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Eclipse of the Heart


The Interdimensional Saga, Book 4













This book is a work of fiction. All of the characters,
organizations, and events portrayed in this novel are either products of the
author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Copyright (c) 2016 J.L. Hendricks


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Cover Illustration by Dawnya Goode

Eclipse Design by Michael Anderle

First Edition May, 2016

All rights reserved. Copyright © 2016 J.L. Hendricks




This book is
dedicated to

My Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.


This book is part of a series and best read in the following

Book 1 – Eclipse of the Warrior

Book 2 – Eclipse of the Soul

Book 3 – The Eclipse of Power

Book 4 – Eclipse of the Heart

Book 5 – To be named (This was an unplanned book, my story
begged for this to happen so I am going along for the ride. I hope you like it)


Chapter One


“Good morning B’Lana. How did you sleep?” The reverend asked
me as I walked into the kitchen for breakfast.

“Pretty good all things considered. I guess my life is going
to be full of fighting and killing from now on?” I couldn’t believe how many
times I have had to fight in the past few months.

“Dear, there are a few things we should probably discuss now
that you have recovered from the attack yesterday. I understand you won’t be
needed at the courthouse until later today. Why don’t we go outside after you
eat and sit in the garden?”

“That sounds wonderful, thank you Reverend.”

About 30 minutes later the Reverend walked me to a nice
shady spot in the garden.

“Please tell me you are going to help me understand what all
of this prophecy talk is about? I don’t see how I am to fulfill some thousand
year old prophecy.”

“We don’t know a lot about the prophets from old, but we do
know that every one of their prophecies have come true, with the exception of a
handful. One is about a girl who is from Earth. She becomes a hybrid Sennafae
and rescues her people from a great evil. She makes quite a few allies along
the way, and it was even foreseen that she would bond with a dragonette; that
is the ultimate honor for us. We only have a small amount of them left on this

“Some think that evil has come already and you are the key
to stopping it. While others believe you will bring the evil with you. And of
course there are those who want the evil to thrive. So you see, you will need
to be extra vigilant while you are here, and even when you return to Earth.
There will be Sennafae and Rippers who will try to destroy you.” The Reverend
sure knew how to make a girl feel special.

“Is that all you know? Isn’t there anything else you can
tell me?” That couldn’t be all there is? How could that small amount of
information be enough to cause such a problem?

“The rest is a bit confusing, it states that she will fall
in love and her love will sacrifice himself for her. Although we don’t know if
that means he will die. Ash and Lancer both have already sacrificed a lot for
you. Lancer is on trial now because of you.”

“Wait, I’m the reason he is on trial? How can that be?”

“He turned you into a hybrid without getting permission
first. Also, he sent a lot of warriors to their death because you wanted the
Earthlings saved.”

“So, it’s my fault he’s here? That’s so not cool! How can
you say such a thing?”
Is that why he was so cool towards me when I arrived?
That would explain his behavior.

“Ok, so if I believe what you say, and I am not saying I do,
what is it exactly that I am supposed to do? Kill the ‘evil’ you mentioned? How
is that possible?”

“Like I said, we don’t know much, just that you will be the
savior of your people. That could mean you will save the future Sennafae
Hybrids or you will save the Earthlings from the rippers. Both are you people.
But you must remember, now that you have long life, you may be many years from
fulfilling the prophecy. Please don’t expect to be doing this now or even in
the next few years.

“Take this time to learn about our culture and to study
everything you can about fighting techniques and various weapons. It could be
another 100 years before you see the end of the prophecy; if it is even you who
is to fulfill it.” The reverend looked at me with a pensive face and brought
his hand up to his chin and just said, “Hmm”. That was it nothing else, and
then he walked away.

I ran to catch up to him, “Sir, what did that mean? Is there
more to tell me?”

“I’m sorry B’Lana but I must get ready for the trial, and I
believe you need to as well. We can talk again later, after I have had a chance
to look further into the prophecy.”

With that he left me standing there in the garden, alone.

