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© 2015 Evelyn Harper


All characters
appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living
or dead, is purely coincidental.


Warning: This work
contains scenes of a graphic sexual nature and it is written for adults only (18+).
All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age.



year-old Jennifer Brooks was still shaking as she left the records room where
she and her boss, handsome CEO Philip Haas, had just had a mid-day tryst. Part
of her physical response was from the chill of the air conditioning and some
was even from the after effects of intense sex, but most of it was due to the
abrupt and cold manner with which she'd just been dismissed. She stumbled as
she crossed the office to reach her boss's private bathroom, barely catching
herself before she tumbled to the floor. Having sex with Philip always left her
a little weak-kneed, and this time was no exception.


As she opened the
door to the bathroom, her eyes fell to her wrists. Heat creeped up into her
cheeks at the sight of the reddened flesh where Philip's tie had bound her. Her
stomach clenched at the memory of how he'd tied her hands above her head,
leaving her vulnerable and completely at his mercy. He made her feel things
physically that she hadn't known she could feel.


Once inside the bathroom,
she tried to push all of the chaos out of her mind and focus on making herself
presentable. She still had a job to do. She may have been fucking the boss, but
she was actually qualified and good at what she'd been hired to do. She fully
intended to leave no doubt that, sex or no sex, she deserved to be in this


She leaned over the
sink and splashed cold water on her face, avoiding looking in the mirror for
the time being. She knew her dark hair would be a mess from her thrashing about
and her clothes were rumpled and, in a few cases, wet. She began to clean up,
using the time to slow her pounding heart and regain her composure.


When she believed
she was more or less ready, Jennifer finally looked in the mirror. “Oh god,”
she sighed to herself as she winced at her reflection. Her hair still had that
'just fucked' look—wet and sticking to her forehead. She quickly gathered all
of her hair, twisted it up behind her head, and used the pencils she'd taken
into the records room with her to hold the wayward locks in place. Her newly
made bun made her look professional again. She smiled to herself in the mirror
to make sure her expression didn’t seem drained.


After fixing her
hair, Jennifer went about fixing her blouse—straightening out all the fresh
wrinkles and tucking it back into her skirt neatly. With one final smoothing
down of her skirt, Jennifer took a deep breath and walked back out into
Philip's office, fully expecting the handsome CEO to be waiting with some task
for her to accomplish, sexual or otherwise. Or maybe, he would just ask her to
flat out leave the office. Was he just talking about the records room or in


It was hard to tell
which he'd be asking for. He definitely believed in mixing business with
pleasure. She frowned as she saw the office was empty. Maybe he was still in
the records room. She took a few steps towards the door, then paused. He'd told
her to get out, but he hadn't really been clear as to what the command meant.
Did he want her to leave while he sorted out the mysterious phone call he'd
received and then come back for further instructions, or had he meant for her
to not return?


After a brief
internal debate, Jennifer summoned up her courage and walked the rest of the
way to the records room door. She grabbed the doorknob, hesitated, then
knocked. “Philip?” Her voice sounded loud in her own ears. When he didn't
answer, she knocked again, and then opened the door.


The room was empty.


Concern replaced
confusion rather quickly. While he wasn't exactly an open book, this behavior
was weird, even for Philip. When she'd originally thought he was being cold to
her earlier that day, the heat between them in the records room had proven that
it had all been building anticipation. She wasn't sure what this was all about.


One minute, things
had been great. They'd both just had an orgasm together hard enough to see
stars and she was pretty sure they'd been well on their way to more when
Philip's phone had interrupted them. For a brief moment, she'd wondered if he was
going to keep at it while he was on the phone. She'd been surprised when the
idea had excited her, but the moment he'd seen who was calling, everything


Something like a
mask had slipped over Philip's face and his expression had hardened. She'd
known the fun was over when he'd pulled one of the knots free and uncaringly
left her to untie her other wrist on her own. She'd practically been able to
feel the tension radiating off of him when he'd answered, but nothing he'd said
had given any indication as to who he was speaking with. In the short time
she'd known him, she'd seen and heard him deal with everyone from the lowest
paid employees to politicians with enough clout to make her nervous. The fact
that one phone call from someone had been enough to essentially shut him down
worried her. Who could have that kind of sway over Philip Haas, powerful CEO
and influential member of society? Thousands of ideas ran through her mind, one
after the other, but none seemed more likely than the next.


She had to know if
he was all right, if things between them were all right. Hoping the expression
on her face was thoroughly professional, Jennifer stepped out of Philip's
office and approached his secretary's desk. Emma looked up, the expression on
her face saying that she knew exactly what Philip and Jennifer had been up to
and that it wasn't anything that surprised her. Jennifer refused to let herself
be embarrassed. It wasn't like she'd seduced Philip or anything. He always
initiated. “Hi Emma, do you know where Mr. Haas went?”


Emma kept her eyes
on her computer screen as she answered busily typing away. “Mr. Haas left about
ten minutes ago. He seemed to be in a hurry.”


“Did he say where
he was going?” Jennifer knew her question bordered on the line between professional
and personal and she hurried to add, “I need to know for his schedule.”


“He did not.” Emma
looked up. “He merely said that something urgent had come up and that he would
be leaving for the day.”


“For the day?”
Jennifer couldn't keep the surprise from her voice.


“Yes, Miss.”


