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to know Dane time was up when he pointed at the evidence on the ground. “Let’s
get CSU over here.”



Tessa was an idiot.
Pure and simple. Why in the name of all that was holy did she agree to this? At
least she was driving herself and wouldn’t have to rely on Gregor’s generosity
when she decided it was time to go. And go she would. If tonight went the way
she was sure it would, Gregor would pour on the Stone charm and seduce her,
appealing to her inner shifter to mate with him. She had to be strong, not only
for her sake but his as well. She had already let the family down by spilling
as much information as she had about the human bonding. So be it. Rafael was
King, and as such, he had to make the hard decisions, whether they be about
territories, family disputes, or what diapers to put on his little Prince.

She didn’t need a
GPS to tell her where her mate lived. When she first transitioned, she became
obsessed with him. She followed Gregor often, sometimes to bars, sometimes to
his home. Never did she get up the nerve to get close to him. Maybe it hadn’t
been nerves, more like self-preservation. As time went on and she realized she
would never be with him in the way they were meant to be, she stopped following.
Watching him go out of town to meet other women had been too much. That was
when she decided to hook up with Jacques. What a disaster that turned out to

Gregor’s property
was secured tighter than a military fort. The gate was thick iron and the
security box was state of the art, voice recognition. Since she had never been
there, Gregor had left it open for her arrival. As soon as she drove through,
it automatically closed behind her. The rumble of her Camaro was loud against
the silence of the woods. She was surrounded by trees on both sides of the
long, paved drive leading to Gregor’s home. She expected a log cabin to be
nestled among the Georgia pines. What she didn’t expect was the massive log and
stone structure that came into view as she drove out of a curve.

She put her car in
park and just sat there.
Holy Mother of Zeus.
Tessa was in the midst of
her dream home. Of course her mate would live in the woods in the type of house
she had dreamed of ever since she was a little girl. She liked her house in New
Orleans, but she had bought it as an investment. This… this house was what
dreams were made of. Baking cookies with your little girl dreams. Sitting on
the deck watching your mate throwing football with your little boy dreams. Relaxing
in the hot tub after the kids had gone to bed dreams. Making love in front of
the fire dreams.

The front door
opened, and Gregor stepped out onto the porch. He was dressed casually in faded
jeans and a long sleeve Henley. The sleeves were pushed up showing his massive
forearms. His feet were bare. Gods, that was so sexy. He didn’t move toward
her, just stood with his hands in his pockets, waiting. Tessa grabbed her
backpack from the passenger seat and angled out of her sports car. She didn’t
bother locking the door.

“Do you want to put
her in the garage?” Gregor inclined his head toward the car.

Dammit, he was
already being nice. “Nah, she’ll be fine out here for one night.” Tessa needed
to remind herself this was one night only. Though her curiosity was peaked at
what he had in the garage besides his Hummer and Harley. She slowly walked up
the steps and stopped, leaving an arm’s length between them.

 Gregor took her
backpack. “I hope you like Italian.” He opened the door, holding it for her. She
stepped into the spacious, open room. The floor plan was perfect. The large
family room opened up to the kitchen and dining area. There were windows
everywhere including a large sliding glass door leading out to a deck on the
back of the house. Even though Gargoyles weren’t affected by the cold, Gregor
had a fire going. A large bearskin covered the hardwood floor in front of the
hearth. She could already see herself naked underneath Gregor on that rug.

“Would you like
something to drink? I have beer, wine, and most kinds of liquor you could want.”
Gregor was directly behind her, the heat coming off his large body warming her
better than the fireplace could. His breath tickled her ear. She turned to tell
him she’d love a beer, but as soon as she parted her lips, his were covering
hers. He fisted her hair gently, tugging her head back slightly to make their
mouths fit perfectly. He didn’t push for tongue but her body instinctually gave
it to him anyway. He kept the contact soft yet sensual. He broke the kiss then
placed his lips on her forehead.

