Forbidden Cowboy

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Forbidden Cowboy

K. Lyn~

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Forbidden Cowboy

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There is only one man in Samantha’s life, only one man she truly desires, and he is forbidden to her, off limits, taboo, which is no doubt the reason for her never ending desire for him. Very few things in Samantha’s world are considered taboo, but that is because the woman is young and idealistic, or perhaps she simply lacks boundaries. A young woman with raging hormones, Samantha’s lust can no longer be ignored. A night alone with her cowboy is the only thing that stands between Samantha and paradise, but arranging this forbidden liaison may pose more challenges for the young woman than she has anticipated.

Forbidden Cowboy:

Samantha had no idea when or how it had begun, but there was no denying it. She wanted a man who should have been considered forbidden to her. But perhaps that was the reason she wanted him. The very definition of the word “forbidden” made a person want to do that one thing that was off limits, or at least see if they could get away with doing that one naughty thing without getting caught. Something that was forbidden was not necessarily illegal, but it was certainly taboo, and all things taboo had always intrigued Samantha. Perhaps the woman simply lacked boundaries. For whatever reason, she wanted this forbidden man and she was determined to have him.

The object of Samantha’s lust was a man who had been in her life since the day she was born, but he had not become of interest to her until she was a young college woman. Her hormones were raging, having had the first taste of a man while still in her teens. The man of Samantha’s erotic thoughts, the one person she could never stop thinking of was a man named Joe, but Samantha knew him as Joey, and she could not imagine being with him, yet at the same time she could not imagine not having him at least once. She had to know what it felt like to lie naked with him and to make love with him. Ten years her senior and definitely not the type of guy Samantha would choose to settle down with, Joe was nonetheless the one man who turned her on whenever she was near him. The sexy and somewhat cocky man was a businessman by day and a rancher by night and on the weekends. He was Samantha’s idea of a real cowboy.

After years of fantasizing about lying naked with this man, his jet black hair that clung to his body from head to toe pressing against her smooth white skin, Samantha’s lust had finally come to a head, so to speak. She called to see if he would be around this weekend and if she could stop by. Joe was shocked to hear from her.

“What’s this about, Sam?”
She didn’t dare say it out loud. “I just want to talk to you in private.”
“Uh, sure. I’ll be around.”

They agreed upon Saturday night, which was perfect for Samantha. Joe lived alone in his big farmhouse and no one would ever have to know about their night together. They could even make it an ongoing affair, if they chose.

Samantha drove the hour drive to Joe’s farm, taking the back roads so that no one she knew would recognize her bright red sports car. After driving for a short distance, she remembered why she hated country roads. There was too much dust from the gravel and no matter how hard she tried she could not keep the gritty dirt out of her car. She parked behind Joe’s house for added protection against her car being spotted by the man’s mother or any number of his nosy neighbors. Joe’s truck was parked beside the barn so she knew that he was home.

Samantha tapped lightly on the door of the weathered farmhouse. “Joe?” There was no answer. The screen door was unlocked, so Samantha walked inside. She called his name again and still there was no answer. Then she heard the shower, so she slowly wandered into Joe’s bedroom. He had left the door to the bathroom open and Samantha could see the full silhouette of the man she wanted. The steam from the shower clouded her vision somewhat as it spread across the shower doors, but she could see enough. Samantha could have easily had her way with any man, but this was not just any man. She knew that the possibility of rejection was very real tonight. She stood and waited for the shower water to stop. She knew that she should wait in the living room and that she had no right to be in Joe’s bedroom, but she could not leave. She could not stop staring at the shower doors.

When the water stopped, Samantha’s heart began to pound inside her chest. She jumped when the shower door was flung open. There he was, naked, drops of water clinging to the hair that covered all of him.

“Samantha!” Not prepared to have been seen naked by the woman he thought of as a younger sister, Joe quickly covered his private parts, but not before Samantha had gotten a good look at what she now wanted more than she had originally thought. The entire scene, if it had been a snapshot in time, could have easily been an ad for an erotic film. For a moment he simply stared at her, and then he demanded to know. “What are you doing?”

Samantha had no answer. She just stood there staring at what a towel was now covering. “I, uh, the door was unlocked.”

When Joe noticed the vulnerability in Samantha’s young face, he smiled the familiar smile that Samantha found not only charming, but damn near orgasmic. Whenever she had visited his parents and he had been working on the ranch, he would stop whatever he was doing and smile at her with that devilishly sexy smile whenever he saw her. The hot water of the shower was still dripping on the floor of the bathtub from the leaky faucet and it seemed to Samantha that the drops were beating in tune with her heart. “Give me a minute, Sam, and I’ll be right out. Make yourself at home. Oh, that’s right, I guess you already have.”

Samantha didn’t wait for the teasing grin this time. She was embarrassed enough. She retreated to the living room to wait for Joe to dry off. When he came out of the bedroom in jeans and no shirt, his hair covered chest still glistening from lingering drops of water, Samantha nearly gasped. She knew she shouldn’t be here, but there was no way she was going to leave. She had never been so torn between what was right and what was wrong.

“You wouldn’t happen to have anything to drink, would you?”
“Grab a soda. There are plenty in the frig.”
“I was thinking more along the lines of liquor, the hard stuff.”
What could he say, no? Sam was a grown woman now. “Help yourself. I’ll be right back in.”

