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He fastened the cap and moved it aside on the mattress. He
placed one hand on her shin and gently rolled back her hips several inches.

“Try to relax,” he said.

She started to say something sarcastic, but the sensation of him pushing his forefinger into her ass silenced her. At first, it felt a little uncomfortable. Her gaze locked onto his like she thought it would save her. His eyes were so deep and enigmatic. So compelling. He slid his finger in her to the knuckle and then slowly began to fuck her with it.

Her lips parted in aroused wonder, and a moan slipped between them.

“That's right, just give in to it,” he said, watching her expression like a hawk. “Keep your hips rolled back,” he demanded, letting go of her knee.

She moaned loudly. He'd started to rub her clit with the thumb of his left hand. She was very slippery. Hot. It felt delicious. He penetrated her ass more firmly. Faster.

She looked up at him incredulously. He looked pleased.

“I know you're a virgin in this way,” he said after a minute of stimulating her.

“How do you know that?” she squeaked.

“Your reaction. The first time I touched you there.”

She recalled the incident of which he spoke. It'd been the first night she'd come here to Castle Durand. Dylan had touched her ass during a particularly intense moment of lovemaking. Alice had started at the unfamiliar sensation, betrayed her naïveté.

“I was just surprised,” she said through a soughing breath. Something about the anal stimulation in combination with the clitoral was making her
. Her cheeks and the bottom of her suspended feet began to burn. Her nipples were hard and achy. Her clit positively sizzled.

“You aren't surprised now,” he said, and she noticed his gaze fixed on her breasts and erect nipples. “Take another finger.”

Her eyes sprang wide as he inserted his second lubricated finger into her along with the first. She gave a shaky cry.

“Push against me, baby. Don't resist. It'll make it easier on you,” he instructed. Alice struggled to comply. His thumb pressed harder on her clit. Faster. As if he pushed a magic button, both of his fingers slid fully into her ass.

“Oh,” she exclaimed softly at the sensation of fullness and pressure. He immediately began to fuck her with his fingers.

“Nice tight little ass,” he said thickly. He watched himself penetrate her. Alice's excitement pitched higher.

“Fuck me there. I'm ready.”

“You're horny. That's not the same thing as ready,” he shot back, still watching his fingers slide in and out of her ass with a narrowed gaze.

“No, no . . . I'm ready,” she gasped. She bobbed her hips, getting more friction on her ass and clit. She shut her eyes, reveling in the pleasure, reaching for release. “It feels so good. I'm going to come. Fuck me with your big cock.


Her eyes sprang open at the stinging slap on her buttock. Dylan stared down at her, his eyes stormy, his nostrils slightly flared, his mouth clamped tight.

“You fucking little hedonist.”

Her mouth fell open in surprise at his words. She couldn't decide if he was angry at her or praising her. Knowing Dylan as she did, she'd guess both. There was a savage edge to his tone. He reached between his thighs and rubbed the considerable bulge there.

“It might hurt,” he said, holding her stare as he massaged his erection through his jeans.

“A lot?” she asked, uncertainty trickling in to her thick arousal.

“Not a lot. I'll be as careful as I can this first time. But now isn't the time to test me. Do you understand, Alice?” he asked through a clamped jaw.

“Yes,” she said, a little cowed by his intensity.

“Don't sabotage this. Don't try to prove to yourself that you shouldn't trust me.”

“What? I wouldn't!” she denied hotly. It took a moment for his meaning to settle in. He was worried she'd goad him until he took her forcefully, and then use it as another reason for distrusting him.

“No,” she said, somber now. “I won't. I promise.”

He removed his fingers from her ass and peeled back his button fly. Alice froze at the vision of his erect cock straining against white boxer briefs. He looked enormous.
God, what have you gotten yourself into now?

Her anxiety mounted as she watched him extricate his cock from his underwear. His cock was stiff and flushed, the head smooth, fat, and delineated from the staff. She hungered for it, even as she feared it. He grasped the bottom of his rigid erection and stroked the length of it. He glanced up, cock in hand, and noticed her expression.