“Beer. Please.” She
should break her promise and leave. Now. Gods, she was fucked. After one kiss.
Tessa admired Gregor’s ass as he placed her backpack by the staircase then
continued to the kitchen. The interior of the house was filled with manly
furnishings. Two large leather sofas were secured between thick wood end
tables. The hand-hewn dining table would seat twelve easily. The appliances
were top-of-the-line stainless. She noticed the absence of a large screen TV, a
staple in any man’s home. He must have a media room somewhere in this
monstrosity. A beer appeared in her line of sight, and she took the bottle and
drank. “You have a lovely home. For some reason I always imagined you’d have a
small cabin, not this huge lodge.”

“And I always
imagined I’d be filling it with a mate and a posse of kids.” The hurt on
Gregor’s face was impossible to miss. He drank down his own beer. “Are you
hungry? I have lasagna that’s ready to eat. All I need to do is toast the

“I could eat. Did
you cook this yourself?” Tessa wasn’t a bad cook, she just didn’t take the time
to learn how to make extravagant dishes since she lived alone.

“I did. When you’ve
lived as long as I have, you find hobbies you enjoy so you don’t lose your
mind. I enjoy cooking. Since I don’t have a housekeeper like most of the others
do, it’s either cook or eat frozen dinners. I prefer to cook.”

Gregor moved
gracefully around the kitchen, pulling a cookie sheet out of a cabinet. He
sliced what looked like a fresh loaf of French bread, buttering it then
sprinkling it with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. “Did you make the bread,

“No. That is one
art I haven’t mastered. Priscilla, Rafael’s housekeeper, baked it for us.” He
slid the pan in the oven and shut the door. Leaning his backside against the
counter, he crossed his legs at the ankle.

Tessa couldn’t keep
her eyes off his bare feet. Normally she found feet ugly, but his were perfect.
His toes slanted at just the right angle. “Do you like to cook?” His question
was asked with a quirk of his lips. Did he know she was turned on by his feet?
Of course he did. Gargoyle mates had built in libido detectors.

“I do like to, I
just don’t take the time to do it. I’m hardly ever in one spot long, and when I
am, I don’t bother cooking for just me. What other hobbies do you enjoy?” Tessa
wanted to know everything about her mate, even if they couldn’t be together.

carpentry, anything that has to do with my hands.” He waved his hand in the air
at his home.

“You built this
place?” she asked incredulously. She shouldn’t be surprised; his family created
buildings, after all.

“Don’t sound so
surprised. Yes, with Dante’s help, we built it from the foundation up.”

Gregor took the
bread from the oven, transferring it to a linen-lined basket and setting it on
the table. He pulled a couple of plates out of an overhead cabinet and dished
out a healthy portion of lasagna for her, an even larger one for himself, and placed
those on rust-colored placemats. He retrieved two salads from the refrigerator,
grabbing several different types of dressing. A vase of wildflowers sat in the
middle of the table cloaked on either side by candles that had recently been
burning. He must have seen her looking. “What can I say? I like a nice table.”
He lit the candles and placed the lighter back in his pocket.

Once everything was
ready, he pulled her chair out for her. “I’m going to have a glass of wine. Would
you like one or another beer?”

“I’ll have wine,
please.” Tessa wasn’t a wine girl, but when in Rome…

The meal was
enjoyed with very little talk. The food was some of the most delicious Tessa
had ever put in her mouth. She couldn’t help the moans that escaped her throat
with the first few bites. Gregor arched an eyebrow, and she shrugged. “Sorry,
but this is delicious.”

When their stomachs
were full, Gregor asked if she wanted dessert. Tessa declined. “Gods, no. I
need to unbutton my jeans now.” Gregor growled. “Later, Stone. We have all
night. Now, how about showing me the rest of this monstrosity you call your

Gregor showed Tessa
everything except his bedroom. He must be saving it for later. Or maybe he had
changed his mind and didn’t intend to let her see it. She really couldn’t blame
him. If she had no intention of being a permanent fixture in his life, why
share the most intimate part of his home with her? He led her to the back deck
where they sat down and enjoyed the sunlight fading, making way for the moon.
She could feel his gaze on her face, and she couldn’t help but smile.

