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Girls Only: Girl Scout Trip

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By Selena Kitt


High school senior, Moxie, agrees to be
moral support for her friend, Patches, who is totally enamored with a college
boy, so she says yes to a double date, even though she has to lie to her
parents to do it. But Moxie wasn’t counting on lying about her age to get into
an x-rated movie, and she definitely wasn’t counting on her date’s Roman hands
and Russian fingers, or the fact that the pants she’s borrowed from Patches are
several sizes too small. By the end of the night, Moxie finds herself in far
more trouble than she bargained for!



Selena Kitt’s *Girls Only*—where the girls get
naughty together, but it feels oh, so good!


isn’t looking forward to chaperoning her younger sister’s Girl Scout Troop for
a camping trip outing—burning S’mores, telling the same old ghost stories
and listening to little girls giggle all night long—until she meets the
new Girl Scout Troop leader, Brandi. The petite blond is just her type, so when
a tent mishap leaves Paige without one, forcing the two women to share, the
trip goes from tame to thrilling faster than either of them could have imagined.

Selena Kitt Single

Story—Big Bang!

(approx 5000

Warning: This title contains hot
panty-melting girl-on-girl action!






Girl Scout Trip


By Selena Kitt



Selena Kitt

Story—Big Bang!


can you do with a dozen fourteen-year-old Girl Scouts, three dozen Hershey’s
chocolate bars, two boxes of graham crackers and four bags of marshmallows when
you’re thirty miles from any known civilization?

could think of a few things, not the least of which involved going to prison
for homicide—those pointy marshmallow sticks would make a great weapon,
she mused—but she gritted her teeth and agreed to take them all down to
the lake to swim so Brandi could finish setting up camp.

you sure you know how to pitch a tent?” Paige asked doubtfully, watching the
other “adult volunteer” in their little band of merrymakers pulling tent poles
out of a bag.

though Brandi had taken charge once the bus had arrived at the camp site, barking
orders clearly enough to get the girls moving, setting up their tents and
unpacking their gear, Paige still wasn’t quite sure Brandi knew what she was
doing, exactly.

it was her own brunette’s natural prejudice against the petite blonde—or
maybe it was Brandi’s bright idea that using some of the kerosene would help
the fire start a little faster. Paige had thankfully made it to the girls
before they tried
brilliant idea, or all of them would have gone
home to their parents without eyebrows.

be fine!” Brandi blew a stray length of blond hair out of her eyes, sitting
back on her heels in her hiking boots. She was wearing her green Girl Scout
sash with all her badges, everything from her Brownie wings to her Senior Scout
badge and Paige had to resist the urge to make a joke about Girl Scout cookies
being made from real Girl Scouts so hard she actually bit her tongue. “Please,
just take the girls down to the lake. Let them swim and have fun. I’ll finish
up here.”

you’re sure?” Paige glanced over at the giggling group of girls, already in
their suits, towels slung over their shoulders, among them Paige’s little
sister, Jess—the sole reason she’d agreed to come along on this
exasperating outing in the first place.

Brandi insisted, flashing her a very broad smile as she struggled with the tent
bag. “I’ll have it all fixed up by the time you get back. That’s your tent,
isn’t it?”

yeah, but…” Paige looked over at her gear—less than half of what most of
the other girls had dragged along. She was a seasoned camper, even if she’d
never been a Girl Scout.

set your tent up too, as payback, okay?” Brandi stood, brushing her hands off
on her khaki shorts and shooing Paige toward the waiting gaggle of girls. “Then
we can get that fire going and roast hot dogs and marshmallows!”

but no kerosene, right?” Paige backed away, still doubtful, but there was no
arguing with that blinding, over-confident smile and squeaky reassurance.
Besides, what trouble could she get into setting up tents, Paige reasoned,
directing her charges down the path toward the beach.

girls were just as obnoxious down at the beach, snapping each other with wet
towels, comparing suits, whispering jealously about Jess’s impressive cleavage,
even at her age. Paige looked at her sister, listening to the other girls with
her own painful memories of being teased about her ample bust size, knowing the
girl would eventually come to appreciate her bra size. It certainly drew all
the boys’ attention, that was for sure—although in Paige’s case, that had
been annoying. For Jess, who didn’t have a gay bone in her boy-crazy little
body, it would be a boon.

took out her Kindle and read for an hour while the girls swam and played and
generally made a nuisance of themselves. The sun was starting to sink low in
the sky and she judged it was about seven. Time to get them all back to camp
for dinner. As if on cue, Jess sidled up and started complaining that she was
hungry. Paige stowed her Kindle in her beach bag and stood, brushing stand off
her cut-offs.

go then.” Paige led the troop back toward camp, up a long hill that had seemed
a lot easier on the way down. By the time they got back, they were hot and
tired and even hungrier.

