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BOOK: Founders
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Dramatis Personae

Author’s Introductory Note

Chapter 1: Hammer Time

Chapter 2: Getting Out of Dodge

Chapter 3: True Believer

Chapter 4: Rushes

Chapter 5: Trogs

Chapter 6: Walking by Faith

Chapter 7: Wheat Berries

Chapter 8: Monroe Doctrine

Chapter 9: Decrees

Chapter 10: Courting and Quirting

Chapter 11: Space Rifles

Chapter 12: Terminal Ballistics

Chapter 13: Under Escort

Chapter 14: In the Footsteps of Josephus

Chapter 15: Vigilantes

Chapter 16: Good Fences

Chapter 17: From the Oil Patch

Chapter 18: Millennium Falcon

Chapter 19: A Bump in the Road

Chapter 20: Fire Mission

Chapter 21: TDY—Temporary Duty, Yonder

Chapter 22: Belly of the Beast

Chapter 23: Up Close and Personal

Chapter 24: Mole Tunnels

Chapter 25: El Tesoro

Chapter 26: Trampling Out the Vintage

Chapter 27: Anthem

Chapter 28: New Guards for Future Security

Chapter 29: To Dust

Chapter 30: The Second Age of Steam



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All rights reserved. Any unauthorized duplication in whole or in part or dissemination of this edition by any means (including but not limited to photocopying, electronic bulletin boards, and the Internet) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

This is a work of fiction. All of the events described are imaginary. Most of the characters in this novel are fictional. A few real-life individuals gave permission for their names to be mentioned. Aside from these individuals, any resemblance to living people is purely coincidental.

The information contained in this novel is intended for educational purposes only, to add realism to a work of fiction.

The case citations contained within this novel do not constitute legal advice. Consult a jural society or lawyer if you have legal questions. The medical details contained within this novel do not constitute medical advice. Consult a doctor or herbalist if you have medical questions. The purpose of this novel is to entertain and to educate. The author and Atria Books / Simon & Schuster shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any citizen, person, or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this novel.

Dramatis Personae

James Alstoba—
Baptist minister and part-time metal detectorist, near Williams, Arizona

Dale Bennet—
grasslands biologist and rabbit breeder, Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Peter Blanchard—
first lieutenant, USAF, missileer at Malmstrom AFB, Montana

Chambers Clarke—
fertilizer and pesticide salesman, Radcliff, Kentucky

Hollan Combs—
retired property manager and soils analyst, Bradfordsville, Kentucky

Brent Danley—
trauma nurse from Waterville, Vermont

Jennifer Danley—
wife of Brent Danley

Ron Emerson—
father of Rebecca (Emerson) Fielding

Adrian Evans—
a Nashville attorney and friend of Ben Fielding

Ben Fielding—
attorney in Muddy Pond, Tennessee

Joseph Fielding—
son of Ben and Rebecca Fielding; thirteen years old at the onset of the Crunch

Rebecca (Emerson) Fielding—
wife of Ben Fielding

Dan Fong—
industrial engineer from Chicago; member of Todd Gray’s Idaho survivalist retreat group

Ignacio García—
leader of the criminal gang La Fuerza

Todd Gray—
leader of a group retreat near Bovill, Idaho

Chet Hailey—
owner of Chet’s Crawlers and Haulers, a four-wheel drive vehicle repair and modification specialist garage in Chicago, Illinois

Dustin Hodges—
deputy sheriff in Marion County, Kentucky

Maynard Hutchings—
member of the Hardin, Kentucky, board of supervisors

Tom “T.K.” Kennedy—
Todd Gray’s dormitory roommate and cofounder of The Group

Captain Andrew “Andy” Laine—
Army Ordnance Corps officer

Lisbeth “Beth” Laine—
wife of Lars Laine

Grace Laine—
daughter of Lars and Lisbeth; six years old at the onset of the Crunch; nicknamed “Anelli”

Kaylee (Schmidt) Laine—
wife of Andy Laine

Major Lars Laine—
disabled U.S. Army veteran

Cliff Larson—
HVAC technician from Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Ken Layton—
off-road vehicle mechanic, Chicago, Illinois; member of Todd Gray’s Idaho survivalist retreat group

Terry Layton—
wife of Ken Layton; member of Todd Gray’s Idaho survivalist retreat group

Kevin Lendel—
computer programmer living near Bovill, Idaho; member of Todd Gray’s Idaho survivalist retreat group

L. Roy Martin—
owner of the Bloomfield Refinery; nicknamed “El Rey” by his Spanish-speaking employees

Curt Mehgai—
oilfield worker and U.S. Army veteran

Jim Monroe—
rancher near Raynesford, Montana; father of Kelly (Monroe) Watanabe

Rhonda Monroe—
wife of Jim Monroe; mother of Kelly (Monroe) Watanabe

Carl Norwood—
rancher in Butte County, South Dakota

Cordelia Norwood—
wife of Carl Norwood

Graham Norwood—
son of Carl and Cordelia Norwood; sixteen years old at the onset of the Crunch

the Old Man—
nickname of the anonymous leader of a Kentucky-based resistance reconnaissance unit