“This is perfect.
Your home, the woods, the peace and quiet.” She turned her face to his and again,
she couldn’t miss the sadness in his eyes. She laced their fingers together.
She could pretend for one night that this was, indeed, perfect. After a few
minutes of enjoying the serenity, she asked, “So tell me, what’s hiding in your

“Ah, I wondered how
long it would take for you to ask. Let’s go take a look.” Gregor released their
fingers but waited on her to walk by his side. She missed the connection. He
opened the side door that led into the massive two-story building. The view in
front of her had her drooling. She should have known her mate was a car fanatic,
too. And these weren’t just any cars. Sitting before her were several classic
hotrods, but the one she wanted to bow down and worship was a mint condition Camaro
Super Sport limited edition. Her claws were itching to bust through the skin as
her adrenaline pumped through her body.

“Tops out at
two-forty. I had a Corvette Z06 engine dropped in it. Six hundred and fifty
horsepower.” Gregor was leaning against the hood of a mint Ford Mustang like it
was any old vehicle.

“Do you ever drive
these?” Tessa asked sweeping her arm indicating the hotrods. Her Camaro was a
newer model she had modified to be faster yet more fuel efficient. What she
wouldn’t give to drive one of these bad boys.

“Nah, they were
more of an investment. If I want speed I hop on the bike.” Again, the sadness
crept through his voice. He was killing her. This hardass, strong, built like a
brick shithouse of a man, was ripping her to shreds with nothing more than the
tone of his voice.

“I need another
beer.” Tessa couldn’t bear to look at the vehicles any longer. All of this
could be hers if she would just say yes. It didn’t matter that they didn’t know
each other well or they hadn’t spent any quality time together. If she gave the
nod, Gregor would give her the world. On a fuel-injected, chrome-plated
platter. She didn’t wait on him to move. Tessa found her way back to the
kitchen and helped herself to another bottle. She had half of it guzzled when
Gregor’s phone rang. Cursing, he answered it.

“This better be
life or death, preferably death. She did? He is? Thank you.” Gregor pocketed
his phone. “I have a message for you from your mother.”

Tessa was glad she
didn’t have a mouthful of beer. “My mother? What in the fuck are you doing
talking to my mother?” All the sweet thoughts Tessa had been thinking just flew
out the back door that was still slid open.

was talking to
. She said to tell you Ezekiel is on his way to Egypt,
so now you don’t have to go.” Gregor’s smug look pissed her off. Did he think
he could interfere just because her mother asked him to?

“Gods, you are so
fuckin’ frustrating!”



“What have I told
you about that mouth of yours?” Even though there was nothing lady like about
her vocabulary, Gregor preferred her brand of brazenness.

“As I recall you
like my mouth.” She was glaring at him. It was a look he had finally gotten
used to and just ignored.

“Yes, when my dick
is in it.” If she was going to pretend she wanted nothing to do with him, he
wasn’t going to play nice. He didn’t wait on a response. He turned and sauntered
away from her only to hear the hammer being cocked. She wouldn’t. There was a
sharp pain in his ass. She did. She shot him in the motherfucking ass. Where
the hell did she even get a gun?

“You fucking brat,
you shot me! AGAIN!” He roared as he lunged for her. Gregor grabbed Tessa and threw
her over his shoulder. He climbed the stairs two at a time until he opened the
door to the only room he hadn’t shown her. His bedroom. He sat down on the side
of the bed, pulled her off his shoulder, and placed her across his lap. He
grabbed the gun and tossed it out of her reach, then he smacked her ass.

“You bastard! What
do you think you’re doing?”

“Just where did you
have a gun?” He smacked her again, causing her to wiggle in his lap.

“In the waistband
of my jeans, where I
have a gun,” she seethed.

He popped her ass

“What was that
for?” she screamed at him.

Gregor gave her
four hard smacks on her ass.

 The first
couple of smacks had her squirming, trying to get free. The third and fourth
caused a different kind of squirm. She liked it rough. He raised his hand and
popped her again, in a different place. She moaned then wiggled again. He
grabbed one boot at a time, pulling them off her feet and tossing them aside. Using
his shifter strength, he ripped her jeans down the back, exposing her thong.

