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Grace Revolution: Experience the Power to Live Above Defeat

BOOK: Grace Revolution: Experience the Power to Live Above Defeat
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A grace revolution is sweeping across the world today. It is a revolution that is tearing down the walls of legalistic Christian religion and bringing a brand-new generation of believers into a deep and intimate relationship with the person of Jesus. As a result, precious lives are being transformed, marriages are being restored, the sick are being healed, and many are being freed from the bondage of legalism. This liberty has in turn given them the strength and power to rise above their challenges.

In this book you will hear their stories and find out just how a genuine encounter with their beautiful Savior changed everything in their lives. If you are facing some challenges in your own life, you don’t have to get to the end of this book to find the answer. I want you to know from the outset that Jesus is your solution. He is your answer, your hope, your joy, your peace, and your security. When you have Him, you have everything.

The grace revolution is all about bringing Jesus back to the forefront. For too long the Christian faith has been reduced to a list of dos and don’ts. That’s not why Jesus came. That’s not what Christianity is all about. Jesus did not come to point out our faults. Truthfully, many of us know what our faults are, and if not, our spouses do a pretty good job of highlighting them to us!

Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. He
came to save, to redeem, and to reconcile us to God so that “whoever believes in Him [Jesus] should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16). That’s the gospel right there, wrapped up in the beautiful simplicity called “grace”—eternal life for us paid for by the bloodstained sacrifice at Calvary. The cross is God’s masterpiece. It is also His master plan to save humanity from itself. It is a foolproof plan without pages of complicated caveats that only a trained lawyer can decode. The truth is that uneducated fishermen, hapless harlots, and the poor could all understand Him.

A rising tide of grace preachers all around the world are preaching the unadulterated gospel of Jesus. A pastor who listens to my messages regularly took over a church as its senior pastor when it had an average attendance of about a thousand members. He and his wife started preaching strongly on the gospel of grace and unveiling the love of God. He shared with me that in under six months, his congregation doubled in size—they now have more than two thousand people coming every weekend and they are rapidly expanding to new campuses. Why? Because the gospel works! Why should we be surprised that when Jesus is preached and lifted high, lives are touched, changed, and transformed? Come on, this is the grace revolution!

Grace is not a subject and the grace revolution is not a movement. Grace is a person and His name is Jesus. The grace revolution is an explosive revelation that occurs in the innermost sanctum of your heart when you meet Jesus. It is not an outward revolution but something that is incepted from the inside out.

Even when you fail, you are failing forward. And when you fall, you don’t crash out. Grace imparts hope to those who are hopeless and help to those who are helpless. When you are worn out, torn down, crushed, depleted, and on the brink of giving up, grace is the hand that pulls you out of the miry pit of defeat. Grace is the supply that
floods every crevice of need. Grace is the person Who was nailed to the cross for your redemption.

My dear reader, I want to thank you for picking up this book. Thousands of new books are published every year and the reality that you and I are having this conversation is not a coincidence. This is a divine appointment. I prayed that this book would find its way to the right person at the right time. You may be going through a severe challenge in your life right now. Things may seem bleak and dismal. The report you just received may be discouraging and disappointing. It may seem as if there is no way out of the quagmire you’re in.

The truth is that you are not at the end of your rope. Now is the time to lean your full weight on Jesus. Now is the time to stop trying to save yourself and let the Savior save you. Now is the time to step into His love and allow Him to transform you from the inside out.

Would you give these pages a chance? I believe the truths here will give you new perspectives that will challenge you to live above defeat and experience lasting breakthroughs. To help you on this journey, I have identified five practical and powerful keys:

• Grow in Boldness and Confidence

• Build a Foundation for Lasting Breakthroughs

• Value the Person of Jesus

• Speak the Language of Faith

• Receive His Abundant Restoration

As you take time to understand and internalize these five simple but highly effective biblical principles, I have no doubt that you will be greatly encouraged and strengthened. The scriptural truths shared in this book will not only inspire you to live above defeat, they will also serve as a powerful step-by-step guide to piling deep into your
heart an unshakable, rock-solid, and immovable foundation for lasting breakthroughs.

