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couldn’t have done it without my family.”

you know she had Down syndrome before she was born?”

the relationship was going to continue it was probably best she knew about
Emily. Well, not the whole story, only his brothers and his mother knew the
true story of how he came to be her father.

not my natural child. My wife and I adopted her, and yes, we knew she was a special

turned to look at Natalie. He was sure he saw tears in her eyes.

was wonderful of you,” she said.

dabbed the corner of her eye with a tissue. He’d been right. Those were tears
in her eyes. And it made him want her even more.



loved the fact that his hair was long enough that it curled over the back of
his shirt collar. She ran her fingers through it as they swayed in perfect time
with the music. She hadn’t counted on her child’s father being do damn sexy and
hot. Sleeping with him had been the last thing she’d imagined doing when she’d
met him, but she wanted him to make love to her tonight. Did he have that on
his agenda too? She hoped so or she’d be taking a cold shower at the motel as
soon as she got back.

ran his hand up her back, just to the left of her spine and it sent shivers of
a good kind throughout her body. She’d had too much wine,
she’d been
nervous when they’d first stepped into the bar. Now her senses were lowered,
she was beginning to relax.

told her that he’d adopted Emily, that he’d known she was a Down syndrome baby,
yet still wanted her. It had moved her, touched her heart, and she’d almost
blurted out a thank you for taking my child and giving her a loving home. But
she was still being cautious, yes, selfish too, not revealing who she was and
why she’d come to town. She’d stepped over a line and couldn’t go back. The way
was forward and once she felt comfortable about having his trust, then she’d
tell him.

realized the deeper they got involved the more that was at stake by not being completely
honest up front. But if he banished her at this point, she’d have to leave and
she’d never see her daughter again. She wanted to be with her some more;
her to knit, and teach her other things too. She also
wanted to get to know Flynn much, much more.

began crying and hoped Flynn didn’t see her. Resting her head on his shoulder,
she closed her eyes and listened to the music and was sure she could hear
Flynn’s heart beating. She’d only known him for a bit but the last time she
felt exactly like this, she was falling in love with Emily’s father.





wine had relaxed her, made her uninhibited. She’d pulled Flynn up to the motel
room and inside where it was warm, cozy, and the night was young.

here beautiful lady,” he said pulling her in close.

kissed her. He was a great kisser. They
going to make love. His cock was rigid and pressed against her belly.
She could only imagine how it would feel inside her.

My scar.

see her scar.
Unless of course she got creative.

had the perfect plan. Natalie pulled away from him and bunched up her dress and
pulled down her pantyhose and panties. Flynn didn’t take his eyes off her and
the undergarments now lying on the top of her feet.

someone in a hurry for sex?” He reached for the belt on her dress ready to tug
it, but she stopped him.

me like this with my dress on, but nothing underneath.”

that what you like? Because I had visions of the first time we had sex, you
sprawled naked on the bed with your legs wide apart and…

that sounded so much better, but for now, it had to be her way.

is my fantasy,” she said.

smiled. “I have to admit that it turns me on too.”

trying to talk her into sex
he got down on his hands and knees. He wrapped his arms around her legs and
began kissing her calves, and then her thighs. He kissed her mound through her
dress while running his hands over her butt. Maybe this was a lot sexier than
she’d thought. Yes, maybe this would work out for the best for both of them.

Flynn slid his hands around to the front of
her body, gliding over her skin, like an expert massage therapist, and soon his
fingers were running over her pubic hair. He glided a finger deep within her
folds, catching her clit and stopping just short at the entrance of her pussy.
Without warning, his long finger slipped inside her.

It felt so good.


on baby, relax because you feel very tense and I want you to enjoy this.”

called her baby. Those four letters made her feel sexy. Made her feel wet and
hot where it
the most.

he was right about the tense pussy.
was nervous not only about the having sex with someone new, but making love
with the man who’d had adopted her daughter.

slid his finger back and forth, exciting her nerve endings, and stimulating her
juices some more. It had been so long since a man had worked her body, and yes,
mind into such a state.

withdrew his finger, stood, and looked her in the eye. “So you’re sure you want
to do it like this?”

nodded. She wanted him, wanted him now.

put his hands on her biceps and walked her backwards until her butt gently hit
the wall.

down my fly.”

voice sounded deeper, his tone a little demanding, but she suddenly liked that
quality. Flynn Monroe would be her first much older man. That excited her too.
Nothing like experience in the bedroom.

did what he’d asked, eased down his fly, and went one step more by pushing her
hand inside his boxers. His rigid cock hit her palm.

reached in his back pocket and pulled out a foil package as she worked her hand
up and down his shaft, feeling it pulse, feeling its veins pump with blood, and
a tiny dribble of pre- cum clinging to its head. He was big and long and her
pussy throbbed thinking about it inside her.

pushed her hand out, dropping his pants and boxers and with
finesse she’d never seen before, and then slipped the rubber
over his dick.

have to admit I haven’t had sex in a long time so I might be a little rough and
quick, but it’s only the beginning of what’s to come,” he said.

and quick sounded fine with her.

yanked her dress up. She hoped he didn’t see the scar, but luckily the room was
half lit. He nudged her thighs apart and then she felt the pressure as he
parted her pussy lips and pushed his cock way up inside her.