Brandi hadn’t made much progress on the fire. In fact, she hadn’t made much
progress on anything. Her own tent was still flat as a pancake and Paige didn’t
even see her tent. With a sigh, Paige, directed Jess toward the fire, giving
her instructions on how to feed it and, making sure the kerosene was well out
of reach, she went over to help Brandi.

okay?” Paige squatted down next to the blonde, who sat in the middle of her
flat tent with her knees up, arms crossed, face buried in them. “Need some

no, I’m fine.” Brandi sniffed, lifting her head and wiping at her tear-stained
cheeks. “Just peachy. Everything is just grand.”

frowned at the blonde’s tears. She couldn’t fathom the reason for them.


sniffed and pointed toward the trees. Paige followed her direction and her gaze
fell on something she instantly recognized. It was her own tent, caught high up
in a tree, tangled in the branches.

in the hell…?” She blinked in surprise, looking back at Brandi, trying not to
throttle her.

sooo sorry,” Brandi wailed, burying her face in her hands. Her words were
muffled and interrupted intermittently by sobs. “The wind took it! I ran after
it, but I couldn’t catch it in time. And then… and then…”

Paige prompted, staring at her tent caught in the tree, seeing the giant hole
in the side that definitely shouldn’t have been there.

I tried to get it down,” Brandi wailed. “I tried climbing and I did this!”

held up her hands, ripped to shreds by the bark.

then I fell and did this.” Brandi turned her leg to the side, showing her a
decent sized gash on the side. “So I tried using the tent poles, but they got
caught. And then… your tent ripped…”

watched as the girl started sobbing again, uncontrollably this time. She was
clearly, completely overwhelmed and the other girls were starting to notice.
Without their fearless leader, Paige feared they would have anarchy on their
hands. Besides, while Brandi clearly had bitten off more than she could chew
with this trip, she didn’t deserve to be sitting in the middle of the woods
crying about a ripped tent and a lackluster campfire.

Paige soothed, putting her hand on the girl’s arm. “It’s okay. We’ll fix it.”

I’m starving!” Jess skipped over toward them, complaining the whole way.

listen.” Paige stood, screening her view of the sobbing Brandi. “Go in the
cooler and get the hot dogs. You and the girls start cooking, okay? I’m going
to help Brandi get her tent up and we’ll be right there.”

cocked her head, frowning, but she didn’t question her sister’s instructions.

on,” Paige said, holding out her hand to the blonde. Brandi’s nose was red from
crying, her cheeks streaked with dirt. “Let’s get your tent set up.”

didn’t take them long, with Paige’s instruction, to get the little two-man pup
tent up. It wasn’t as nice as Paige’s, but it also didn’t have a giant hole
ripped in the side. She didn’t know what she was going to do without a tent all
weekend, but she’d cross that bridge later.

really, really sorry about your tent.” Brandi looked mournfully up into the
tree. “I’ll pay you back for it.”

you have a first-aid kit in here?” Paige asked, going through Brandi’s gear.

course,” she scoffed, holding her hand out for the bag. “Here.”

handed it over and Brandi produced a hard-backed first-aid kit complete with a
red cross on the front and a Girl Scout logo in the corner.

are you doing?” Brandi asked as Paige crawled into the two-man tent.

in here,” Paige called.

so sorry.” Brandi crawled in, dragging her gear and sleeping bag behind her. Paige
waited for her to roll out her sleeping bag and get on top of it. “You can have
my tent and sleeping back tonight if you want. I can sleep by the fire.”

don’t want to have to put you out in the middle of the night.” Paige snorted,
grabbing the blonde’s calf and yanking it toward her.

yelped in surprise, half sitting, half-laying as Paige inspected the wound on
her leg. It was long but not deep and Paige opened the first-aid box, sorting
through it for what she needed.

not an idiot,” Brandi said, wincing when Paige dabbed the cut with hydrogen

know,” Paige soothed, blowing gently on the other girl’s gashed leg. It was a
very nice leg, Paige had to admit, and she was sorry to see it wounded. “But
you haven’t exactly made the best camping decisions so far this trip, you know?”

