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Shane M Brown

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WARNING: This book is not recommended for people with heart conditions, those taking anti-anxiety medications, or people easily repulsed by ghastly levels of (purely necessary) violence and mayhem. Read at your own risk. The author takes no responsibility for nightmares, mental anxieties or phobias resulting from this book.

For everyone else, buckle-up because:

THOUSANDS are dying inside.

HIDDEN under the burning Arizona desert is the grandest ‘Science-City’ ever created, and all hell is breaking loose. Using stolen genetic research, terrorists are unleashing a devastating attack on the civilian scientists, on their families, on their children. No one is spared.

BARELY one hundred and fifty souls survive the first seven minutes. Injured and wounded, limping or carried, they are frantically battling from minute to minute for their very lives. The odds are stacked against them, but one thing is in their favor.

CAPTAIN Alexander Coleman is just minutes away, and he’s not coming alone. He commands a full platoon of Special Forces Marines. His estranged wife, Vanessa, and eight year old son, David, might still be alive in the besieged underground complex. The chance they both survived is slim, but that’s more than enough.

PURE HORROR awaits him, and a frantic race to control the most devastating weapons of mass-destruction ever created: Living weapons.

BUT ABOVE ALL, more important than anything else, Captain Alexander Coleman must save his family.

Special note: FAST has an active table of contents, is approximately 100,000 words, and displays seamlessly with Kindles and all other eBook reading devices.

About the Author:
SHANE BROWN was born in 1974 and writes from Brisbane, Australia. He attended James Cook University, graduating with an honors degree in Biological Science and a Masters Degree in Underwater Archaeology. Shane has published multiple short stories online and in print, written two novels, and this year signed a contract selling the rights for a feature film to be based on one of his shorter works. He is currently working on his third novel: MELT.


Coming in 2012 by Shane M Brown:



© Shane M Brown 2012



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Chapter 1




Ralph Zimmerman frowned at the huge steel freight containers.

            There were two of them, side by side.

            They shouldn’t be here.

            Ralph didn’t like mysteries. What’s more, this particular mystery made him uneasy.

            Something about the containers bothered him. Something more than just their unscheduled appearance….

            Pull yourself together, man. They’re just containers.

            He walked completely around them again. Tapping his clipboard on one, he pressed his ear to the spot and listened.
. He could tell by the hollow sound and how the container had moved on the forklift.

            Then he realized what bothered him.

There are no doors

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