Black lace.
He grabbed a fistful of red hair, holding her in place and landed
another slap to her left cheek. He rubbed out the pain before he struck the
right cheek. Tessa was murmuring and squirming, and the scent of arousal was
getting stronger with each slap on her ass. He rubbed out the handprint. Instead
of another smack, he dipped his hand between her legs. The wetness on the thin
material was proof she was as turned on as he was. He tore the lace off her
body. He used her wetness to coat his fingers, then he slid them up to her
pucker. His baser needs leaned to the rougher, darker side. Would she be up for
a little backdoor play?

When Tessa arched
her back, thrusting her ass to meet his fingers, he had his answer. His girl
liked it dirty. He didn’t hesitate. He ran his finger through her juices again
then circled her hole, applying a little pressure at first. “Gregor,” Tessa
moaned again and pressed against his finger. He momentarily froze. That was the
first time he could remember her calling him by his first name. When she
wiggled again, he slid his finger in, rubbing the inside in a circular motion. “Oh
gods, that feels sooo good.”  If it felt half as good for her as it did when he
had it done to him, he knew she was going to come soon.

 It was taking all
his control not to come in his pants. “Pull my dick out. Suck me, Tessa.
Fucking suck my cock.” It was awkward with her lying across his lap, so he moved
farther back on the bed so he could lie down, pulling her with him. His finger
never left its hole, sliding deeper with each stroke. Tessa managed to get his
jeans undone far enough to free his erection. She didn’t play around. She sucked
hard, taking him all the way to the back of her throat. He had received a lot
of blowjobs in his many years, but no one gave head like his mate. He tried not
to think of why she was so good at it. Instead, he pumped his finger in and out
of her ass as she matched the tempo with her mouth. “Mmm.” She was moaning
around his dick, and he wasn’t going to last.

“Oh fuck, Baby. Gods
yes, suck it. That’s it.” Gregor pulled his finger out and dragged her pants
off her legs. He then grabbed her hips, slinging her legs over his body so she
was straddling his face. He kept his fangs in his gums so he wouldn’t hurt her.
He sucked and licked her clit, wanting her to come. Her strangled moans around his
dick had him coming undone. He slapped her ass, and she orgasmed hard; her
juices flowing as fast as he could lap them up. He was ready to come, but he
wanted to be inside of her pussy when he did.

Gregor rolled out
from under her body and raised up on his knees behind her. The sight of her
pink ass in front of him was more than he could handle. Grabbing the base of
his cock, he delayed his orgasm. He lined the engorged head up with her pussy
and without preamble, drove it home. He didn’t give her time to adjust; he thrust
in hard. He slid his cock out slowly then pumped it back in. Tessa’s claws were
out, embedded in his comforter. He didn’t care. His fangs popped out, cutting
into his lower lip. Gods how he wanted to bite her. Claim her.

Tessa was panting as he pulled out then grunting when he slammed his dick back into
her heat. “Gods, yes! Fuck meeee.” Her ass was bumping his groin with every
thrust. The sound of flesh meeting flesh was fueling his orgasm. He grabbed her
hair, pulling her head backwards so she had to arch her back, pushing that
beautiful ass higher. He slapped her right cheek, leaving a handprint, and she

“You… Are...
Fucking… Mine.” He punctuated every word with a hard thrust and came with a
roar. Gregor ground his dick into her pussy, emptying his seed into her body. He
collapsed on top of her, his cock still pulsing. Even though he was spent, he
wasn’t ready to pull out and lose the connection. He raised his upper body so
he wouldn’t crush her, and admired the sight beneath him. Her sweaty hair was
sticking to her skin. Her eyes were closed. He pushed the red strands off her
beautiful face, drinking in the sheen of perspiration glistening her skin.

