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Game's Over: A BWWM Romance (Game of Chance Book 3)

BOOK: Game's Over: A BWWM Romance (Game of Chance Book 3)
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A BWWM Erotic Romance

Book 3


By Sasha



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Summer’s heating up in sunny Miami, and anyone who’s anyone is lining up outside of Casa Blanca’s to get tickets to the event of the season: the striptease contest. Gorgeous, sexy, glistening bodies on display—does it get any better than this?

Grant Ross doesn’t think so. Proud of his collection of conquest, he enters the contest with no other goal than to add to his list and screw his way through the rest of the contestants. His game, however, comes to a quick end when he’s faced with his first rejection—Vivica Ashley. The sexy bombshell is simply not interested…

Or so she says. Vivica wants something alright, but will Grant be the man to give it to her?



Chapter 1



“Do you know what day it is?”

Zenobia didn’t know what day it was. Actually, she didn’t want to know what time it was. She didn’t care what day it was because, come to think of it, it couldn’t be any day because the day had not started.

“Mmmm,” she muttered eloquently as bright, mean light was thrown in her face.

“Zenobia! Come on, it’s nearly 8 AM.”

Zenobia groaned and tried to shuffle deeper underneath the covers, clinging to the remains of sleep with all her stubbornness. The strong smell of coffee penetrated her sleep-addled brain. Zenobia sighed and rolled over, cracking one eye open and shooting the source of all the commotion a mean glare.

“Morning, sunshine.”

“Morning, asshole.”

Zenobia fumbled with the covers and tried to pull them over her head, but Wes wouldn’t have any of it. He yanked the sheet back and grinned at Zenobia, thoroughly enjoying their little song and dance. Zenobia thoroughly hated it. She actually hated anyone that could spring out of bed like they hadn’t worked ten hours straight the previous night and look just as beautiful as they would’ve looked after a weekend in a spa resort. And, of course, Wes belonged to that category.

Zenobia hated him so much. For real.

“Come on,” Wes ruffled Zenobia’s hair and sat down on the bed, waving the hot coffee cup under her nose. “We have lots to do today.”

“You should’ve thought of that before fucking me unconscious last night,” Zenobia shot back, but she did grudgingly accept the coffee, downing it in one go and nearly choking on it when it scorched her throat.

“Complain, complain.” Wes waited patiently as Zenobia coughed and spluttered on her coffee. “That’s all you do.”

“I don’t complain about the sex,” Zenobia clarified. “I do complain about being tossed out of bed before the sun rises.”

Wes silently and eloquently pointed at the bright light shining in the sky. “It’s a figure of speech. Whatever. I’m too tired to argue.”

Wes leaned in and kissed the frown off Zenobia’s face, his hand running down Zenobia’s cheek to her neck, thumb rubbing in the hollow of her throat. Zenobia sighed and parted his lips, allowing Wes’s tongue to sneak past. There was a slow, dreamlike quality to their kiss, as though all the urgency of Wes’s wake-up call had melted away.

Zenobia sighed, struggling to keep her eyes open, drinking in the beauty of Wes’s face, the way his eyelashes fluttered on his high cheekbones, the pale tone of his skin, the gentle caress of his hair on the sides of his jaw. He was so stupidly handsome that Zenobia almost couldn’t bear to stare at him.

Wes’s fingertips skimmed down the sides of Zenobia’s chest, dipping just below the waistband of her panties, finding warm skin. Zenobia looped her other arm around Wes’s neck. Zenobia tangled her hand in Wes’s hair, pulling him closer, suddenly much keener on being awake.

“You taste like caramel,” Zenobia whispered, dazed, her grin lopsided and warm.


Wes kissed her lips again, shifting on the bed so that he could throw one leg over Zenobia’s hips, straddling her -


Hot, hot, hot!

Coffee sprayed on the sheets, on Zenobia’s breast and thighs.

“Oh, fuck. I’m so sorry, I’m…shit, that hurts. I’m sorry…”

Wes jumped on the spot, getting out of his stained boxers and trying to work in some damage control. Zenobia merely sat with her face between her hands and slowly died of embarrassment. It had to be said—anyone who thought she was the cool, collected type never met Zenobia. She had a knack for working herself into embarrassing corners, and even after over a year and a half spent living with Wes, her boyfriend’s cool did not rub off on her.

Even if technically it had been Wes knocking into the coffee, it was Zenobia’s cup, and it was Zenobia who hadn’t put it down
or  bothered
to finished it when she could have. She was hot all over, and when she felt the bed sink down with Wes’s weight, she barely dared to peer between her fingers to where Wes was sitting, smiling at her.

“I’m such an idiot.”

“No, you’re not. And it was my fault in the first place.”

Zenobia sighed. “You know you don’t have to say it—”

“I’m not just saying it. I mean it. I knocked the cup over. I was swept up in the moment, one might say.”