It had never felt so good.
A man hadn’t
excited her quite like this.

grabbed her and she held his arms as he thrust upward, almost lifting her feet
off the ground.
The big, strong cowboy taking her rough and
against the wall.
Her butt slapped against it a few times and she wondered
if she’d have a bruised ass. Right now she didn’t care.

kissed, this time mouths open, tongues slipping over the other’s lips. Where
had he learned to kiss like this? He pushed his cock up higher, hitting her G-spot
and almost making her go cross-eyed. Instinct told her to wrap her legs around
his hips. She lifted herself up to do just that, sending his dick toward the
back of her pussy. He pushed harder, making her butt bounce off the wall.

licked her neck, making a groaning sound as he drove harder and deeper. Her ass
continually hit the wall now, exciting her more and forcing her to dig her
fingertips into his shoulders.

was coming in record time. Usually it took a lot of work on the guy’s part to
get her even close to the edge. The pleasure began in her toes and traveled up
her legs to her butt and then, that was it. Her pussy pulled and tensed and she
moaned into his neck, biting him in the process. He drove hard two more times
and then she felt the pressure inside her body that told her he’d climaxed too.

rested his forehead on hers, slowly putting her back on the ground. The thick
pile of the carpet squished through her toes and even that felt good.

was a slice of heaven,” he said.

pulled at her dress. She knew he wanted to take it off her, but she held it in

if you’re worried about being…”

she said.

was going to say curvy, don’t be because I like my women big, and that’s the
very reason I want to see you naked.”

not that.”

what is it, you got a tattoo you don’t want me to see or what?”

was stupid. This wasn’t going to be a one-time fuck. Or at least she hoped it
wasn’t going to be. They couldn’t always do it standing with her still wearing
her dress.

because of this.” She let the dress open. “You might as well see it.”

ran his hands over the scar a few inches above her pubic hair. She had a tear
in her eye, remembering the day they’d cut her open and took her baby from her
body. Emily.

had an operation and you think the scar is ugly or what because I don’t.”

from a C-section.”

have a child?”

shook her head. She should own up, but she couldn’t. Now she’d crossed the line
by miles. She couldn’t risk losing him.

lost her.”

so sorry.” He kissed her forehead. “So you were married?”

I got pregnant while I was in high school.”

shame in that.
Happens all the time.”

Not to nice little rich girls. Or at
least that’s what my mother told me.

pulled the dress off her shoulders and then took off her bra. He held her

knew you’d be quite the view without your clothes, but I didn’t expect to see
the most beautiful woman in the world standing before me.”





couldn’t get enough of her body. He loved every inch of it. He sucked her
nipple while swirling his finger around inside her pussy. She wiggled and
he loved that too. He tickled the back of her channel,
loving the little guttural sound she made. He guessed by the grip on his finger
she was about to come.

he let her, or should he slip inside her and let his cock take her all the way?
He liked the latter more. Good thing, he’d already sheathed himself. Flynn got
up on his knees and nudged her thighs apart and glided into her. Her warmth and
tightness made him feel like the luckiest man in the world.

breasts were the most beautiful he’d seen; full and their nipples a dusty pink.
He touched them, she touched his arm, and for the first time in forever, he
felt a connection. A woman he could envision having a future with.

rocked his hips some more, diving into her deeper and faster. She pushed her
legs up behind him, touching his butt as she rested her calves on him. The
action made his cock slide into her pussy even farther and she groaned and
pushed her chin into the air. He raised himself up, straining harder against
her body until he heard her draw in her breath and then call out his name.

just a groan, a moan, but
his name
Someone had sent this woman to him. It had to be fate that had sent her car
into the ditch and him finding her.

ran his hands over her breasts again, feeling his own climax building and
building until he saw stars and fireworks. It was getting better each time they
made love.

stayed inside her, resting his body down upon hers.

this time around he’d hit the jackpot.






can’t do it.”

threw the wool and needles across the room and got up and paced up and down.
For the first time since she’d meet her daughter, she had no idea what to do.
Flynn had left them alone while he went out to feed the cattle, and Natalie had
thought it the perfect time to give Emily her first knitting lesson.

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