As the door slammed behind him, Samantha did help herself. She poured a glass of whiskey and some kind of cola that she had found in the back of Joe’s very messy refrigerator. She had no idea how long the stuff had been in there, but it wasn’t bad. All she needed was enough booze to loosen up a bit without getting drunk, just enough to go through with her planned seduction. Samantha’s glass was empty when Joe returned.

“So, what did you drive all this way to talk to me about?” He straddled a chair and Samantha bit her lip, thinking how lucky that chair was and wishing she were the one he was straddling. Samantha had had just enough to drink to do what she had come here to do, and she had had too much to drink to be sent away tonight. Joe would never let her drive drunk.

Knowing that it was now or never, Samantha stood up and boldly took Joe by the hand. “Come with me.” Having no idea what was up with Samantha, he allowed her to lead him into his own bedroom. The sun was setting and it made the unappealing bedroom seem almost romantic. She turned toward him and held both of his hands. Eye level with Joe’s chest, she was dying to lick the hair away from his nipples and lick and suck and bite those mouthwatering tips.

“Hey, kid, what’s up?” He still didn’t know.

Despite the liquor, this was the one man from whom Samantha most feared rejection. She had wanted him since she was too young to have him. She slowly looked up into his gorgeous blue eyes. There was no smug smile on his lips. Had he somehow figured out why she had really come here? Joe stared at her, their equally mesmerizing eyes meeting. Samantha did not know what to do. She had never had to be the initiator. Every man she had ever dated had done that for her. But this was not just any man, and this definitely was not a date. She sighed, and her breasts nearly touched Joe’s chest. He surprised the young woman when he kissed the top of her head, then her forehead, then her nose, and finally, her lips. He kissed lightly and then he backed off. He pulled his hands from hers and wrapped his arms around her. To Samantha this man’s arms felt like a cozy comforting blanket. She held him, their hearts seeming to beat in sync.

Joe whispered, “This is why you came here.”

“Yes,” Samantha replied, though his was a statement and not a question. The smell of his skin drew her to him. Was it chemistry? Maybe it was that part of him, his very essence, that whenever she was near him and breathed in, she was drawn to him. It was his natural scent that seemed to cast a spell over her.

Joe slid his hands beneath the young woman’s shirt and rubbed her back. Samantha never wanted to let go of him. If she did, she feared he would be gone forever and that tonight would have been nothing but a dream. Samantha felt the clasp of her bra being released and her breasts being freed. Joe pulled away, but only to unbutton the woman’s blouse and let it fall to the floor. He slid the lace straps of her bra off her shoulders and tossed the undergarment aside. Then he held her again, her tender young breasts nestled into the softness of the thick hair on his chest. Her nipples responded in very firm agreement to the soft hair and muscular chest, and Samantha held her night’s lover even tighter, wanting him to feed her hunger. She had been expecting some hesitation from this man, but she could not complain. This was what she wanted, wasn’t it? She was surprised to feel Joe’s heart beating just as fast as hers. He let go of her and held her hands. He glanced down at her young perfect breasts.

“You are a beautiful woman, Samantha.”

Samantha lowered her head and said a quiet, “thanks.”

Joe held her head in his hands and kissed her lips. His kiss was gentle, yet there was an urgency in it. He wanted her. She could feel it. With one arm around her, he walked her to his bed. She sat on the edge and watched as he removed her shoes and socks and slid his hands upward along her legs inside her jeans. He looked up into her eyes, hoping not to see fear or reluctance. Her eyes were closed. He placed his hands at the top of Samantha’s jeans, unbuttoned and unzipped them quickly. The young woman opened her eyes and watched as the man’s fingertips lightly grazed the top of her bikini panties. A soft sigh escaped her lips and he looked up at her, smiling at the woman’s acceptance of his touch.

“Let’s get you out of these,” he said.

Samantha lifted her butt and allowed Joe to unveil what he considered a prize. She lay naked on the bed of the man who should have been forbidden to her. He stood and watched her eyes as he forced his own jeans down and off. The outline of his cock was visible in the moonlight that filled the room. Samantha tried not to stare, but isn’t this what she had come here for? He slid his underwear off and stood naked beside the bed. Samantha stared at her naked man, wanting him even more. His hands met her thighs and he leaned down.

“Look at me, Sam.”

Samantha forced her eyes away from what had just been revealed to her, and she looked into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.

Joe whispered, “Are you sure?”

Samantha nodded. She was sure.

Joe scooted the young woman onto the bed where he joined her. He parted her legs and for a moment Samantha was embarrassed to be fully exposed in the presence of this man. But Joe had never seen such beauty. This woman fully exposed and wanting him to make love to her made his heart melt and his dick throb. He kissed her breasts and gently pulled her nipples into his mouth and pushed them back out with his tongue. Samantha closed her eyes and fantasized about Joe’s cock entering her vagina just as her nipples were entering his mouth. She pushed her chest forward, wanting him to take more and more of her small breasts between his sexy lips. He responded to the young woman’s need and pulled each breast into the warmth of his mouth. Samantha ran her hands through Joe’s hair and down along his back. Her nipples were wet and satisfied when her lover left them to kiss her lips.

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