The secretary's
gaze flickered over Jennifer and she was suddenly sure that those dark eyes
could see the marks Philip's mouth had left on her breasts and how her panties
were still soaked clean through. Jennifer could barely managed to keep from
squirming. “Thank you.” Jennifer kept her voice polite as she hurried back to
her own small desk in the corner of Philip's office.


Jennifer sat down
at her desk, questions racing through her mind. Had the phone call just been an
excuse to tell her to leave? For all she knew, he'd told Emma to call at a
certain time, knowing that he'd want a reason to kick her out. But then why had
he rushed out of the office? If it was something important, why hadn't he just
said something? It wasn't like he'd still been on the phone when she'd finished
untying herself. He could have just apologized and told her that he had to


It was then that
his previous words floated back into her mind.
“Whatever happens to you
today will be up to me... I can do whatever I want to you... I can strip you
naked and leave you here for the rest of the afternoon. I could fuck you and
let my secretary find you; see cum dripping from your pussy. I could come in
every hour and make a new deposit, then leave you for the cleaning crew to find
tonight... The question is, do you trust me not to do any of those things?”


When he'd first
said them, he'd been tying her to his filing cabinet and she'd been
unbelievably turned on. The idea that he had complete control over her had been
heady, knowing that every ounce of pleasure she would experience would be
because he wanted her to and not through any action on her part. She'd never
considered that, maybe, those words had been meant in a different way. Could
Philip have actually been trying to be mean? Had it been about his own pleasure
and not hers?


Jennifer shook her
head. She didn't want to think that. Philip wasn't like that. He liked
domination and control, but he wasn't cruel. She knew cruel, and he wasn't it.
She refused to let herself think along those lines any further. Philip was a
good man. Something just probably came up and threw him off. He'd explain
tomorrow. She tried not to listen to the part of her that said this was just
wishful thinking.


She looked at the
clock on her computer monitor. Technically, she still had a couple of hours
left of her shift, but she didn't have anything to do. She'd finished all of
the projects Philip had given her at the beginning of the day and he hadn't
left a list of what to do next. She could ask Emma, she supposed, but the
secretary intimidated her. Jennifer had the distinct impression that Emma
didn't entirely approve of her. Besides, even if she did find something to fill
the remaining time until she was supposed to leave, she wasn't sure if she
could concentrate.

“Fuck it,” Jennifer muttered. “If he has a problem with me leaving early then
he should've told me what I was supposed to do after he left.”


She gathered her
things and stood. Now she just had to decide if she wanted to use Philip's
private elevator or if she was going to be brave and just walk out past Emma.
The elevator appealed to her since she wouldn't be seen, making her escape feel
less like a walk of shame, but, that implied that she had something to be ashamed
about. It was also sneaky. If Philip did happen to return and came into the
office expecting her to be there, it would be so much worse if it looked like
she'd snuck out. If she just sucked it up and walked out the front door, she
could tell Emma that she was going home and make it sound like she had


“Don't be a pussy,”
Jennifer said it out loud as she lifted her chin and squared her shoulders.
“Own it.”


She maintained her
confident bravado as she left the office and walked past Emma with a nod and a
smile. She forced herself not to look back over her shoulder and kept going
until she reached the lobby and stepped outside. The day was still lovely, but
she couldn't bring herself to enjoy it as she hailed a cab. Once she gave her
address, she let her thoughts return to the issue at hand.


This entire
situation was completely throwing her. She felt like a rubber ball, getting
whacked back and forth between Philip's duel personalities. On one hand, he was
passionate and the sex was mind-blowing. Snapshots from their previous
encounter flashed through her mind.


His lips sucked
at her breast, bringing blood to the surface and marking her as unmistakably


He kissed her
pussy like he kissed her mouth, tongue exploring every crevice until she
shattered into a million pieces.


A hard look
filled his eyes as he pounded into her, determined to make her scream.


All of that was
good – all right, more than good – but then there was the other Philip, the one
who could turn on a dime and leave her wanting in a not-so-good kind of way.
The Philip who could switch from hot to cold with just one phone call. If this
had been the only time this had happened, Jennifer felt as she if could have
just written it off as a fluke, but he'd been playing this game the entire time
she'd known him.


Maybe, she thought,
that was the problem. Maybe she didn't know him as well as she thought she did.
After all, just how much personal information about him did she have? He didn't
share much of anything about himself outside of how to run the business or the
type of sex he liked. And, if she were to be completely honest, both of those
were limited to what he was willing to share. While he did answer most of her
questions about work, he did still pick and choose what he wanted to tell her.
As for his personal life, she'd been tempted to snoop around and check him out
online, but had decided against it. Somehow, she thought he wouldn't like that
very much. She had hoped, however, that as their relationship progressed, he'd open
up and talk more about his family and his upbringing. Instead, it almost seemed
like he was closing down more. This afternoon had been a perfect example of


The question then
became, if she didn't really know Philip like she thought she did, she had to
ask herself why she was with him and if their relationship was really going
anywhere. How close was she to him, really? And if she wasn't close at all, did
that mean he didn't care as much as he seemed to appear to? Was it possible
that he was actually just using her? And if he was, what did that say about her
that she'd fallen for all of those lines designed to get her into bed? Well, a
metaphorical bed anyway. She hated to think herself that gullible, but if her
past had proven anything it was that she wasn't always the best judge of
character, particularly when it came to men.

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