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Suddenly his teeth grazed her super sensitive clit. He sucked on the aching nub, curling his tongue around it, and took a nibble that cracked the wall holding the tsunami of emotions back.

A loud, husky cry sounded from her. Her tense body shook as a wave of pleasure and release roared through her. Her legs trembled, her was voice gone, and stars danced in her eyes. She gulped at the sand in her throat, amazed at the continued electric currents sending shockwaves to her pussy. It went on for what felt like forever, her body twitching and shaking, her orgasm free flowing, never seeming to end.

, your face just now,” he rumbled in a voice so thick it was almost unintelligible, “made my heart fill with joy.” She glanced down at him with not just shock, but a need that reached to the depths of her heart and scared her more than anything ever had.

“My―” she gasped out.

He shook his head and licked his lips. Holy fuck, he was licking her scent off his lips and the face he made was priceless. Like he had been having one of the ice cream sundaes she’d tried at a local restaurant as a meal instead of their usual entrees. She’d fallen in lust with the sundaes and right now, the man in front of her appeared to have enjoyed her taste just as much.

She widened her eyes when he jumped on the bed, his arms to either side of her and his body slowly descending over hers. His face was millimeters away and the scent of sex covered his face.

“You’re mine.”

She opened her mouth to debate, but he dropped down, taking her lips and grazing his body over hers. His cock pressed at her entrance, slipping in enough to make her gasp. He took the opportunity to drive his tongue into her mouth, curling and thrusting, taking and giving so much pleasure, her head reeled.

He pushed his hips forward, pressing deeper. Amazingly, her body stretched to accommodate him, something she hadn’t expected with his size. She really thought he’d break her, but all she felt was a sense of fullness with each inch he moved forward that left her aching.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and dug her nails into his ass, trying to pull him into her body.

He hesitated before driving in with one smooth plunge. She screamed into the kiss, her body tensing and for a second she felt as if reality was shoving its way into what they were doing. She tried to push him off, that didn’t feel good.

He didn’t move, but his mouth took hers with a renewed hunger that took her mind off the pain her body had just experienced. He sucked on her tongue, nibbled on her lips and then slowly pulled back while still making love to her mouth. He drove a hand under her ass, tilting her hips, and once again driving forth. The stinging wasn’t as bad the second time around. His kisses continued to take her mind away from the discomfort.

He propelled back and plunged forward. Something changed that time. There wasn’t pain, there was more. Her body relaxed as the pain washed away and his continued thrusts transformed. Instead of pain, she felt pleasure, shockingly. Pleasure that grew with every breath they shared. It grew with every drive of his cock into her.

Her blood heated once again and the same hands that had tried pushing him away were now pulling him toward her, raking her nails over his ass cheeks, wanting him as deep as he could go.

Her channel contracted around his large length, sucking at his dick.

His lips came away from hers. His bright golden gaze met hers and she saw how hard he fought to control the beast within.

His features were tight around his face, his lips drawn into a straight line. “I didn’t know.” He gave her a quick kiss on the chin. “I’m sorry,
mi amor
. I can’t stop.” His words were choppy. “I’m going as slow as possible.”

Her body had adjusted and now she wanted more. She wanted faster. She wanted this tension building up to unfurl. “Don’t stop.”

His eyes brightened and a low growl sounded from him. “
Mi amor

“Faster,” she panted and slapped a hand on his ass. “Go faster.”

She wiggled her hips under him and let out a loud moan. His cock rubbed her insides with increased speed. He felt hot and slick with every plunge. He licked around her neck, his tongue twirling around her shoulder bend, slick with sweat. The hand under her ass slipped between their bodies. He rubbed a finger over her clit.

There was no preparing. One moment tension crawled into a knot inside her, the next she just exploded, unraveled so fast, she was breathless and shocked. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed over her like cool water on the hottest day of the year. 

