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Galactic Alliance 3: Honor Thy Enemy

BOOK: Galactic Alliance 3: Honor Thy Enemy
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Galactic Alliance

(Book 3)

Honor Thy Enemy


By: Doug Farren



My thanks to my wife Cheryl for her never-ending support and my dad (Ron Farren), the person who got me interested in science fiction.


A true author writes not because he wants to become rich but because he feels he must write. His greatest feeling of accomplishment is knowing that the words he so painstakingly puts on paper are being read and are enhancing the lives of others.


Doug Farren was born in Franklin Pennsylvania but was raised in Minnesota. He likes to call Forest Lake his home town. He joined the U. S. Navy in 1976 where he served as a nuclear electronics technician (reactor operator). He was honorably discharged in 1989 and now works as a senior nuclear instrumentation and control technician at the Perry nuclear power plant in Northern Ohio. He has also done computer programming as a contractor. He has two daughters and is married to a very supportive wife, Cheryl. Doug can be reached through his email account: [email protected]


The Galactic Alliance Series


Book 1 – Translight!

Book 2 – Chroniech!

Book 3 – Honor Thy Enemy

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Komodo Dragon,
an Alliance heavy cruiser, is a ship with a distinguished and unique history. While under the command of Captain Ken Stricklen, the cruiser had been instrumental in saving the Alliance from the destructive advances of the Chroniech, a highly intelligent race bent on exterminating all other sentient species capable of challenging them.

Fifteen years ago, the
had chanced upon an ancient derelict vessel. Inside, the crew discovered an operational device powered by a technology far in advance of anything the Alliance had ever encountered. The main device was a scintillating ball of energy surrounding a powerful gravitational field. A detailed analysis of the field and what lay inside it led the researchers to the conclusion that they had discovered a stasis chamber. When it was subsequently deactivated, five individuals from an incredibly old and very advanced race known as the Kyrra where found to be inside.

The Kyrra were a unique species. Nature, through her endless experimentation on different forms of life, had tried a completely different tactic in the development of the ecosystem on the Kyrra home world. Unlike all other known forms of life, the Kyrra evolved in an environment dominated by cooperative coexistence. War, violence, and even competition were unknown to the Kyrra until they reached out into space. The life they encountered beyond the bounds of their home planet shocked and confused them. But, being a highly evolved and adaptable species, they had quickly learned how to deal with these aspects of other life.

The Hess, a mysterious, advanced race which, as far as the Alliance knew, had never ventured into space, requested that the
bring the Kyrra to their home planet as soon as possible. For the first time ever, the Hess had granted permission for a landing upon their home world.

Eager to learn more about the Hess, the Alliance agreed. Shortly after arriving at Shaular, the home planet of the Hess, it was learned that the race did not consist of billions of biological entities but, instead, was a construct of the ancient Kyrra – a probe designed to explore the deepest regions of space.

The Hess requested that the Alliance attempt to locate the Kyrra people which had, for some unknown reason, ceased to communicate with them. The ultimate purpose would be to return the five time traveler’s to their own kind. The journey would take them through Chroniech space. In return for their help, the Hess outfitted the
Komodo Dragon
with advanced weapons and a very advanced stardrive.

The Chroniech knew the Alliance had found the ancient derelict and, believing it contained advanced weapons technology, relentlessly pursued the
Komodo Dragon.
This seemingly obsessive quest brought the Chroniech into the Hess star system just as the
was preparing to leave. Despite their incredible technology, the Hess were destroyed when the Chroniech focused the intense beam of the system’s pulsar onto the planet. The
along with her precious cargo of Kyrra escaped.

The original Kyrra home world had been destroyed by the passing of a rogue neutron star through their system. Finding the Kyrra proved to be difficult but the
was eventually successful. The modern Kyrra had constructed an artificial world and had hidden it from discovery behind a perfect cloaking field. The Kyrra of old were welcomed home with open arms by their descendants.

For thousands of years the Kyrra had remained hidden and isolated from the rest of the galaxy. They had no idea that the Chroniech, the race which had once nearly made them extinct, were once more moving through the galaxy exterminating other races as they went. With the arrival of the
Komodo Dragon,
the Kyrra had once again been thrust into a conflict with the Chroniech. True to their nature, the Kyrra found a unique solution to the problem.

They first flew their worldship to Almaranus, where they intervened and prevented the Chroniech from destroying the massive Alliance shipyards that orbited the planet. The Kyrra then drove their ship into the heart of Chroniech space. Following an ancient vendetta, and thinking the Kyrra intended to attack their home world, the entire Chroniech fleet followed in an attempt to destroy this seemingly invincible enemy.

Instead of attacking, the Kyrra erected a hyperdimensional field that effectively removed an area of space nearly 1,200 light years in diameter from normal space. The Chroniech had been imprisoned by the Kyrra. The hyperdimensional field had created an odd anomaly within normal space. A ship which approached the edge of the undetectable field would suddenly find itself 1,200 light years from where it would have been had the field not been present.

