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Minutes later the bathroom door opened, and Erica stepped out, her hair in a bun on the top of her head. She wore a tiny tank top and short set. His cock jerked in his pants, reminding him how much he wanted to get a taste of her. The shower had brought back some of her normal flush, leaving her with lovely glowing skin. His mate was gorgeous. She smiled and brought out a bottle of oil.

“I use this oil to help me sleep,” she said, handing him the bottle.

He looked down at the container in his hands, lavender. Not that he’d ever admit it to her, but he loved lavender. The scent turned him on. It was one of the few that didn’t bother his sensitive sense of smell. “This is good.”

She lay down on the bed. Once she was on her stomach, she looped the strings on the tank top down her arms, baring her back and shoulders. He stared at the shoulder he wanted to bite so badly and finally claim her as his. Biting her, marking her, and making her his mate was such a big temptation he had to grind his teeth and haul his wolf back. The animal pushed on his skin, desperate to get out and take Erica for his mate once and for all. He gulped. He glanced over her body, up her legs and took a detour to stare at her ass. A few heartbeats later he met her gaze. She had a flirty grin on her lips.

“I’m ready.”


She lowered her head to the mattress and sighed.

Taking a deep breath he walked up to the bed and stared at her flawless skin. He opened the bottle and dropped some oil into his palm. The soothing scent of lavender immediately filled the room. He rubbed his palms together until the oil heated and then splayed his hands over her shoulders. Working the oil into her flesh with smooth strokes and circular motions, he squeezed, molded, and pressed into her muscles. He started to feel somewhat confident in his ability to handle the entire massage without dying of a never-ending hard-on, until she started moaning. At first it was a small hitch in her breath, but then it turned into full-blown moans. And she wasn’t quiet.

. That feels
good,” she whimpered.

Imagining her saying the same thing while he slid in and out of her body had him gripping her skin a little rougher than he intended. She groaned, and his erection throbbed. Every time she sighed or moaned his cock swelled some more in his pants. Every breathy groan out of her lips pushed him to continue imparting all the pleasure he could. Her moans torturing his mind and body weren’t much fun, but who cared? Screw sanity, he wanted her to continue sighing in bliss.

“Trent.” She whispered his name so low he almost didn’t hear her over the pounding of his heart in his ears.

He stopped. Before he had a chance to do anything, she flipped on to her back. Her tank top hung precariously over her breasts, looking like it would reveal them at any moment. Goddamn.


He tried to keep his voice calm, but damn. She looked like a fantasy come to life. Her eyes were dark pools of passion. Her pink tongue flicked out and lavished her plump lower lip with a slow lick. The scent of her arousal was intense, and he knew she was wet and ready just for him. She gave him a smoldering look, filled with need and so much desire, sweat trickled down his spine.

“I want you.” She lifted her arms, and her hands went straight for his hair, gripping the short strands and pulling him down.

The floor could open up and the bowels of hell appear on earth, and he wouldn’t care or be able to stop from tasting her lips again. Hunger for her made him turn rough. Her open lips gave him an easy entry into her sweet depths. His tongue plundered, tasted, dominated, and possessed her. Too much had been worked up between them, and he was beyond thinking. It was time to feel. She pulled him down closer, until his body draped over hers. His cock ended up nestled between the warmth of her open legs.

Passion exploded inside him. The kiss turned wilder, desperate and consuming. He should stop. He should stop right now. Her whimpers grew, and he envisioned ripping off the tank top. He trailed his hands up her sides and grabbed her hands, stopping her fingers from twining with his hair. In one of the toughest battles against his instinct to be with Erica, he pulled away from her. It was hell, but he didn’t want to be a booty call. He’d wanted Erica for a long time and would not settle for some quick tumble as a means to relieve stress. No matter what she believed, he had feelings, and most of them were telling him this was not the right time. Erica was more than a quick lay. She was his mate.

“Erica, you’re tired.”