I felt like I was more confused at that point than I was the
day before. What did he mean that both Lancer and Ash have sacrificed a lot for
Am I supposed to fall in love with one of them? That’s crazy! One hates
me and the other loves every woman he encounters!


“Are your court proceedings similar to those on Earth?” I
asked Ash as we walked into the courthouse.

“Yes, it is similar. Let’s sit towards the back, so we don’t
draw too much attention.” Ash said as he grabbed my hand and led me towards a
row of seats in the back of the courtroom.

We seated ourselves right before the Judge came out to
resume the proceedings.

I leaned over to Ash and asked him, “Have you had a chance
to set up a shopping trip for me with your sister yet? I would love to meet

“Shh, we can discuss this later. No talking during the
trial.” I was sure Ash was just trying to avoid the shopping discussion.

The judge looked at me and smiled. But it wasn’t a nice, friendly
smile. He thrust-out his chest and tilted his head while his lips moved into a
tight line with just a hint of an upturn at the edges. He had this knowing look
on his face, like he was waiting for me or something.

“This afternoon we have a very esteemed guest with us.
B’Lana, please do be a dear and come up here so we can meet you.” It was not an
invitation, but a demand.

I stood up and smiled my sweetest smile I could muster at
that moment. As I walked past Ash he quickly grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

I walked up towards the judge and noticed that the space for
the jury was empty. There were two attorneys up front, one with three people I
didn’t recognize and on the other side of the room was Lancer and his attorney.
The Reverend was sitting with them as well.

I stopped right between the tables where the two sides sat,
but directly in front of the Judge.

“Do you know who I am, B’Lana?” The Judge asked me.

“I am sorry, but I don’t know your name sir.”

“I am High Judge Cyrus Tepal. I also hold a seat on the High
Council.” He said while looking down his nose at me. His entire demeanor told
me he did not like me.

“Your Honor, it is nice to meet you. Should I address you as
your Honor? Or do the Sennafae have a different title for their judicial
leaders?” I stood straight with my hands behind my back. Making sure I looked
him straight in the eyes and showed no signs of fear.

“Your Honor is fine, thank you. Please have a seat to my
right.” He motioned for me to sit in a chair to his right. It wasn’t very different
from what I had seen back on earth. The judge sat up higher than everyone else,
but the witness would sit on the right of the judge instead of the left.

“We do things a bit different from Earth. While this is a
trial, it is more of an informal hearing. There is not a jury to hand down a
verdict. I will decide the fate of Lancer, and possibly others.”
What did he
mean by that?

I decided to listen in to his thoughts, I knew it was wrong,
but I had a weird feeling about this guy.

“She is nothing special. I doubt she is the one the
prophecy spoke of. Either way, we will have to eliminate her and her friends.
But I must appear to be impartial. It won’t happen here.”

I looked over at Ash and sent him a replay of what I heard
coming from the judge.

“B, don’t worry about that now, just answer his questions
and be as nice and sweet as you can. I know that is going to be difficult for
you, but you must try.”

I started to laugh but immediately stopped and looked at
Lancer. The judge saw me laugh.

“B’Lana, is there something funny about what I said?”

“No your Honor, I am sorry for my outburst. This is just so
surreal. I have only been a part of this world for a few months and sometimes
it can be a bit much to take in. I didn’t mean any disrespect. I just can’t believe
this is all happening to me.” I tried to play the sweet, innocent girl who was
out of her league. I hope he bought it.

“Yes… well… back to what I was saying. The attorneys will
each ask you a series of questions; I can interrupt any time I want with
questions of my own. Do you understand?”

“Yes, your Honor, I do.”

“Wonderful, let’s get started, shall we? Harper, you may
start the questioning.” The judge addressed the attorney sitting across from
Wonderful, the other side gets to grill me first.

They both asked me questions and the judge did interrupt
more than a few times to ask his questions. It seemed like it was at least two
hours before they let me leave the stand. As I walked away my stomach started
gurgling.  It must be late, I felt the beginnings of hunger pains as I walked
back to Ash.