She didn’t get a chance to enjoy that single moment. When her body thrummed with minor detonations of bliss, he kissed her hard, stealing her breath. Then he grabbed her leg again, curling it around his hip and digging his fingers into her ass.

A loud rumble traveled between them. His body grew stiff, his cock pulsing and almost growing inside her. She kissed him back, taking everything he gave her, biting his tongue and offering her body for whatever he wanted.

It hit her then. He was getting ready to orgasm and if he did it inside her, she’d most likely end up pregnant from a male she didn’t even know. That scared some semblance of reality into their mating. She broke off from the kiss and slid a hand to where his wet cock entered her body. On his pull back, she curled her fingers around him and started to jerk him, right over her belly.

“What are you doing?”

She said the first thing that came to mind. “I want your seed on my skin.”

Her words must have pleased him because he growled, dropped his head into her shoulder and scratched at the back of her leg. His semen spurted over her belly, hot and sticky and coating her skin with his scent.

She continued to milk his cock, feeling his body shudder over hers and slowly go lax. His cock didn’t go soft though. It was still in a semi-aroused state that made her wonder how much more he could go.

“All night,

She glanced at his dull gold eyes and smiled. “On one condition.”

He gave her a questioning look. “One?”

She licked her lips. “Don’t come inside me. I need you to promise.”

His brows lowered to a deep frown but he considered her quietly before nodding. “Until I make you my mate, and that’s only a matter of time.”

She lifted her head and kissed his jaw. God, he was so sexy, but she didn’t run from her home to come to Earth and get in the same predicament. Let him think he was in control. If she could get more of this new sexual world she’d discovered, she was happy to let him think whatever he wanted.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a virgin?” he asked, pulling her into his arms.

“It’s not important, even though it’s not every day a woman lives to my age without being touched.” She bit her lip and met his gaze. “Besides, you’ve already made sure I’m no longer one.”

A slick grin slipped over his lips. “You’re right. I’m the only man who gets to touch you now, beautiful.” He pressed his lips over hers hard, demanding. “And now I want you again.”

* * *

The next morning, Jane woke with a fog on her brain and pain between her legs. Last night came screaming into her mind. And
was the right word. She opened her eyes and realized she was still at his house. He’d taken her so many times. Had even mentioned being worried he’d hurt her since she was new at this, but she had been adamant. If she only had one night, she was going to make the most of it.

.” Tony walked into the room with two pieces of pizza in his hands. “Have some breakfast.” She took the stiff slice and winced at the congealed grease on the pepperoni. He plopped next to her on the bed. “
, we’re definitely mates,” he sighed. “We still have to make it official, but we need to decide a lot, like how many children to have. I’m thinking five minimum, and where we’re going to live. I just moved here to start a new job today, coincidentally, with the FBI—”

Jane snapped her head toward him. “Really? What position?” Her voice withheld her spiked adrenaline flow.

He sat taller with a smug expression. “The FBI is starting up a new department for…different cases.”

“Different, as in paranormal? You’re not Antonio Ramirez, are you?”

His mouth, with half chewed pizza, gaped. “Yeah, I go by Tony, usually. How did you know?” He smirked and ran a hand up her arm, sending goose bumps along the same skin. “We certainly didn’t talk about our names last night.”

She calmly set her unappetizing breakfast on the nightstand and turned back to Tony. She had to do this. There was simply no other choice. A slow ache started in her chest but she pushed it away, to the deepest, darkest parts of her being. No use pondering it. Everyone was expected in the office at eight o’clock sharp. She wouldn’t let anyone mess-up her plans. Not her family. Not this man she knew was her mate. Even if it meant she could never act on the feelings already started growing inside her. He wouldn’t derail why she came here. She couldn’t ever return home.

She scooted closer to him, which brought a shit-eating smile to his face. She’d always remember that smile. That moment. How sexy and ready to do anything to please her, at least sexually, he was. She wasn’t sure why. Both of her hands cupped the sides of his head, and she stared into his eyes. “Tony, I need you to focus on me.”

