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1. U.S. Armed Forces to Fight “Injustice,” Poverty, and “Global Warming”

2. What Solyndra? New “Green” Stimulus, Federal “Green Bank”

3. Open Borders, Amnesty for Illegals

4. A Jobs Plan for America

5. It's Back! FDR's Works Progress Administration and Other Obama Job Nightmares

6. Blueprint for a New Economy, National Infrastructure Bank

7. “Equal Pay for Equal Work” and Other Acts of “Fairness”

8. Government Health Care for All

9. Elections: Stealing the Future


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often heard a presidential election called “the most important election of your lifetime.” And surely the failure to defeat Barack Hussein Obama in November 2012 would be momentous. It would mean a continuation of his relentless expansion of federal government power; more explosive increases in his crushing, multitrillion-dollar inter-generational debt; a weak foreign policy coupled with his evisceration of America's military; and the likelihood that more Obama-appointed Supreme Court justices would assure a left-leaning majority on America's top court for at least a generation.

But these trends, insidious as they are, do not capture the real meaning of a second Obama term. These conventional concerns—which would normally be at least partly reversible under some future change in administration—do not encompass what is truly at stake for America in 2012. That risk is the progressive socialist takeover of our country, the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” that Obama proclaimed just five days before the general election in 2008. The danger is that 2012 may not only be the most important election of our lifetimes, but that it will be the last chance we have to save liberty as Americans have known it since 1776.

The progressive socialists normally operate—to borrow a Fabian socialist
But Obama himself accidentally revealed his duplicitous program in a now notorious “open microphone” incident with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Americans were momentarily stunned to hear the two in private conversation on the sidelines of a March 26, 2012, Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea:

Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it's important for him to give me space.”

Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”

Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”

Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

These deceitful remarks do not simply betray Obama's willingness to compromise American security interests. As we expose in this book's chapter on defense policy, a second Obama term would go far beyond caving in to Russia's objections to U.S. missile defenses for Europe or the Kremlin's longstanding goal of diminishing America's nuclear arsenal. What Obama's “open-mic moment” made stunningly clear is his strategy of concealing his true agenda from the American people by telling the leader of Russia that he will have more “flexibility” after his reelection to enact policies the American public would oppose—if only we knew. This begs the obvious question: What other unpopular policies is Obama hiding that he plans to foist on the country if he wins a second term?

This book reveals the blueprint for a second term that Obama and his progressive backers don't want you to know. Months of painstaking research into thousands of documents have enabled coauthor Brenda J. Elliott and me to expose the secret template for Obama's next four years—the one actually created by Obama's own top advisers and strategists.

Fool Me Twice
is our third and most important book-length investigation into Obama and the progressive socialist movement. Here we lay out in great detail the progressive agenda for a second Obama term. All the main areas of domestic policy are covered—jobs, wages, health care, immigration,
electoral “reform,” as well as the “green scheme,” or what passes in progressive circles for a national energy policy. Each of these plans seeks to permanently remake America into a government-dominated socialist state.

The American public has a broad sense of the president's agenda, should he capture four more years. For example, Obama has been clear he would use another term to ensure the implementation of the legally challenged ObamaCare and the “reform” of our financial sector. Obama also stated recently he would attempt the central goal of progressive-style immigration reform, as well. But these generalized ambitions do not scratch the surface of the specific, radical assault that is planned upon our country and that we have labored to expose in this work. Here are just a few samples from dozens upon dozens of specific plans unveiled herein:

• detailed plans to enact single-payer health care legislation controlled by the federal government, regardless of any Supreme Court decision to overturn ObamaCare;

• the re-creation of a 21st-century version of FDR's Works Progress Administration (WPA) program within the Department of Labor that would oversee a massive new bureaucracy and millions of new federal jobs;

• further gutting of the U.S. military in shocking ways, while using the “savings” for a new “green” stimulus program and the founding of a federal “green” bank to fund so-called environmentally friendly projects;

• the spreading of already vastly reduced resources of the U.S. Armed Forces spread even thinner by using them to combat “global warming,” fight global poverty, remedy “injustice,” bolster the United Nations, and step up use of “peacekeeping” deployments;

• an expansive new amnesty program for illegal aliens linked with a reduction in the capabilities of the U.S. Border Patrol and plans to bring in untold numbers of new immigrants with the removal of caps on H-1B visas and green cards.

