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Trev’s chest was spotless. It was also shirtless, and the light played against his golden flesh, outlining the six-pack on his stomach. His hair was wet, he wore a pair of boxers and his cheeks were redder than usual. Post-orgasmic bliss or embarrassment?

To her surprise, he didn’t launch into apologies. “You’re shocked,” was all he said.

“You’re gay,” she answered, accusation rife in her voice.

Trev flinched. “I like men.”

“You kissed me. All over.” Men who liked men didn’t kiss women where Trev had kissed her.

“I like women too. I like
. A lot.”


How would her parents react if they knew? The thought filled her belly with cold dread. Thank God she hadn’t found this out before she’d described Trev to them. Thank God she’d only told them he was a fun, lovely man. And thank freaking God she hadn’t mentioned he was the exact kind of guy she could fall, and probably had already fallen, head-over-heels in love with. Her folks would be having an apoplexy right about now.

Trev inhaled sharply. “I prefer not to label my, er, sexual preferences. I don’t think of myself as gay or straight or bi. I’m just a man attracted to men and women.”

“At the same time?”

Trev lifted his hands, looking helpless. “Never before. But with you and Max…it’s different.”

Ah, so the other man had a name. “Max?”

“My…uh…” His expression softened, his eyes grew warm and gooey. “My lover.”

A shiver slid down her back. The idea of a man referring to another man as his lover? Her parents would freak out. For sure.

But hadn’t she thought about
as Trev’s lover? The shiver flickered through her spine, rippling along every nerve ending, like a tiny spark of awareness. A shiver of aversion…or arousal?

Definitely not arousal! The thought of Trev with a man did not turn her on. It turned her evening’s fantasies into bad dreams.

Bad dreams filled with long, muscled legs. Four of them. And asses of steel. Two of them—one of them being relentlessly pounded by a long, hard dick. A dick she suspected would feel spectacular in her own…

No, it wouldn’t.

No way was she closing her eyes tonight. Not a chance would she expose herself to the risk of those dreams.

She latched on to the last thing he’d said. “It’s different with me

Trev nodded, never once lowering his eyes. His gaze held hers, the nut-brown irises mesmerizing in their intensity. “I want you both.” His voice dropped about twenty-five notches. “At the same time.”

What the…? How on earth did he expect her to respond to that?

Apparently he didn’t expect her to answer at all because he kept on speaking. “I’m not surprised about wanting Max this much. You…you caught me unaware. I never thought I’d feel anything this strong for anyone else.”

Hysterical laughter bubbled in her throat. “Let me get this straight. You’re telling me you want us both? As in you want to…” She hesitated, knowing her words would come out crass and cold. “You want to fuck us both, one after the other?” A high-pitched giggle escaped. “Or does it mean you want to fuck me while your boyfriend fucks you?”

The dinner she’d eaten pitched precariously in the pit of her stomach. The very thought brought back the shiver down her spine. It was far more forceful this time. More like a quake she couldn’t control. One that reverberated through her breasts, making her nipples hard as marbles. So hard, the silk of her bra scraped against them, torturing her.

Trev raked a hand through his hair. “Would that be so terrible?”

She blinked. “Would what be so terrible?”

“Me making love to you, while Max makes love to me.”

She blinked again, squeezing her eyes shut tight. Maybe when she opened them she’d wake up and realize all this was just a silly dream, brought about by a little too much wine and her overwrought hormones. Hormones Trev had gotten all worked up earlier this evening.

She opened her eyes.

The disappointment was crushing.

The view was not.

No matter what he said, no matter what she’d caught him doing, Trev was gorgeous. And Trev in his boxers was a sight to behold.

“You’re joking, right?” Because seriously, he had to be. Who in their right mind would ask such an outrageous question? But then who in their right mind would go down on his female housemate and in the same night allow himself to be fucked stupid by his male lover?

Trev shook his head. “Not this time, Gracie.” He took a step toward her.

She threw up her hand. “Don’t you come any closer.” Last time she’d been so close to him, she’d wound up with his tongue in her vagina.

Trev’s lips twitched. “You scared of me now?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

“You scared I’ll kiss you again?”

Her heart lurched.