just thought the kerosene would help things along,” Brandi protested, her voice
small as she watched Paige drying the cut with the heat of her breath. “And I
said I was sorry about the tent.”

know you are.” Paige smiled at her, trying to be encouraging. Given the amount
of badges on the girl’s uniform, she had to know a
about camping, she reasoned.  Maybe Brandi was just having a bad day. Or
week. “It’s okay. I’m just glad you’re still in once piece.”

put a large Band-Aid over the cut, smoothing it gently over the other girl’s
skin. Her legs were incredibly soft and shapely, even in hiking boots. Maybe
especially in hiking boots. She felt the warm rush of arousal when she
realized, with Brandi sitting like that, knees up and legs open, she could see
right down the leg of khaki shorts. She was wearing white panties with little
cherries on them.

for your help,” Brandi said softly and when Paige glanced at her, she saw the
girls had tears still brimming and her lower lip trembled. “I guess I’m not as
good at all of this as I thought.”

you are.” Paige cleared her throat, picking up the Band-Aid wrappers and
busying herself putting everything back into the first-aid kit. “You’re doing

a bad liar.” Brandi sniffed and then laughed, swiping at her tears.

Paige grinned. “The good news is, I’m here, and I
know what I’m

at least that makes one of us.” Brandi smiled back. “Oh my God, do I smell hot
dogs? I’m starving.”

had the girls start cooking.” Paige snapped the first aid kit closed. “Let’s go

rolled over and started crawling out of the tent, giving Paige a very nice view
of her pleasingly rounded rump on the way out. That isn’t what you’re here for,
she reminded herself, as she followed Brandi out of the tent. It had been
months since she’d been with anyone—almost six since Paige’s last
girlfriend, Susan, had moved to Arizona with her family. They’d tried the long
distance thing, but it hadn’t worked out so well, especially after Susan had
found a pretty blonde Barbie to hang out with.

had never been Paige’s type, but she couldn’t help watching the pretty blonde
across the fire, balancing her hot dog on the end of a stick. The younger girls
were giggling and talking about boys like typical tweens and Paige noticed
Brandi abstaining from the conversation. Of course, that didn’t mean anything.
It most definitely didn’t indicate that she liked girls instead of boys, she
told herself, tearing apart a Ballpark frank and popping the end into her

was no point getting her hopes up. Besides, she couldn’t risk it. She could see
the headlines—
Leader Assaulted by Lesbian on Girl Scout Trip.
Paige didn’t need any more drama. Susan had been drama enough, and she had been
a mousy little girl with brown hair and glasses, very nerdy and
studious—until you got her into bed. Then she turned from mouse into
lioness on the prowl.

warmed at the memory, feeling her face filling with heat. When she glanced
across the fire, she saw Brandi putting marshmallows on sticks for the girls
with a little smile on her face. Their eyes met and Paige could have sworn the
corners of her mouth turned up a little more at the corners in response.

do mine.” Jess handed over her marshmallow and stick in frustration. Paige
shoved the pillowy marshmallow onto the stick and handed it back to her sister,
licking the stickiness from her fingers, watching Brandi do the same across the

the girls started singing camp fire songs, Paige decided she wasn’t up for any
more cheerful Girl Scoutness and excused herself. She just wanted to curl up,
pull her sleeping back over her head, and forget all the paths her brain seemed
to want to travel tonight, because that way led to disaster. She was sure of

found her gear and started untying her sleeping bag. The ground was soft with
pine needles under her feet. She decided, instead of putting her sleeping bag
inside Brandi’s tent and risk temptation, to spread it out under the stars. The
moon was full, providing plenty of light, even as the fire was beginning to
wane. She undressed down to her underwear and t-shirt, glancing over at the
girls, wondering if she should remind them to put out the fire before they all
went to sleep.

will handle it, she told herself. The night air was cool and she hurried into
her sleeping bag, zipping it all the way up and closing her eyes. The crickets
sang along with the girls, a Girl Scout nature lullaby, but Paige had a hard
time falling asleep, although she was exhausted from all the hiking and
carrying and babysitting.

kept thinking of Brandi smiling at her through her tears, and how the girl’s
calf had felt in her palm, so soft and supple. And those damnable panties
covered in little red cherries. Paige didn’t know how long it took, but by the
time Brandi came back to her tent, she was sleeping soundly.

BOOK: Girls Only: Girl Scout Trip
6.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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