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Girls Only: New Year's Resolution

BOOK: Girls Only: New Year's Resolution
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Girls Only: New Year’s Resolution
© November 2011
by Selena Kitt


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is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the
product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any
resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or
locales is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters in this work
are 18 years of age or older.


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First Edition November 2011


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New Year’s Resolution


By Selena Kitt



Selena Kitt

Short Story—Big



“Lose weight.”

Beth snorted and pinched the side of Tina’s
trim thigh. “If you lose weight, you’ll disappear, Tinkerbelle.” Tina wiggled
away from Beth’s wandering fingers with a grin. “Think of something else.”

“Stop smoking.”

Beth laughed out loud at that. Tina hadn’t
ever smoked in her life. “Listen, princess, if you’re not going to take this
seriously, I’m going to have to tickle you again.”

Tina squealed, grabbing for the covers and
pulling them over her tousled blonde head. “No more tickling!”

“Then tell me honestly...” Beth’s hand
sneaked under the covers, seeking heat. “What’s your New Year’s Resolution
gonna be?”

Tina’s eyes were bright as she peeked over
the top of the comforter. “Okay, okay... you really want to know?”

Beth’s hand had found the sweet spot she
was searching for. The way Tina bit her lip when Beth slipped her fingers up
and down in the wetness was both hot and endearing, and she felt her own body

“I wouldn’t have asked, if I didn’t want to
know, sweetness...” Beth flipped the comforter off in an instant, making Tina
squeal again at the shock and pedal back toward the headboard. Beth’s hands
gripped the blonde woman’s thighs and pulled her downward with no effort at
all. Tina was tiny, a lightweight, and she could toss her around like a little
ragdoll when she wanted to. It was one of the many things Beth loved.

“Ohhhh god,” Tina wiggled and spread as
Beth’s probing fingers and tongue found their way past her soft, smooth lips
and into the pink folds inside. “I can’t think when you’re doing that, baby.”

Beth fastened her mouth over the tender,
swollen bud of Tina’s clit. Her flesh was incredibly responsive, and Beth knew
that in just a few moments time, she could bring the little blonde to a hard,
quick orgasm. Tina’s hips were already beginning to move against her tongue.
Instead, Beth pulled back and grinned. “Well, in that case, I’ll just stop

“Nooooo!” Tina wailed, grabbing Beth’s dark
head and pressing her between her thighs. “Please, please...”

“Then tell me.” Beth’s tongue flicked back
and forth, barely touching the woman’s clit. “What’s your New Year’s Resolution
gonna be? I told you mine. It’s only fair...”

Tina groaned, reaching down and spreading
her lips with her fingers, rubbing her own clit. “I can’t... tell... you...”
She was making fast circles, her breath coming in short, hard pants.

“Ha!” Beth snatched the blonde’s hand away
from her pussy, wiggling herself between Tina’s thighs and pressing her full,
round breasts against Tina’s mound. “You better tell... I swear, I’ll tickle
you again until you can’t breathe!” Beth’s fingers inched their way up Tina’s
sides and she squirmed, begging.

“No, no, no tickling!” Tina gasped and
wiggled and Beth shivered as her nipples brushed through the slick wetness
between Tina’s thighs. “Okay, I’ll tell you...”

With a satisfied smile, Beth kissed her way
down Tina’s smooth, flat belly, her eyes moving over the blonde’s face, those
sweet, delicate features twisted in pleasure as Beth began licking again. Tina
moaned, rocking her hips up and down, her fingers twisting and tugging at her
own little nipples, the pink flesh turning red with her attention.

“Oh yes!” Tina spread wide when Beth’s
fingers found her, slipping deep inside. “You know I love that...”

Beth did. Her fingers curled inside,
seeking that sweet, sensitive spot and rubbing there, again and again. She
loved watching Tina wiggle and squirm and moan under her mouth and fingers.
There couldn’t be anything better in the world.

“My new year’s resolution...” Tina gasped,
her thighs trembling as she pulled them back to give Beth more room, deeper
access. “Oh fuck, baby... please...”

Beth tried not to grin, but she couldn’t
help it as she flicked her tongue back and forth over that sensitive little
clit. Tina’s nails were digging into the soft flesh on the sides of her knees,
making crescent shapes there as she rocked against Beth’s mouth.

“Tell me,” Beth urged, taking only a moment
to say the words and then focusing again on the woman’s clit, her fingers
working hard inside, against the smooth walls of the little blonde’s pussy.

“Oooooo baby!” Tina’s whole body was
quivering. “Make me come first, and then I’ll tell you! Please!”

“You promise?” Beth’s tongue pressed
faster, harder, looking up into Tina’s flushed face.

