First Encounters Of The Beautiful Kind

BOOK: First Encounters Of The Beautiful Kind
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First Encounters

Of The

Beautiful Kind



Adina Jan

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older. This book is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please store your files where they cannot be access by minors.


Evelyn looked at herself in the mirror and with some admiration too.  She had just woken up after a night she wished could have continued forever.  Getting up and lazily stretching herself she could feel her body ache sweetly and her groins felt as if it had ridden a horse for hours.  Getting up from her bed she stretched herself fully in front of the full length mirror.  The two well rounded mounds with pink large nipples looked gorgeous even to her and blood rushed through her bushy honey colored pussy just imagining how the boys must have felt looking at her in the raw.  She was one of those rare specimens who were truly beautiful in face as well as her body.  At 21 years she was finely formed.  The gods must have really worked at her creation with all their creative genius.


She just snuggled back into bed and closed her eyes.  Her nipples had hardened and a groan of pleasure escaped her as the turn of events swam in sweetly through her closed eyes and she just lay back relishing the happenings the night before.


The night never seemed to end for her and Tim, and finally as the dawn shone through the window, Tim had to reluctantly leave her room and go back to his own room before the return of his sister.


Her body was aching sweetly at the endless love they made.  Though it was her first time, she had thoroughly enjoyed the multiple love making sessions of the night and wondered how Tim was able to come again and again with such vigor and volume for the three times they had coupled.  She simply could not have enough of him and just wanted to run back to his room for one more quick session.  But it was too risky lest the Waltzes returned.


Just then she heard the sound of the car in the portico and wondered when would be the next time as she closed her eyes and once again lived through the happenings of the night as she slowly started to rub her wet clitoris.


Evelyn had to get through collage and her mother who worked at a retail outlet as a cashier could barely support herself and a collage going daughter.  Evelyn looked around and accidentally stumbled upon the vocation of baby sitting for parents who had often to work night shifts.  She lived in a industrial town and it was common for both parents to be working.  Often the shifts were thrown together for the couple and they had a tough time leaving their small kids home alone. 


It was easy enough just to sleep in with small kids who were afraid to be alone at home at night when their parents were working the night shift.  All she had to do was just play around a little and then put them to sleep while she herself slept in the guest bedroom or a makeshift bed in the children’s room itself.


The Waltz couple were her regular hires and she enjoyed working for them for they had a comfortable home and she liked sleeping in their guest room which was well furnished with attached baths and far better than her own humble home.  The Waltz’s were also very liberal with their tips as they had a good income and due to her vivacity and beauty were quite fond of her.  Their children too loved the smiling, laughing, jovial and beautiful Eva.


“Hi Eve” Tina waltz called up from behind Evelyn breaking her reverie


“Tina! What a surprise.  Don’t you have the office today?” 


“No.  My shift has changed to late night.  I will be working the night for the whole week”


Oh! Is Willard on day shift or night shift too?”


“He too is on the night shift.  That’s why I wanted to call you.  Good that we met here.”  They entered the Mall and Tina just stopped and looked around.


“Are you waiting for Willard?”

“No.  My kid brother is in town and staying with us for a month.”


“So you want me to take care of 3 kids” laughed Evelyn


“No.  He is quite grown up and all of 22 now.  About your age.  But in many ways he is still like a 5 year old”


Just then a tanned young man walked up to Tina and took her hands.


“Tim meet Evelyn.  She looks after the kids when I am working the night shift” she beamed with pride as she made the introductions “and meet Tim.  He is soon to be the most celebrated Marathoner.”  


He smiled and shook his head. Evelyn felt some strange stirring within her looking at his smile which was very charming and angelic.  While he had an unshaven look, his face was still boyish.  He was athletic and tall.  It was obvious that he led a very active outdoors life and tanned to a metallic sheen. 


“Tim.  Nice to meet you.  You seem to be a regular at the gym.”


“Yeah.  Sort of.  I am working out and preparing for the Rome Marathon.  You too look awfully beautiful.”  He looked deeply in her beautiful eyes and said it innocently with genuine emphasis without any sexist intentions.  His eyes seemed to be reaching the very core of her soul.  The way Tim stretched the word beautiful sent a pleasant pulse of electricity through her.  Evelyn felt a strange sensation which she had never felt before.  A kind of pleasant sensation running through her entire body which made her feel week at the knees.


While Tim had no great fascination for women as he was engrossed in his sporting career, he was swept off his feet by the vibrant beauty of Evelyn.  Her shining blue eyes seemed to be a world in itself and he felt lost within its void and he felt he was trying to swim within to find her core.  Her golden brown hair framing her round face, the inviting full firm breasts straining through her top and her slim hour glass figure made him dizzy and weak.   


Tina could feel the intensity building between them and felt a strange thrill run up her as she suddenly recalled how it felt when she first met Willard.


