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Authors: J. B. Miller

Tags: #Romance, #ADULT, #BDSM, #MM, #Orgies, #Group Sex, #Menege, #Werewolves, #Shifters, #Paranormal Romance, #Love Story, #Fae

Fae Dominance

BOOK: Fae Dominance
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Fae Dominance
Dia McLearey [1.50]
J. B. Miller
JK Publishing (2014)
Romance, ADULT, BDSM, MM, Orgies, Group Sex, Menege, Werewolves, Shifters, Paranormal Romance, Love Story, Fae

Robin and Kale are not getting along and Dia has had enough. She tells them to get their act together or it's over.

In a bid for more time Robin pulls Kale into Fae. The idea was to have a few weeks to get to know each other, fight a little, love a lot... and come back a happy little duo. Well, Puck should have known better.
There is nothing easy when a Fae and wolf are mates.

Fall into Fae with the boys for three weeks of murder, torture, betrayal, and mayhem. After all this is the land of the Fae we are talking about.

 For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Group sex, orgies, BDSM, and MM scenes.

Fae Dominance
A Dia Mclearey Novel [1.50]
J.B. Miller
JK Publishing, Inc. (2014)

   Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  Group sex, orgies, BDSM, and MM scenes.

   In book 1.5 of the Dia Mclearey Novels: Robin and Kale are not getting along and Dia has had enough.  She tells them to get their act together or it's over. 

   In a bid for more time Robin pulls Kale into Fae.  The idea was to have a few weeks to get to know each other, fight a little, love a lot…and come back a happy little duo.  Well, Puck should have known better.  There is nothing easy when a Fae and wolf are mates.

   Fall into Fae with the boys for three weeks of murder, torture, betrayal, and mayhem.  After all this is the land of the Fae we are talking about.  


Fae Dominance


A Dia Mclearey Novel

Book 1.5


by JB Miller


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Artwork by Jess Buffett

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Table of Contents




Chapter One


Chapter Two


Chapter Three


Chapter Four


Chapter Five


Chapter Six


Chapter Seven


Chapter Eight


Chapter Nine


Chapter Ten


Chapter Eleven


Chapter Twelve


Chapter Thirteen


Chapter Fourteen


Chapter Fifteen


Chapter Sixteen


Chapter Seventeen


Chapter Eighteen


Books by J.B. Miller


Excerpt from Dianthe Rising


JK Publishing, Inc.






“I’m leaving and I am going to have a nice evening with Daniel. I suggest that you two boys…” Dianthe pointed to both of them, "go somewhere private and sort this out.”

Dianthe waved her hand at the general destruction of the room.

“Fix this first though. This is ending right now. Kale, you mated me.” She turned her head so he could see the scarring on her neck. “Robin, you mated me.” Her arm rose so we could both see the marks. "We are a family, and while families fight and squabbled this," she swallowed back a sob, "this is unacceptable. Talk, fight, hell, make out. I do not care. Go get it out of your systems or there is no us. I refuse to be part of a relationship where I’m a bone of contention. Do you understand?” Dianthe said the last in a deadly quiet voice.

We both stood there stock still like a deer caught in headlights. “Answer me, damn it,” she yelled at them.

“Yes,” we both spoke lowly.

“Good. I do not like to argue, it hurts me, and I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m always hurting. I refuse to be a victim. My mum raised me to take charge of my family and make sure their needs are met. We are not there and if you boys can’t get there then you’re not going to be part of my family. Got it?” the last words whispered out of our Dianthe's lips painfully. The pain in her eyes obvious, yet she stayed so very strong.

Our heads nodded and she finished with, “Good, I’m leaving now. The next time I see you it better be with an understanding between you two—or not at all.”

With that, she turned around with her back straight and walked out of the room.



Chapter One




I stood there watching as my heart marched out of the office. My hopes and dreams for the future crumbling around me. Anger filled my eyes and I turned to the wolf.

"What have you done?" I scowled.

"Me?" Kale growled.

"You're the fucker who keeps riling me and flaunting your relationship with my mate!" The wolf took a menacing step toward me.

"What the hell is up with that, anyway?" Kale pointed at my arm and the markings making their way up underneath the shirt's sleeve.

"This?" I held up said appendage. "This is my marriage vows, Kale. This is proof that I have sworn myself to Dianthe, and have forsaken all others.” I ripped back the sleeve so he could see them more clearly. A rare emotion was working its way through my system—anger. Frustration, rage, and lust roared through me. It turned the bubbling emotions into an inferno. One such as I prided myself on control. Unfortunately, it was slipping away faster than I could grasp it.

My arm was now bare from the shoulder down and I forced myself into the wolf's personal space. The marks glowed lightly as I held them close for him to see.

"These, Kale," I whispered, "these show that Dianthe and I belong together. What is hers is mine, and mine hers." Our eyes locked in silent battle.

A low rumble vibrated from the wolf while he took in my words. "What is that supposed to mean, you fucking faery?"

"It means," my eyes glinted in anticipation, "that you are mine as well." I wrapped a hand around his neck and pulled him down to me. Even though he had me in height, my heritage alone gave me greater strength. I had caught him by surprise with my move and our lips crashed together in a violent kiss.




I stiffened when our lips met, shocked by the contact of another male's mouth upon mine.

While I had never had a problem with gay men, I was as straight as they came. The thought of being attracted to another man had never even passed through my mind. Electricity shot down my body and my cock lifted in query before reason reasserted itself.

I am Alpha! I thought. I submit to no one!

The growl that rose in my throat was filled with rage mixed with other more confusing emotions. I could not bring myself to look at those things right now. I had to break this wicked kiss and assert myself over this Fae bastard.

With a shove, I tried to push him away. Amazement filled me when he barely moved. The shit was stronger than he looked. Never having been in this predicament before, I wasn't sure how to release myself from it. The feel of his lips working on my closed mouth was beginning to feel good. Robin pulled at my bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth. One hand wrapped around my neck holding me in place while the other slid down my back to my waist.

He pulled our bodies tighter together and the feel of his erection rubbing against me, sent hints of arousal racing through my stomach and into my groin. It felt so wrong but so fucking right at the same time.

I had to get out of this situation before he worked any more of his faery magic on me. My mind was confused with the conflicting Intel it was receiving. I had a mate and he was not it.

Carefully, I slid a foot behind Robin's leg. My left hand went to his hip and gripped it gently. The right rested at his shoulder and I gulped before opening my mouth to let his tongue slide past my lips. If this did not work, I was screwed and in so many ways.

BOOK: Fae Dominance
10.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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