Although the space enclosed by the hyperdimensional field was still there, it was absolutely unreachable by any known technology. The field itself could not be detected and any ship unaware of its existence would find themselves presented with some unexplainable sensor readings as they approached the boundary.

Since gravity transcended all known dimensions the gravitational effects of any stars, black holes, or planets within the boundary of the hyperdimensional field were detectable. The hyperdimensional field, therefore, did not have any affect on the motion of the stars outside or inside the field.

A ship approaching the field would detect the masses inside but such masses would not show up on any other sensor. What was even more disconcerting was the sudden disappearance of these masses and perhaps the sudden appearance of other masses as the field boundary was traversed. This effect had become known as the Kyrra fold.

The Alliance had been quick to explore the area of space opened up by the Kyrra fold. New worlds and new races had been discovered.

During the journey to find the Kyrra, Stricklen had fallen deeply in love with the
councilor, Tashara. They became husband and wife on the return trip. After the war had ended, Ken, along with the love of his life, had chosen to retire and took up residence in his family estate in Northern Minnesota on Earth.

Recalled to Duty


Ken Stricklen, dressed only in shorts, was completely relaxed in the hammock. His mind, assisted by a generous amount of rum, was drifting in and out of the twilight zone between wakefulness and sleep. The hammock rocked gently back and forth in response to the waves quietly slapping against the side of the eight meter sailboat. The summer sun bathed his tanned body in its warm rays.

Through half closed eyes he watched a shadow from a passing cloud make its leisurely way across the surface of the lake. High overhead, a pair of hawks circled looking for prey. The wind whispered through the trees generating a constant, soothing white noise. A Cicada’s high pitched mating call carried across the lake.

The perfection of nature’s concert was shattered by the distinct, impossible to ignore, thump of a shoe hitting heel first on the wooden pier. Ken counted fifteen of the intrusive thumps, each one louder than the one before until they stopped and a voice shouted, “Hello? Anybody aboard?”

For a moment Ken thought about ignoring the intruder but when the voice repeated the question it became obvious the visitor would not be satisfied with silence as an answer. Besides, the voice sounded familiar although Ken could not quite place who it belonged to.

Getting up from the hammock strung between the railing and the main jib on the side of the boat opposite the pier Ken raised his voice and replied, “Who are you looking for?”

“Ken? Is that you?”

Stricklen appeared around the corner of the sailboat’s cabin and almost lost his balance as recognition hit him. The man standing on the pier was dressed in the black, tight fitting, uniform of an officer of the Galactic Alliance space force. The pips on his collar indicated he held the rank of Commodore. The face had aged over the years but the blue eyes and red thatch of unruly hair were unmistakable.

“Doug! What the hell brings you out here? Come aboard,” Ken motioned.

Ken Stricklen, former commanding officer of the
Komodo Dragon
stared with almost unbelieving eyes as his executive officer of nearly fifteen years ago stepped aboard his current command. The two old friends approached and vigorously shook hands. The difference in height between the two could easily have been seen by an observer on the other side of the lake. Ken’s 73 kilogram mass was proportioned around a frame that stood only 165 centimeters tall. Doug’s 196 centimeters of height not only towered over his former captain but it distributed his 85 kilograms of mass far more proportionally.

“It’s good to see you again sir,” Doug Scarboro said.

“Drop the sir crap,” Ken replied leading them down into the cooler cabin. “I’ve been retired for fifteen years. Beer? Or does the uniform mean you’re on duty?”

“Yes to both,” Doug replied seating himself on the seat running along the port side. He cast a wandering eye around the tiny cabin. The two seats that hugged the port and starboard bulkheads could be quickly converted into beds. A small head occupied the area under the stairs. A stove, microwave, and refrigerator at the bow completed the tiny cabin. “Not quite the
Komodo Dragon
but, then again, she’s all yours,” Doug remarked.

Ken cracked the tops off two bottles of ice cold beer with a double hiss and handed one to Doug. Sitting across from his old friend he replied, “She’s a good boat – lots of history behind it. My grandfather built it himself. My dad gave it to me when he could no longer use it. I practically live aboard her now.”

Ken up-ended his beer, downed a third of it in several gulps, and belched loudly. Doug watched all this with concern. Although it had been common knowledge on the
that Ken enjoyed his rum, it was also well understood that the old captain never drank excessively. Life’s hard lessons, however, could alter a person and change them in unexpected ways. Shortly after coming aboard, Doug had picked up the unmistakable smell of alcohol on Ken’s breath and now he had watched him down a third of a bottle of beer. This was not the same Ken Stricklen he had known fifteen years ago and Doug was beginning to wonder if this would be a wasted trip.

Holding the bottle in his lap Ken asked, “How’s the old
? Last I heard you had been put in command.”

“Still in service and still the best ship in the whole fleet,” Doug replied with obvious pride. “I reluctantly turned command over to Captain Sheppard four years ago when I made Commodore. I still get to see a lot of her though since the
is assigned to Almaranus defense group three which I now command.”

BOOK: Galactic Alliance 3: Honor Thy Enemy
2.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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