Gregor finally
pulled out then continued to pet his mate, not caring that she was silent. At
least she wasn’t yelling at him.  Or shooting at him. Her lips were turned up
slightly. What he wouldn’t give to see them in a full on smile. Letting her
rest, he opened the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of after-care
lotion. He poured the cold cream into his hands, rubbing them together before
he tended to her pink cheeks. As he gently massaged the lotion into her skin,
Tessa purred.


had heard of subspace but had never experienced it herself. This might be just
an imitation of the real thing, but she was floating. Her soul was hovering
just above their bodies, her heart tagging along with it. She tried to get her
mouth to stop smiling, but it was no use. Never had a man used her body so
well, so completely, then took the time to care for her afterwards. After he
lotioned her ass, the bed shifted, and Gregor rose. She wanted him back. The
water was running in the bathroom, then it turned off. The bed dipped as he sat
next to her, wiping between her legs with a warm washcloth.

felt herself being wrapped in the comforter she was certain was shredded.
Gregor lifted her into his arms and carried her down the stairs to the family
room. Gently, he placed her on the rug in front of the fire. He added a couple
of logs before lying down beside her. The silence was punctuated by the
crackling wood. A naked Gregor was on his side, head cradled in his hand. His
other hand was trailing shapes across her skin until he stopped at her tattoo.
Tessa should care that he was investigating the ink closely, but right now she couldn’t
muster the energy.

fingertip caressed the swirling lines. When he had studied it enough, he dotted
her skin with soft kisses. Tessa tried to focus on him, her mate. She needed to
snap out of the high she was riding before she did something really stupid like
confess her true feelings. This fog she was swimming through was going to
really fuck things up, but it just felt too good. His gorgeous blue eyes came
into view, his brow was creased with worry lines. “Hey, are you okay?”

just nodded. She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by his breath. Gods the
man knew how to kiss. Whether it was soft and sensual or hard and sexual, she
wanted him to never stop breathing his soul into hers. She managed to reach up
and cup the side of his head with one hand. Feeling his flaccid dick coming to
life, she slid her hand down his neck, down his chest, across his ridged abs,
until she found what she was looking for. His cock hardened in her hand,
pulsing under her fingers. She wanted him in her mouth but couldn’t make her
body obey for more than a hand job.

Tessa continued to stroke Gregor, she kept her eyes locked on his face. He rose
up and situated himself between her legs, holding his body aloft with his hands.
He kept his eyes locked on her hand that was stroking him. When he finally
looked up, Tessa saw lust staring back at her. His normally crystal blue orbs
were dark with desire. He rocked his cock into her hand, never taking his eyes
off hers. She needed him. Tessa had to have him in her, on her, surrounding her
with the strength of the Gargoyle he was. “Need you,” she managed to whisper.

like that, her wish was his command. Using only his cock, he persuaded her body
to open for him. With no foreplay, no teasing, just one swift movement, he was
once again seated in her core. This time she would get to watch his face when
he came.

Gregor was completely different than the one in the bedroom. This man was slow
and tender. The look in his eyes was a mixture of lust and wonderment. If she
had to guess, she would say he was learning every inch of her from the inside
out. He was going to memorize this moment in time so he could relive it once
she was gone. At least that’s what she was doing. She never realized someone
could make love so slowly. Oh gods, he was making love to her. She felt the
tears wet the back of her eyes.
Fucking Alistair. Why did his fucking uncle
have to be such a prick?

Gregor stopped moving. The tip of his cock was still inside her entrance, but
Gregor remained motionless. “What’s wrong, Baby? Talk to me.”

he called her Baby, the flood gates opened. The tears rolled down her cheeks,
and she told him the truth. “We can’t do this. As much as I want this with you,
we can’t have it. It’s not safe. We have to stay away from each other.”

isn’t it safe? Who are you scared of?” Gregor was down on one forearm. He used
his free hand to gently swipe the tears from her cheeks. His face was so close.
Too close. Oh shit, she’d already said too much. Tessa’s brain was slowly
beginning to function properly.

never mind. Please, make love to me.”  When he still didn’t move, Tessa pulled
her feet closer to her hips so she could thrust up, burying his cock inside of
her. “Please, I need you.”

doubt was still there on his face, but he did as she asked. Gregor Stone made
slow, sweet love to her on a bear skin rug in front of a crackling fire.

BOOK: Gregor (Stone Society Book 2)
9.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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