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Fae High Summer Hunt

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Fae High Summer Hunt

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Renee Michaels




One driving need, two passionate Fae—the loving can only be magical.

Banished by Titania, Queen of the Fairies, sensual and wilful, Naeme longs to bask in the heat only a lover with Fae blood can generate. With the High Summer Hunt about to begin, all she has to do is capture the interest of a member of the royal guard to re-enter the Queen’s gilded, decadent court.

Baylor intends to claim Naeme. But he is the captain of the Queen’s guard and the last man she would take to her bed. Titania is a jealous sovereign and given the reason for Naeme’s exile, he knows he has a battle on his hands in order to coax Naeme to his arms.

But the forbidden is so tempting, and there is nothing like making love after war.






For Jenny who nags me to write.





Naeme yawned, stretched and eased away from Panos’ supine body. He lay sprawled on the branch of the great redwood where they’d passed the night snoring. Despite their sexual romps across the lakes, up the mountain and through the forest, his cock stood rigid between his furry thighs. That was a satyr for you. Anyone would have thought he’d be limp as a wet leaf.

A rueful grin spread across her face. Who was she to judge? Sated and a little sore, she’d like nothing more than to climb up on his morning erection and ride him to mind-blanking blissfulness. However, the lure of something visceral urged her to make a connection with Mother Earth. She unfurled her wings, glided down to the ground and curled her toes into the damp soil.

She took note of the season and frowned. They were deep into the summer but she couldn’t remember the passing of spring. Even more perplexing, there was a chill in the air. She should be immersed in the heat that accompanied the season. Odd that the forest didn’t appear as verdant as it should and the air was perfumed by wild flowers in bloom. All was not as it should be but she couldn’t quite understand why. She shivered from a sense of foreboding and for a moment considered returning to Panos to snuggle into his warmth. Summer was almost at its zenith and her senses quickened in a way only another Fae would appreciate. The temperature of the dirt under her feet warmed her, but not enough. She felt a connection to the other Fae. Her sex burgeoned, became full and heavy with need, as if she hadn’t spent the night rutting with the insatiable satyr.

The High Summer Hunt would take place in a few turns of the sun. It was the only time that Titania gave her guardsmen leave to hunt through the forests for a lover of their choice.

Her intent was to catch the interest of a guard to secure her return to court for the great gathering. If the lucky females managed to hold the guardsmen’s interest, their possessive, bitchy Queen would grant them permission to stay at court, where they’d remain for four seasons, fucking to their heart’s content with those of their kind.

She wanted to see her kith and kin, to partake in the balls and the celebration of the equinoxes. The yearning was so strong that she ached.

She must prepare.

Naeme had no intention of living on the fringes for another year. She’d been banished because she’d caught Oberon’s eye and he’d spread her legs one time too many, which had angered Titania. Their couplings were primal and thrilling—even a year later Naeme trembled with pleasure from the memory of those moon-bathed nights.

A mischievous grin spread across Naeme’s face. It might just be worth another year of exile, to share some loving with Titania’s consort again.

First, a bath. Naeme studied the landscape. What she needed wasn’t native to the redwood forest. With a swirl of her hand, she conjured a night-blooming cereus. Its heavy aroma was overpowering, but she only needed a tiny bit to scent her skin. She dipped her fingers between the petals, pressed the nectaries and harvested what she needed. With a flick of her wrist, she dissolved her enchantment.

“What are you up to, my pet?” Panos leapt down to the ground, trotted over to her side and sniffed her neck. “Hmm, pretty.” He cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipple. The playful glint in his eyes sharpened to a lusty gleam.

Usually her body responded to his rough caresses, but his touch now left her cold. The prospect of lying with a male of her kind was the only thing that would stir desire in her now.

“I’m afraid we have to part ways, Panos. I have to get ready for the Great Hunt.” She unfurled her wings and prepared to take to the air, but he grasped her wrist and kept her earth-bound.

Gone was the playful lover. The grim cruelty on his face surprised Naeme. “I am not quite finished playing with you.”

“You overstep, satyr. Unhand me.” The iciness in her voice chilled the air to the point that his hot breath formed vapour.

“Listen to me, you cold Fae bitch. I knew the time would come when you’d toss me aside. I want you, I have you and I will keep you.”

