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Entranced By Him

BOOK: Entranced By Him

Entranced by Him

By: Cassandra Harper

Published by Cassandra Harper

Copyright 2014 Cassandra Harper

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I jolted awake and nearly fell out of bed
rolling over to turn off the alarm. 7:49 stared at me in accusing
red LED. Shit, I was late for work! I scrambled up and rushed into
the bathroom. Eight minutes later I was pulling on clothes while
trying to tame my wet hair. Finally I gave up and settled for a
slouchy bun. Business casual Friday, right? A pencil skirt, blouse,
and flats would have to do. I grimaced. Today I finished an
internship at Donovan Enterprises and I originally wanted to go out
with a bang. Instead I was going to toe the line of acceptable
apparel. No time to dwell on it now. I found my purse and just
barely remembered to snatch my keys off the rack on the way out.
Today was going to be a rough day.

I zoned out to some music on the way to work,
trying to settle my nerves. Rumor had it that Logan Donovan, the
owner of the company, often threw a going-away party for the
interns on their last day as a way to weed through potential
employees. I shivered just thinking about it. Beginning my career
at Donovan Enterprises would be a great head start, but the idea of
being hired by the top man himself was daunting. Maybe it would be
better if I crawled my way up the ladder all on my own.

I made it to my desk by 8:38 and no one seemed
the wiser. My fellow interns looked a mixture of relieved, bored,
and terrified. Apparently not everyone had gotten the memo. Focus,
Lily. You need to make an impression, even on your last day. For
the next three hours I busied myself with a myriad of excel

I was about to go to lunch when Gina, a fellow
intern, stopped by and said, “Did you hear? Mr. Donovan himself is
coming down to see us off! If I had known that I would’ve worn my
sexy boots!” She winked at me and sashayed to the elevator. My
heart rate skyrocketed. I did not need this today!

After lunch I threw myself into my work. Maybe
if I busted my ass it would make up for my disheveled appearance.
The hours flew by and before I knew it 5:30 arrived.

I saved and closed my last document and looked
up to find a tall, immaculately dressed man standing at my desk. I
inhaled sharply and my fingers trembled as I moved the mouse to
shut down the computer.

“Good day, Ms. Hughes. Lillian, is it? I’m
pleased to see you’re still working. I take notice of that kind of
initiative. I do believe it is time for my somewhat ritualistic
sending off of interns. Would you care to join us?” he asked,
extending a hand to a nearby conference room where everyone was

“O-of course, Mr. Donovan. It would be my
pleasure,” I responded, flushing. I tried combing through my hair
with my fingers to catch any flyaways and followed him down the

As we walked I took in his features. I found him
terribly attractive, tall dark and handsome in his tailored
foreign-made suit. A true Adonis, he was broad shouldered, fit, and
tanned. While not young, he was still in his prime and looked
smoking hot. He also happened to be in control of the fastest
growing marketing firm in Chicago and as such was far, far beyond
my league. Still, I found my mind wandering to entirely
inappropriate thoughts. His hands coursing over my body, grasping
and caressing in just the right spots…

I shook my head to clear it and found Mr.
Donovan holding the door open for me, an eyebrow raised in
question. I blushed furiously and darted into the room. I made my
way over to the refreshments and promptly scarfed down a
cheesecake-stuffed strawberry from the fruit platter. I spent the
next half hour mingling with everyone, though I felt Mr. Donovan’s
eyes on me more than once. Could he be interested in me? Don’t be
ridiculous, I told myself. If nothing else, he probably thinks
you’re a little crazy.

Finally, after what seemed like ages, Mr.
Donovan cleared his throat and began, “I’d like to thank all of you
for taking an interest in my company with this internship. I know
most of you are only here for the résumé builder, and that’s
perfectly fine. Others have a genuine interest in this company, and
the rest of you I can only guess at. You are all welcome to stay as
late as you’d like tonight, but if any of you would like to speak
to me about advancing your career here, you have only to ask. I’ll
be available in my office on the top floor. Please enjoy yourselves
and I hope to see you all in successful business careers in the

With that he began to make his way out of the
room. He paused here and there to say a few words to my colleagues.
As he drew closer to me, my heart began to pound. Certainly it was
just a coincidence he took the long way around the room towards the
door? He stopped mere inches from me and leaned in close, his green
eyes piercing mine. “I would especially like to see you in my
office, Ms. Hughes. I believe we have a lot to talk about.”

Before I could respond he was gone, and I was
left jittery and excited.

What was I going to do? Should I go for it? What
was the worst that could happen? I finished my drink and turned
determinedly towards the elevators. A few of my fellow interns were
also making their way over, Gina at the forefront, and I got in
line. Most likely he’ll pick someone else. What can he possibly see
in me?

The elevator ride was oddly quiet. Everyone
seemed introspective, and I could practically feel some of them
practicing their self-aggrandizing speeches. When we reached the
top floor, I took a seat in one of the chairs in the waiting room
outside Mr. Donovan’s office. A tall girl in a smart-looking
business suit knocked on the door first. I heard Mr. Donovan invite
her in.

Over the next hour and a half, former interns
filtered into and out of the office. It seemed that every time I
was about to stand up for my turn, someone slipped in before I
could even lift a finger. I found myself growing more nervous by
the minute. What if I ended up being last? Certainly he he’ll have
made his choices by then. Why was I even still waiting? And yet
something kept me rooted to that seat. Something in the way he
looked at me, maybe.

“Ms. Hughes? Would you still like to talk?” I
jumped and looked around wildly. Suddenly I was alone on the top
floor of Donovan Enterprises with Logan Donovan himself.