“I'll be as gentle as I can be. This time.”

Those last two words sounded a little ominous, but also exciting. Her sex clinched tight. He glanced down, as if noticing her tension. His face looked grim as he unfastened his shirt and whipped it off him with a flex of ridged hard muscle. He didn't remove his jeans and underwear. They remained bunched beneath his round shaved balls, making his jutting cock look all that much more intimidating.

Watching him lubricate his erection, knowing what he was about to do with it, had Alice skating on a ledge between boiling need and frothing anxiety.

His body looked as tensed as a coiled spring as he edged up between her thighs. Again, he used his left forearm to push her knees further into her chest and roll back her hips. She gave a little cry when he plunged his fingers into her ass again. His gaze fastened on her face as he finger-fucked her firmly.

“I'm not going to take you deep or hard. But I
going to fuck your ass, and it's going to feel so damn good, Alice.”

“Okay,” she managed, a bit awed by the power she sensed in him at that moment, the incipient restrained energy. Was she crazy for wanting to see it break free?

He paused and leaned over her. A moment later, the tension in her right hand lessened. He'd released the leather wristlet she wore from the restraining strap.

“Touch yourself,” he said, straightening again between her thighs. “My hands are going to be full.”

She gladly did what he asked, her fingers taking up his former task. Things felt very slippery and warm between her thighs. He watched her with a tight focus for a moment as she rubbed her clit, his lustrous eyes glittering. He used his left hand to roll her hips back farther. Her knees were now less than an inch from her nipples, her feet suspended in the air. He moved closer between her thighs.

“Don't stop,” he said succinctly when she paused in stimulating her clit because he'd just slipped his fingers from her ass and pressed the tip of his cock against her. His gaze leapt to her face.

“It's not going to work,” burst out of Alice's throat. Surely Dylan realized that. Her ass was a lot more sensitive than she'd ever before realized. She could perfectly feel the outline of his cock against her opening. “It'll never—”

“It will,” he bit out. “With a little time and some patience. Trust me.”


He merely shook his head once and she went silent.

“Touch yourself. Please. You'll need it,” he said.

Slowly, she began to move her fingers. It felt good, no matter how precarious her situation. Or maybe she was excited
of the risk. Alice had never considered herself a daredevil, but since sleeping with Dylan, she'd come to realize she enjoyed the spice of a sexual challenge.

He firmed his hold on her right shin, keeping her body still.

“Push against me,” he said. She did. He flexed his hips.

“Ouch,” Alice muttered. A flash of intense pain shot through her.

“I'm sorry. It's done.”

“Are you in?”

She blinked when he made a snorting sound. She stared up at him, intoxicated by the vision of his grin. He looked so beautiful to her in that moment: his muscular body drawn as tight as a wire; a glistening sheen of perspiration on his rigid torso telling her not only how aroused he was, but how much he held that arousal in check. His flashing smile was such a striking contrast to his former grim expression.

You are so far gone.

“Affirmative. Phase one mission accomplished,” he said, teasing her for her practical question about the mechanics of what they were doing.

By that time, Alice already knew the answer, though. She could feel the head of his cock in her—full and throbbing. Her hand moved faster between her thighs. It was indescribably exciting, feeling Dylan inside such a private place.

“Are you okay?” she asked him, because she thought his face was drawn in pain.

He turned his chin, wiping some gathered sweat from his upper lip on his shoulder. “You feel extremely good,” he said, and she realized his expression came from the pain of restraint. “More importantly, are you okay?”

“It doesn't hurt anymore.”

He nodded once and used his free hand to grasp the back of her thigh. Holding her securely with both hands, he flexed deeper. Alice groaned as he filled her more.

“Okay?” he asked, pausing.

“Yes,” she assured quickly, afraid he'd stop. Her clit sizzled beneath her rubbing fingers. Her suspended feet twitched in the
air. The soles were hot. She moaned deeper as her arousal peaked. “More, Dylan. More.”