After a second, his eyes glazed over and he stopped chewing. Jane let her mind float through his brain’s multitude of synapsis to the neurons she needed. Strange. His brain had a different makeup for a human. Then she remembered he was part of the shifter species. His other half needed to be included or he could go insane.

“Tony, I need you to take all the memories of last night and me and put them into a box in your mind. Can you do that?”

He gave a zombie bob of his head. Her heart screamed for her to stop this craziness. He didn’t deserve this. She
be happy she found her one true mate, but instead her eyes filled with moisture and she went on.

“Good. Now take that box and put it behind a door, deep in the back of your mind. Have you done that?” Another mindless nod. “Now close that door and keep it locked until you hear the words Kayan Yane Kozlo.” No one on this planet knew her mother’s name. “Do you understand?”

“Yes, Kayan Yane Kozlo.”

She gulped at the pain in her mid-section. He could have made her pregnant last night had she not put a stop to it. They could have been readying for ways to grow their new relationship if things were different. God, how it hurt. It hurt to know it was all or nothing. And right now, it was nothing.

“Good, now go into your bathroom and get ready for your new job. You nor your shifter side will remember me. I will meet you both for the first time later. You can’t scent who I am to you and you can’t scent any feelings from me. You can’t scent anything to do with my emotions. Oh, and whenever you think of mating me, tell yourself
you’re certain Jane isn’t your mate
. When you close the bathroom door, you will return to normal without remembering any of this conversation.”

Tony dropped his pizza and shuffled into the bathroom and closed the door. Jane stood a second, thinking of what could be, but never will. Then she grabbed her clothes and left his place.






Present day, 10 years later


Jane finally relaxed as she exited onto the highway through the forest that lead to her mother’s cabin. She couldn’t believe she was coming up on her tenth year on Earth, tenth year of facing the annual heat alone, tenth year of systematically ignoring her body and mind’s craving for her mate. Tenth year of hurting over how much she wanted Tony and the intense denial she kept putting up with. A self-inflicted denial.

She laughed as she thought of the night before her job at FPU started. She was so clueless and nonhuman-like at that time, having just arrived on Earth a few weeks before, it was amazing no one called her out as weird. Then sadness pierced her, remembering what she had to do to her mate.

Her mate, Tony Ramirez. Not once would she had thought she’d meet him on this planet, much less work with him. She’d never believed in fate until then. What were the odds of that occurring? About the same as her odds of restoring Tony’s memories of that night. She snorted. No. Wasn’t going to happen. Tony deserved someone better. Someone who could give him what he wanted. That wasn’t her. Her desires and dreams ran a different course.

She’d come to care more about Tony than she ever thought possible, but it wasn’t enough. Not happening: no being imprisoned in a home, no trying to control a brood of rug rats, no forced domestic requirements. But no family togetherness, no sharing her life, no love. Her heart squeezed. No Tony. So what?

In the time they’d worked together, it’d become second nature for her to turn the other way if she would pass him in the hallway or leave when he came into the same room, unless required to stay.

She didn’t know how, but he always managed to sit next to her in meetings. Those times were the worst. She wanted nothing more than to spin his chair and straddle his lap, thus making those babies that would ruin her life. Maybe he wouldn’t want children anymore. One wouldn’t be such a big deal, but with her type of reproductive system, she was looking at a likelihood of two to four in one shot. That was a lot harder to deal with. Multiples were big in her planet. Having a solo child was uncommon.

She was lucky he couldn’t scent how much she wanted him. She was surprised he hadn’t mated another woman. For years she’d been tortured by the idea of him being with other women, finding another mate, but he was staying single for now.

Before Trent mated Erica, Trent and Tony where the quintessential “players.” The way they talked in the office, how they each bagged at least one female a week. She’d been devastated to think she’d pushed him to do that by messing with his memory.