The judge dismissed everyone for the day and we all went
back to the Reverend’s house for dinner.

Chapter Two


The next morning it was just Ash and I at breakfast. I was
getting anxious to get out of the Reverend’s house for the day and see some
sights. My left knee kept bouncing up and hitting the table.

“B’Lana, please stop hitting the table with your knee, it’s
very distracting” Ash put his hand on my knee to calm it down.

“What are we going to do about the judge? It sounded like he
might be one of those who is against us?”

“B’Lana, I will pass along your concern to a few close
friends of mine I know I can trust. I will ask them to keep an eye on him. Will
that make you feel better?”

“Yes, thanks Ash.” I put my left hand on his right and gave
it a quick squeeze.

“Ash, I know you don’t want to go shopping with me, and you
probably don’t want me to leave the compound, but I can’t stand to stay here
anymore! I need to get out and see some sights, please. We can bring a good
size group with us and I bet if we stick to bigger shopping areas we will be
just fine. I need a few things and Cash said he would contact his sister to
have her take me out. What about your sister? Oh, and Xandrie too! I bet she would
love to come along for a shopping trip. You wouldn’t even have to go with us
with that many fae warriors shopping with me.”

“B’Lana you are not going to be out of my sight the entire
time you are here. I would be sharing your room with you if we weren’t staying
with the reverend.” Ash winked at me when he said that last part and then gave
me his sexy smile that just sent shivers down my spine.
Why can’t I get that
kiss out of my head?

“Ha, ha, ha, you think you are so funny don’t you. You would
not be sharing my bed with me, no matter where we stayed.” Stink! Now I want
him to sleep with me. I miss those days in the beginning when we were allowed
to share a bed because of the nightmares be both had. I don’t miss the
nightmares, but I do miss his arms around me. Oh brother, I’m in trouble now.
Who do I like more? The one who hates me or the one who just wants to play with
me? Wait, I don’t like either of them. Neither would be good for me.

“Seriously though, if you don’t want to go shopping I can
just get another group to take me. I need a few things from the mall, like a
swimsuit and some shorts. It is really hot here.”

“B, I will be happy to help you pick out a new swimsuit.”
Ash looked over my body with what I could only assume was desire in his eyes. I
felt very flattered but also very uncomfortable with the way he was looking at
me. It was almost like he was a hunter and I was his prey. He even bit his
bottom lip while looking me over.

“Just call your sister and Cash’s too. I would like to go
out this afternoon if possible. Unless we are going back to the courthouse?”

“No, we aren’t needed at the courthouse today. Lancer’s
attorney called this morning and said that they only had a few more witnesses
to call. He thinks it might be wrapped up the end of the week. Did you want to
stay until we know what happens?”

“Yes, I would really like to be here for Lancer, even if he
doesn’t want me around.”

“What do you mean? Of course he wants you here. He wants
both of us here.”

“Then why isn’t he talking to me? We are staying in the same
house and he ignores me or avoids me whenever possible. I thought we were
friends, but I think he might be mad at me for the trouble he is in. I can’t
really blame him. It is my fault.”

“B, it’s not your fault!” Ash came over and put his arms
around me and hugged me close. “He doesn’t blame you at all. He knows his
actions were his choices to make. And we both agreed he did the right thing. 
What is happening now is inconvenient to be sure, but he knows it is just a
political thing. He won’t be in any real trouble from this. We both expect that
he will come back to Earth and take back leadership of Squad 1. Everything will
go back to the way it was.”

I wrapped my arms around him and sighed heavily, “Thank you,
but I do think he is mad at me right now. If he isn’t, then why does he ignore

I looked up into Ash’s eyes at that moment and wanted
nothing more than to kiss him right there; which of course I couldn’t do. For
one, we were in the Reverends house and two, Ash didn’t have the same feelings
that I did. He was a player and I couldn’t let him hurt me.