“Christ, I’d love to kiss you again,” Trev groaned.

Kiss her again? After he’d kissed his boyfriend? What if he’d kissed his boyfriend the way he’d kissed her—very thoroughly and all over? Hell no. No way. She didn’t want that mouth or tongue anywhere near her. “Kiss me and I’ll break your nose.”

“Is that what you want to do? Break my nose?”

Only if she could knock all his teeth out in the process. Two-timing dickhead.

Although could he be two-timing her if tonight was their first moment of intimacy, and he’d promised her nothing? “I don’t want to break your nose. And I don’t want you to kiss me. In fact, I want to have nothing to do with you from here on. Nothing. Got it?”

Trev reeled back as though she’d slapped him. “That might be tough, since we live together.”

She shook her head furiously. “I’ll move out. I’ll find somewhere else to stay.” She didn’t really have a choice. She would have to move out now. No way could she live with Trev knowing he was gay. Bi. How could she ever explain it to her family? They’d never be okay with her staying here. But where would she go? Where would she stay? Maybe Hunter would let her sleep on the couch at his place?

With Jay and Julia?

Uh, not likely. Way too awkward, that.

So that left her with exactly no other options. “It might take a week or two to find another place. But I’ll leave as soon as I’ve sorted something out.”

“Don’t go.” Trev reached out to take her hand in his, but she quite deliberately folded her arms behind her back.

“I can’t stay.”

“Yes, you can.” He took a step toward her.

She took a step backward. “No, I can’t.” She couldn’t live with him. It wasn’t that she had anything against people who were homosexual. Or bisexual.

It just wasn’t a lifestyle she chose to associate with.

Another step closer. “If you don’t leave, then you stay,” Trev pointed out logically. “It’s that easy.”

Ah, no wonder Trev was such a successful lawyer. He obviously had a way with words.


Another step backward, and she clasped her hands together, making sure they were nowhere near anywhere he could grasp. “I don’t want to live with you.”

“I want to live with you. I want to do a whole lot more than just live with you.” Another step closer.

“Just what the hell does that mean?” Hah. As if she didn’t know. She took a larger step backward—and hit the wall.

With her hands behind her back!

And damn it, by the gleam in Trev’s eye, that was exactly how he wanted her.

He closed the distance between them in a heartbeat. Before Grace could draw breath again, Trev captured her lips with his.

She opened her mouth to blast him, and Trev took full advantage, slipping his tongue between her lips. Just like that, he began a serious assault on her senses.

She would not kiss him back.
Would not respond in any way or form to his exquisite gentleness. Would not caress his tongue the way he caressed hers. Would not explore the secret delights of his mouth the way he explored hers.

She would not enjoy this moment in any manner. She’d keep so still, he’d have no choice but to withdraw, sensing her disinterest. Because now that she knew he was…whatever the hell he was, she was no longer interested.

Grace kept so still even her eyes refused to open after she blinked.

See? She could do this. She could fend off the gay man. Bi man. Fend off the man who’d made her orgasm with the very tongue that now seduced her mouth. The very man who’d orgasmed before her eyes—with a penis in his ass.

A penis. Just like the one that now pressed against her belly, growing firmer by the second.

Okay, so maybe she couldn’t suppress the moan that threatened to erupt from her throat. But that was a moan of defiance. Of anger. How dare Trev kiss her? And with the same mouth he’d used to kiss someone else, on the exact same night? Deplorable.

The moan must have disturbed Trev, because he pulled his face away—an inch.

“God,” he rasped. “You smell so good.” He buried his nose in her neck and inhaled.


“I’m so used to Max. To his cologne.” He inhaled again. “You’re like a breath of air. A vanilla-scented delight.” As he spoke, his breath tickled her throat. “You make me want to lick you all over.”

She tensed her shoulders. “Go lick Max. Leave me alone.”

“I could lick you both.”

Grace jumped when the tip of his tongue touched the pulse that beat in her throat, just below her ear. And licked. A small lick, but a lick nevertheless.

No, damn it. She wasn’t enjoying it. Not one single bit of it. She wasn’t leaning her head a little over to the side to give him better access. She wished he’d get the hell out of her room. Go away and leave her alone. She wished—

He nipped her neck.

