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Forever Yours (#2)

BOOK: Forever Yours (#2)
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Forever Yours –Series

By Deila Longford

Part Two


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~ Acknowledgements ~

This book is dedicated to all of the fans and readers of my
first three books.

Without you there would be no reason me to write.

Also dedicated to my family.


I wake up in the morning and I scowl at the empty side of the
bed, when I see that Dalton is nowhere in sight. I throw my head
back down onto my pillow, in frustration and I cover my face with
the sheets. I inhale the hot air that is forming under the covers
and I gently smile, when I think back on last night. I slept
incredibly well, once I closed my eyes. I lay awake for ages, just
looking at Dalton as he stared out at my small, cluttered room. His
eyes were soft and his breathing was gentle as he held me close to
him. I felt safe and protected in his arms and I never wanted that
feeling to pass. I wanted that night to last forever; I wanted to
be in his arms, until I couldn’t breathe. His icy kiss has marked
me forever and I absolutely refuse to believe that he doesn’t care
about me. If my life meant nothing to him, then he wouldn’t have
stayed with me last night, worrying that I was going to die and
transition into a vampire. I slightly graze my neck wounds, as I
remember the sensation of his fangs on my skin. I adored the
feeling and the pleasure of him feeding on me and I basked in the
satisfaction of helping him through his pain. All of those
wonderful thoughts and memories are destroyed, because he has left
me. I have woken up to him not being here and the excitement I had
of that image, was the only reason that I gave in to my exhaustion.
I reluctantly closed my eyes, knowing that I would have him next to
me in the morning, but morning is here and he’s not.

I shower and I get ready for work, hoping that I will be able
to focus on work and not spend my entire day, thinking about
Dalton. I throw on my jeans and I my red work shirt and then I tie
my hair into a loose ponytail. I stare at my image in the mirror
and then I push the fabric away from my neck, as I take in the
sight of my wounds. Two little red marks are situated a few inches
below my earlobe and I gently graze them, my mind flashes back to
the sensation of Dalton’s feed. I close my eyes and for that
moment, I give into the craving of those thoughts, but my eyes
widen when my door thrusts open. I quickly place the collar of my
shirt over my wounds and then I turn to see who has rudely entered
my room. I let out a sigh when I see Rachel standing in the
doorjamb, with her arms crossed over her chest and her hair grazing
both sides of her face. She looks annoyed and I get the feeling
that she has something that she would like to get off her chest. I
brace myself as I have felt the wrath and the icy tongue of Rachel,
many times before.

“Have you no consideration for anyone but yourself?” She
exclaims. I move closer to her and I stare at her in confusion
–what have I done to upset her now?

What is your problem?” I say in a firm, annoyed tone. Rachel
pouts her lips at me and then she throws her hands into the air. I
don’t like her attitude or her crazy hand gestures, so I grab my
bag from my bed and then I brush past her, slamming the door as I
walk. I make my way along the narrow hallway and I roll my eyes,
when I hear Rachel stomping after me in her high heels. I reach the
kitchen and I see that my uncle and Jen are having their breakfast.
I pull at the fabric of my shirt, making sure that my little wounds
are covered as I enter the room. Jen smiles at me as she hands me a
plate of bacon and eggs, I return her gesture, but I politely
refuse her offer.

Thanks, but I’m not hungry,” I say as I place the plate down
onto the kitchen counter. Jen’s smile has faded and she is looking
at me with suspicion in her eyes. I quickly focus my eyes on
George, as I don’t want to risk an interrogation from Jen. Rachel
bursts into the kitchen, her eyes are raging as she rudely marches
towards me. I shake my head at her pathetic behaviour and my
actions have only seemed to annoy her more.

You’re so annoying, you know that?” Rachel shouts as she
points a perfectly manicured hand in my face. I narrow my eyes at
her –why is she so angry with me? Rachel and I don’t have the
world’s best relationship, but she is never usually as abrupt as
this, for no apparent reason. Usually, I know exactly what I have
done to annoy her, but on this occasion, I absolutely have no clue
why she is so mad at me. I move closer to her as I begin to
question her on why she is so upset.

What exactly have I done to upset you?” I firmly say, as I
fold my arms across my chest. Rachel edges closer to me and then
she erupts.

I’m upset, because I have been waiting to go to the mall, all
morning. He won’t take me until you’re ready and I have no idea why
it took so long for you to get up. Do you ever think of anyone but
yourself?” I shake my head at her pathetic reason for being at mad

Do you ever think of anyone but yourself? C’mon you’re the
most selfish girl that I know.” My lips start to tremble as I my
words ring the air. Jen looks uncomfortable as she sips on her
coffee and Uncle George, isn’t impressed with what he is hearing.
He lunges from the seat and he points his finger into Rachel’s

Now that’s enough, from both of you. Rose needs a ride to her
work and as for you, the mall isn’t going anywhere. Now pack it in,
or else you’re grounded!” I press my lips together and then I
apologise for my behaviour.

I’m sorry,” Rachel rolls her eyes into the heavens at my
words. My uncle smiles at me and then he grabs his keys from the
kitchen table and kisses Jen before he heads out of the kitchen. I
smile at Jen and then I follow George out into the hallway. Rachel
pulls alongside me, snarling her bitter comments.

You’re such a goodie-two-shoes!”

Uncle George drives me to the Wal-Mart supercentre –where I
work and I thank him as I jump out of his truck.

Thanks for the ride,” he smiles at me and then gestures over
in the direction of my beat up Chevy.