He pushed his cock into her mid-staff. Oh God, she felt so full of him. So damn horny. She flexed her hips, pressing against him, wanting more—

His hand slid from her thigh to her lower buttock. He spanked her. Twice.

“Hold still,” he ground out from between clenched teeth. She stilled in pumping her ass against his cock, but her hand moved faster between her thighs. Dylan noticed.

“Put your hand on the mattress. Now, Alice,” he said harshly. She ground her teeth together. It took a monumental effort to do what he asked, akin to willing herself to jump in an ice-cold lake. He must have noticed her rebellious expression when the back of her hand thumped against the comforter. “I'll tell you when you can put it back.”

Then he started to flex his hips, pumping her ass gently. Alice's mouth fell open in incredulous arousal. It felt so good; yet the intimacy was so intense, it was almost unbearable. Overwhelmed, she turned her face, pressing her cheek against the pillow. She thought he'd demand she look at him, like he often did when they were in the thick of lovemaking, but he didn't. Instead, he just kept fucking her with short fluid strokes in the ass. Maybe he knew precisely what he was doing, because Alice found that turning away didn't lessen the profound carnality of the experience in the slightest.

She became vaguely aware that she couldn't stop moaning. She was so filled with him. He pumped and pressed himself into every cell of her being in those moments.

It thrilled her that she could accommodate him in this. Even though she felt so full of him, she was aware that he held back. With each thrust into her, he went slightly deeper, but he still didn't fully penetrate her. Even though he held her firmly at thigh
and shin, she began to bob her hips subtly. He felt huge inside her. Huge, and exciting, like he'd burst at any moment from the volatility of the moment.

“More,” she moaned. “More, Dylan.”

“You'll have what I give you.”

She turned her head on the pillow to see him, compelled by the tension in his deep voice. For a moment, she just stared at him, panting, trapped by his glistening eyes as he fucked her.

“Your cheeks and lips are so pink. You like it, don't you?”

“Yes,” she hissed. He smacked her buttock with his palm, and then massaged it, using his hold to firm his thrusts.

“Yeah, that's so fucking good,” he muttered thickly, watching himself penetrate her. Then he looked at her face. It struck her full force, the monumental effort it took him not to slake his obvious lust like the savage she knew he could be. “Tonight, I'm going easy on you,” he rasped. “Another night, I might take you harder. But you'll take it, either way. Do you understand? Because you'll trust me.”

She just nodded, too overwhelmed to argue or question him. She wanted to beg him to take her harder now, to give him free rein. But she knew he wouldn't. It was
who held the reins, not she. He was proving a point. He was teaching her a lesson, and she had no choice but to lie there and take it.

She experienced no more pain, but the pressure was intense. It made her grit her teeth. Her moans vibrated her throat as he continued to thrust firmly, but shallowly, not allowing her to move a fraction of an inch as he plunged in and out of her.

“Do you want to touch yourself now?” he asked thickly after a moment, his thrusts inside her growing a bit faster, betraying mounting excitement.


She opened her lips and exhaled in shaky ecstasy when she rubbed herself. She trembled. Her cream gathered around her fingers.

He looked so awesome to her in those tense moments, his
muscles bulging and defined, strained to the breaking point on the edge of raw lust and restraint. He thrust faster with a tad more force. Alice moaned in satisfaction.

She was so hot, so ready to combust. Her body tensed.

“Oh God. It feels

She began to shudder in orgasm, her feet flexing in the air.

Dylan growled, finishing her sentence through gnashed teeth. He thrust more forcefully, making Alice whimper. His hands tightened on her shin and thigh. “If you had any idea what I wanted to do to you right now, Alice.”

Another wave of pleasure tore through her. In the midst of her climax, she was still aware that he held back. She hated it. “
it,” she moaned, shaking. “Fuck me hard.”

he demanded, still pumping her ass with firm, but measured strokes. She shuddered again, her head coming off the pillow, pulling hard on her single restraint. His hold on her tightened.

BOOK: Glow
5.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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