And this is just the start.

How did we uncover this radical blueprint? Surprisingly, many of the
plans are lying in plain sight but are in need of investigative energies and trained eyes. In our previous book,
Red Army
, Brenda and I copiously traced the origins of Obama's first-term signature policies, including ObamaCare, defense initiatives, and the massive “stimulus.” In nearly every case, we found each plan was crafted and perfected over time by key progressive organizations and activists, usually first promoted in extensive research and policy papers. Many times, the plan at hand was only gradually introduced into legislation pushed by progressive Democrats. Progressive marketing strategists, we found, were then brought in to sell the plan to the American public, cloaking the most radical proposals in the guise of moderation, in the bland-sounding rhetoric of popular social ideals.

For example, we documented how ObamaCare was largely a rehashed version of legislation that first originated in progressive research in 2003 as something called Health Care for America, the centerpiece of the progressive Economic Policy Institute's Agenda for Shared Prosperity. Many of the major facets of the health care law, we showed, were attempted in earlier, less grandiose legislative efforts. We revealed how progressive marketing experts helped to sell ObamaCare to the public, even providing suggestions on exactly which words supporters should use to promote the bill.

We further documented how key progressive organizations served as the nerve center for formulating such White House initiatives as the “stimulus,” defense strategy, and education reform. This same cast of characters has been busy plotting Obama's second-term agenda in exhaustive detail.

To be clear, we do not argue that every plan exposed in this book would be implemented by Obama exactly as outlined. But we have no doubt that we are presenting you with the detailed game plan that would form the basis of a second Obama term.

I have been investigating Barack Obama since December 2007 when the Democratic primary was getting into full swing and the largely unknown junior senator from Illinois emerged as a serious contender. At the time, I was a Jerusalem-based reporter primarily focused on the Middle East. From five thousand miles away, I was forced to involve myself in U.S. domestic affairs, since I found the Washington press corps to be mysteriously uninterested in doing any real vetting of Obama's background.

I am proud to have played a role in uncovering Obama's radical history.
My own Middle East investigations led me to first piece together Obama's extensive relationship with unrepentant Pentagon-bomber Bill Ayers, penning an article that broke into a major issue of the 2008 Presidential campaign. I also first documented Obama's close personal and professional ties to the PLO-connected, anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi, as well as a host of other nearly lifetime ties to radical groups and anti-American personalities, including the Nation of Islam; the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN; and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).

It was in a now-notorious April 2008, WABC Radio interview with myself and then cohost John Batchelor that a top official of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas “endorsed” Obama for president. Our interview made world headlines and became a prominent theme of the 2008 presidential campaign.

Later, as his presidency took shape, I teamed up with Brenda and together we researched Obama and White House officials. We were among the first to report that Obama's “Green Jobs Czar,” Van Jones, had founded a communist organization—a theme later picked up by Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck leading to Jones' resignation. We also released a video, circulated nationwide, in which White House communications director Anita Dunn boasted that Obama's presidential campaign had focused on “making” the news media cover certain issues while rarely communicating anything to the press unless it was “controlled.” Dunn stepped down weeks later, though she continues to this day to serve the White House in an advisory role. Together, we wrote both
Manchurian President
, documenting Obama's lifelong ties to radicals, and
Red Army
, which detailed how the progressive machine formulated the president's first-term White House strategy.

Of course, it is now our hope to contribute even further to the exposure of President Obama's radical policies, and of the progressives' deceptive designs for our country. America's failure to grasp—or unwillingness to confront—the grave threat we now face is not limited to liberal elites or to practitioners of what has become essentially the partisan news media. Even much of the “conservative” political class has not risen to this challenge. We despair, for example, to hear conservatives criticize Obama as being “either too naïve or too incompetent” to govern effectively. To the
contrary, what we continue to document here is that he is a highly skilled political radical who has spent a lifetime preparing to reach the pinnacle of American power, and is for the most part succeeding in implementing the progressive socialist agenda.

BOOK: Fool Me Twice
12.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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