I’ll call the guys at work and get them to take a look at your
truck.” I smile at him, shivering from the freezing temperature. I
rub my hands together as I try to build the heat, and I as I walk
over in the direction of the entrance, I can’t shake off my
plaguing image of Dalton. I wonder where he is and why he left in
such a hurry. I am frightened that he has gone for good –I couldn’t
survive it if he has. I rush through the door of the supermarket
and I head in the direction of Subway. The store is extra busy
today as its Saturday and everyone seems to have the day off from
work. I sigh at the noises of the store, registers beeping and
children squealing out in excitement. I reach the Subway restaurant
and I pull the fabric of my shirt nervously over my wounds as Ryan
rushes towards me. His arms are extended and when he reaches me, he
pulls me in for bear hug. His skin feels warm and so different to
Dalton’s, but although I shiver every time he touches me, I still
crave his icy touch. Ryan finally loosens his grip on me and his
eyes widen at my appearance.

You look … nice today,” he says as he squints his eyes for a
better view. I feel my face start to flush and then I clear my
throat as I ignore his comment.

The stores busy, you know what that means?” Ryan pretends to
fall asleep at my words and I shake my head and then I head in the
direction of the workers lounge –with Ryan at my side. I brush into
the room and I hang my coat onto the stand. I smooth out my shirt
and I pull my ponytail over the right side of my neck, shielding my
wounds from sight. Ryan reaches out and takes my hand in his and
then he moves closer to me, staring into my eyes in the process. My
heart begins to race at his affection and I don’t want to offend
him by pulling away, but with an image of Dalton in my head,
pulling away from Ryan is exactly what I feel like

Ryan and I dated for six months, when I say dated, I really
mean that we went to the movies and had a quick kiss in the front
of his mustang. I feel that we were one of those couples, who were
such good friends, that we owed it to ourselves to give dating a
try. We were far from the perfect couple; we never spent any time
alone. Charlene and Elliot were always around and what shocked me
to the core, was that Ryan and I didn’t mind them being there. It
never occurred to us to ask them for some privacy, I think deep
down that neither one of us wanted it. Ryan was the first to say
that he loved me and I said it back, out of obligation. As I think
back on my time with Ryan, I can honestly say that I never loved
him. I see him more as my lovable friend who I like to take the
piss out of. He is rather charming and not hard on the eyes, and he
always says that we will end up together. He feels that we are made
for each other and that it’s our destiny to get married and have
babies. I nod and play along with his unrealistic hopes, as I know
for sure that what he is thinking, will never happen. I don’t look
at him that way, and I can honestly say that I have never looked at
Ryan in the way that I do with Dalton. My mind buzzes and my heart
shatters into a million pieces, when Dalton flashes me his wicked
smirk. As I stand frozen, looking up into Ryan’s dark eyes, I
realise that he has absolutely no chance of getting me back, as I
my heart now belongs to Dalton.

My day at work has been busy and exhausting. I have worked
from ten until six, with only one break. I am shattered and I all I
want to do is, fall into my bed. I slide my coat onto my body and
then I say my goodbyes to my co-workers. Ryan rushes up to me, with
his phone lodged into his hand. He places his hands onto my
shoulders and he holds me in place. His dark eyes are playful and
his black shaggy hair is messy around his forehead. He stares at me
and I slightly blush from his closeness. I feel bad for the guy, as
I know that he hasn’t moved on from me, but at the same time, I
don’t want to lead him on. I gently shrug my shoulders as I try to
fight off his touch. He senses my intentions, so he pulls his hands
away from me. I flash him an awkward smile and then I listen
intently at what he has to say.

Tomorrow night is Charlene’s birthday, we’re going out on the
town, and you gotta come, girl.” I sigh and then I nod in
agreement. Charlene is my friend and I can’t miss her twentieth
birthday, even though I am dreading the thought of a night out. I
feel so drained and tired and my bed is all that I can think of
–along with Dalton and his burning kiss.

I wouldn’t miss it,” I say as I head in the direction of the
door. Ryan rushes after me, sliding his hand onto my back as we
walk. I exhale at his touch, but I don’t offend him by fighting him
off. Instead, we walk side by side to the exit of the store. We
step out into the cold and my heart skips a beat when I see Dalton,
parked into a space and leaning against his car. My eyes flutter at
the sight of him, standing coolly in his dark blue jeans and white
shirt. I march over in his direction and Ryan pulls me

My cars this way,” he says in a sarcastic tone.

Yeah, but Dalton’s this way,” my mouth runs away with me and
my cheeks blush at my words. Ryan looks confused as he follows me
over to Dalton. I reach him and he moves away from his car and
lunges towards me. My eyes can’t adjust to his beauty and I am
annoyed and mesmerised to see him. He reaches out and places his
hand onto my cheek; I smile as his hands are warm. Dalton smirks at
me and vivid memories of his astonishing kisses are flooding back
to me. I gently part my lips as I hunger for him. I feel like
wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him until I freeze.
But with Ryan gaping at me, that isn’t an option. I stare into his
deep blue eyes and anger rushes to my surface, I want to scream at
him for leaving me. I felt alone, used and abandoned by his actions
and I want to question him about his choices.

Why did you leave me?” I ask firmly. Dalton shakes his head at
me and then he focuses his eyes on Ryan. His eyebrows push together
as Ryan links his arm into mine. My heart is racing and I quickly
pull my arm away from Ryan’s, as I don’t want either of them to get
the wrong idea. Dalton narrows his eyes at Ryan and then he begins
to interrogate him.

BOOK: Forever Yours (#2)
3.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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