With Trent mated to Erica, he’d never go that route again. But Tony, he still could. Nothing stopped him from sleeping with whomever he wanted. Not like he knew he belonged to Jane. Ugh. He didn’t belong to her. He could choose to sleep with the whole city tonight. Gross. Not lighting that candle’s wick. Right, keep saying that… 

On the passenger’s seat, her purse buzzed. Automatically, her brain split into dual mode while her hand dug through her bag for her comm unit. The size of a mini iPad, the device lay securely next to her as the other half of her brain remained in driving mode. Caller ID read Kayan Kozlo.

“Great.” She grimaced. “Communication answer.” She stared at the road, waiting for the voice to fill the car.

“Jane? Are you there?”

She sighed. “Yes, Mother. I’m here. I’m on my way to your cabin for the week.”

“Speaking of your heat,” Jane hadn’t mentioned “heat,” but that didn’t stop her mom, “your father and I are quite worried. You will be reaching fifty-five revolutions soon and you still haven’t mated. Your father and I will not have you dying—”

She winced at her mother’s tone rising with fear. “Yes, Mom. I know—”

“What do you plan to do about it? Wait, let me guess, dear. You plan nothing.” Frustration filled the inside of the car with every word out of her mom’s mouth.

“Mom, that’s not fair. You know what my life is like on this planet.” She didn’t have time for children. Having a family meant she had to give up her reasons for living: finding missing people, and hunting down killers. Important things that made a difference. She’d always known she was meant to do something to help others. She’d fought hard to have a career that improved the world and she wasn’t stopping now. Not for Tony and not for her body.

“Yes, darling. That is why, as your loving parents, we’re sending you a gift.”

Alarms flashed in Jane’s head. The last gift her parents sent was a nightmare. When she escaped to Earth, she was with a group going to the Asian continent. Shortly afterward she found her way to the States, but her parents hadn’t realized the distance or how Earth worked.

Her mom sent several items Earth didn’t have. No one thought how items from her planet would react when introduced into Earth’s air pressure and gravity. She saw the results on TV news when they aired a possible terror incident at a small Vietnamese cargo transfer station.

The security camera showed a small wooden building with people milling everywhere. It resembled a flea market but with farm animals and general confusion. In a stack of boxes among the chaos, the footage showed an explosion. Chaos didn’t come close to describing the resultant scene.

Chicken feathers and dust filled the air. The critters dashed around, literally with their heads chopped off, tripping frantic people. Pigs crashed through stacks of boxes, knocking things onto those fleeing. Workers pushed and shoved and punched to get away from the area. A child stood in the middle of an aisle, crying and screaming. Someone snatched the boy on their way out of the screen’s image. Somehow, a cow meandered into the scene, sniffing for food, stepping on dead chickens.


“No worries, darling. Your brother is hand delivering this present. It’s to help with your heat.”

If Jane’s brain hadn’t been in half-drive mode, she would’ve driven off the cliff. Only one thing popped into her mind that would help her heat. If her brother handed her a giftwrapped dildo, she’d kill herself. Then him so he couldn’t tell anyone. Then probably use it. She’d killed enough of them already with her lack of sex and nightly dreams of Tony.

“Grandchildren are important to us, dear. It is everyone’s responsibility to have as many children as possible to bring back our mating population. That includes you. Your brother already has three young ones with a fourth on the way.”

Jane grinded her teeth to keep her thoughts in. If she wanted to be a fucking baby machine, she would’ve stayed on the home planet. “Mom, you know my reasons—”

“Yes, and your father and I have played along for ten years, hoping you would change your mind.” She heard her mother sniff. “Jane, we won’t let you die next year because you’re too stubborn for your own good.”

God. She just didn’t have the time for this right now. She needed to get herself to the cabin and just be left alone in her own damn misery for making a decision ten years ago she wasn’t sure had been the right one anymore.