Ash looked right back at me and a small smile started on his
lips as his head moved closer to mine. His lips grazed the side of my face as
he started to whisper, “B, if you don’t stop looking at me like that, I will
have to find a quiet place for us to finish what we started the other night in
the garden. I don’t think Fillie will appreciate that very much.” Then he
kissed my cheek and stepped back from our embrace.

I could feel my cheeks getting hot with embarrassment, or
was it desire? I looked down at my feet and said, “Ash, I don’t think we should
finish that at all.”

I took a deep breath, and looked up at him with a straight
face, “Let’s find out who wants to go shopping and get everyone ready for that.
Is there a restaurant we can all go eat at before shopping?”

Ash just gave me his patented lover boy smirk, and said,
“Whatever you say B, I know you want me to kiss you again.” Then he walked off
to make some phone calls.

“Fillie, are you around here somewhere? I need to talk to
I reached out via mind speak since I hadn’t seen her all morning.

“Hey girlie, good morning to you too. I’m not near the
house. I’m surprised you can reach me this far out so soon. Did you know I’m
over 100 miles away right now? How far could you mind speak with Ash before we

“We only tried it a few miles before we came over here.
Do you think it’s because of the bond you and I share now? And good morning to
you too.”

“The bond could have intensified this ability between us.
The last Fae I was bonded to couldn’t reach me past 50 miles, but he couldn’t
mind speak with anyone else either. We will have to see how far this works.
Very interesting. How about any more abilities? Have you tried to do anything
else besides listen and speak to anyone using your mind?”

“I do have one other ability, but I’m afraid to speak of
it. And I haven’t tried anything else yet. What else could there be?”

I went back to my room and sat down on my bed for more privacy,
and so that no one would know I was speaking to Fillie. I didn’t want to have
to answer any questions at that point, in case anyone knew how far away Fillie

“Why are you afraid to speak to me about it? We are
bonded. That means that I will do anything to protect you. Even keep secrets,
although I keep secrets all the time from just about everyone. So don’t worry
about me, my lips are sealed.”

“Do you even have lips?”
I chuckled out loud as well
as through the mind link.

“Don’t go making fun of me young lady, I may be a little
dragonette but I am still your elder! Now tell me why you’re afraid.”

“Ash made it clear to me that I’m too keep my powers
secret for as long as I can. There are too many who would try and use me, or
destroy me, because of my powers. Even General Avex was compromised and
ultimately died because of it.”

“Well, I am sorry to hear the General died, but you need
to be honest with me. I can help you. You do realize that I have more powers
than just mind speak, right?”

“No, I didn’t know that. I don’t know much about you or
about your kind. Maybe you should come back and go sightseeing with me today?
We could get to know each other better.”
I felt better when Fillie was
around, like she was another protector of mine. I realized that I needed her.
It was the bond, I was sure of it. With her gone, I felt like something was
missing from my soul. I was sad and lonely, even though the compound was full
of fae warriors, some of whom I called friend. But without Fillie, I felt

“Girlie, I can’t be there for the sightseeing trip, but I
will be there this evening. Stay close to that Ash fellow, he will take care of
you. But no more kissing! I don’t think he is the one for you. Besides, don’t
you have enough to worry about right now?”

“Fillie, are you jealous? Do you have a crush on Ash? You
do know that he is just a player, right? I may be attracted to him, but I don’t
think he feels the same for me. He wants me, but I think it is more about
conquest than actual feelings for me.”
I knew that Ash only wanted what he
couldn’t have.

“What are you blind? That boy can’t take his eyes off you
whenever you are near him. I have only known you two for a couple of days, but
I have followed you since you first arrived. I noticed that he is always
touching you or looking at you. That boy has it bad for you! But be careful, I
don’t trust him to take care of your heart.”

“Ok, Ok, enough boy talk. Where are you and why can’t you
be here today?”

“I am visiting family, telling them about you and to let
them know I won’t be around for a while. Don’t worry, you will get sick of me
always stopping Ash from touching you or kissing you soon.”

“Alright, I’ll see you tonight Fillie.”
I laughed
after we said goodbye as I thought back on what Fillie said about Ash caring
deeply for me. I just didn’t see it.