She moaned and kissed his jaw, ignoring his words. Her tongue flicked over his neck, and he almost forgot why they shouldn’t continue.

“Please… I need you.” She whimpered into his neck.

His cock wanted to kill him for what he was about to do. He lifted off her body and watched her open her unfocused eyes. “You need sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.”

He lowered his face to level with hers, placed a soft kiss on her furrowed brow, and walked out.

He knew she was confused. He’d rather face her anger at this dissatisfaction now than face her anger for having taken advantage of her later. That wasn’t the way he wanted to start his relationship with his mate.

* * *

“So, you look like you got shit rest, Sleeping Beauty.” Ramirez said from the driver’s side when Erica slid into the backseat of the SUV. “What the heck do you do at night? If you tell me you’ve been sneaking out of your room to go clubbing I’m going to be so jealous.”

She growled and placed her sunglasses over her tired eyes, effectively shutting both men out. She was a fool. Trent had been coming on to her for years, and when she finally decided to give in to his playboy ways he walked out! What the hell was wrong with him? He was the biggest player she’d ever met, and he had turned her down.

“Leave her alone, Ramirez. Let’s see Gina Torres’s apartment,” Trent snarled. The vindictive part of her was quite smug over how tired he looked. Good. It made her feel a little better to know she wasn’t the only one who hadn’t slept well.

“Brock and Donovan will be heading this way tomorrow.” “It seems the two victims may have had someone in common. An ex-boyfriend.”

Erica stared blindly out her window and thought of both victims. Thankfully, their screams hadn’t kept her awake. Her own sexual frustration had her staring at the ceiling fan all night. She’d been torn between knocking on Trent’s door and demanding he fulfill her sexual needs or just hitting him for leaving her in that sad state. She sighed.

Trent had the charm of any man raised as the youngest with four older sisters. He always talked about how they doted on him. He developed a charm that never failed to get him into whatever panties he wanted. Women were drawn to him. He made each one feel like the most important woman alive. He could make the sourest woman smile. That was the reason Erica had worked so hard to keep an emotional distance from him. Although that part hadn’t been too difficult, the sexual interest drove her crazy most of the time.

“Did Brock mention if the ex is a suspect yet?” Trent asked.

“No,” Ramirez replied. “He said that he wants us to view Gina’s apartment, see what we find. Maybe something definite connecting the ex with both victims, but other than that he said there’s no news. He also said Donovan is looking into the victims’ cell, email, and social networking records. Apparently they were both heavy into Facebook, Twitter, and Badoo.”

“What about online dating?” Trent’s question caught her off guard.

Erica jerked her head toward the front and looked at Ramirez. For some reason she hadn’t thought of the murderer as someone from the online dating world, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t be. The truth was she wasn’t all seeing, and the more possibilities they took off the table, the easier it became for her to narrow it down.

She watched Ramirez shake his head in a negative. “I don’t know. I guess we can have Donovan check it out, but do you really think these college girls, in a town full of kids their own age, would go on online dates? It seems pretty useless to me.”

Erica nodded in agreement. “You’re right, Ramirez. But a lot of college students use Facebook as more of a dating site than a networking site. So you need to keep that in mind. We need to find specific people they’ve both interacted with that may be connected.”

“Yeah that’s what I thought as well.”

“Ramirez, did you happen to look through Lisa’s date book? Or journal?”

“I did,” he groaned. “I’ve never read so much gushing about a guy in my life. Oh and the petty disputes over her old friends being jealous were exhausting.”

Erica perked up in her seat. “What guy was she gushing about? And what were the friends jealous over?”

“The guy was the ex-boyfriend, Derek Holmes, and she didn’t say what they were jealous over, just that they were.”

She mulled over his words as they reached the place Gina Torres had called home.

Ramirez parked outside the large apartment house. Erica dropped her cell phone in her pocket and moved to open the door, but Trent was holding it open before she had a chance. She looked up into his eyes and saw determination there.

