orgasm without prolonged foreplay. Before now it had usually been her own hand finishing what Dirk couldn’t. Logan’s lips traveled down her chest and sucked a taut bud into his mouth and all thought of the past disintegrated.

Their hips thrust faster, Logan’s hand and mouth pulled harder and Meredith lost touch with reality. Her head thrashed and her body buckled as the orgasm rolled over her. Being pressed between Logan and the wall was the only thing that kept her from crumpling to the floor. Stars burst in front of her eyes and her mind spun like she rode a merry-go-round. Muscles tight with tension suddenly gave way and she slumped into Logan’s embrace.

With ease he lifted her off her feet and cradled her in his arms. Her head rested on his shoulder and she struggled to raise her heavy eyelids. The rock and roll of his steps made it more enticing to lay her head down and sleep but a small part of her mind still worked and she dredged up enough energy to speak.

“Bedroom. Last. On right.”

He turned sideways to enter her room. Dropping her on the bed, he came down on top of her. Meredith forced her eyelids to open and found herself staring into Logan’s heated gaze.

“Before we go any further you have to know, this isn’t a one-time deal. We do this and it’s the start of something. I won’t be your rebound guy. I’ll be the only guy.”

BOOK: DoingLogan
10.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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