Brigadier General Edward Olds—
Mechanized Infantry brigade commander, Fort Knox, Kentucky

Francisco Ortega—
ranch hand, Raynesford, Montana; sixteen years old at the onset of the Crunch

Jedediah Peoples—
resistance infantryman from Westmoreland, Tennessee

Durward Perkins—
farmer in West Branch, Iowa

Karen Perkins—
wife of Durward Perkins

Larry Prine—
farmer near Morgan City, Utah

Lynda Prine—
wife of Larry Prine

Sheila Randall—
general store owner and widow of Jerome Randall

Tyree Randall—
son of Sheila Randall; ten years old at the onset of the Crunch

Major General Clayton Uhlich—
post commander at Fort Knox, Kentucky

Lily Voisin—
grandmother (“Grandmère”) of Sheila Randall and great-grandmother of Tyree Randall; eighty-five years old at the onset of the Crunch

Joshua Watanabe—
senior airman (E-4), Missile Maintenance NCO, Malmstrom AFB, Montana

Kelly (Monroe) Watanabe—
wife of Joshua Watanabe

Brigadier General Anthony Woolson—
base commander, Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana

Author’s introductory note:
Unlike most novel sequels, the story line of
is contemporaneous with the events described in my previously published novels,
. Thus, you need not read them first (or subsequently), but you’ll likely find them entertaining. They will also fill in the backstories for several characters.

Hammer Time

“Liberty must at all hazards be supported. We have a right to it, derived from our Maker. But if we had not, our fathers have earned and bought it for us, at the expense of their ease, their estates, their pleasure, and their blood.”

—John Adams,
A Dissertation on the Canon and Feudal Law,

Nashville, Tennessee
Eight Years Before the Crunch

Adrian Evans had asked Ben to meet him at the bar after work. This was a meeting that wasn’t in Ben’s comfort zone. Ben Fielding only rarely set foot in a bar, and the only drinking that he did was tiny little communion cups of wine. But since he was about to move his family and he probably wouldn’t see Adrian again for many months, he reluctantly agreed.

Ben had just seen Adrian three days before, at a Sunday afternoon farewell barbeque. Nearly everyone from the law firm, and a couple of Ben and Rebecca’s neighbors, came over for the party. Because Ben was moving his family to the country, the get-together had been organized by Ben’s secretary as a theme party. Many of the guests wore colorful cowboy shirts or coveralls and straw hats. Most of the gifts were back-to-the-land tools. These included a push cultivator, various hand tools, a scythe, several shovels, and a hay fork. The latter, as everyone insisted, became
a prop for Ben to hold for clichéd portraits of Ben and Rebecca standing together, looking like the stern-faced couple in the Grant Wood painting
American Gothic

When Ben Fielding arrived at the Full Moon Saloon, he found that Adrian was already there, nursing a gin and tonic. They sat briefly at the bar while Ben ordered a glass of Sprite. Then they moved to a booth to talk. Adrian carried over a paper bag that was gathered at the top. It looked like it held a bottle of liquor for a goodbye gift. Ben was hoping that he wouldn’t have to come up with a “Thanks but no thanks” speech, to explain again that he was a nondrinker.

Their conversation started out essentially as a repeat of what they’d talked about at the farewell barbeque. Adrian wished Ben the best for his move to the largely Mennonite community of Muddy Pond. “I’m really jealous of you, Ben,” he said. “I’d love to move out to the country, and have a place to shoot my guns without having to pay to go to a range.”

Then their conversation moved on to expectations of what things would be like at the law firm after Ben left, and a bit about Adrian’s failed marriage.

Adrian noticed Ben glancing at the paper bag on the table and said, “After the party last weekend, I found a couple of more tools that I’d like to give you. Sorry that I didn’t wrap them or anything.”

He slid the bag over to Ben. Opening it, Ben found that it held a hammer and screwdriver.

Adrian explained, “I hope you like these. The screwdriver is pretty cool. It’s an original Winchester brand, from back when they had a chain of hardware stores, in the 1920s and 1930s. The Winchester-marked tools and signage are quite collectible, especially with gun enthusiasts looking to branch out. I already put together a full set of their screwdrivers for my collection, but this one was a duplicate, so it’s yours.”

“Thanks, so much. This is great.”

Adrian pointed to the well-worn hammer and said, “Now, that belonged to my grandfather. It was supposedly handmade by a blacksmith that he knew in Hartsville. The handle is hickory, and is just as stout today as the day it was made back in the 1930s.”

Ben hefted the short-handled hammer, which had a head that must have weighed a pound and a half. He said again, “Thanks, Adrian. You’ve been very generous. I appreciate the socket set and the gardening tools that you gave us at the party, too. They’ll all come in handy.”

Their conversation wandered into politics, then sports, and finally back to Adrian’s marriage. At just after 10 p.m., the bar’s cocktail waitress walked by and asked, “Would y’all like another?”

BOOK: Founders
12.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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