“OK.  Let’s have the shopping done with.  Eve.  Please be there at 8.00 at my house.”  “Why don’t you have dinner with us all tonight?” she added as an afterthought.


No… I thought…” Evelyn stammered. 


“Hey.  It would be fun for all of us with Tim to have dinner.  Then we will be gone at 9.00.  You can look after the three kids.”  Tina winked.


Evelyn wondered if there was a mischievous hint in her eyes.

As Evelyn neared the Waltz’s house, she felt a strange sensation of anticipation.  Tim had not left her consciousness for the whole day.  She wondered what made her blood rush to her groins whenever she thought of Tim.


She parked her scooter on the side of the porch and walked up the house.  Tina was in the lounge arranging some flowers from her garden.  The whiff of fresh flowers made her feel as if she was in a ethereal world.  The evening was turning out to be like a fantasy.  Tina looked up and down at Evelyn.


“Hey.  You are looking like princess.  You look so beautiful today.  What’s special?”


She blushed and in walked Tim.  It seemed for a moment he just froze looking at her and Evelyn could feel the sparks flying between them.  There were hundreds of things said and understood between them in that fraction of a second.  It was all becoming more and more fairytale like for Evelyn.


Just then Willard Waltz’s cheery voice boomed in.  Hey! What you guys doing’ without me.  Seems a big conspiracy going against me seeing all the whispering going on here”


They all laughed, moved to the dinner table and chattered through the well laid dinner.  Waltz’s believed in a good lifestyle and made sure their dinners with their guests were memorable.  They believed in and lived the good life. 


Tim was in high spirits and regaled everyone with his tales of slip ups and boomers in his sporting career including how he once ran on the wrong path during a marathon and ended up in a winery where he pressed wine with his feet and got drunk because he had no hope of winning that marathon.


Finally the Waltz’s were gone.  The children were put to bed and there was a kind of hesitant conversion that ensued between Tim and Evelyn.  Both were blushing hard and the evening was taut as a rubber band pulled to the extreme. They could feel the tension mounting as the evening stretched.  The attraction was so strong between both that it could have set the room on fire.


Suddenly as if on cue they were in each others arms and kissing each other hungrily.  There was a fierce passion as if both wanted to possess and merge into each other as one. 


They continued kissing and caressing each for what seemed to both as an eternity.  Finally they disengaged a little.  Tim was breathing hard and Evelyn was almost in a state of stupor.  She quickly led him into the guest bedroom.


They kissed and Evelyn started unbuttoning his shirt.  As the shirt came off, she could see the bulging muscles of his arms and the broad hard chest with a bush of fresh growing hairs.  She could feel the bulging hard manhood through his jeans and a shiver of pleasure ran through her just feeling his bulge.  In the meantime, Tim had yanked her evening blouse off and she stood there topless waiting for him to take off her cloths.  She had known instinctively that this evening was going to turn out into something and she had come prepared.  She had purposely avoided wearing any undergarments and Tim felt his hear pounding hard at her breath taking figure.


Tim looked at her creamy mounds with the hard nipples.  As he moved his hands up to the unsupported firm breast and and squeezed them softly she just seemed to melt into his body.


Tim had a few brushes with girls but his passion was in the marathon race that he was preparing for and he engaged in it with all his heart.  He had very less time for girls.  His small brushes of kissing and fondling some girls who literally forced themselves on him were not too exciting for him.  But today it all seemed different.  Suddenly his manhood had woken up to its fullest potential and it was almost painful.   The soft sweet perfume of Evelyn had a magical effect on him. He felt his penis swelling and throbbing and he vaguely wondered if it was going to burst. As Evelyn pushed herself against his strong body and held his manhood in her hands she could feel its power throbbing and pulsing.  The sensation made her pussy moist with a rush of a hot nectar.  His whole body was taught as a bow and Evelyn felt he was ready to unleash a fury of pleasure.  She couldn’t wait any longer and hjust wanted to be washed away in the promised waves of the pleasure just waiting for her in his hands holding her tight against himself.


Tim looked at her lovely body and it felt like he had always known the body and possessed it for many lives.  It was just what was made for him.  A little taller than most average girls she had a beautiful sculpted face.  As he took her moving lips in his own it was as if he was transported to another realm.  With passion increasing with the long probing kisses, he felt his manhood was growing larger and larger.  Her every aspect, her blue eyes, the chin all seemed as if proportioned by an artist with the deepest care and perfection.  Her body was not just what you thought of as a voluptuous girl.  It had young but full breasts which seemed to be again made with care not to be too large or too small.  The nipples were a dark pink and were erect and inviting.  The space between the breasts was just the place to spend the rest of your life Tim wondered as he buried his face between her firm bubbles and squeezed her nipples gently.

BOOK: First Encounters Of The Beautiful Kind
6.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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