Wes pried Zenobia’s hands off her face and kissed the joined fingertips with a smirk. Zenobia felt her heart trip and fall all over, for the beautiful man in bed with her. She coughed and sort of looked down at their coffee-stained sheets, then back up in Wes’s still grinning face.

“So. Um. What’s up? I mean, not…you know, not… in a double entendre meaning or anything like that. I mean, just…uh…why did you wake me up?”

“Hm? Oh, yes.” Wes bounced excitedly on the bed like a toddler, his grin widening. “Well, do you know what day it is today?”

“Uhhh…” Zenobia racked her brains for a couple of seconds but came up with nothing. “Friday?”

“Wrong! I mean, yes. It’s Friday. But that’s not what I was asking.” He bounced again. “It’s the first day of summer!”

Well, fuck. She had completely forgotten. “Oh,” was all she could say.

“Yes, oh!” Wes rolled his eyes at her. “Come on. Grab a shower and get dressed. We’re gonna be leaving in five.”

“Leaving? What? Where to?”

“To the club, of course,” Wes quickly stole a kiss from her lips and bounced off the bed. “We have tons of shit to get ready.”

Zenobia stared at the spot from where Wes had disappeared for a moment before shrugging and finally getting out of bed. After the coffee incident, the least she could do was go with the flow on this one. Something told her she would’ve known a lot more than she needed to know by the end of the morning anyway. Pointless to worry about that now.


Zenobia had always liked going to Casa Blanca’s when the club was closed and no one else was around. In a way, it reminded her of Wes himself, the way only Zenobia got to see him. Without the glitter and the antics and the charming persona he put on to keep the club running at nights, just the bare bones Zenobia loved. The club itself was very similar. Without the flurry of patrons and the thumping of music and flashing lights and everything that went with it, Casa Blanca’s was solid walls and hard work.

“You two pull over for a quickie?”

Zenobia groaned and glared at Wes accusingly. Wes merely laughed and stepped up to hug Tasha, Zenobia’s very vocal, tyrannical big sister.

“Hey, beautiful. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“What do you have to be sorry for? Although I have to say, I don’t think you did a very thorough job on her. She still seems kinda testy.”

“Why do we keep her around again?”

“Because, dear sister, I am the marketing mind behind all of this shit.” Tasha threw her hair back and held a diva pose for a split second before turning back to Wes, all business. “Do you want to start the sign up today? It might be a good idea. We should do a direct elimination round like we did last year, so we weed out those who are just in for a dare and not for the real deal.”

“Sounds good. Did you call travel agency yet?”

“Yes and we will have the tickets in a week, just in time for the finale.”

“Do either of you care to fill me in on the details?” Zenobia asked after a moment, feeling completely bemused at the words that kept flying over her head.

“Sorry.” Wes looked properly chastised. “It’s something we do every year when summer begins. It’s a contest. Casa Blanca's Summer Bombshell contest.”

“Oh.” And now that Wes had said it, Zenobia suddenly remembered.

There were posters of past years’ winners lining up the walls to the upstairs bedrooms. Zenobia had never spared it much thought, but then again her joining up Wes in the partnership at the club had been a fairly recent thing. She wasn’t expected to know everything yet, was she?

“We run the contest for a week,” Wes explained as they walked toward the stage that was set up in the ballroom, the one usually used by the cage dancers. “Everyone can join up - both men and women - there’s a popular vote for each, pretty much by every single patron, and we eliminate a bunch of them every night.”

“So wait…this goes on every night?”

“All other events get put on hold. There’s enough activity with the Summer Bombshell contest. We can’t run anything else.”

“The club will be packed,” Tasha grinned, “And all the rooms are booked. Would make no sense to have a blind date night when everyone is perfectly happy to do that by themselves.”

“I get it.” Zenobia turned around and grinned at Wes. “So what? They get to stand on stage and take off their clothes for fun?”

Tasha giggled. “Not only fun.”

“Okay, besides getting laid. What do they get?”

“Each gets a weekend for two at the Exclusive Resort,” Wes put in helpfully. “We’ve done other packages during past years, but this one seems to get the best response.”

“Sounds good.”

Zenobia had heard of that resort. It was a beautiful hotel in Key West with a personal spa set on the ocean. She’d never been there, but the venue was known to be both exclusive and luxurious.

Maybe she and Wes could go there at some point. Maybe when the contest was over, they could leave Rose to take care of the club and just relax a little. They’d been running on near empty for the past…well, for a while now. Zenobia couldn’t even remember the last time they’d had done something fun, just the two of them. Outside the bedroom, that is. Maybe it was time for a vacation…

She realized she’d spaced out when Tasha snapped her fingers in front of her. “Earth to Zenobia. Still with us?”

“Yeah. Yes. I mean, I’m here.”

Tasha shook her head with an amused grin. “Doesn’t look like it. In fact, it looks like you’re miles away from here. Maybe San Francisco?”

BOOK: Game's Over: A BWWM Romance (Game of Chance Book 3)
12.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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