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Eria's Ménage

BOOK: Eria's Ménage
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Eria’s Ménage

Alice Gaines

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Eria’s Ménage

Alice Gaines

On the distant planet Heriad, Her Excellency Queen Eria, Ruler of the Lands and
Seas, Commander of Suns and Moons, Supreme Being of the Fourth Nebula, needs
an heir. A daughter conceived in the royal manner -- with the donation of sperm from
two mates.

Suitors from around the galaxy have assembled in pairs for her consideration. None
appeal to her until she spies Tad and Brath in the rear of the council chamber.

Tad’s the intellectual while Brath is a magnificent beast of a man. Little does she
realize that both of them have tricks to keep her guessing.

Chapter One

“I swear, you’d marry me to a pair of fish if it would win you anything.” Eria glanced around the council room at the collection of potential mates. None had gills, at least none that were visible. None held any appeal either. “Is this the best you could do?”

Her Lord Chancellor leaned toward her, putting his face close enough to her ear for the cloying perfume he wore to invade her nostrils. “You’ll find someone here, Excellency,” Kapt said. “There are so many to choose from.”

“No doubt you’ll sample some of these before they leave.”

He placed his hand on his chest and bowed, smiling.

Eria couldn’t suppress a sigh. At least Kapt would enjoy himself with this latest lot. Several of the pairs of males were his type -- big boned and well padded. Her Lord Chancellor liked flesh, and plenty of it. He’d even made a few advances toward her.

Discreet ones, of course, as he could never serve as her mate. She needed a pair of outworlders for that. Hence, this assembly of suitors.

She looked out over the crowd of hopeful male faces and sighed. Why could she take no pleasure in the prospect of mating? She hadn’t had a man since she’d accepted the crown after her mother’s death. After she conceived, she never would again. She ought to enjoy her last encounter with a hard cock -- two of them, in fact -- before she spent the rest of her days alone.

A difficult life to face, but she’d do her duty.

Oh, hell, she might as well select the best of this lot and give them a good fucking. If only one of the many pairs of males here tempted her. She straightened in her throne. “All right. Have them present themselves.”

Alice Gaines

Eria’s Ménage

- 6 -

Kapt crooked a finger, and the first pair approached. Short and slight of build, they’d probably disappear in her bed, but at least they wouldn’t take up much room.

Silken robes rustled around their legs as they walked, almost gliding to the foot of the dais that held her throne. Once there, they knelt and bowed until their foreheads touched the bottom stair.

“Your Excellency,” one of them said. “Your beauty blinds us.”

“The men on your world must like their women large,” she said.

“We like whatever pleases you for us to like,” the other one said.

What an ass. A perfectly matched set of twin asses. “I could eat the two of you at one sitting and have nothing left over.”

They sat bolt upright at that and looked at each other, eyes wide. They’d probably taken her meaning literally. Good.

“Excellency,” Kapt said.

“And, I don’t need you to scold me.”

“They’ve come a very great distance to please you,” Kapt said.

They could go back again for all she cared. Still, courtesy demanded some show of hospitality on her part. “Please rise and ignore my twisted sense of humor.”

They scrambled to their feet and smiled, although one’s gaze darted around the room as if looking for a quick escape from Eria and her appetite for men as food. She had appetites, all right, and some did involve taking male flesh deep into her mouth.

Neither of these two promised enough to make the effort worthwhile, although the robes might contain surprises. With any luck, she might find more promising candidates.

A murmur went up in the room as the door at the rear whooshed open. A single figure entered. Another man. Alone.

He wore armor of a primitive sort. Above mid-calf boots, leather leggings stretched over broad expanses of muscle. Above that, a metal breastplate and matching codpiece. An impressively shaped piece of forge work, that last. Her breath caught as
Alice Gaines

Eria’s Ménage

- 7 -

she forced her gaze upward past finely corded arms to a rugged face framed by long black hair. Eyes the color of the deepest ice blue stared back at her.

Damn, why couldn’t she mate with a man like him instead of the others who now stared at him in disapproval? Because there was only one of him, and she required two. Damn, damn, and damn.

“…Your Excellency.”

She turned her attention back to the men standing at the foot of the dais. One of them had been saying something, but it hardly mattered what.

“Your emissary said we were to come in pairs,” the man said. “I wouldn’t have brought my brother if I thought I could offer for you alone.”

His brother glared at him. “If you have me, you don’t need him.”

“Now, gentlemen,” Kapt said, holding out his hands to placate them. “We need you both or not at all.”

Right now, she’d vote for not at all. She only needed that man in the back for an hour or two in her bedchamber. Or all night. Maybe several nights. Instead, she had to entertain a room full of eager suitors, all of whom looked identical right now. And horribly uninteresting.

If only that glorious specimen had brought a twin. Impossible. The entire universe couldn’t hold two of him.

The door whooshed open again, and the most remarkable thing happened.

Another man entered. Entirely different from the first one yet exactly the same.