“Oh I promise!” she gasped, trembling with
her longing. “Yes, yes, I promise, please! Make me come, oh baby, make me—”

There was no stopping it now. Tina quivered
with her climax, one hand pressing Beth’s dark head between her legs, the other
rubbing hot, delicious friction over her nipple as she shuddered and bucked on
the bed. Beth drank her in, swallowing the hot flood of her juices, thicker and
more copious as she came and came into her waiting mouth.

“Oh god.” Tina’s knees fell open, like
spreading angel’s wings, and she threw an arm over her eyes. “You’re so good to
me, I can’t stand it.”

“You promised,” Beth reminded, her fingers
walking up the sensitive, ticklish expanse of Tina’s ribs, making the blonde

“Okay, okay!” Tina peeked out from under
her arm and bit her lip. “I’ll tell you.”

Beth waited, her fingertips drumming over
Tina’s ribcage, making her jump.

“My new year’s resolution...” Tina took a
deep breath and said it quickly, as if she were trying to get it out as fast as
possible. “Is to buy a strap-on and fuck you with it.”

Beth’s eyes widened and her heart lurched
in her chest. “What?”

Rolling to her belly, Tina hid her flushed
cheeks against the cool surface of the pillow. “I told you I couldn’t tell you!
I knew you’d be mad!”

Beth’s fingers moved over the soft flesh of
Tina’s behind, kneading there. She smiled and pressed her lips there. “I’m not

Glancing hesitantly over her shoulder, Tina’s
eyes narrowed. “You’re not?”

“No.” Beth grinned as she eased past the
shock of it, feeling her own pussy quivering at the thought. “In fact... I
think we should go shopping.”

Tina’s eyes widened then, a hint of a smile
on her lips. “We should?”

Beth stood and stretched, reaching for her
t-shirt. “Get up and get dressed. We’re going to the toy store.”

The blonde’s eyes were stunned, her jaw
open, but not working.

“Hurry up.” Beth grinned. “Before I tickle
you again.”

That got Tina moving, and they both quickly
dressed, the silence between them full of tingling anticipation.

* * * *

Beth shuddered as Tina held up a life-like
dildo modeled after some male porn star. “You’re not getting that thing
anywhere near my cooch, girlie.”

Tina giggled, waving it back and forth. “Come
on... it’s even got realistic balls!”

“Good, then I can kick them.” Beth
grimaced. “Put it back.”

Tina put it back with the rest of the toy
display with a sigh. “We’re never going to find anything at this rate.”

“Hey!” Beth edged over to the next aisle where
several leather harnesses hung from hooks. “Now we’re talking...”

Tina followed her, eyeing the thick straps.
“Yeah. I can see myself strapping on one of these.”

Beth’s eyes gleamed. “So can I... damn, you’d
look hot in this...” She lifted a leather harness and held it out in front of
Tina’s slim hips.

“You can try it on, if you want.”

Both women jumped and whirled to face the
guy who had moved in behind them. He was an older man with a salt and pepper
beard, and he was wearing a name tag that said: “Ron” below the “Sexy Stuff”

Beth blushed and blinked at him, quickly
putting the harness back. “Oh, no. Thanks anyway.”

Tina grinned. “Actually, do you have
something that’s fun for both the strap-on and the, uh, strap-ee?”

Ron smiled. “I sure do. Come this way.”

Beth snapped the elastic of Tina’s skirt as
she passed, making a face at her, but Tina stuck her tongue out, following Ron
around the corner. Beth sighed, reluctantly following. Walking into a sex toy
shop took enough courage for her, but talking about toys in front of someone—a
man, no less! That was too much.

“This one is nice, because it has a
vibrating egg inside that’s designed to stimulate the external genital area of
the female wearer.” Ron held up a black strap on with a large black dildo
attached. Beth hid behind Tina, wincing as the blonde took the strap-on from
the man and inspected it. “You can try it on if you like. We have a dressing
room in back. For toys, we ask that you wear a pair of disposable panties that
we provide, of course, and please, no penetration.”

Beth could feel her face burning. She was
all about being the dominant one in the bedroom, but as far as she was
concerned, sex was private, and should be kept that way. They’d always argued
about getting a strap-on, because while Beth wanted to order one via the
Internet, Tina insisted that they had to see and feel the merchandise. Now Beth
had finally relented, and she was face-to-face with a man talking to them about
the “external genital area of the female!”

“I want to try it on.” Tina grinned over
her shoulder at Beth. “Lead on, Ron... where’s that dressing room?”

Inwardly, Beth groaned, but she followed
them both toward the back of the store. Ron took a key off his belt and
unlocked a dressing room door.

“There are disposable panties there, in
those dispensers.” He nodded toward the container on the wall. “Just let me
know when you’re through, or if you’d like to try something else. I can always
get it for you.”

BOOK: Girls Only: New Year's Resolution
6.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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