I stood shakily, smoothed my skirt and said,
“Yes sir, of course,” as I followed him into his office.

The room was huge. A monolithic desk stood dead
center of the cavernous space and two full walls were nothing but
glass. I nearly got vertigo just looking outside, and carefully sat
on a very plush sofa near the drink cabinet.

“So, Ms. Hughes,” Mr. Donovan began as he poured
two glasses of a dark amber liquid, “Why do you think I asked you
to come up here tonight?”

“Well, sir, I assumed you’re going to offer me a
job. Though I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting to take any
shortcuts this early in my career.”

He chuckled as he brought me my drink, and sat
down on the sofa next to me. “Now now Ms. Hughes, who said you were
taking shortcuts? What I’m looking for is a personal assistant,
someone who’s highly efficient, can keep my calendar in order, and
travel with me if necessary.”

I frowned and sipped at my drink. It burned like
hell on the way down, but it warmed me all the way through. “No
offense, Mr. Donovan, but I didn’t bust my ass for the last four
years to become a secretary. I’m a little disappointed if that’s
all you think I’m good for.”

“On the contrary, Ms. Hughes. I choose my
assistant very carefully. She must be intelligent, articulate, and
again, efficient, to even qualify. I need to know I can rely on her
completely. I entrust a lot of my personal dealings to my
assistant, and expect everything to run smoothly. There are certain
benefits, as well, that we can discuss in your contract. Can I
expect you in as early as Monday?”

I blinked. Clearly Mr. Donovan was accustomed to
getting his way. And what was this about a contract? That made it
sound like I was bound to him.


“It seems that only women may fill this
capacity. Any reason for that, sir?” I asked as I took another sip,
knowing the drink was making me bold.

At that, Mr. Donovan looked at me and smiled
wickedly, and my thighs clenched. Suddenly I was hot with desire. I
inhaled a sharp breath as the dawning realization of my situation
hit me. Mr. Donovan was asking me into a personal relationship; one
that he kept under control with the illusion of a professional
relationship. He could command me as he pleased at work, but in our
personal life… I realized I was nearly panting with desire as he
watched me think it through.

“Well, Ms. Hughes, do you accept my offer?” he
asked in a low, husky tone.

I looked up and locked eyes with him and knew I
was lost, already surrendering to a dream I didn’t know I longed
for so fervently. “Yes, Mr. Donovan, I accept,” I replied.

“Excellent, I’ll have the papers drawn up in the
morning. For now, I’m going to give you an introductory lesson.” He
took my hand and drew me up to my feet. He wound a hand into my
hair and I moaned softly. His touch set me on fire, and at that
second I knew I wanted him inside me. I leaned into him, knowing I
was already gone, already under his spell. He pulled my chin up
with a finger, and we kissed. His lips seared me, an electrical
current I felt all the way to my toes. I gasped and Mr. Donovan’s
eyes widened. He deepened the kiss and I willingly relented. His
tongue found mine and wrapped together, over and over.

He finally broke away and I shuddered, full of
need. “Now, Ms. Hughes,” he said, breathing hard, “I need to know
that you can perform certain… duties. If you would,” and he
gestured to his waist.

I eagerly tore at his pants, ripping his belt
off with a quick snap. I noted absently that he was a boxer-briefs
man, and filed it away just in case. Then I uncovered his member
and wrapped my hand around it. I was not disappointed in its girth
in the least. I looked up and raised an eyebrow. That garnered a
chuckle, and I felt my cheeks redden. Slowly I began stroking his
shaft, and leaned in to flick my tongue against the tip. I heard a
sharp intake of breath, and smiled. I could handle this. I made
sure to squeeze a little, and took the tip into my mouth. I ran my
tongue around the head, and tasted a drop of precum. Mr. Donovan
let out a quiet groan and fell back against the drink cabinet. I
moved with him, and took him entirely into my mouth. I relaxed my
throat and worked him back and forth.

His breath grew ragged, and he said, “That’s
good, Ms. Hughes. That’ll do for tonight.”

I wasn’t done with him, however, and didn’t
stop. I picked up the pace, and felt him tense. Before he could
pull away, I twisted my tongue against the underside of the head,
where I knew it was most sensitive and was rewarded with a muffled
curse as a shot of hot cum poured into my mouth. I pushed him to
the back of my throat and swallowed it all down.

Mr. Donovan slid down the cabinet until he was
sitting on the floor, and I knew that I was seeing him in a rare
moment of vulnerability. He was clearly a man who liked to be in
charge and, at this moment, I had been the one in charge. He
glanced up at me, and I smirked and slowly licked my lips. He
returned my smile.

“It seems to me that you’re one feisty woman,
Ms. Hughes,” he said as he caught his breath.

“I just like to make sure the job is done
thoroughly, sir,” I replied. He flashed me a boyish grin and it
took my breath away. Man, was he hot.

“I knew I could count on you. I chose well. And
now it seems that I owe you for succeeding so well on your first
assignment,” I was surprised to see that he was growing hard again
already. I bit my lip and smiled.

He rose to his feet and divested himself of his
pants. He carefully unbuttoned his shirt and removed his cufflinks.
Then he motioned for me to rise and join him near his desk. I
looked nervously out the window, but walked to him.

“Now, Ms. Hughes, if you would please bend over
the desk for me.” I obliged, internally cursing that I wasn’t
wearing heels. I felt him move behind me, pressing his member
against me. I thought my panties would combust on the spot. Mr.
Donovan slipped a hand under my skirt and ran it along my backside.
“Mmmm, I love a girl who wears thongs,” he murmured appreciatively,
before drawing them down my legs. He pushed my skirt up over my
ass, and then slapped it hard, without warning. I cried out in

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