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Authors: W. L. Liberman

Ezra and the Lion Cub

Ezra and the Lion Cub

Ezra and the Lion Cub

Wili Liberman

Janine Carrington

Design and Production
Vinicio Scarci

Lisa Tran

TEACH Magazine

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This project was made possible through the generous funding of CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) and OMDC (Ontario MediaDevelopment Corporation).

The events depicted in this graphic novel are intended as fiction. Anysimilarity to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental andunintended.

Made in Canada

ISBN # 978-0-9876981-2-4



Ezra was an 11-year old shoeshine boy in the city of Gondar, Ethiopia.
Every day he pestered passers-by to shine their shoes so he could earn enough money to pay for food and shelter.

“Shine your shines, mister? Shine your shoes?”



Ezra didn't have a family. He didn't have a home. He never went to school.
Day after day, it was always the same. “Shine your shoes, mister?” “Shine your shoes, ma'am?”
He earned very little and some days, nothing at all.
On those days, he couldn't buy any food or pay for his shelter.



Ezra didn't see much around him. What he saw were the toes of people's shoes and sometimes their bare feet.
The people whose shoes he shined were also poor.
Everyone he knew was poor in one way or another.

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