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Fun with Rick and Jade

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Fun with Rick and Jade



Kelli Scott




Chapter One



Breaking news—call girl kills John with heel of her stiletto. Story at eleven

“Councilman McShane wants nothing more than to step up to the plate and take full responsibility for his mistakes,” the councilman’s lawyer said.

What? Jerk! Do I have a baseball diamond tattooed on my uterus?
Crossing her arms over her chest, Jade Li said, “Councilman McShane has already stepped up to the plate and done plenty, thank you very much. If he did any more, I’d have needed a C-section.”

“Jade, please,” her mouthpiece, Bob Jette, cautioned her. He was slick and stylish, almost like a pimp himself, wearing hijacked Armani, probably sold to him in an alley from the back of a truck.
Cheap bastard
. His card said something akin to “We’ll Get You Off.” More appropriately, it should have said “Pimps and Hoes Inquire Within.” “What my client means is this is not a game, so cut the crap and the metaphors.”

“And Coral is no mistake,” she muttered.

“We’d like to see the councilman walk the walk,” Bob added. “Not just talk the talk.”

“And money talks, or does it walk?” the Perry Mason wannabe said.

Oh sure, he looked like someone’s knee-bouncing, nose-tweaking, pull-my-finger grandfather, distinguished and conservative, with gray at his temples. But she’d met his type before. Satan’s sidekick. He’d lie, cheat, and steal for his client and get paid handsomely for it.

“Sounds like you’re admitting this is blackmail? Money for silence?” he continued.

“This is about doing the right thing.” Bob pounded his palm against the solid conference table. “This is about the law. More importantly, this is about a helpless child.”

Jade nearly laughed, hearing those words come from his mouth. And with such conviction, too. He slapped a manila folder on the shiny surface.
The paternity results
. Her stomach twisted like a corkscrew, as she thought about what those pages contained. Their DNA evidence. The icing on her legal cake. Irrefutable proof.

Silence followed. A standoff. She bit at her lip, a habit she thought she’d conquered.

One thing was for sure; Ewan McShane’s attorney had a buttload of money, from the looks of the suite of posh offices. The staff bustled around like ants at a Labor Day picnic. The conference room was filled with the trappings of opulence, from the art on the walls to the plush, comfortable chairs. Jade sure hoped the lawyer left Ewan with some dough, or his rich wife’s dough.

“This is about what’s best for the child,” Bob continued. “We have no desire to expose the councilman to any public scrutiny. Far from it.”

“If I pay.” Ewan scoffed his words at her attorney, but his eyes burned a hole of contempt, mixed with desire, sprinkled with brutal hatred, right through Jade.

She fought the shiver he sent down her spine. His attorney laid a prudent hand lightly on his forearm. Ewan had no doubt been advised to keep his sharp tongue in his mouth, same as Jade had been warned to watch her hot temper. Neither heeded the warning. Too many raw emotions ready to surface.

His lawyer raised one eyebrow over the other. “I’m afraid that ship has sailed.”

“Aren’t we full of clichés today,” Jade muttered, since silence and subservience went against her nature. Being tough came with the job. Sure she could act demure for a client, if the price was right. Most johns liked her youthful, innocent appearance, but then loved for her to call them filthy dogs and give it to them rough.
Sick fucks

Ewan had been different. Tender. Caring. Charming. Past tense, of course. He’d earned his way into the doghouse with the other mongrels.

Bob brushed away a ball of lint clinging to his lapel. “Which ship is that?”

“A political blogger,” Ewan’s lawyer said the word
like it was a venereal disease for which there was no cure, “is breaking the story of Councilman McShane’s love child. They’re verifying their sources, as we speak, to avoid another ugly libel lawsuit. It’s only a matter of time before they discover it wasn’t so much a case of romance as it was a case of commerce.”

Hearing his lawyer reduce their tryst to a seedy financial transaction, accurate or not, caused Jade’s chest to tighten. And, yes, she’d put the fear of public exposure on the table as incentive to get Ewan to man up. But trying this case in the court of public opinion would not benefit her in any way, shape, or form. On the scales of justice, a charming, philandering councilman outweighed a high-priced call girl. She squirmed in her chair.
Ex-high-priced call girl
. How many times did she have to remind herself? She was a mother now.

Who could blame
for straying, they’d say, seeing how his wife was so cold. The fault would rest with the evil temptress.
. The wife wouldn’t even be a close second in the blame department. She’d be a martyr. Ewan would fall into the boys-will-be-boys category.

Jade’s cell phone chimed the tune to “Single Ladies.” All eyes locked on her, as if she’d farted in church or something.