He held out his hand to help her out of the Jeep. “Erica—”

She shook her head. “This is not the time, Trent. We have a case to solve.”

There was enough hurt inside her that she would rather break her neck throwing herself out of a burning building than take his hand. She jumped down from her seat, glanced up at his handsome face, turned her back, and marched away.

Erica made her way up the sidewalk, taking in the area. All of the structures appeared to have been farmhouses that were converted to multi-apartment houses. She knocked on the door to one of the large houses. An older woman with silver-white hair in a bun greeted them. She made five-foot-three Erica feel like a giant. The old woman had to be a little less than five feet tall and weigh around a hundred pounds, if that. Erica knew she wasn’t skinny, but Ms. Lipkin was tiny, and she felt like a chubby amazon next to her.

“You must be the FBI folk I was told were coming along to see Gina’s room.” The old woman said. “My name is Hazel Lipkin. Gina was one of my boarders and the sweetest girl in this house.”

Erica was caught off guard by the loud voice coming out of the small body. Ms. Lipkin glanced directly at Erica, offered her hand, and smiled. When Erica shook her hand, she gasped at Ms. Lipkin’s tight grip. The tiny woman was strong.

“Hi, I’m Erica Villa. Yes, we’re from the FBI. These are my colleagues, Trent Buchanan and Tony Ramirez.” She pointed to the men at either side of her.

The old lady smiled, first at Trent and then at Ramirez. “You get to work with these handsome young men over here? I’d never be able to get any work done with this kind of eye candy.”

Erica grinned, glancing from one man to the other. They were both preening.

“They’re not all that.”

“This one over here reminds me of my first husband, Mauricio. He was what they call a Latin lover. What a man.” Ms. Lipkin sighed while glancing at Ramirez. She gave him a wink and then turned to Trent. “But you, my boy, you remind me of my third and final husband, Jack. He was a handsome devil, loved getting on my last nerve, but was the most loving man I ever met, God rest his soul.”

Erica watched Trent’s smile widen. He then turned to look at Erica as if to say, “See? Even this lady can tell I’m awesome.” She rolled her eyes and shifted her attention back to Ms. Lipkin.

“Alright. If you just follow me I’ll show you Gina’s room.” Ms. Lipkin strolled back inside, everyone following behind her. Erica took in the open entryway and looming stairs to the second and third levels.

Ms. Lipkin jerked to a stop in the middle of the foyer like a tour guide would their group. “This was formerly a farmhouse, as I’m sure you already figured out. My parents decided to turn unnecessary bedrooms into small studio apartments and rent them out to college kids. It worked so well they kept it that way for decades. When they passed I took over and continued to work the same system.”

Erica noticed there were multiple photographs hanging on the walls. Each one was of a group of kids around a Christmas tree with Ms. Lipkin by their side.

“Those are taken every year for the holidays.” Ms. Lipkin must have noticed Erica’s interest in the photos.

“Do you offer cooking along with the room?” Trent asked Ms. Lipkin, glancing around the room. “I know you mentioned studio apartments, but I’m sure some of these kids, if not all, aren’t interested in cooking or cleaning.”

Ms. Lipkin, who had been walking beside Trent, patted his bicep. “Smart, strong, and handsome. You’re a keeper.” She grinned. “For an additional fee we offer breakfast and dinner along with laundry services.” She glanced at Ramirez, shook her head, and sighed. “You’d be surprised how many of these kids offer double so their clothes are clean and there’s food for them.”

Erica fell behind when they started heading up the stairs. She turned. Trent was waiting for her. He grinned. “You heard the lady. I’m a keeper.”

“Hah. She’s only saying that because she doesn’t know you.” Erica huffed. She started to move up the stairs when he grabbed her by the arm. Being one step higher than him on the stairs put them at almost eye level.


BOOK: Federal Paranormal Unit Bundle: Shape Shifter Paranormal Romance
8.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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