After my strange conversation with Fillie I went to find Ash
and see what the plans were.

Ash was out in the garden sitting alone on a bench. He had
this pensive look on his face, like he was a million miles away. His right hand
was touching his lips and his eyes were half way closed.

“Ash, am I disturbing you?” I asked as I walked up to him
and touched his shoulder.

He took his hand and put it on my arm and pulled me down
next to him on the bench. “No, you are just the person I was hoping to see. I
was able to get ahold of my sister as well as Cash’s sister. Xandrie is going
to join us all for shopping and lunch today. I have just the place to go for
lunch. Do you like seafood?” Ash was slowly moving his hand up and down my arm
while he spoke to me. It felt too good, my arm was very warm and the tingling
feeling that started where he touched me started moving towards my heart. I
knew I was in trouble, but I couldn’t fight the attraction.

I scooted a bit closer to him on the bench and laid my head
on his shoulder. “Yes, I do like seafood actually. Is yours like ours? Or do
you guys eat weird creatures from the sea?” I laughed a little bit as I said
that last question. I imagined strange flying water creatures that had been
caught and were cooked whole before getting on our plates.

“We might have one or two sea creatures that are different,
but most are the same. Don’t worry, you won’t have to eat anything you don’t
like.” Ash kissed the top of my head after he wrapped his arm around me.

“Thank you for arranging this for me. I know we are taking a
chance, but I really want to see your world. I don’t know when I will get
another opportunity to see it all.”

“It’s dangerous, but I agree that you should see everything
you can. I know I worry about your safety a lot, it’s because I care about you.
I trust you to take care of yourself, I do. It’s the rippers I don’t trust.
Most seem to want to capture you, but a few want to drink you dry. Both of
those scenarios scare me. It would kill me if something happened to you.”

Ash turned towards me and took my face in his hands and
looked directly into my eyes and said, “You do know how much I care for you, don’t
you? I would do anything to keep you safe.”

“I know that I am your responsibility and that we are
friends, good friends. I would do anything to keep you safe as well Ash. But I
need you to stop being so flirty with me, it is very confusing and distracting.”
I tried to pull back from his hands but he moved one hand behind my head and
pulled me close to him.

He leaned forward and touched his forehead to mine and
almost whispered, “B, I am not being a playboy here, I really do care for you.
I know what Lancer said about me. Most of it’s true, I was a playboy and a huge
flirt. When we first met, I didn’t have the best intentions. But over these
past few months I have grown to care very deeply for you. I would never do
anything to hurt you. I hope you understand that.”

“I… I am not sure I do. I know you care for me, and that we
have become very close friends. And I trust you with my life. I am just not
sure I can trust you with my heart.” Ash leaned in closer and barely touched
his lips to mine. It was one of the purest, yet most intense kisses I have ever
shared with anyone, human or fae. His lips lingered on mine for only a few
moments and then he moved to the side of my mouth and started leaving a trail
of soft, sweet kisses along my jaw line up to my earlobe. He softly kissed my
earlobe and brought it into his teeth and nibbled it. I gasped and grabbed on
to his arms with all my might as I closed my eyes and a small moan escaped my

Just then someone walked out into the garden and we both
quickly jumped away from each other.

Lancer walked over to where we were standing, “There you
are. I have been looking everywhere for you B’Lana. Can we talk, privately?”
Lancer looked at Ash and me with a quizzical look on his face. “What were you
two doing out here alone?”

“Hi Lancer, we were just talking about everything going on
and the need to be careful when we go shopping today.” I answered without
looking at either of them. I was focused on a flower near me, hoping he didn’t
see how guilty I felt.

“I was also telling B’Lana about the seafood place we were
all going to for lunch. I’ll go get everyone ready and double check the
vehicles for safety. B’Lana come out front when you’re ready. Be sure to grab
your pouch of throwing knives from the armory. I took them in there last night
to have them cleaned and sharpened.”

BOOK: Eclipse of the Heart
13.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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