She flashed them an entitled sneer. “Excuse me.” She glanced at the caller ID. “It’s important.”
I get important calls
. Jade rose from the table, strolling away on uncomfortable shoes that felt more like stilts. She’d recently embraced the barefoot-and-pregnant lifestyle. But with great height came great confidence and the illusion of endless legs that didn’t stop until they reached her incredibly firm ass. “Hello?” With her back to the legal eagles, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to listen to her dear friend panic at an elevated decibel level. “Calm down,” Jade said. Candy rambled and babbled and generally blubbered incoherently. Jade extrapolated the key words to decipher the gist of the call. “Is she okay?”

“Is that about Coral?” Ewan asked. If she didn’t know better, she’d say a hint of concern escaped his calm, cool, practiced voice. She had to wonder if his alarm was genuine or an act for some political or financial gain she wouldn’t comprehend.

She ignored him. “They do that, Candy.” Her gaze flashed to Ewan, so handsome and smug. “It’s not vomit. It’s spit-up. There’s a difference. That’s normal. Hum the
Hawaii Five-O
theme song. ’Bye.” She hung up, returning leisurely to her seat.

Ewan pushed away from the conference table. “Is she sick?”

Jade waved her hand in his direction. “She takes after her father and belches like a sailor.”
It’s unnerving
. Also unnerving was a certain smile and a twinkle in Coral’s eyes that reminded Jade of him.
Damn him for being so handsome

Bob smirked. “That she does.”

And he should know, seeing how Jade had taken up residence in his house, what with her moneymaker being out of order and all. He’d gone above and beyond in the lawyer department. He’d also not charged her a cent for his legal advice. Not so much because he was a stand-up guy. Mostly because his wife, Candy, was Jade’s best friend.

“I recall you can hold your own in a burping contest.” Ewan flashed her his signature crooked grin that told her he was teasing. In the past, teasing had often led to groping and fondling, but not in this unlikely environment. Or in any environment ever again, she reminded herself.
I’m so over you

“Enough fraternizing,” his lawyer said.

“God forbid we get along and resolve our differences without an ugly, public battle involving lots of billable hours,” she drawled. No one got to spank her, verbally or otherwise, without paying first.

“Jade’s right.” Ewan bobbed his head in the direction of the door. “Please, let us have the room.”

His lawyer slammed his pencil on the table. “We talked about this. Not a good idea.”

“I concur,” Bob said.

“Then it’s settled.” Jade closed her eyes slowly and paused, opening them at her leisure.
My smoldering look. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid
. She licked her bottom lip to remind him she had a tongue and knew how to use it. “If these two agree it’s a bad idea, it must be a good one. I’m in.”

“I can’t allow it,” his lawyer insisted.

“Listen, Matlock.” Jade leaned in menacingly over the conference table. He could see down her dress to her huge baby bottles. Exhibit A that his client had knocked her up. “You’re no better than me. I know you.” She jabbed her finger at him. “I know your kind. I know what you do late at night while your wife is out of town visiting relatives.” She didn’t, really, but could make a wild-ass guess based on looks and human nature.

“I’m gay.”

She eased back into her chair. “Oh. Never mind then.” It was worth a try.

He gathered his papers and legal pad, clearing the conference room with a stern warning and one last verbal objection, for the record, to cover his butt. Bob reluctantly followed with one of those I-hope-you-know-what-you’re-doing shrugs. He was a pit bull in a criminal case, but totally out of his element in family law. And except for being a man and a lawyer, he wasn’t a total asshole.

Speaking of assholes
. Ewan leaned in, elbows on the table, hands folded into one another. “Alone at last.” His gaze caressed her, making the hair on her arms prickle in response. “May I say you look outstanding?”

Thank you for not adding the words “for a woman who just had a baby
.” She’d be forever grateful. “Shut it, you prick,” she snapped at him, although Jade loved hearing his compliment. “What’s with you being such a scaly, belly-crawling reptile about all this? Give me some money to start over or monthly child support and I’ll be invisible to you and the missus.”

He spread his hands apart, sort of how she’d expect Jesus to do to his disciples. “Jade, sweetheart, how was I supposed to know the baby is actually mine?”

Valid question
. “How dare you?”

“I love your fire,” he said in his throaty, fuck-me voice. “It’s taking every ounce of restraint I have not to bend you over this conference table and take a bit of my aggression out on your backside.”

Desire heated her belly. She decided to chalk it up to hormones and forced celibacy. “My backside isn’t on the auction block any longer.”

“Listen, Jade.” He dragged his fingers through his full head of dirty-blond hair. At forty, he had to be proud of his thick mane. Among other thick things. “This blog business has forced some stark realities on me. I’ve done a lot of soul searching. Made some tough choices. Choices I never thought I’d make. Life is short, and I’ve been blessed with so much. This ordeal has been a defining moment in my life and couldn’t have come at a better time.”

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