Lately, her heart kept laughing at her, reminding her she wouldn’t be in this predicament if only she’d given Tony a chance to be her mate. Good fucking luck with that. She’d made her bed and now she had to lay in it. “Mom, I’m not going to die.”

“If you work all the time, how are you to meet a male and mate within a year? You have to be pregnant before your next birthday.”

To Jane, having a baby was about the same as not having one: either way, the life she loved would come to an end. Not only was she probably not going to have a single baby, but on her home planet once a woman started breeding, it meant she was stuck at home, having endless numbers of children and nothing else to show for herself. Jane wanted more than that. She wanted to make a difference. The past ten years had shown her she could, but being biologically forced to breed was not as appealing as making the choice herself. “Listen, Mom. I gotta go—”

“Wait, dear. I actually need to talk with you about something you’ll appreciate.”

She doubted that. If her mother mentioned babies one more time, she’d lose her shit. “What is it?”

“Do you remember the Smulit family?”

She snorted. “The richest people on the planet who live down the block? Yeah, why?”

“One of their younger girls, the one with pink hair and dusty rose eyes, is missing. I’ve forgotten her name again. I can never remember what they call their young ones. There are so many—”

Jane sighed with exasperation. Trust her mom to bring it right back to the kid thing. “Mom—”

There was a shuffling noise and then her mother came back on the line. “Sorry, dear. Your father said there are indications she was taken to Earth.”

“Earth?” her heart sped up. “Why here?”

“I don’t know, darling. You’ll have to ask your father. It’s something about a ransom in American dollars. One of the premier guards, Fladoq, should be at the cabin soon, if not there already. He’ll brief you and when you go back to work, perhaps you can help him.”

Jane’s heart thrust into her throat then fell into her stomach. This was why she came to Earth—to find and save as many people as she could. Especially children who were often powerless. Her nature to see, feel, and hurt like them made it hard to ignore her calling. Her car slowed to turn onto the rock driveway to the cabin. “I’ll take a look into it, Mom. But really, I have to go. I’ll call you later this week.”

“Make sure your brother calls when he gets there. He always forgets and we worry about him.”

“Okay, Mom. Tell Dad I love him. Bye.” She pressed the disconnect button as quickly as possible. After pulling up to the front door, she turned off the engine and leaned back against the headrest. It always amazed her how quickly her mother could give her a headache. Fortunately, it was only in half her skull.

All that baby talk did something she hadn’t expected, she thought about what her life would be like at this time with Tony as her mate. Lots of fucking amazing sex. Well, yeah. That was a given. She almost hated herself daily for going without after having had it. Tony would definitely give her countless orgasms for sure. But he’d also give her children and that was the part she had the trouble with. Children equaled loss of her career. Loss of her job. Possible loss of her ability to stay sane. 

With a heavy sigh, she lugged her suitcase out of the SUV’s cargo hold, pushing aside the camo clothes, vests, extra boots, and the other items she hauled around with her everywhere. An electronic ring-a-ding-ding came from her purse. Her cell phone flashed
Cyn Vega
, her boss. “Hey, Cyn. What’s up?”

“Brock and I are checking-in to make sure you made it there okay.”

Jane pulled keys from her pocket and unlocked the front door. “I’m stepping inside as we speak. And Cynthia, I want to thank you for letting me off. You being brand new to the department and all--”

“No worries. Brock has it all smoothed out for me. We’ll be fine.”

Jane headed for the kitchen in the back of the cabin. Coming into the room, something didn’t look right. She frowned and listened to her instincts to be careful. One of the chairs was tipped over on the floor. Several of the countertop appliances were on the floor in pieces. Jane froze.

“Jane, you still there?”

“Holy shit, Cyn. There’s a dead man on my linoleum.” A piercing shriek snapped her head around. A little girl with pink hair stood screaming. A sharp pain exploded in her head and the world went dark.


BOOK: Federal Paranormal Unit Bundle: Shape Shifter Paranormal Romance
12.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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