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Essence of Time

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Part II: Blake

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Part I:  Rob



Chapter One


The room heaved with bodies, lights, booze and energy. Rob sipped from his red cup, observing. As a pledge in the fraternity he had zero play. Less than zero really. But the female options in the room kept eyeballing him. So he felt good about his odds. He stood up straighter, arranged his face in “I don’t give a shit” lines. Easy.  He raised the cup to his likely target across the room, letting her see him flick his gaze first down, then up, her luscious form.

“Nice one.” Some guy moved up beside him. Rob glanced over, annoyed at the distraction. “Watch me work.” The tall, gangly, black-haired, fellow pledge tossed over his shoulder as he started toward Rob’s target. But stopped when Rob put a firm hand on his arm.

“Hold up dude. That one’s mine.”

The guy looked back at him, his blue eyes twinkling. “Not likely.” 

Rob raised an eyebrow. “Watch
work, asshole. Take notes.” Rob made his way across the room, absorbing the glare of the guy behind him as he narrowed in on the girl of the night.



Later, he sat on the fraternity house roof, listening to the clamor of a busy Midwest college die down in the early Saturday morning hours. Rob looked over as the dark-haired guy crawled out of the nearest open window.

The guy stretched his long legs out and sighed with satisfaction. Rob took another hit, enjoying the cool night air on his bare chest, then turned, holding out the joint. “Rob Frietag. Nice to meet you.” The guy laughed so hard Rob was half afraid he’d tumble off the roof onto the quad below.  Finally he stopped, and accepted what Rob passed over to him.

“Yeah, you too.” He took a long draw, let the smoke trail out his nostrils before answering. “I think we may have hit on something here. She was…” He trailed off.

Rob kept his eyes trained on the horizon.  “Worth the effort, I’d venture.” 

He took the joint back, shooting the guy a dark look. But his open, handsome face revealed nothing but contentment. And considering they’d just doubled-teamed a girl the first day they met, it made Rob chuckle. “You got a name, partner?” 

They both looked up at the female noises floating out of the window. “Jack. Jack Gordon.  And I think we have a lovely four years ahead of us Rob.” Rob turned away again, letting the combination of post-orgasm and weed coat his aching brain.  "And may I just say, you are off the hook man. Truly. I thought I had play but you, you define the word ‘game.’ ” Rob looked over his bare shoulder, taking in Jack’s long lean torso, his jeans clad legs. 

“I guess.” Rob looked away again. “Sounds like you’re up again.”

"All right, I think I can rise to the occasion.” Jack leaned forward. “You okay man?"

"Yeah. I am superb. I've got life by the throat. Every fucking day."


Rob heard his new friend sigh, stand, stretch and duck back inside the open window, to the sounds of feminine squeals and deep, masculine laughter. He sat, contemplating how this new chapter of his life had started.




Two Years Later

“Up and at ‘em asshole!” Rob flicked the blanket back, revealing his roommate curled around an attractive blonde female. “We have a schedule, remember?”

Jack groaned and groped for the cover. His bedmate squealed as lights flooded the early morning gloom of their room. “Dude. Go the fuck away.” He tugged the t-shirt-clad woman toward him. Rob smirked at the girl, who smiled at the sight of him.

She stretched, and Rob couldn’t help but admire the long line of her tanned legs and the sight of that sweet, pink…he shook his head. The girl made a pouty face and turned over to drape one of her legs over Jack’s. “Where did you go last night?”

“Rob doesn’t do sleepovers sweetheart.” He kissed her hair and made a pleased sound as her hand disappeared under the sheet.

Rob frowned. “Nope. Sorry doll. Mr. Gordon and I have to get the fuck out of dodge. We have reservations and I refuse to miss a second on the slopes.
. Time for the walk of shame.” He smacked the smooth skin of her ass, biting back the urge to dive into the bed and sandwich her like they’d done not too many hours before.

 But the humming energy in his ears kept him standing. Despite the distinct sounds of unhappiness coming from his friend’s side of the bed.  He clutched the paper in his pocket, the one that spurred him once again to jump into life’s fray. At that moment, he needed more than a place for his cock. He needed action, required forward motion, immediately.

“Sorry my love.” Jack sat and shot Rob an angry glance. “But my friend here is right. We gotta hit the road.” The girl slid off the huge bed, wrapped the sheet around her thin frame and flounced into the bathroom without another word.

“You fucking owe me for that,” Jack grumbled, as he tugged on shorts and stretched before stumbling into the tiny kitchen for coffee.  “Jesus.” He sipped, leaning against the counter as they both watched the woman emerge, dressed, her long hair scraped back into a ponytail.

She sauntered over to Rob and put a hand right on his zipper.  He grinned and leaned in to kiss her, temptation mounting as she thrust her tongue into his mouth and molded her body to his, keeping the pressure on him until his cock responded in kind. “Mmm…” the girl’s throaty voice made the room darken. The adrenaline rush pounding through him took on a life of its own. Suddenly, he needed to fuck something so bad it hurt.

He gripped her arms. Tore his mouth from hers. “Okay, you convinced me.” She grinned, unzipped him, and slipped to her knees. “Nope.” Rob gripped her arm and pulled her back up, turned her around to his roommate, friend and partner in female defilement.  Jack raised an eyebrow over his coffee cup at the sight. Rob whispered in her ear, cupping a firm breast at the same time. “Suck his cock baby. Like you mean it.” She grinned over her shoulder at him.

“You guys are so bad,” Rob laughed as he put a hand on her arm. But she needed none of his encouragement. Jack’s cock was out and down her throat in the blink of an eye.

Rob smiled as the other man fisted his hands in the girl’s hair, spread his legs and fucked her mouth. It was quite a sight. Rob ran a hand up and down his own shaft watching her wet lips cover Jack’s thickness, lick her way around his swollen head, lap at the fluid beaded at the tip. Jack’s voice was low. “Yeah baby, now swallow it, that’s it, all the way down. Yes...” his voice ended with a breathy hiss. The girl’s hand disappeared under Jack’s balls, and his hips took on a more meaningful rhythm.  “God!” Jack cried out as his face reddened and the girl moaned. Rob saw creamy fluid leak out of the corner of her mouth. She gave him one last lick, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

Rob grabbed her, making her squeal, dove into her mouth with his tongue, tasting the salty tang of what Jack had given her before propping her up against the wall. He ground his own need against her. “You want more?” He gasped, meaning it. He was not about to force himself on anyone. She nodded, reached down and slipped her lacey excuse for panties down and off as Jack handed him a condom. Rob gave her the latex and exhaled slowly as she rolled it down his length.

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