This is what the grace revolution is all about. It is about your life touched, changed, and transformed from the inside out. It is about living a victorious life. A life that wins. A life that reigns triumphant over failure and frustration. When you encounter the person of grace and when the veil of Christian religion is removed, there is no turning back. You’ll begin to step away from defeat and take a massive leap toward your victory!


he grace revolution begins with Jesus. It is not a movement, teaching, or subject to be studied. It is all about a person. What you believe about this person makes all the difference. I am sure you have heard about Jesus and are familiar with His name. You may even have attended Sunday school as a child and heard all the Bible stories about Him. The question is, do you know Jesus personally? Is He a historical figure, a prominent Jewish rabbi, or simply the son of a Galilean carpenter? Who is He to you? Is He just another teacher? Or is He your Savior?

Whatever adversity, challenge, or circumstance you may be faced with today, your answer is found in the person of
. Today a grace revolution is sweeping across the globe, because the person of Jesus is boldly preached, proclaimed, and lifted high.

Whatever adversity you may be faced with today, your answer is found in the person of

We are receiving testimony after testimony about how people’s lives have been touched and transformed by the grace of God. Many are finding freedom from their long-term conditions, addictions, and
bondages. They share joyfully with us how the Lord supernaturally delivered them from panic attacks, substance abuse, and decades of depression. Others write in, brimming with thanksgiving, because God has restored their marriages and their relationships with their estranged children, and healed their bodies when doctors had given them no hope.

I wish I could read all of them to you, because you will notice that one common thread is woven through all these letters. One common denominator took these people from defeat into victory, from breakdowns into breakthroughs: they all had
an encounter with Jesus
. They all caught a revelation of His grace.

The Power of an Encounter with Jesus

Dean from Maryland wrote to me to share how his life was transformed by the goodness of God. He said, “Dear Pastor Prince, it brings me so much excitement to share with you the radical change in my life in the last year. I have been watching your television program for a solid year now and read
Destined To Reign
Unmerited Favor
, and just finished
The Power of Right Believing
. It’s a thousand pages of one message—grace. I don’t know how I ever missed it all these years. Your teaching on grace and truth has been so revolutionary to me and I want to thank you personally.”

In the twelve pages that followed, Dean shared with me the story of his life and how the Lord had transformed him. When he found out at age twelve that he had been adopted, he began a lifelong battle with feelings of rejection, abandonment, inadequacy, and fear. He even contemplated suicide and started to believe that life was not worth living. In his teen years he started mixing with all the wrong
people and developed several addictions: “At fourteen, I began drinking on weekends, at fifteen I was smoking weed, and I was taking cocaine when I was about sixteen. By seventeen, I was without doubt bound with addictions and in flat-out rebellion against God and man.”

The older he got, the more Dean intensified his drinking and drug use to numb his pain and confusion. He spiraled out of control and lost all respect for authority figures in his life. Just before his eighteenth birthday, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

To make matters worse, he discovered meth (methamphetamine) after he got married. Recounting that part of his life, he shared with me, “Up to that time, I had no idea of its destructive and demonic power. At first, it was great as it seemed to take away all my pain—the depression, oppression, rejection, inadequacies, loneliness, and fear. It even curbed my drunkenness. I developed confidence and a feeling of being in complete control. I thought I had found the cure and I never wanted to be without it. So I continued taking meth for the next nine years and started dealing small amounts to feed my habit. I got caught, had my first felony drug conviction, and had my first trip to prison rehabilitation for 120 days.” Following his first imprisonment, Dean continued to struggle to find peace and answers, and went through many ups and downs while heading in and out of prison.

Dean’s turnaround happened only when he began to hear about God’s grace. He realized that “grace was not about what I deserved, but all about the Lord’s love and the unearned, unmerited favor that He gives freely without demanding anything.” This revelation simply blew his mind, especially since he was full of guilt over the damage he had done to everyone in his life. It was the light that shone into his darkness and the start of his liberation. Simply put, the revolution in his life began with a revelation of God’s amazing grace.

Your turnaround happens when you begin to hear about God’s grace.

BOOK: Grace Revolution: Experience the Power to Live Above Defeat
7.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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