Amused at his arrogance, she tapped him on his nose. “And how do you intend to do that, my furry lover?”

He drew his pan flute from the tether on his hip and brought it to his lips. The tune he played was meant to beguile, and mesmerised her for a moment.

But she was Fae. Although she took lovers from every race when it suited her, only the lust of another Fae could hold her in his thrall for long.

“Delightful, but you’re not powerful enough to craft a melody to hold me, Panos.” She cradled his bearded chin in her palm and leaned in.

“Don’t!” he snarled.

Her breath flowed over his harsh visage. Lavender-tinged, the gust of air sparked with miniature starbursts. Panos’ eyes went blank and his jaw slackened. His thoughts would be jumbled just enough to disorient him for a while. His memories of what they’d shared would dim and in time, his desire for her would fade.

Naeme twisted her arm from his loosened grip. She felt no regret at their parting. With something akin to mild fondness, she brushed a parting kiss over his lips. He had given her many hours of bliss, which had helped her pass the time, so she felt a small bit of gratitude.

She took flight, flitting through the canopy, a blur to all who caught a brief glimpse of her. Her thoughts were fixed on the pleasures to come.

Chapter One




Naeme bent over the glassy surface of the pond and studied her reflection. She’d dropped the blurring she’d used to lessen her beauty. For the first time in a year, she stared at her true self. Her Fae form.

She’d gathered moonbeams and infused her skin and hair with them so she glowed with an unearthly silvery luminosity. Her almond-shaped eyes, the pale translucent green of a new leaf, sparked with excitement. Her oval face and lush pink mouth shimmered with Fae glamour. Vanity aside, she’d never looked better.

She’d chosen her gown with care, fabricating it from the same material as iridescent dragonfly wings. When she moved, it rippled to show the full spectrum of colours. It was constructed so the collar stood up to frame her face, but with a slit that cut down between her breasts to end just above her plump mons. It’d offer enticing glimpses of the silvery dusting of hair protecting her core.

Naeme trailed her fingertips between the exposed inner curves of her breasts and watched with satisfaction as her nipples popped up like pebbles.

The relentless pounding of hoof beats approached and a grey mist spread across the forest like hoar frost. Titania’s guards were on the hunt. She’d capture a guardsman’s attention and hope he’d be worthy to service her needs.

Unfurling her wings, she rose and hovered above the small clearing. She shone like a bright beacon suspended in the air with Fae allure dusting the air around her.

A horseman passed through the trees, bringing with him the innate virility and magical appeal a male Fae possessed. Naeme’s body sang with the sweet symphony of need.

Her mouth dropped open, and her wings froze in mid-motion. Naeme started to plummet to the ground, but she righted herself before she landed.

Baylor… Austere, taciturn Baylor—the captain of the Queen’s guard who hadn’t partaken of the Hunt in two centuries.

She didn’t want him. It’d be torturous to be bound to him for a year. He was Titania’s man. He wore her colours, a deep rich crimson piped with gold.

Baylor slid off his mount, and her eyes were drawn to the intricate codpiece he wore. She’d heard the laughing titters bandied about that it didn’t need any stuffing to fill it out.

He’d secured his waist-length, midnight-black hair at the back of his neck. This bared the strong bones in his face, the firm jaw and chiselled lips. However, his eyes were what disturbed her most.

His gentian-blue eyes were heated with a mystifying anticipation, tinged with a possessive inflexibility. Baylor had never shown any marked interest in her before when they’d encountered each other in passing at court. Naeme knew when a man wanted her. She read desire like a second language. His desire spoke in volumes with a hunger that was both primal and lustful. Perplexed, she frowned at him.

The urge to flee clamoured over Naeme’s senses, but the responsive flesh between her thighs throbbed.

“You made it so easy for me. I claim you.” The very sound of his voice, melodic with a deep bass of thunder, held Naeme in place.

With a flutter of her wings, Naeme rose into the air to put height and distance between them. Wariness had her poised for a fight as she untangled herself from the thrall of his voice. “What are you blabbering about? I don’t think your lady would like you consorting with the likes of me.”

“I used the Hunt as a way to return you to court. Titania knows I have a need. She has granted me leave to fulfil my wish.”

BOOK: Fae High Summer Hunt
9.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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