Oh, dear God. Yes, she wished. She wished with all her heart.

Her pussy filled with liquid heat.

Trev groaned, the sound echoing in her ear and vibrating over her skin. “Not just vanilla.” He dragged in a deep breath. “That scent. Something else. Something…richer. Sweeter.”

Push him away.

She couldn’t. Her hands were caught between her back and the wall.

Knee him in the nuts.

Brilliant idea!

She tried. God help her, she tried, but the second she bent her leg and lifted her knee, he slipped his thigh between hers and pressed it against her crotch.

Fuck. No panties!

She’d removed them on the way to Trev’s room, determined to pick up where they’d left off before her date. Before the
big discovery
. Plus, she had on a wispy skirt, one that simply feathered over Trev’s thigh, so when his leg pressed against her crotch, nothing interfered.

The tiny hairs covering his leg tickled her pussy, and the liquid that had pooled between her legs trickled out, dripping onto his bare flesh.

Trev panted in her ear. “That scent. It’s you, Gracie. It’s all you.” He rocked his thigh against her, his skin dragging torturously over her sensitive lips and her clit.

Wetter than she’d ever believed possible, Grace could only gasp at the commotion his leg set off in her center.

“I have to touch you. Have to smell you. Lick you. Taste you.”

Grace’s eyes popped open as his hand skimmed up her naked thigh and over her butt cheek. Her distress quadrupled as she found herself staring into the bluest pair of eyes she’d ever seen.

Her initial perception of Trev had been one of masculine perfection. She’d been convinced no one else could compare. Yet the man who filled her doorway, clad in jeans and nothing else, his shoulders as wide as a football field, was just as handsome, and several inches taller.

Taller than Trev? As it was, Trev towered over her. In his arms she felt as petite as a porcelain doll. But Trev’s lover stood well over six feet, and every inch of that height was jam-packed full of hulking muscle. His piercing blue gaze was fixed on her face, his eyes hooded and his luscious, full red lips fixed in a frown.

Dear God, the man was breathtakingly beautiful. Every woman’s fantasy come to life.

“Max,” she whispered, shock burying itself deep in her bones.

Even as she voiced the name, Trev’s hand traveled closer to her pussy. He pulled his leg away seconds before a finger trailed over the seam of her pussy lips.

Trev swallowed audibly. “I have to touch Max too. Lick him. Taste him.”

Her jaw dropped. Trev had no idea Max stood behind him, watching his every move. She should say something. Would have said something, except Trev chose that second to slip his finger between her lips, deep, deep into her channel.

Her voice died a sudden death.

Max’s gaze lowered. From his angle he’d clearly be able to see Trev’s arm disappearing underneath her skirt. He’d have no doubt what Trev was doing to her.

Trev sighed. “Wet. God, you’re so wet. And tight.” He nibbled a path up her neck. “Max needs to taste you too. Lick you.”

Her heart slammed into her ribs. Her eyes widened. Max. The magnificent specimen of man taking in the entire scene in speculative silence.

Dear God. She needed him to taste her.

No, she didn’t.
Definitely not. He was a stranger. A stranger in love with the guy currently seducing her.

Trev pumped his finger into her channel. Slowly, leisurely.

She couldn’t help it. Didn’t mean to do it, but she shuffled her legs farther apart, allowing him to delve deeper, add a second finger.

“Don’t leave, Gracie. Stay here. Live with me. We could do this every night.”

Grace searched desperately for her elusive voice. “Max,” she finally squeaked, although that was all she was capable of saying.

“Oh, yeah.” Trev nodded. “Max too. We could both do this. To you.” His voice dropped a notch. “Or to him.” Then lower still. “Or to me.”

Dear God, she had to respond, had to tell him Max was in the room with them. But she couldn’t say anything. The sensations simmering in her pussy were too damn wonderful. Each press of his fingers inside sent her spiraling closer to ecstasy.

She shouldn’t enjoy this. Shouldn’t desire more. The very experience should repulse. It did repulse. It did. Definitely. Repulsive. So damn repulsive she moaned.

BOOK: Full House
3.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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