This one had the same physical characteristics -- the same broad chest and muscular limbs. He stood equally tall and broad-shouldered. He had the same strong chin and high cheekbones. His gaze even burned in the same fierce blue. But while the other had looked like a throwback to an earlier, more warlike time, this one resembled a scholar. Rather than boots, he wore sandals with leather straps that ascended his legs to below the knees. Instead of a breastplate, fine fabric fell from his shoulders to where a sash circled his waist and then over lean hips to mid-thigh. Although the first man wore
Alice Gaines

Eria’s Ménage

- 8 -

metal bracelets on his upper arms, this one’s skin was naked and sleek. He’d even tamed his hair into a long braid.

Neither twin moved from where they stood in the rear. They didn’t acknowledge each other’s existence in any way. Each stared at her, sending the same message with the intensity of his blue gaze.

I want you
, they said without speaking. Yes, these two would do nicely.

She rose and walked down the steps to the floor of the council room, almost knocking over her first pair of suitors. She smiled as she strolled along the carpet toward where the latest arrivals still stood like statues.

As she made her way through the crowd, her other suitors had the good sense to part rather than interfering with her. They made their displeasure known, though, with shuffling of feet and mumbled words. She caught a few as she passed.

“…not done this way…”

“That one’s a brute.”

“What would she see in them?”

What, indeed? The closer she got, the more impressive they seemed. Both stood still, watching her approach. The scholar held his hands behind his back, while the warrior clenched his fists by his sides.

Finally, she left the throng behind and faced the two newcomers directly. “This way.”

* * *

Her Excellency Eria, Queen of Heriad, Ruler of the Lands and Seas, Commander of Suns and Moons, Supreme Being of the Fourth Nebula, was an imposing figure. A statuesque beauty, endowed with ample flesh, every inch of it firm and yet soft to the touch by the looks of it. Exactly the way Tad liked his women, and his cock had hardened under his tunic the moment she’d walked across the long carpet toward him.

Now, he sat and watched her where she stood by a tall window staring out over the castle complex. Nearby, Brath, his counterpart from Noor, prowled like the predator he was. A glint of lust shone in his eyes. He’d be erect beneath his codpiece too. He’d
Alice Gaines

Eria’s Ménage

- 9 -

take Her Excellency with all the finesse of a rutting beast if he got the chance. Tad would make sure he used a gentler touch.

Eria turned toward them, the light of two setting suns silhouetting her figure beneath the filmy gown she wore. “And you two are…”

“Tad of Cyra. This is Brath of my brother planet, Noor.”

Brath stopped his pacing and gave her a curt bow.

“Does he speak?” she asked.

“When he has something important to say,” Tad answered. “Mostly, he communicates in grunts.”

Brath did it then. A low, crude sound.

“I see.”

“He makes his needs and wants known.”

“Are you two members of the same species?”

“There are two schools of thought on that score,” Tad answered. He’d wondered about that point himself. Their twin planets complemented each other on everything.

Still, he’d been astonished to find so close a match to himself as Brath. He couldn’t really say he’d gotten to know his counterpart in the time they’d spent together before this mission, but he’d seen glimpses of intellect that matched his own. The man was definitely an asset.


“His kind and mine share genetic material from a common ancestor. Our kinds can interbreed with each other. Some think that makes us the same.”

She put her hands behind her, and the action pushed her breasts upward against the nearly translucent fabric of her gown. How he’d love to pillow his head there while his fingers went exploring.

“And the other school of thought?”

He pulled his gaze away from all that tempting flesh and glanced at Brath, now standing in a corner of the room, studying them with a gleam of cunning in his eyes.

“Well, look at him,” Tad said.

Alice Gaines

Eria’s Ménage

- 10 -

She did, with an open feminine interest. He should have left Brath on his ghastly planet, fighting whatever enemy he’d managed to find that day. He’d told the Elders that Brath would only spoil their plans for an alliance with Eria and her empire. They’d insisted. He’d get nowhere without another male to woo her. Now, he’d have to fight to win her attention. Damn Noorians and their wild appeal to women.

“I must have a matched pair of men,” Eria said.

“We understand that’s your custom, and we hope to comply.”

“There are dozens of other pairs who wish to mate with me. If you two don’t suit, I’ll have to accept another set.”

“We’ll suit.”

“You come from so far away. How can you know how we do things?”

“We’ll suit because we’ll make ourselves suit.” Although, how could he speak for Brath? Lord knew what went on inside a mind like that. At least Brath wanted her, and she was clearly attracted to him.

“Adventurous women of my planet favor his type for bed partners,” Tad said.

“Before they come to their senses and settle down.”

Brath chose that moment to walk into the light at the center of the room. Eria took a step backward but then recovered and straightened her spine. Most likely, she’d never encountered anyone like Brath. Few people outside their twin planet system had.

Tad almost had to pity her other suitors. Once a woman got a taste for these savages, every other male looked dull by comparison. Even Tad. If he didn’t have a few surprises for Her Excellency, he might feel jealous. But he’d planned well, and Brath furthered those plans.

Yes, the others might as well pack up and head home.

“Will he share me with you?” she asked.

BOOK: Eria's Ménage
11.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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